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7JetSet7 Code: MOV
Status: Currently Not Operational
Region: CIS
Country: RUSSIA
Employees 1000
Web: vim-avia.ru
Email: info@vim-avia.com
Telephone: +7 495 783 0088
Fax: +7 495 783 0087

Click below for data links:
MOV-2004-07 FIRST 757
MOV-2006-06 - MORE 757S
MOV-2011-11 EU BAN
MOV-2014-05 - TOP 12 AIRPORTS

Formed and started operations in 2003. A K A (VIM)-Avia. Full name is Viktor Ivanovich Merkulov (VIM) Avia. Scheduled & charter, domestic & international, passenger & cargo, jet airplane services.

23/1 Novokhohlovskaya Street, Building 1
Moscow 109052, Russia

Gostinichny Complex
Moscow, 141400, Russia

U. Verkhnyaya Maslovka 20
127083 Moscow, Russia.

Russia (Russian Federation) was established in 1991, it covers an area of 17,075,400 sq km, its population is 148.4 million, its capital city is Moscow, and its official language is Russian.

October 2003: DC-10-15 (346-48258) bought from Finova (GRB).

November 2003: Main Base: Moscow Domodedovo.

January 2004: Center-Capital (info@center-capital.com), Moscow financing company buys 12 757-230's (295-24749, /90; 25436; 25437; 25438; 25439; 25440; 25441; 25901; 26433; 26434; 26435; & 587-26436, /94) from Thomas Cook's Condor (CDF).

VIM Airlines (MOV) began as a cargo, jet airplane operator. Last year it introduced passenger jet airplane charters to Turkey, Italy, Germany, and Belgium.

August 2004: East Line (ESL) Technik has contracts for technical maintenance on VIM Avia (VIM)'s 757's that operate to Moscow Domodedovo.

Vim Airlines (MOV) parent, Centre Capital, has acquired Bratsk Avia and Chita Avia. Some of the ex-Condor (CDF) 757-200's will be assigned to these airlines.

September 2004: 3 757-230's (422-25437, RA-73009; 443-25440, RA-73012; 537-26435, RA-73018), Centre Capital leased.

December 2004: IL-62M (4243111, RA-86532) to Domodedovo Airlines (DOD).

March 2005: Last of 12 757-230's delivered. The airplanes have been bought outright by the airline, using funding from financial institutions Impexbanl and Avanguard. The agreement includes significant import duties. The airplanes have been used for charter flights into Western Europe and on scheduled routes within the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). VIM Airlines (MOV) management states that the jet airplanes have had excellent operational reliability and efficiency. However, due to the high acquisition costs and import duties, (MOV) is unlikely to operate them profitably until 2007.

October 2005: 4 orders (3/06) 757-23N's (27598, EI-LTA; 30232, EI-LTO; 30233, EI-LTU; 30735, EI-LTY), ex-ATA Airlines (AAT), Aeroflot (ARO) leased.

February 2006: VIM Airlines (MOV) (NN/Moscow Domodedovo) has taken over Karat (V2/Moscow Vnukovo) and has taken a 30% stake in Continental Airways (PC/Moscow Sheremetyevo).

March 2006: Russian airlines reported a combined -RUB2.2 billion/-$78.7 million drop in net profit in 2005, according to a statement from the Federal Air Transport Agency cited by Russian media. Revenues increased +10% to RUB180 billion against a +20% lift in costs. The number of passengers grew +3.9% to 35.1 million and passenger revenues rose +3.4%.

757-23N (30232, EI-LTO) leased to Air Bashkortostan (BSH).

April 2006: Air Bashkortostan (BSH) is formed as a joint venture between VIM Airlines (MOV) and the regional Bashkortostan government, initially as a competitor and later as a successor to BAL Bashkirian Airlines, which ceased operations and was declared bankrupt.

757-23N (30232, EI-LTO), ex-ATA Airlines (AAT), VIM Airlines (MOV) leased, delivery to (BSH). Painted in the blue, white and green colors of Bashkortostan's state flag. Operated its maiden flight between Ufa and Moscow. Will add +2 more 757-200s as part of a fleet of 11 airplanes planned by year end, including Russian types.

June 2006: VIM Airlines (MOV) has a joint venture with the Bashki Repubic's Government, which launched flights last April between Ufa and Moscow as Air Bashkortostan (BSH) using a newly acquired 757-200. Two more 757's are due to be transferred to Air Bashkortostan (BSH) by the end of this year.

The arrival of the first batch of 12 757's enabled VIM Airlines (MOV) in 2004 to significantly expand its activities last year, carrying over 1.5 million passengers (+500% on 2004) and firmly position the airline as one of Russia's top 6 carriers, based on traffic.

July 2006: VIM Airlines (MOV), operates jet airplane services to worldwide destinations.

