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7JetSet7 Code: MUA
Status: Operational
Country: USA
Employees 90
Web: nationalairlines.aero
Email: ops@nationalairlines.aero
Telephone: +1 (734) 484-4800
Fax: +1 (734) 484-4875

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MUA-2013-04 - ACCDT 747-400
MUA-2015-12 - 757-200F Orlando to Windsor.jpg


835 Willow Run Airport
Ypsilanti, Michigan 48198-0899, USA

USA (United States of America) was established in 1776, it covers an area of 9,363,123 sq km, its population is 280 million, its capital city is Washington DC, and its official language is English.



January 2003: Applies for authority to operate both domestic and foreign cargo charters.

April 2003: Parent organization/shareholders: Mark Murray; & Preston Murray.

The DC-8 operates for Murray Air and the other airplanes operate for its sister company, Murray Aviation.

October 2004: Murray Air (MUA) expands its air freight service into Canada.

November 2004: Murray Air (MUA) transports supplies and parts to DaimlerChrysler plants in the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

April 2005: DC-8-71F (46040, N872SJ), ex-Tampa (TMP), Celtic Leasing leased.

June 2005: Murray Air (MUA) is a certificated FAA Part 121 Air Carrier operating on-demand cargo and passenger charter, jet airplane services.

90 employees (including 33 Flight Crew (FC) and 8 Cabin Attendants (CA)).

November 2005: Murray Air (MUA) Certifications of Michigan has been recognized by the (FAA) as a Certification Consultant qualified to assist carriers in earning their Part 121 air carrier air operators certifications (AOC)'s.

December 2005: An expert in international cargo transport, Murray Air (MUA) has expanded its business to Europe. A Murray Air (MUA) DC-8F had a recent flight to Graz, Austria.

January 2006: Murray Air (MUA) shuttled >10,000 passengers for 2005. The on-demand, air cargo firm recently expanded its focus to include transporting passengers as part of its business services.

Primarily catering to Fortune 500 companies, (MUA) transports corporate employees to various destinations such as plants and regional offices, which may not be easily accessable via scheduled airlines. Many companies have determined that the time savings for their employees contributes to increased productivity and less time lost to travel. Passenger destinations include Toronto, Ontario; Rockford, Illinois; Kokomo, Indiana; St Louis, Missouri; and Wilmington, Delaware. These locations are not served as frequently or conveniently by larger passenger airlines. (MUA) uses private facilities, thus eliminating long lines and crowded terminals. Due to the frequency of the (MUA) shuttles, passengers can often attend a one-day meeting and be back at the home office for the next business day.

(MUA) forecasts it will increase the number of passengers it transports, estimating 15,000 people will fly on its planes in 2006. Expected expansion into Mexico will account for a significant portion of the increase.

July 2006: CASA 212-200 (174), sold to Arctic Transportation.

October 2006: Murray Air (MUA), recently received approval from the USA Department of Defense (DoD) to join with the US Air Force Mobility Command as part of the Civilian Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF) program. This program, a longstanding partnership between the aviation industry and the DoD, supports military operations both domestically and internationally.

(MUA) was approved for expansion flying on international routes for 2006 and 2007. (MUA) joined the Alliance team, a group of 11 airlines who have been awarded 50 percent of the total (CRAF) budget or over $1.08 billion, to transport goods, troops, and provide services in support of the USA Military.

(MUA) will use its fleet of DC-8s to fly routes that include destinations in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Central and South America. According to the firm’s President, Preston Murray, “I’m pleased to have this opportunity to support our country. As part to the Alliance team, we will be able to use the years of experience we gained supplying the USA auto industry.” The Civilian Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF) adds capacity to the USA Military’s ability to move goods and transport troops around the world.

November 2006: Murray Air (MUA) was purchased by National Air Cargo, of Orchard Park, New York. Re-brands operator, changing name from "Murray Air" to "National Airlines."

April 2008: Murray Air is now National Airlines (MUA). Its parent company is National Air Cargo, which is an air freight forwarder to the world with offices located in Bahrain, Germany, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and a USA headquarters in New York.

