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7JetSet7 Code: MXD
Status: Operational
Region: ORIENT
Employees 127
Web: malindoair.com
Email: info@malindoair.com
Telephone: +603 7841 5388

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MXD-LOGO - 2013-07
MXD-ROUTE MAP - 2013-07

Formed in 2012 and started operations in 2013. Domestic, regional & international services, scheduled & charter, passenger & cargo jet airplane services.

N1, Level 4, Airlines Office
Main Terminal Building
Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)
64000 Seprang, Selangor Darul Ehsan


Cheap living, terrific beaches and an interesting combo of cultures make Malaysia an intriguing choice for retirement. There are some tax breaks for the wealthy. Its status as a developing Third World nation means retirees should stay near the capital of Kuala Lumpur for health care.

November 2012: Asia's largest low cost carrier (LCC) AirAsia (ASW) with its subsidiary, Indonesia AirAsia (AWR) attempted to buy Indonesian carrier, Batavia Air (BTV) to gain a larger foothold in Indonesia, but the deal did not go through due to regulatory complications and Batavia Air (BTV) ended up going bankrupt. This attempted deal resulted in a "turf war" between Lion Air (MLI), Indonesia's biggest low-cost carrier (LCC), and (ASW), resulting in (MLI) creating its own subsidiary, Malindo Air (MDX).

Malindo Air (MXD) started 737-900ER operations on March 22nd with services from Kuala Lumpur to Kuching and Kota Kinabalu. 3x-daily departures are operated on the 1st route, on which (MXD) competes against AirAsia (ASW) (105 weekly frequencies) and Malaysia Airlines (MAS) (74), while 4x-daily flights are offered to Kuching. In the latter market, Malindo Air (MXD) also faces competition from AirAsia (ASW) and Malaysia Airlines (MAS), which operate 98x- and 69x-weekly services, respectively. Flights on both routes are carried out using the airline’s fleet of 737-900ERs, which is expected to reach 100 units within a 10-year period.

See video "MALINDO AIR INTRO" - -

April 2013: Malindo Air (MDX) formed a parallel turbo prop service using an ATR72-600, focusing mainly on intra-peninsular flights based in Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport. Initial destinations include Penang, Johor Bahru, and Kota Bahru.

May 2013: (MLI)'s full service subsidiary, Malindo Air (MXD) will begin turboprop operations out of Kuala Lumpur's secondary Subang airport in June. The 1st turboprop, an ATR72-600 (1081, 9M-LMF), arrived on May 20th 2013. (MXD) plans to operate 6 ATR72-600s by the end of the year, which will come from the order book of (MLI) regional subsidiary, Wings Air (WON).

On June 3rd, (MDO) will launch 2x-daily, Subang to Johor Bahru, Subang to Kota Bharu, and Subang to Penang services. It will compete with Malaysia Airlines (MAS)'s subsidiary, Firefly (FFM) on the 3 routes. (MXD) has taken delivery of its 3rd 737-900ER airplane, and will receive its 4th at the end of May. The airplane will be deployed on services from Kuala Lumpur to Sibu, Miri, and Tawau, starting June 11th, 14th and 26th, respectively.

(MXD) is also slated to receive 5 787-8s ordered by (MLI) in 2012, and plans to grow its fleet to 100 airplanes within 10 years.

June 2013: Malindo Air (MDX) is an airline based in Malaysia. It is a joint venture (JV) between National Aerospace & Defence Industries (NADI) (51%) of Malaysia and Lion Air (MLI) of Indonesia (49%). The name "Malindo" is derived from the names of respective countries: Malaysia and Indonesia. (MDX) initially planned to start operation on May 1st 2013 from the new Kuala Lumpur (KLIA2) airport terminal. However, (MDX) brought forward the launch date to mid-March 2013 with domestic destinations.


Parent organization/shareholders: National Aerospace & Defense Industries (NADI) of Malaysia (51%); Lion Air (MLI) of Indonesia (49%).

Company slogan: "Not Just Low Cost."