Employees = 1,000 (including 200 Flight Crew (FC); 450 Cabin Attendants (CA); & 50 Maintenance Technicians (MT)).

(IATA) Code: NN. (ICAO) Code: MOV - MOV AIR.

(http://www.vim-avia.com). (info@vim-avia.com).

Main Base: Moscow Vnukovo Airport (VKO).

Hub: Moscow Domodedovo International Airport (DME).

Domestic, scheduled destinations: Chita; & Moscow.

June 2007: Starts Barnaul - Frankfurt, - Hannover, Omsk - Frankfurt, - Hannover.

July 2007: Precision Conversions received a 757-200PCF order from (DHL). The ex-VIM Airlines (MOV) airplane will be modified at Flightstar Aircraft Services in Jacksonville and will be redelivered in October. It is owned by (DHL)'s European Air Transport (EPT) but is expected to be operated by Blue Dart Aviation (BDA) in Chennai.

August 2007: Rumors of being close to placing an order for 15 737-900ERs to replace its 757-200 fleet.

September 2007: Moscow Domodedovo announced two new services. Aviaprad (VID) commenced 3x-weekly flights to Khanty-Mansiysk in western Siberia aboard Yak-42s and VIM-Avia (MOV) began operating 2x-weekly flights to Khabarovsk using a 757.

October 2007: Moscow Domodedovo (DME) announced that Air-Berlin (BER) is the first non-Russian airline to join the Domodedovo (DME) Transfer Service Project to offer special interline fares for passengers transiting the airport. Under agreements signed between Air-Berlin and Volga-Aviaexpress, VIM-Avia (MOV), SCAT, Tatarstan (TAK), Perm Airlines and Kuban Airlines, Russian travelers connecting at Domodedovo (DME) for onward travel to Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart and Dusseldorf from Volgograd, Aktobe, Taraz, Sochi, Barnaul, Magnitogorsk, Bratsk, Beloyarsky, Novy Urengoi, Omsk, Ufa, Vladivostok, Kazan, Perm, Krasnodar, Kogalym, Surgut and Chita, can receive special through fares.

February 2008: 757-23N (30233), sold to Aurela (LSK).

October 2008: 757-23N (30232) sold to GainJet Aviation (GNJ) as (SX-RFA).

December 2008: 757-200 wet-leased to Tajik Air (TJK).

November 2009: Vim Airlines (MOV) introduced international connections from Moscow Domodedovo (DME) to Osh in Kyrgyzstan on November 24 and to Eilat in Israel from December 24 - - SEE ATTACHED "AIRLINER WORLD" ARTICLE - - "MOV-2010-02 DME PARALLEL RUNWAY."

February 2010: Air Bashkortostan (BSH) will continue to operate scheduled charter services in cooperation with VIM Airlines (MOV).

May 2010: VIM Airlines (MOV) launches flights from Moscow to the popular tourist city of Sochi. Sochi will be the site of the 2014 Winter Olympics.

July 2010: VIM Airlines (MOV), operates jet airplane services to worldwide destinations.

Employees = 1,000 (including 200 Flight Crew (FC); 450 Cabin Attendants (CA); & 50 Maintenance Technicians (MT)).

Parent organization/shareholders: Centre-Capital (75%), a Russian lessor, who provide most of the 757 fleet.

(IATA) Code: NN. (ICAO) Code: MOV - (Callsign - MOV AIR).

(http://www.vim-avia.com). (info@vim-avia.com).

Main Base: Moscow Domodedovo International Airport (DME).

Domestic, scheduled destinations: Chita; & Moscow.

VIM Airlines (MOC) launched thrice-weekly, Moscow Domodedovo (DME) - Chita flights.

August 2010: VIM Airlines (MOV) is now also considering adding 747-400s for long haul services. It has also introduced new routes from its Domodedovo base:
Moscow Domodedovo - Adler/Sochi: daily seasonal, 757-200 service started on June 25;
Moscow Domodedovo - Alicante: weekly seasonal, 757-200 service until October 2;
Moscow Domodedovo - Andizhan: weekly, 757-200 service started on March 30;
Moscow Domodedovo - Baku: 2x weekly, 757-200 service started on August 20;
Moscow Domodedovo - Catania: weekly seasonal, 757-200 service started on May 21;
Moscow Domodedovo - Chita: 3x weekly, 757-200 service started on June 25;
Moscow Domodedovo - Gyandzha: 4x weekly, 757-200 service (already launched);
Moscow Domodedovo - Naples: weekly seasonal, 757-200 service started on May 22;
Moscow Domodedovo - Palermo: weekly seasonal, 757-200 service started on May 21;
Moscow Domodedovo - Rimini: 2x weekly seasonal, 757-200 service started on March 31;
Moscow Domodedovo - Tenerife Sur: weekly seasonal, 757-200 service started on May 21.