National Air Cargo provides door-to-door charter, next flight out, overnight and second day air cargo services worldwide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. They specialize in oversized and heavy-weight cargo requiring a high service level and time-critical delivery. For more information on National Air Cargo, visit: http://www.nationalaircargo.com

Employees = 107.

(IATA) Code: 5M. (ICAO) Code: MUA (Callsign - MURRAY AIR).

Hub: Detroit Willow Run Airport (YIP).

December 2009: DC-8-73F (46073, N155CA), (UPS) leased, ex-(N803UP).

August 2010: National Airlines (MUA) operates international cargo flights linking Willow Run Airport with Sharjah, via Hahn, as well as worldwide on-demand cargo charters, primarily for ther automotive industry, but also including Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF) flights to Afghanistan. Also operates passenger charters throughout the USA and Canada, in addition to scheduled corporate shuttle services in conjunction with the Chrysler Group.

Employees = 90.

(IATA) Code: N8. (ICAO) Code: NCR - (Callsign - MURRAY AIR).

Parent organization/shareholders: National Air Cargo Group (100%).

Hub: Detroit Willow Run Airport (YIP).

757-2YO (26152, N259CA), ferried to Miami Macon for cargo conversion.

November 2010: 747-428BCF (25630, TF-NAD - - SEE PHOTO - - "MUA-747-428BCF-2010-11"), previously stored at Paris Orly, was repainted in "NATIONAL" (MUA) livery at Eirtech Aviation at its Dublin, Ireland facility.

December 2010: National Airlines (MUA) is currently recruiting pilots (FC).

January 2012: National Airlines (MUA) is currently recruiting 10 to 20 747 Flight Crew (FC) Captains and First Officers as well as 5 to 10 757 Captains (FC) and First Officers (FC). Applicants can send resumes to recruiting@nationalairlines.aero.

April 2012: AirFrance Industries (AFI)/(KLM) Engineering & Maintenance (E&M) won a contract from National Airlines (MUA) to provide maintenance for its (CF6-80C2) engines, powering its fleet of 747-400Fs. It will also lease airplane engines to (MUA) during repairs.

International Bureau of Aviation has leased one Rolls-Royce (RRC) (RB211-535E4)-powered 757-200 to National Airlines (MUA) on behalf of Israel-based Global Knafaim Leasing Limited.

July 2012: 757-28A (24543, N176CA), converted to freighter and ferried Oscoda to Dubai.

(IATA) Code: N8. (ICAO) Code: NCR - (Callsign - NATIONAL CARGO).

December 2013: National Airlines (MUA) has asked the USA Department of Transportation for approval to convert its charter services from Dubai International (DXB) to Afghanistan to scheduled services from March 2013. It currently operates 757-28A (24543, N176CA) on such routes on behalf of the USA government and other organizations and plans to offer a five times weekly scheduled service from Dubai via Kabul Khwaja Rawash International (KBL) and Bagram (OAI) airports to Kandahar International airport (KDH).

January 2013: After nearly 54 years of service, DC-8 operations in the USA are set to become even rarer with the pending retirement of Air Transport International's (ATI) remaining DC-8 fleet.

(TIN) is withdrawing its last four DC-8s from service early this year and replacing them with 757s. Once completed, only 2 DC-8s will be in operation with USA operators: a DC-8-63F with National Airlines (MUA) and a DC-8-72 test bird with (NASA) (NAS).

Interestingly, 4 of the 6 DC-8s still in operation in the USA still have the original (JT3D) engines and not the relatively fuel-efficient and quiet (CFM56)s that many DC-8s were re-engined with in the mid-1980s.

36 DC-8s are left in service worldwide.

March 2013: Capital Cargo International Airlines ((IATA) Code:PT, based at Orlando International airport (MCO)) (CCA) has been completely merged into ATI - Air Transport International ((IATA) Code: 8C, based at Little Rock Adams Airport (LIT)) (TIN) earlier this month. The two cargo carriers are fully owned by the Air Transport Services Group, which also controls (ABX) Air ((IATA) Code: GB, based at Wilmington Air Park airport (ILN)), had announced the plan back in May 2012. (ATI) (TIN) currently operates three 757-200Fs, five 767-200Fs and two 767-300Fs. It also operates two DC-8-62 and one DC-8-72 combi airplanes that will shortly be replaced by four ex-National Airlines (MUA) 757-200M combi configuration airplanes.