Customer Service: For its routes operated by its 737-900ER jet airplanes, Malindo Air (MXD) provides a personal TV (in-flight entertainment system) in every seat, light snacks and free meal, seat pitches of 32" for economy (Y) class and 45" for business (C) class. and free baggage allowances of 20 kg (Y) & 30 kg (C). Furthermore, wi-fi service will be available from June forward. This combination of amenities and services plus the low cost fares puts Malindo Air (MXD) in the category of a "hybrid" airline.

Main Base: Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA).

Hub: Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport.

Domestic destinations: Alor Setar to Sultan Abdul Halim Airport (AOR) (Begins August 1st 2013), 7x-weekly; Johor Bahru to Senai International Airport; Langkawi to Langkawi Airport (LGK) (Begins August 1st 2013), 7x-weekly; Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Lumpur International Airport; Kuala Lumpur to Subang Airport (SZB); Kuala Terengganu to Sultan Mahmud Airport (TGG) (Begins August 1st 2013), 14x-weekly; Kota Bharu to Sultan Ismail Petra Airport; Kota Kinabalu to Kota Kinabalu International Airport; Kuching to Kuching International Airport; Miri to Miri Airport; Penang to Penang International Airport; Sibu to Sibu Airport; and Tawau to Tawau Airport.

International destinations:

* India - New Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport (Begins September 2013).

* Bangladesh - Dhaka Shahjalal International Airport (Begins August 28th, 2013).

Other destinations planned include Cambodia, China, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

Malindo Air (MDX) added Tawau (TWU) as the 5th destination it offers from its Kuala Lumpur (KUL) base. Beginning on June 26, (MDX) offers daily flights on the 1,800 km route which it operates using 737-900s. Competition in the market comes from 2 Malaysian operators, AirAsia (ASW) (35x-weekly frequencies) and Malaysia Airlines (MAS) (14x-).

2 737-9GPER (38690, 9M-LNJ; 38732, 9M-LNH), ex-(PL-LLF & PK-LLG), Lion Air (MLI) leased, deliveries.

July 2013: Kuala Lumpur-based Malindo Air (MXD) will begin international services next month, when it launches a daily, non-stop flight to Dhaka, Bangladesh. The Kuala Lumpur - Dhaka flights will begin August 28 using 737-900ERs. Malindo Air (MXD) plans to enhance Kuala Lumpur International Airport’s footprint as a key regional gateway to the (ASEAN) region. (MXD)’s next expansion plan includes flights from Kuala Lumpur to Bali, Jakarta, Medan and the island of Batam.

Malaysia’s domestic growth is now party fueled by Malindo Air (MXD), Lion Air (MLI)’s Malaysian joint venture (JV), which launched earlier this year.

ATR 72-600 (1089, 9M-LMG), ex-(F-WWEB), Lion Air (MLI) leased.

See video "MALINDO AIR INTRO" - -

August 2013: Malindo Air (MXD) commenced operations on 3 new domestic routes on August 1st, all of which were launched from Kuala Lumpur Subang (SZB) and face competition from at least one airline. (MXD)’s (CEO) Chandran Ramamurthy, commented: “Malindo Air’s emergence at Subang Airport has been warmly received by the public. Our flights to Kota Baru have been flying with >90% capacity most of the time. Following such encouraging response since the launch of our Subang operations, we have decided to implement the new routes.” (MXD), which launched earlier this year and now has nearly 7% of the domestic seat capacity, operates a total of 6 routes from Kuala Lumpur’s secondary airport.

September 2013: Malindo Air (MXD), the Lion Air (MLI)-backed carrier, has inaugurated its 1st international service since starting operations in March this year, launching daily 737-900 flights from Kuala Lumpur (KUL) to Dhaka (DAC) in Bangladesh on August 28th. Competition will be fierce for the newcomer, with 4 airlines already vying for market supremacy: – Biman Bangladesh Airlines (BNG) (7x-weekly); Malaysia Airlines (MAS) (14x-); Regent Airways (RAH) (7x-) and United Airways (UBD) (7x-). (MXD) had planned to start services to Tiruchirappalli and Cochin in India earlier, but this failed to come to fruition. However, the self-styled “not just low cost” carrier has announced plans to start daily 737-900 flights to Jakarta (September 23), and Bali/Denpasar (September 26) in Indonesia.