June 2011: Lufthansa Systems (LHS) announced it won a five-year contract with VIM Airlines (MOV) to provide (MOV) with its ProfitLine/Yield Rembrandt revenue management solution. VIM (MOV) said the solution will support its plans to “grow significantly in the near future.” It serves more than >25 destinations with a fleet of 11 757s.

November 2011: Rosaviatsia (Russia’s Department of Aviation/Ministry of Transport) has prohibited VIM Airlines (MOV), the ninth biggest carrier in Russia, from flying to European Union (EU) countries. SEE ATTACHED "AIRLINER WORLD" ARTICLE - - "MOV-2011-11 - EU BAN."

(MOV) spokeswoman, Elena Fedorova confirmed that (MOV) received a wire from authorities stating (MOV)’s Air Operator Certificate (AOC) restriction forbids it to fly to Europe with 757-200s. But Fedorova said (MOV) has not received the official document from Rosaviatsia yet. (MOV)’s fleet consists of 11 757-200s.

In the winter season, (MOV) has scheduled flights to Spain, Italy, Greece, and Switzerland.

There were no official comments on Rosaviatsia’s decision but apparently authorities can forbid (MOV) flights to Europe because of unsatisfactory Safety Assessment of Foreign Airplane results after inspection of one of (MOV)’s airplanes in Europe. (MOV) is negotiating with (EU) authorities to settle the problem. (MOV)'s representatives hope to resolve the problem within the next few weeks.

According to an (MOV) spokeswoman, all passengers who bought tickets on European flights will be carried by Air Bashkortostan (BSH), which belongs to (MOV) owners. (BSH) is based in Ufa (Bashkiria) Airport and Moscow Domodedovo Airport. Fedorova said that (BSH) has the rights to fly on these routes and has replaced (MOV) on several past flights.

(MOV) was launched in 2002. In 2004, it began to enlarge a share of the charter market but later launched a domestic network. During the first nine months of 2011, (MOV) carried 1.28 million passengers.

February 2012: VIM Airlines (MOV) reported +11.8% passenger traffic growth in 2011, with 1.2 million passengers carried. (MOV)’s scheduled flights grew to 79% in 2011 from 51% in 2010, due to the opening of domestic and (CIS) routes, including Siberia, Russian Far East, Armenia, Uzbekistan, and Azerbaijan.

(MOV) flies to 27 destinations in Russia, the (CIS) and some European countries including Spain, Greece, Italy, and Switzerland, as well as charter flights to leisure destinations. Its fleet comprises 11 757-200s.

Russian aviation authorities banned (NN) European union flights from November 2011 through April 1 because of unsatisfactory safety results (ATW Daily News, Nov. 11). During the prohibition period, (NN) subsidiary Air Bashkortostan (ZU) will operate flights to Europe. ZU has a fleet of three 757-200s and is based in Ufa (Bashkiria) and Moscow.

In 2011, the airline carried 420,847 passengers, up +86% over 2010. (MOV)’s network increased +79% and included more than >30 destinations in Russia, the (CIS), Egypt, Greece, Italy, and Spain.

July 2012: Russian Federal Air Transport Agency, Rosaviatsia has reinstated permission for VIM Avia (MOV) to operate European flights after a ban late last year.

There were no official comments on Rosaviatsia’s decision to ban the carrier’s (EU) flights last year, but authorities could forbid (MOV) the flights because of unsatisfactory Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft results after inspection of one of its airplanes in Europe. (MOV) representatives did not disclose details of negotiations with authorities.

Traditionally, in the summer season, (MOV) operates scheduled flights from Russia to Greece, Italy and Spain, and charter flights to several other European countries.

In 2011, (MOV) carried 1.61 million passengers, up +21.5% on the previous year.

September 2012: (VIM) Airlines (MOV) expanded its network to Tajikistan on September 20th when (MOV) connected Sochi (AER) on the Russian Black Sea coast with Dushanbe (DYU), Tajikistan’s capital. (MOV) already serves Khujand, Tajikistan’s 2nd-largest city, from Sochi. The new route is operated weekly with 757 airplanes, competing with DonAvia (DAU)’s 2x-weekly and Tajik Air (TJK)’s weekly flights.

February 2014: Route Network Update for (VIM) Airlines (MOV):
(VIM) Airlines ((IATA) Code: NN, based at Moscow Domodedovo) (MOV) network changes:
New route: Magadan - Moscow Domodedovo starting March 3, 2014.
New route: Moscow Domodedovo - Magadan starting March 2, 2014.
Eilat Ovda International - Ekaterinburg route will not be launched.
Ekaterinburg - Eilat Ovda International route will not be launched.
Ekaterinburg - Moscow Domodedovo route will not be launched.
Moscow Domodedovo - Ekaterinburg route will not be launched.
Moscow Domodedovo - Novosibirsk route will not be launched.
Novosibirsk - Moscow Domodedovo route will not be launched.
Moscow Domodedovo - Tivat route has been cancelled.
Tivat - Moscow Domodedovo route has been cancelled.

