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7JetSet7 Code: LWA
Status: Operational
Region: AFRICA
Country: LIBYA
Employees 27
Web: libyanwings.com
Email: info@libyanwings.com

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Formed in 2013 and to start operations in 2014. Domestic, regional & international, scheduled & charter, passenger & jet service flight operations.

Libya (Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya) was established in 1951, covers an area of 1,759,540 sq km, its population is 6 million, its capital city is Tripoli, and its official language is Arabic.

November 2013: At the Dubai Air Show, newly launched Libyan Wings Airlines (LWA) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for three Airbus A350-900s and four A320neos.

December 2014: News Item A-1: All airlines from Libya have been added to the European Commission (EC)’s aviation safety list, also known as the "airline blacklist," subject to an operating ban or operational restrictions within the European Union (EU).

The updated (EU) Air Safety List now includes Libya, but otherwise remains unchanged, with no countries removed from the list in this update.

(EU) Commissioner for Transport, Violeta Bulc said: “Recent events in Libya have led to a situation whereby the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is no longer able to fulfill its international obligations with regard to the safety of the Libyan aviation sector. My priority in aviation is passenger safety, which is non-negotiable, and we stand ready to help the Libyan aviation sector as soon as the situation on the ground will allow for this.”

Bulc said she was pleased to see that “progress has been made in a number of countries whose carriers are on list, notably the Philippines, Sudan, Mozambique, and Zambia. Hopefully, this progress can lead to a positive decision in the future.”

The updated air safety list includes all airlines certified in 21 states, for a total of 308 airlines fully banned from (EU) skies: Afghanistan, Angola, Benin, Republic of the Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Gabon (with the exception of three airlines that operate under restrictions and conditions), Indonesia (with the exception of five airlines), Kazakhstan (with the exception of one airline which operates under restrictions and conditions), Kyrgyzstan, Liberia, Libya, Mozambique, Nepal, Philippines (with the exception of two airlines), Sierra Leone, São Tomé and Príncipe, Sudan, and Zambia. The list also includes two individual airlines: Blue Wing Airlines (Suriname) and Meridian Airways ((CPB) (Ghana), for an overall total of 310 airlines.

The list also includes 10 airlines that may only operate into the (EU) using specific aircraft types. These are Air Astana (AKZ) (Kazakhstan), Afrijet (FRJ), Gabon Airlines and SN2AG (Gabon), Air Koryo (KOY) (Democratic People's Republic of Korea), Airlift International (AGH) (Ghana), Air Service Comores (the Comoros), Iran Air (IRN), TAAG Angolan Airlines (ANG) and Air Madagascar (MAD).

The (EU) air safety list covers airlines that are either considered to be unable to respect international aviation safety standards, or whose Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA)s are deemed unable to provide the necessary safety oversight as foreseen by international aviation safety rules. Some are banned outright from operating to the (EU), while others can only do so under very strict conditions. The list also serves as a tool to warn the traveling public, when traveling in other parts of the world.

The (EU) air safety committee, which draws up the list, consists of aviation safety experts from the Commission, each of the 28 member states of the Union, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

News Item A-2: North African start-up Libyan Wings (LQA) said it is close to beginning operations, but questions remain as to when it will be able to get off the ground.

Libyan Wings (LQA), which was founded in 2012, signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Airbus at the 2013 Dubai Airshow for four A320neo airplanes and three A350-900s. It plans to operate largely within the North Africa and Middle East region, with some European destinations also served.

Before the arrival of those airplanes, (LWA) has acquired two Airbus A319-100s from lessor Dubai Aerospace Enterprise (DAE). Both airplanes, formerly operated by Philippine Airlines (PAL), have arrived in Malta, less than an hour’s flying time from Libya, over the past two weeks, but are still on the ground there.

“We are both delighted and excited at having received the first two airplanes as we embark on the next phase of our launch plans,” Libyan Wings (CEO), Edgardo Badiali said.