(MXD), the Lion Air (MLI)-backed low cost carrier (LCC) operating in Malaysia, has launched 2 new domestic routes from Kuala Lumpur (KUL) to Langkawi (LGK) and Penang (PEN). Both routes will be served daily using (MXD)’s 737-900s with frequency increasing in the coming months. Both routes are already very well served by AirAsia (ASW) (70x-weekly flights to Langkawi, and 63x- to Penang) and Malaysia Airlines (MAS) (49x-weekly flights to Langkawi and 68x- to Penang). Since launching flights from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) in late March, Malindo Air (MXD) has already dropped its route to Tawau. It also started domestic flights in August from Kuala Lumpur’s old airport at Subang using ATR 72s. As of now, (MXD) operates 7 routes from (KLIA), and 6 routes from Subang. All of these are domestic with the exception of (MXD)’s recently launched Dhaka service from (KLIA).

See video: Malindo Air (MXD) 737-900 Kuching to Kuala Lumpur

October 2013: Malindo Air (MXD) continues its expansion from Kuala Lumpur (KUL) with the addition of 2 new routes to Indonesia. On September 23, (MXD) launched daily flights to Jakarta (CGK), followed 3 days later by Denpasar (DPS) on the island of Bali. Both routes will be operated by (MXD)’s growing fleet of 737-900s. Competition on both of these routes is intense with AirAsia (ASW), Indonesia AirAsia (AWR) and Malaysia Airlines (MAS) already serving both routes with multiple daily flights. In addition, on the Jakarta route there is further competition from Garuda Indonesia (GIA), Lion Air (MLI) and Mandala Airlines (MND).

Malindo Air (MXD) has signed an agreement with Abacus International as its 1st global distribution system. “As we expand our fleet and routes beyond the ones we currently operate, travel agents on the Abacus System can expect to get immediate access to the most comprehensive range of fares, schedules and inventory,” (MXD) (CEO) Chandran Rama Muthy said.

(MXD) is jointly owned by Indonesia’s Lion Air (MLI) and the National Aerospace and Defense Industries of Malaysia.

Malindo (MXD) began service from Kuala Lumpur with 3x-daily, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching. New services are planned to Dhaka, Bali, Jakarta, Kota Bahru, Langkawi, Kuala Terengganu, Alor Star, Johor Bahru, Penang, Sibu, and Miri.

January 2014: Malindo Air (MXD), which has now been operating for 10 months, has introduced a 2nd route to Bangladesh from its Kuala Lumpur (KUL) hub. On January 16th it began 3x-weekly flights on the 2,420 km route to Chittagong (CGP) using its 737-900ERs. It faces no competition on the route. Malindo Air (MXD) already serves the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka, with daily flights.

See video "MALINDO AIR" - -

February 2014: Lion Group carriers Batik Air (BTK) and Malindo Air (MXD) have picked Lumexis Corporation’s Fiber-To-The-Screen (FTTS) in-flight entertainment (IFE) system for their incoming airplanes.
Each carrier now has a fleet of 6 Boeing 737-900ERs, all fitted with the Panasonic (eX2) (IFE) system.

At a press conference in Singapore, Batik (BTK)’s (CEO) Achmad Luthfie said its 10 incoming airplanes this year (6 A320s and 4 737-800s, will all be fitted with Lumexis’ embedded (IFE) systems. He added that the new system will eliminate bulky seat boxes that intrude into passengers’ foot space. The Lumexis (IFE) system is also weight saving since it does without large and heavy copper data cables, reducing fuel burn and generating cost savings for the airline.

Lumexis (CEO) Douglas Cline said their (FTTS) system has the lightest installed weight-per-seat of any embedded (IFE) system, adding that it is generally about a 3rd of the weight of any competitors’ systems.

A Lion Group spokesman added that Batik (BTK) and (MXD) will keep existing Panasonic systems in place, though it could replace them with the Lumexis system “later on.” Such a retrofit would probably be timed together with a heavy check, to minimize airplane down time. He added that with the new system, the Lion Group could also increase auxiliary revenue as passengers could access on board services such as in-flight catalog shopping.