(VIM) Avia (MOV) will take delivery of 2 leased Airbus A319s at the end of March. Company spokesperson, Elena Fedorova said the airplanes are currently being repainted in (VIM) Avia (MOV) livery.

The A319s, which will be used on some leisure destinations, will accommodate 150 passengers in a one-class configuration. No other details, including the leasing company, were released.

(VIM) Avia (MOV)’s fleet includes 9 757s. (MOV) also disclosed plans to add 2 767s, although (MOV) representatives said the carrier has not yet found suitable airplanes.

At Moscow’s (MAKS) 2013 Air Show, (VIM) Avia signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Ilyushin Finance Company for 5 Bombardier (BMB) CS300s and a preliminary agreement for 5 Tupolev Tu-204s with 5 options. Delivery schedules have not been announced.

(VIM) Avia (MOV) is the 9th biggest airline in Russia. In 2013, it carried 1.39 million passengers, down -8% from 2012. (MOV) operates scheduled domestic and international flights as well as international charter flights.

April 2014: (VIM) Avia (MOV) has taken delivery of its 1st leased Airbus A319. The A319 which accommodates 150Y passengers in 1-class configuration, will be used on some leisure destinations. Later this year, the carrier will take delivery of the 2nd airplane of the type.

(MOV) operates a fleet of 9 Boeing 757s. (MOV) also disclosed plans to add 2 767s, although (MOV) representatives said (MOV) has not yet found suitable airplanes.

(VIM) Avia (MOV) launched flights in 2003 as a charter carrier, but later changed its business model and started scheduled domestic and international flights.

Also, due to business-model changes, (MOV) decided to change its fleet. At Moscow’s (MAKS) 2013 Air Show, (VIM) Avia (MOV) signed a memorandum of understanding with Ilyushin Finance Company for 5 Bombardier CS300s and a preliminary agreement for 5 Tupolev Tu-204s with 5 options. Delivery schedules have not been announced.

May 2014: (VIM) Airlines (MOV)’s traffic has started to stabilize in recent years; Makhachkala and Simferopol are its top destinations for summer 2014.

(VIM) Airlines (MOV) (also known as VIM Avia) is a Moscow Domodedovo-based carrier, which was established in 2000 by Viktor Ivanovich Merkulov (hence, the name), since when it has operated both scheduled and charter flights to destinations within Europe and Asia, as well as airplane wet lease (ACMI) services. According to its official website, (MOV) is currently operating a fleet of 11 757-200s that can accommodate up to 220Y passengers.

Examination of passenger data between 2005 and 2013 reveals that (MOV) has had a fluctuating pattern as a result of its diverse operating strategies each year. However, looking back to 2008, (MOV)’s traffic began to stabilize, with 1.4 million passengers handled last year. In fact, (MOV) will likely surpass this number in 2014, as weekly capacity for May this year (33,721 seats) is almost 2x- as big as the amount recorded in the corresponding period of 2013 (18,334 seats).

(MOV) operates 30 scheduled non-stop services to countries in both Europe and Asia. (MOV)’s top 12 routes represent around 80% of total weekly seat capacity, with just 3 of them being classified as international operations (and are highlighted in the attached chart - - SEE - - "MOV-2014-05 - TOP 12 AIRPORTS"). Moreover, with a yearly increase of +29%, the 1,547 km sector from Domodedovo to Makhachkala still accounts for the majority of weekly seats (13%) this August. However, as a result of (MOV) having increased significantly its operations (by +67% or +2,884 seats more) to Simferopol over last year, Makhachkala shares this year’s top position with the city located in the disputed territory of Crimea.

(MOV)’s weekly seat capacity posted an impressive +84% growth this summer, when compared to data from the same week last year, with an array of new services being launched over recent months. That said, services to Yerevan, Barnaul, Mineralnye Vody, Anapa and Magadan, are all new entrants into this year’s ranking, with the latter having been launched on March 2nd. Besides this, (MOV) had its sights on further domestic growth, with two new services launched on May 23rd from Domodedovo to Blagoveschensk and Komsomolsk Na Amure.

Despite serving a total of nine countries (SEE ATTACHED - - "MOV-2014-05 - TOP 9 COUNTRIES"), the 6th largest Russian carrier (according to weekly capacity) is focused predominantly on the domestic sector, with 83% of its seats in August having an origin or destination there. The disputed territory of Crimea is not only (MOV)’s largest international market, but also the fastest growing one, posting a net annual increase of +2,884 weekly seats over the last year, and representing a 6.4% share of (MOV)’s capacity this August.