The A319 airplanes “are expected to remain at Luqa International Malta while the final clearances and approvals are obtained to commence operations out of Tripoli’s Mitiga International Airport.”

Libyan Wings (LWA) Chairman, Wesam Al Masri added, “We have invested in modern airplanes hat further demonstrates a commitment to innovation and technology, while endeavoring to exceed customer expectations in terms of comfort and safety. As we progress, this will be supported on the ground by investments in infrastructure and services at Mitiga in order to enhance all stages of the customer’s travel experience.”

Mitiga is the Libyan capital’s second airport. However, both it and Tripoli International have been damaged by the civil war raging in the country.

Additionally, (DAE) Managing Director, Khalifa Al Daboos has been reported by local media in Dubai saying that delivery of the two airplanes is on hold while unrest continued in Libya. He added that (DAE) remained committed to fulfilling its contract, so long as the airplanes were able to be retrieved from Libya if necessary.

The onset of heavy inter-factional fighting and the dislodging of the internationally recognized government of Prime Minister, Abdullah al-Thinni in August this year has resulted in a dangerous power vacuum. al-Thinni earlier told Dubai's al-Arabiya TV news that forces loyal to government were now advancing on Tripoli from the west and would also seize the main border crossing to Tunisia.

November 2016: The Libyan full-service carrier Libyan Wings (LWA) plans to double its fleet in the 1st-half of 2017 by leasing 2 Airbus A321 jets so it can add more flights to its network, said the (CEO) Edgardo Badiali. (LWA), the Tripoli-based airline expects to finalize the leases by early 2017 so the aircraft can enter operations by the end of the 1st and 2nd quarter, respectively, Mr Badiali said on the sidelines of an industry conference in Dubai. He did not name the lessors but said (LWA) would opt for A320 or A319 jets if it could not finalize deals for the larger A321s.

Libyan Wings (LWA) at present operates 2 A319 jets leased from Dubai Aerospace Enterprise (DAE). (LWA) flies to Tunisian cities Tunis and Sfax and to Istanbul in Turkey, predominantly carrying Libyan expatriates and Libyan business people, and expects to carry around 250,000 passengers in the 12 months to January 31, 2017, Mr Badiali said. (LWA) is in talks to add frequencies on existing routes and to launch flights to Casablanca in Morocco and Alexandria in Egypt.

The new planes would also be used for charter Haj and Umrah pilgrimage flights to Saudi Arabia, Mr Badiali said. (LWA) had signed a memorandum of understanding for 3 Airbus A350-900s and 4 A320neos valued at US$1.3 billion at list prices at the 2013 Dubai Airshow. Mr Badiali said the agreement was still valid, but did not provide a timeline for the deliveries.

(LWA), like all Libyan carriers, is banned from flying to Europe as violent conflicts since the uprising that overthrew Gaddafi in 2011 prompted the European Commission (EC) to blacklist the country's Civil Aviation Authority in 2014.

(LWA), owned by private Libyan investors, launched flights in October 2015, about a year after it initially planned. It competes against carriers Afriqiyah Airways (AQY) and Libyan Airlines (LAA) aswell as the privately-owned Buraq Air (BUQ).

It is based at Tripoli's Mitiga International Airport, a former military base that is approximately 5 km from the city. The main commercial airport, Tripoli International, was destroyed in inter-militia fighting in 2014.

Libyan Wings (LWA) and Buraq (BUQ) have a reputation for being reliable despite operating in a chaotic environment. Flights to and from Mitiga are sometimes diverted or cancelled because of fighting and or power struggles in Tripoli. The airport itself has been caught up in clashes and is often chaotic and overcrowded.


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LWA-A320NEO - 2013-11

December 2016:

2 A319-100 (2878; 2954), EX-(PAL), DUBAI AEROSPACE ENTERPRISE (DAE) LSD.

4 ORDERS A320neo:

2 ORDERS A321,

3 ORDERS A350-900:




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