May 2014: Malindo Air (MXD) continues to put pressure on AirAsia (ASW)’s main base at Kuala Lumpur (KUL) with the addition of 2 new routes in the last week. On April 24th, it began daily flights to Bangkok Don Mueang (DMK), while 4 days later, it started daily flights to Kochi (COK) in India, which becomes (mxd)’s 5th destination in that country.


September 2014: Malindo Air (MXD) has added 2 new international routes between Malaysia and Thailand. On September 11th, it began daily flights on the 608 km route from Kuala Lumpur Subang (SZB) to Krabi (KBV) in Thailand. The following day, 4x-weekly flights on the 332 km routes from Penang (PEN) to Krabi were added. Both routes will be operated by (MXD)’s ATR72-600s. The only competition on either route is on the Penang to Krabi route, which is already served 3x-weekly by firefly (FFI), Malaysia Airlines (MAS)’ regional subsidiary. (MXD) only launched service in March 2013, but is already operating >90 flights per day on a network of some 23 routes, using a mix of 737-900ERs and ATR 72-600s.

October 2014: Malindo Air (MXD) has added a further domestic route from its Kuala Lumpur Subang (SZB) base. On October 3rd, (MXD) began 3x-weekly flights (Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays) on the very short 167 km route to Ipoh (IPH)- SEE ATTACHED - "NXD-2014-10 - TO IPOH." The service will be operated by (MXD)’s ATR72-600s and will not face any direct competition. This brings to 10 the number of destinations served by (MXD) this winter from Kuala Lumpur’s downtown airport; 8 to other destinations in Malaysia, plus Batam in Indonesia and Krabi in Thailand. (MXD) will be adding 2 further routes to Ipoh in the coming weeks. Despite launching just 18 months ago, (MXD) will this winter operate >850 weekly flights across a network of >30 routes.

(MXD) has expanded its presence in Kuala Lumpur (KUL) with the introduction on October 26th of daily flights to Kota Bharu (KBR). The 383 km service will be operated by (MXD)’s 737-900s and becomes (MXD)’s 16th destination from Kuala Lumpur’s main gateway this winter. Competition is provided by AirAsia (ASW) (49x-weekly flights) and Malaysia Airlines (MAS) (34x-weekly flights). Kota Bharu is 1 of 5 domestic routes offered from the airport, plus 4 airports in India, 3 airports in Indonesia, 2 in Bangladesh, and 1 each in Singapore and Thailand.

November 2014: News Item A-1: Malindo Air (MXD) entered 1 of the world’s most competitive air routes, when it began 3x-daily 737-900 flights on November 3rd between Kuala Lumpur (KUL) and Singapore (SIN). The 296 km route is already served by AirAsia (ASW) (73x-weekly flights), Malaysia Airlines (MAS) (66x-), SilkAir (SLK) (52x-), Tigerair Singapore (TGR) (27x-), Jetstar Asia (JSA) (25x-) and Singapore Airlines (SIA) (17x-). This becomes (MXD)’s 15th destination from Kuala Lumpur Sepang, from where it launched flights in March 2013.

Malindo Air (MXD) has added 2 new regional links to its Malaysian network. On November 5th (MXD) added 5x-weekly ATR 72 service from Malacca (MKZ) to Pekanbaru (PKU) in Indonesia and Penang (PEN) in Malaysia. Neither the 401 km domestic service to Penang, nor the 219 km service to Pekanbaru faces any competition. According to local news sources these are the airport’s 1st commercial flights since March of this year. Since then the airport, which had undergone a major upgrade to its terminal and had its runway lengthened, has seen no commercial services. One of the issues is that Malacca International Airport is only just >80 km from Kuala Lumpur’s main airport and just >110 km from Kuala Lumpur Subang Airport. These 2 new routes are actually operated with Kuala Lumpur Subang (SZB) based airplanes using the following routing: (SZB) to (PEN) to (MKZ) to (PKU) to (MKZ) to (PEN) to (SZB).