The top 2 country markets have remained unchanged, and there have been no entrants in this year’s ranking since last August, although there have been movers in that time. Notably, (MOV) has increased its weekly capacity to Armenia by +1,544 seats, with the country market climbing from 5th to 2nd position this summer. On the other hand, services to Azerbaijan have seen the greatest capacity decline (-33%), due to (MOV) reducing its frequency on the 1,745 km sector to Ganja from 3x-weekly to 2x-weekly.

June 2014: (VIM) Avia (MOV) is considering adding the Embraer E195 to its fleet, according to airline spokesperson Elena Fedorova. She confirmed (MOV) is negotiating with several companies that could deliver the airplane. (MOV)’s fleet includes 9 Boeing 757s. In April, it took delivery of its 1st leased Airbus A319; it now has 4 of the type in its fleet. The A319s, which accommodate 150 - 156Y passengers in a one-class configuration.

September 2014: Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency, Rosaviatsia, has distributed the allocations of foreign pilots (FC) that Russian airlines can hire following the passage of air code amendments by the State Duma in April, allowing carriers to hire non-Russian pilots (FC).

In the next 12 months, Aeroflot (ARO) will be able to contract 80 pilots (FC); Transaero (TRX), 67; AirBridgeCargo (ABC), 16; UTair (TYU), 10; Metrojet and VIM-Avia Airlines (MOV), 7 each; Yakutia Airlines (SYL), 5; Saratov Airlines (SOV), 3; Avia Management Group, which operates Dexter Air Taxi, 1.

Russia’s aviation authorities, which is hoping to solve its pilot (FC) deficit problems, now allows 200 foreign captains and instructors to work for local airlines over the next 5 years. Airlines can contract captains with at least 3,000 flight hours and no fewer than 500 hours on the airplane type.

Before 2014, local airlines were only allowed to hire pilots (FC) who were Russian citizens.

October 2014: (VIM) Airlines (MOV) plans to sell 8 757-200s. Although (MOV) did not disclose details, it appears the 757s would be replaced with new airplanes with various layouts enabling (MOV) to respond to market changes easier. The existing 757s are configured in layouts with or without business (C) class and can carry up to 220 passengers.

(MOV) acquired the 757s in 2003 from Condor Flugdienst (CDF) and planned to operate them mostly on the leisure routes, but later (MOV) changed its strategy and used them on domestic scheduled flights.

(VIM) Airlines (MOV) also operates 4 Airbus A319s and is considering adding Embraer E195s. At Moscow’s (MAKS) 2013 Air Show, (MOV) signed an (MOU) with Ilyushin Finance Company for 5 Bombardier (BMB) CS300s and a preliminary agreement for 5 Tupolev Tu-204s with 5 options. Delivery schedules have not been announced.

November 2014: (CPaT) Global, which provides computer-based training for aviation, has signed up another Russian airline. It will provide (VIM) Airlines (MOV), based in Moscow, with Systems Training Programs, including Maintenance Training, for Airbus A319s, A320s and A321s, Boeing 737CLs, 737NGs, 757s, 767s and Embraer E190s.

December 2014: (VIM) Airlines (MOV) began daily services to its 13th international destination from Moscow Domodedovo (DME), commencing flights to Qurghonteppa (KQT) in Tajikistan on November 28th. The A319-operated, 3,029 km sector will face no direct competition.

January 2015: Russia’s (VTB) Bank has filed a bankruptcy motion against VIM Avia (MOV), "TASS" news agency reported quoting court documents.

Reasons for the claim were not disclosed, but VIM Avia (MOV) said that it recognized its debt to the bank, adding it will not impact carrier operations.

(MOV) said plans were being made to settle the dispute in the near future. According to court materials from last year, the bank won 2 lawsuits against (MOV) with claims totaling $2.72 million.

Domodedovo-based, (MOV) was the 10th biggest carrier in Russia in 2013, with 1.4 million passengers carried.

Between January and November 2014, (MOV) carried 1.5 million passengers. Its fleet includes Boeing 757s, Airbus A319s and Diamond DA-42MNGs.

Over the last 2 months, Russia’s 2 largest carriers (UTair (TYU) and Transaero (TRX)) sought government financial assistance. Several small airlines such as Moskovia (GAI), Bylina lost their air operator certificates (AOCs). Regional carrier Ak Bars Aero (BGM) had its (AOC) temporarily suspended temporarily for the winter season because of financial problems and a decrease in passenger numbers.

June 2015: (VIM) Airlines (MOV), 1 of the largest airlines in Russia, has chosen Commsoft’s (OASES) Maintenance Repair & Overhaul (MRO) software to support both its scheduled and charter passenger operations. (MOV)’s use of (OASES) is scheduled to go live progressively in 2015.