April 2013: ACCDT: A National Airlines (MUA) 747-428BCF (960-25630, /93 N949CA) freighter crashed and was destroyed shortly after take-off from Bagram, Afghanistan, on April 29. The 747-428BCF was performing a cargo flight on behalf of the US Air Force (USF) Mobility Command.

SEE VIDEO OF ACCIDENT: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=c32_1367332518

A National Air Cargo (MUA) 747-428BCF freighter operating on behalf of USA Mobility Command, registration (N949CA) performing cargo flight N8-102 from Bagram (Afghanistan) to Dubai Al Maktoum (United Arab Emirates) with 7 flight crew (FC) and cargo consisting of 5 military vehicles, crashed shortly after takeoff from Bagram Air Base's runway 03 at 15:30L (11:00Z) and erupted into flames near the end of the runway within the perimeter of the Air Base. All 7 flight crew (FC) perished in the crash.

Afghan Authorities immediately denied claims that the crash of a large civilian cargo airplane was the result of enemy activities. A large fire erupted after the airplane impacted the ground. It appears all flight crew (FC) were killed.

Coalition Forces reported a civilian large cargo plane crashed shortly after takeoff. At the time of the accident, there was no enemy activity around the aerodrome. The Air Base was locked down and the aerodrome was closed.

National Air Cargo (MUA) confirmed their airplane (N949CA) with 7 flight crew (FC) crashed at Bagram.

Several observers on the ground reported the National Air Cargo (MUA) 747-428BCF had just lifted off and was climbing through approximately 1,200 feet when it's nose sharply rose, the airplane appeared to have stalled and came down erupting in a blaze.

According to a listener on frequency the flight crew (FC) reported the airplane stalled due to a possible load shift.

The airplane was carrying 5 military vehicles.

National Air Cargo (MUA) operated 3 747-428BCFs with the registrations (N952CA, N919CA and N949CA).

The USA National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is assisting the Afghanistan Ministry of Transportation & Commercial Aviation in the investigation of the crash of a National Airlines (MUA) 747-428BCF freighter. (NTSB) Senior Air Safety Investigator, Tim LeBaron is the USA accredited representative for the investigation. He will lead a team of three additional investigators from the (NTSB) as well as representatives from the (FAA) and Boeing (TBC).

(See (NTSB) concluding report on this later on July 20, 2015.)

National Airlines (MUA) is based in Orlando, Florida, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of National Air Cargo Holdings. It operates scheduled and on-demand cargo service globally and charter passenger service in the Middle East.

(MUA) announced the launch of scheduled charter services from Dubai International (DXB) to Bagram (OAI) and Camp Bastion (OAZ) airports from July 1. Flights will operate using a 757-28A (24543, N176CA), on behalf of the USA government and other organizations and stop at Kandahar International (KDH) before returning to Dubai. The development comes after National (MUA) successfully petitioned the USA Department of Transport to convert its flights from Dubai International to Afghanistan from chartered to scheduled operations.

(MUA) serves 2 countries, 4 destinations, and 5 routes.

August 2013: According to FAPA.aero, National Air Cargo (MUA) is hiring pilots (FC) to backfill. 3 (FC) were hired in April, 1 in May and 5 in June. A (FC) class of 6 for 757 First Officers (FC) in July, and August. Expected (FC) hiring is about 20 for 757 First Officers (FC). (MUA) reports flying a full schedule.

April 2015: Air France Industries (AFI) - (KLM) (E&M) will continue to deliver engine support services for the (CF6-80C2)s on National Air Cargo (MUA)’s two Boeing 747-400BCFs. In addition to carrying out shop visits, the services provided will include provision of spare engines during maintenance operations.

July 2015: "(NTSB): Shifting Cargo Caused Fatal 747F Freighter Crash
on April 29, 2013" by (ATW) Alan Dron, July 20, 2015.