February 2015: Malindo Air (MXD) has made Visakhapatnam (VTZ), also known as Vizag, its latest destination in India, with the introduction on February 15th of 3x-weekly (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays) flights from Kuala Lumpur (KUL) using its 737-900ERs. The 2,612 km route is not flown by any other carrier. (CEO) of (MXD) Mr Chandran Rama Murthy, said, “Our new routes in the past year have received very warm reception from the public, and hence we are introducing more to our current network. With Vizag, we aim to capture a bigger market for India where it will become our 5th destination in India and 7th in S Asia.” (MXD) already serves Delhi, Kochi, Mumbai, and Tiruchirappalli. Visakhapatnam’s other international non-stop service at present is a 3x-weekly connection to Singapore with SilkAir (ALK), while Air India (IND) offers 1-stop flights to Dubai via Hyderabad.

June 2015: Malindo Air (MXD) will offer in-flight Wi-Fi connectivity on Boeing 737-900ER airplanes on its Kuala Lumpur to Kota Kinabalu, to Mumbai and to New Delhi flights.

July 2015: Malindo Air (MXD) launched services on July 14 from Ipoh (IPH) to Singapore (SIN). The route will be flown daily using (MXD)’s 737-800s. (MXD) will face direct competition on the 480 km sector from 2 airlines. The regional subsidiary of Malaysian Airlines, firefly (FLY), currently operates a 2x-daily turboprop service on the city pair, while Tigerair Singapore (TGR) flies the route 4x-weekly with A320s. The latter of the 2 competing airlines is also a recent entrant to this route, having recently started operations on May 29. This latest launch means that Malindo Air (MXD) now operates 2 destinations from Ipoh, with Singapore complementing current services to Johor Bahru.

August 2015: Malindo Air (MXD) has commenced service between Kuala Lumpur (KUL) and Thiruvananthapuram (TRV) in the Indian state of Kerala - see attached - "MXD-2015-08 - KUL to TRV.jpg." The inaugural flight on the 2,812 km route to the city on India’s southern tip (also known as Trivandrum) was operated on August 24. The service will be flown 4x-weekly (Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays) using (MXD)’s 737-800s. No other carrier operates on this route. Malindo Air (MXD) already serves 5 other destinations in India from its Kuala Lumpur base; Delhi, Kochi, Mumbai, Tiruchirappalli, and Visakhapatnam.

September 2015: Malindo Air (MXD) will introduce a new flight from its base at Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2) to India’s Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport (Amritsar). The 3x-weekly, 737-900ER service will begin October 25 as part of a plan to enhance its capacity and route network.

The new route will see Malindo (a joint venture (JV) between Indonesian low-cost carrier (LCC) Lion Air (MLI) and Malaysia’s National Aerospace & Defense Industries (NADI)) to continue its push into secondary cities across the West Asia region.

To date, it flies to relatively unserved destinations such as Visakhapatnam, Trivandrum, Chittagong, and Dhaka.

The introduction of its low-cost, full-service schedules is part of (MXD)’s push to open up Lion Air (MLI)’s reach into the broader Asian market. It launched a daily, (KLIA2) to Tribhuvan (Kathmandu) flight in February.

“Apart from Amritsar, we will continue to focus on further route enhancements and introduce more promotions,” (MXD) (CEO) Chandran Rama Muthy said. “We are looking to enhance our capacity and route network further to [using] Boeing (TBC) operations, and are poised to introduce more routes to our network [through 2015],” he added.

(MXD) has said it is targeting a fleet of 100 airplanes within 10 years of operations. It currently operates a fleet of 13 Boeing 737s out of (KLIA2), and 11 ATR72-600s flying from the Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport at Subang, Malaysia.

October 2015: News Item A-1: Indonesian-Malaysian low-cost carrier (LCC) Malindo Air (MXD) has been granted an operators license for flights from its base in Malaysia to Western Australia.

The 11x-weekly service will commence from November 11 using Boeing 737-900ER and will fly from (KLIA2), the new (LCC) terminal at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, to Perth International Airport.