August 2015: News Item A-1: Russian airlines have carried 306,000 passengers since spring on routes between the Russian Far East and other parts of the country under a government subsidy program, according to Russian figures just released.

The current subsidy program runs from April 1 through October 31 and applies to destinations in the extreme eastern parts of Russia, between Eastern Siberia and the Pacific Ocean. 11 Russian airlines (Aeroflot (ARO), Transaero (TRX), Yakutia (SYL), Alrosa, UTair (TYA), (VIM) Avia (MOV), Ural Airlines (URL), OrenAir (ORB), (S7) Airlines (SBR), Ikar, and NordStar (JSC)) are part of the program, and are flying a total of 44 routes between 29 cities in 8 federal regions of the country.

According to figures released August 24 by Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency, Rosaviatsia, Russia has so far this year spent RUB2.072 billion/$30.4 million on subsidizing these operations (61% of the program’s RUB 3.372 billion budget).

Russian authorities 1st began a Far East subsidy program in 2009.

February 2016: News Item A-1: "Russia’s (VIM) Avia (MOV) Wins Approval for Moscow - Manchester Route" by (ATW) Polina Montag-Girmes, February 19, 2016.

Russian authorities have approved (VIM) Avia (MOV) to operate up to 7x-weekly services from Moscow to Manchester and Birmingham.

(VIM) Avia (MOV) did not say when it plans to launch the flights or what type of airplanes it will use. According to Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency, Rosaviatsia, it also approved (VIM) Avia to operate scheduled services on Kazan - Frankfurt, Moscow - Mumbai, and Moscow - Amritsar routes.

EasyJet (EZY) was the 1st carrier to establish direct scheduled Manchester - Moscow service in March 2013. (EZY) ceased this service in September 2015 due to economic turbulence in Russia. It also announced it will stop London - Moscow operations in March 2016. After that, only British Airways (BAB) and the Aeroflot Group will perform Moscow - London services after Russia’s Transaero (TRX) declared bankruptcy last year.

March 2016: News Item A-1: "Russia to Spend $44.4 million for Far East Subsidy Program in 2016" by (ATW) Polina Montag-Girmes, March 8, 2016.

Russian authorities have set a budget of RUB3.25 billion/$44.4 million for 9 carriers to take part in a government-subsidized program on flights between Russia’s Far East and other parts of the country.

The 9 Russian carriers taking part in the program are Aeroflot (ARO), Alrosa, Yakutia (SYL), Ikar, NordStar (JSC), (S7) Airlines (SBR), Ural Airlines (URL), (VIM) Avia (MOV), and UTair (TYU).

According to a government statement, the 2016 subsidy program comprises 71 destinations, which include 13 cities in the Far East region. This year’s program will again run from April 1 through October 31. The participating airlines are expected to carry around 480,000 passengers during that timeframe.

In 2015, the program spent RUB3.37 billion for 11 airlines to carry 479,000 passengers. Aeroflot Group member OrenAir (ORB) did not apply for participation this year, while Transaero (TRX) ceased operations in 2015.

Russian authorities launched the Far East subsidy program in 2009.

News Item A-2: Russia’s (VIM) Avia (MOV) will lease its 1st Boeing 777 from (MC) Aviation Partners, a Mitsubishi Corporation leasing subsidiary. Delivery is planned for the end of April.

The 777, powered by Rolls-Royce (RRC) (Trent) engines, will seat 400 passengers in a 2-class layout. It is likely to fly to remote eastern regions.

(VIM) Avia (MOV) operates service from Moscow to Magadan, Pevek, and Komsomolsk on Amur in Russia’s Far East. (MOV)’s fleet includes 10 aircraft, comprising 4 Airbus A319s and 6 Boeing 757s. (MOV) is expected to take delivery of 2 777s this year.

The Moscow Domodedovo-based airline carried 1.59 million passengers to domestic and international destinations in 2015, down -1.2% year-over-year. It is the 12th biggest carrier in Russia.

May 2016: (VIM) Avia (MOV) has taken delivery of its 1st Boeing 777-200ER, which is leased from (MC) Aviation Partners, a Mitsubishi Corporation leasing subsidiary. The 777, powered by Rolls-Royce (RRC) Trent engines, will seat 400 passengers in a 2-class layout.

(MOV) is expected to take delivery of 2 777s this year. (MOV) also announced it intends to increase the fleet with Boeing 767s, but it did not specify how many will be leased.

(VIM) Avia (MOV)’s fleet includes 10 airplanes, comprising 4 Airbus A319s and 6 Boeing 757s. In (1Q) 2016, (MOV) carried 302,955 passengers, down -2.7% year-over-year.