A National Air Cargo (MUA) Boeing 747-428BCF freighter that crashed seconds after takeoff from Bagram, Afghanistan, on April 29, 2013, was likely caused by inadequate restraint of large military vehicles being carried on board, according to a National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigation. The crash killed 7 crew (FC) members at the start of a journey to Al Maktoum International Airport, Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The airplane was carrying five mine-resistant ambush-protected (MRAP) vehicles weighing up to 18 tons each, which were being handled on behalf of USA Transportation Command.

The crash was captured on the dashboard camera of a vehicle passing Bagram airbase at the time (SEE VIDEO OF ACCIDENT: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=c32_1367332518). The 747 was seen climbing steeply immediately after takeoff, before seeming almost to pause a few hundred feet off the ground, rolling approximately 90 degrees starboard and plummeting to the ground, where it burst into flames.

According to the (NTSB) report, it was the first time that National Air Cargo (MUA) had attempted to transport five (MRAP) vehicles.

These vehicles were considered a special cargo load because they could not be placed in unit load devices and restrained in the airplane using the locking capabilities of the airplane’s main deck cargo handling system. Instead, the vehicles were secured to center line-loaded floating pallets and restrained to the airplane’s main deck using tie-down straps.

The (NTSB) report said that upon takeoff, “the airplane immediately climbed steeply, then descended in a manner consistent with an aerodynamic stall.”

The resulting investigation “found strong evidence that at least 1 of the (MRAP) vehicles moved aft into the tail section of the airplane, damaging hydraulic systems and horizontal stabilizer components such that it was impossible for the flight crew (FC) to regain pitch control of the airplane.”

The report added that the (FAA)’s “inadequate oversight of National Air Cargo (MUA)’s handling of special cargo loads, such as that being carried on the accident flight,” contributed to the accident.

The investigation found that National Air Cargo (MUA)’s cargo operations manual not only omitted critical information from Boeing and from the cargo handling system manufacturer about properly securing cargo, but it also contained incorrect restraining methods for special cargo loads.

The (NTSB) recommended the (FAA) create a certification process for personnel responsible for the loading, restraint, and documentation of special cargo loads on transport-category airplanes. Other recommendations call on the (FAA) to improve its ability to inspect cargo airplane operations, specifically those involving special cargo loads.

October 2015: National Airlines ((IATA) Code: N8, based at Detroit Willow Run) (MUA) has outlined its proposed scheduled operations out of Orlando Sanford, which are now due to launch in mid-December of this year.

(MUA) said that it would operate 2x-weekly flights to each of San Juan Luis Muñoz Marin (begins December 16), Windsor (begins December 17), Las Vegas McCarran (begins December 27), St John's (begins January 18, 2016), and Vancouver International (begins January 20, 2016). Operations are on-board 757-200 equipment.

"After investigating numerous options, National Airlines (MUA) chose Orlando Sanford International Airport because of its exceptional service, proximity to local attractions, and the relatively smaller crowds and shorter lines that will minimize time in the airport, leaving our guests more time to enjoy all that Florida has to offer," it said.

In addition to passenger charter flights, National (MUA) also offers ad-hoc cargo charter flights using a pair of 747-400Fs.

December 2015: News Item A-1: National Airlines (MUA) commenced scheduled operations on December 16, when it launched a 2x-weekly (Wednesdays and Saturdays) service between Orlando Sanford (SFB) and San Juan (SJU). A second route then followed on December 17 between the Floridian airport and Windsor (YQB) in Canada, an airport pair which will also operate 2x-weekly (Thursdays and Sundays). Neither of the two routes will face any incumbent carriers and (MUA) will utilize its 757-200Fs to both destinations. (MUA) will launch additional routes to Las Vegas, St Johns and Vancouver in 2016 from its Florida base, with the former two starting before the start of next year’s summer season.

See photo - "MUA-2015-12 - 757-200F Orlando to Windsor.jpg."

News Item A-2: National Airlines (MUA) President & (COO), Ed Davidson said (MUA) is looking to lease a pair of 777s for use on flights between the north-eastern USA and the United Kingdom.