August 2016: News Item A-1: Boeing Shanghai Aviation Services has been chosen by Russia’s (VIM) Avia to perform Boeing 777 heavy maintenance. One airplane of the type has arrived at the provider’s facilities at Pudong Airport in Shanghai, the Moscow Domodedovo-based airline said.

According to (VIM) Avia (MOV), an agreement with Boeing Shanghai was signed in May. The number of Boeing Shanghai clients in Russia and Central Asia has reached 11 companies, including Russian (VIM) Avia (MOV), Nordwind (NWD), Aeroflot (ARO) and Kazakhstan Air Astana (AKZ).

(VIM) Avia (MOV) took delivery of its 1st 777 in May. (MOV)’s fleet comprises 14 airplanes, including 6 757s, 4 A319s, 3 777s and 1 767.

News Item A-2: (VIM) Avia (MOV) will add Airbus A330 aircraft to its fleet, with the 1st 1 arriving at the end of this month. (MOV) did not disclose the lessor, as well as the number of A330s it plans to operate.

Earlier this year, (MOV) took delivery of Boeing 777, 767 and 737-500 airplanes. (VIM) Avia (MOV)'s original fleet consisted of Boeing 757s; it received the 1st Airbus A319 in 2014.

(MOV) operates domestic and international flights. In (1H) 2016, it carried 753,630 passengers, up +9.7% year-over-year.

January 2017: News Item A-1: VIM Avia (MOV) reported its passenger traffic exceeded 2 million passengers in 2016 for the 1st time since (MOV) was launched in 2000. Last year (MOV) carried 2.07 million passengers, up +30% year-over-year (YOY). VIM Avia (MOV) operated 13,600 flights, up +19% (YOY). Its share of scheduled flights is 90%. Cargo volume grew +114% to 9,903 tonnes. (MOV) cited its fleet expansion program for the growth.

News Item A-2: Russia’s (VIM) Avia (MOV) has taken delivery of its 1st Airbus A330-200, which is configured in a 2-class cabin layout with 24C seats in business and 228Y in economy class.

(VIM) Airlines (MOV) announced it would expand the fleet with A330 aircraft in August 2016. Last year, (MOV) added a 777 to a fleet that also includes 737-500, 757-200, 767-300 and A319 aircraft.

(VIM) Avia (MOV) operates domestic and international, scheduled and charter flights. (MOV) carried 1.97 million passengers from January - November 2016, up +30.4% year-over-year.

January 2017: 737-5YO (25183, VP-BVU), sold to African Charter Airlines.

May 2017: Russia’s airlines have sold >310,000 out of 447,000 subsidized tickets in the Far East subsidy program, with a value of RUB2.15 billion/$37.6 million).

From April 1 to May 1, 10 airlines carried 44,200 passengers within the program. The most in-demand destinations were routes connecting Moscow with Vladivostok, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Khabarovsk, Yakutsk and Magadan, according to a May 15 statement by Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency, Rosaviatsia.

The government has set a budget of RUB2.9 billion for 10 carriers, comprising Aeroflot Airline (ARO), Alrosa, Ikar, (S7) Airlines (SBR), (VIM) Airlines (MOV), NordStar (JSC), Nordwind (NWD), Ural Airlines (URL), UTair Aviation (TYU) and Yakutia (SYL).

The 2017 subsidy program comprises 50 destinations that connect the Far East and other parts of the country, plus 9 destinations in Far East inland. It runs from April 1 - October 31, 2017.

June 2017: 777-212ER (28519, VCP-BVY), ex-(N394BC) ferried from Victorville to Ulyanovsk

July 2017: 777-31H (29067, VP-BSF), ex-(A6-EMS) delivered from Dubai to Ulyanovsk.

September 2017: Russian carriers will transport (VIM) Airlines (MOV) passengers booked through October 15, the Ministry of Transport said September 27, as (MOV) faces financial turbulence. Passengers who have tickets for further dates must ask for a refund.

Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency said the government will provide RUB200 million/$3.4 million to compensate the substitute carriers, which include (S7) Airlines (SBR), Red Wings (RWZ), Ural Airlines (URL), iFly (FLY), NordStar (JSC), Nordwind (NWD), Yakutia (SYL), Ikar, Royal Flight and Azur Air (KKV) .

Russia’s (S7) Airlines (SBR) will increase the number of flights from Moscow Domodedovo to Sochi, Krasnodar, Simferopol and Yerevan to carry (VIM) (MOV) passengers, (VIM) said on September 28. (SBR) will carry passengers with (VIM) tickets if there are free seats and the final destination on the ticket coincides with the (S7) flight’s final destination. (VIM) added that passengers traveling from Moscow to Blagoveshchensk and Magadan could transfer at Novosibirsk Tolmachevo Airport.

According to a Ministry of Transport statement, Red Wings Airlines (RWZ) will operate charter flights from Rimini to Moscow Domodedovo to accommodate (VIM) (MOV) passengers.

(VIM) Airlines (MOV) continues to operate several flights per day. According to a (MOV) statement, 3 aircraft operated flights between Moscow and Antalya on September 28, carrying 1,500 passengers.

Russia’s Investigative Committee has accused (VIM) management of fraud and detained (VIM) General Director Alexander Kochnev and accountant general Ekaterina Panteleeva. According to the committee, company owners Rashid and Svetlana Mursekaeva have left Russia.

The Deposit Insurance Agency had initiated a (VIM) bankruptcy claim, but retracted it on September 28.

October 2017: "More Russian Carriers Take Over (VIM) Airlines’ Far East Routes" by (ATW) Polina Montag-Girmes montag.girmes@gmail.com October 20, 2017.

Russia’s Ikar Airline, which operates under "Pegas Fly" brand, will take over (VIM) Airlines (MOV)’s service to Anadyr in Russia’s Far East as (VIM) ceases scheduled services following financial turbulence, the Chukotka region government said in a statement on October 20. Deputy Governor Leonid Nikolaev said Krasnoyarsk-based Ikar confirmed it will launch Moscow Sheremetyevo to Anadyr Boeing 767 services from March 2018; ticket sales will start in November.

Currently, UTair Aviation (TYU) is the only carrier to provide service on the route. (TYU) will carry passengers with tickets for (VIM) Airlines flights through October 28 if free seats are available.

In addition, the Russian government issued a statement saying an agreement had been reached with Far East Yakutia Airlines (SYL) to increase frequencies on Anadyr to Magadan and Pevek to Moscow services from weekly to 2x-weekly.

Also, the Chukotka government is negotiating with Aeroflot (ARO) subsidiary Aurora Airline (AAZ) and (S7) Airlines (SBR) to develop the route network to neighboring regions, including Anadyr to Petropavlovsk to Kamchatsky and Anadyr to Yakutsk to Novosibirsk services.

Chukotka is in a remote region of Russia, wedged between the Pacific and the Arctic oceans; half of its territory is beyond the Arctic Circle. Because of the region’s location, the government considers transport development to be very important.


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MOV-757-200 - 2004-09
MOV-757-200 - 2004-10
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November 2017:

0 737-5YO (CFM56-3C1) (25183, VP-BVU), SOLD TO AFRICAN CHARTER AIRLINES 2017-01.

5 757-230 (PW2040) (295-24749, /90 2004-11; 449-25436, RA-73008 2004-09; 422-25437, RA-73009, 2004-09; 428-25438, RA-73010, 2004-09; 437-25439, RA-73011, 2004-08; 443-25440, RA-73012 2004-09; 446-25441, RA-, 2004-10; 464-25901, RA-73015, 2004-11; 521-26433, RA-73026, 2004-09; 532-26434, RA-73017, 2004-08; 537-26435, RA-73018 2004-09; & 587-26436, /94), EX-(CDF), CENTRE-CAPITAL LSD. 25440; & 25901; LST (BSH) 2007-02. 220Y.

1 757-23N (RB211-535E4) (692-27598, EI-LTA; 888-30232, /99 EI-LTO; 895-30233, /99 EI-LTU; 931-30735, EI-LTY), EX-(AAT), (ARO) LSD. 30232; & 30233; PARKED AT MUNICH 2006-01. 30232 LST (BSH) 2006-03. 30233; ST (LSK) 2008-02. 30232 ST (GNJ) 2008-10. 220Y.

1 767.

1 +1 ORDER 777-212ER (RR) (28519, VP-BVY), EX-(N394BC) 2017-06, (MC) AVIATION PARTNERS LSD 2016-05. 400 PAX, 2 CLASS.

1 777-31H (29067, VP-BSF), EX-(A6-EMS) 2017-07.

4 A319, 2014-04.

1 A330-200, 2017-01 DELIVERY, 24C, 228Y.

0 A330-300, LSD 2016-08, RTND.

0 DC-10-15 (346-48258), EX-(GRB) 2003-10. RTND.

3 ANTONOV 12B (AI-20M) (6344109, /66 RA-11529; 00347306, /70 RA-12992; 00347401, /70 RA-12994), FREIGHTER.

1 ANTONOV 12BP (AI-20M) (402913, /64 RA-48984), FREIGHTER.

10 ILYUSHIN 62M (D-30KU) (4242654, /82 RA-86531 "IVAN;" 2546812, /85 RA-86565 "SARKIS;" 932748, /79 RA-86597; 1545951, /85 RA-86535 "NATALIA"), 4243111, RA-86532; TO (DOD) 2004-12. COMBI.












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