Commenting on the recent decline in the cost of sourcing 2nd-hand 777 wide body airplanes, Davidson said (MUA) was considering taking on the 777s during either the 2nd or 3rd quarter of 2016.

Aside from a pair of 747-400Fs, (MUA) also operates two 757-200s on scheduled passenger flights connecting Orlando Sanford with Las Vegas McCarran, San Juan Luis Muñoz Marin, St John's, Vancouver International, and Windsor.

April 2016: National Airlines (MUA) begins New York Long Island MacArthur Airport (ISP) service to two Puerto Rico airports June 1. It will offer 4x-weekly, (ISP) to (BQN) and 2x-weekly, (ISP) to (SJU) service.


Click below for photos:
MUA-747-400 - N919CA - 2017-08.jpg
MUA-757-200 - 2011-12
MUA-757-200 - 2013-10
MUA-757-200 - 2015-09.jpg

April 2018:

2 747-428BCF (872-25238, /91 N952CA, 2010-07; 884-25302, /91 N919CA 2010-09; 960-25630, /93 N949CA "LORI" - - SEE PHOTO - - "MUA-747-428BCF-2010-11" - - CRASHED & DESTROYED IN ACCIDENT ON 2013-04 IN BAGRAM, AFGHANISTAN), EX-(F-GISA) 2010-07, & EX-(F-GISB) 2010-09. WITH "WE DELIVER THE WORLD" TITLES. ALL LST (AID) & WET-LSD BACK FROM (AID) 2010-09. FREIGHTER.

1 757-2YOF (RB211-535E4) (26160, EI-CJX), EX-(N135CA) LST (ASL) AIRLINES, IRELAND. FREIGHTER.

2 757-2YOF (RB211-535E4) (478-26152, /92 N259CA; 486-26154, /92 N763CA), FERRIED TO MIAMI MACON 2010-08 & -10 FOR CARGO CONVERSION, EX-(EI-CEY & EI-CEZ). FREIGHTER.

1 757-2ZOF (RB211-535E4) (609-27259, /94 N168CA), FERRIED TO DOTHAN FOR F CONVERSION 2010-09. FREIGHTER.

1 757-236F (RB211-535E4) (453-25592, /92 N169CA), PEGASUS (PGS) LSD 2010-07. EX-(HC-CHC) TO MIAMI FOR CARGO CONVERSION 2010-07. FREIGHTER.


1 DC-8-63CF (JT3D-7 HK) (464-46088, /69 N865F; EX-(NAL); 548-46145, /71 N921R; EX-(ZVA), 2000-01. 46145; RTRD. FREIGHTER.

1 DC-8-71F (CFM56-2C) (449-46040, /69 N872CA - - SEE ATTACHED PHOTO - - "MUA-DC-8-71F-2008-12"), CELTIC LSG LSD 2005-04. FREIGHTER.

1 DC-8-73F (CFM56-2C) (485-46073, /69 N155CA), (UPS) LSD, EX-(N803UP), FREIGHTER.

0 CASA 212-200 AVIOCAR (TPE331-10-511C) (262, /82 N262MA; 287, /82 N267MA; 174, /80 N687MA). 174; ST ARCTIC TRANSPORTATION 2006-07. FREIGHTER.

0 B AE JETSTREAM 3101 (TPE331-10UGR-514H) (695, /86 N695MA). RTND. FREIGHTER.

0 B AE 3200 JETSTREAM 32 (TPE331-12) (800, /88 N290MA; 935, /91 N339TE; 955, /92 N343TE), STORED. 19Y.

1 BEECH KING AIR A90 (PT6A-20) (LJ-214, /67 N412MA), 6Y.

2 BEECH KING AIR E90 (PT6A-28) (LW-59, /73 N290KA; LW-147, /75 N553KA), 8Y.

0 SAAB 340A-102 (102, N384MA), RTND SAAB 2009-08.



Click below for photos:
MUA-1-Captain Ed Davidson - 2015-11.jpg




PRESTON MURRAY, CHIEF OPERATIONS OFFICER (COO) (prestonm@murray-aviation.com).







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