The new service is (MXD)'s 1st service to Australia, following an application to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia (CASA) earlier this year. "Development of our international route network in the 2nd half of 2015 will support our vision to provide [more] connectivity from Kuala Lumpur as a regional hub," said (MXD) (CEO) Chandran Rama Muthy.

(MXD), which introduced new destinations at Amritsar and Kathmandu earlier this year, has expanded operations significantly in recent months. In addition to Australia, it now flies to 8 international destinations in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Singapore.

(MXD) is to take delivery of 4 more 737s by the end of 2015, to give a fleet of 11 ATR72-600s and 16 Boeing 737s. (MXD), a joint venture (JV) between Indonesian (LCC) Lion Air (MLI) and Malaysia’s National Aerospace & Defense Industries (NADI), says it is targeting a fleet of 100 airplanes by 2023.

News Item A-2: Malindo Air (MXD) on October 25 began its 7th route to India from its Kuala Lumpur (KUL) base. Amritsar (ATQ) will be served 3x-weekly using (MXD)’s 737-900s. The 4,276 km route becomes (MXD)’s longest and the (LCC) will not face any direct competition. Amritsar joins Delhi, Kochi, Mumbai, Thiruvananthapuram, Tiruchirapally and Visakhapatnam, which are the other Indian cities already served by (MXD). In all, Malindo Air (MXD) now serves 19 destinations non-stop from Kuala Lumpur. Located in northern India, Amritsar’s airport handled just >1 million passengers in the last year, around 1 quarter of which were traveling on international flights.

See attached "MXD-2015-10 - KUL to Amritsar.jpg."

News Item A-3: (GE) Capital Aviation Services (GECAS) (GEC) announced a purchase-and-leaseback transaction with Malindo Airways (MXD) for 6 new Boeing 737-800s. 4 have delivered and the remaining 2 are scheduled for delivery in October. (MXD), headquartered in Malaysia, currently operates a fleet of 24 airplanes to >30 destinations.

November 2015: News Item A-1: "Malindo Air (MXD) Expands to Sri Lanka, Vietnam" by (ATW) Jeremy Torr, November 30, 2015.

Malaysian low-cost carrier (LCC) (MXD) plans to start services from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) to Colombo (Sri Lanka) and Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) in December.

(MXD), a joint venture (JV) between Indonesian Lion Air (MLI) and Malaysia’s National Aerospace & Defense Industries, will offer daily services using Boeing 737 airplanes.

(MXD) (CEO) Chandran Rama Muthy said (MXD) is also looking to add new services to medium-haul destinations in Hong Kong, China, and to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, potentially in early 2016. "We have approval from the Malaysian government to fly to Jeddah, and are now working with the General Authority of Civil Aviation of Saudi Arabia to get the landing permit,” he said.

(MXD) also mooted the possibility of expanding its route network in Australia. Earlier this month, it launched a new Kuala Lumpur to Perth service, and has said Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne are now being investigated as potential destinations.

Chandran noted that as the domestic Malaysian market is becoming saturated, (MXD) will focus more on China, India, and (ASEAN) markets.

He said Malindo (MXD) is keen to position its home base at Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2) as a key transit hub for the region, especially for relatively under-provisioned routes from Australia to India, including Tiruchy in Tamil Nadu.

“The idea is to grow as far as we can and back our objective of putting (KLIA2) as our transit hub in the region,” he said.

Malindo (MXD) operates a 27-airplane fleet of Boeing 737s and ATR72-600s to domestic and international destinations in Australia, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Singapore, and Nepal.

737-8GP (39871, 9M-LNY), ex-(N6065Y), parent, Lion Air (MLI) Group leased.

December 2015: Malindo Air (MXD) has begun daily flights on December 18 on the 2,464 km route between Kuala Lumpur (KUL) and Colombo (CMB) in Sri Lanka. The route will be operated by the hybrid carrier’s 737-800s and faces competition from SriLankan Airlines (LNK) (2x-daily service), Malaysia Airlines (MAS) (11x-weekly flights), and AirAsia (ASW) (daily flights). Flights depart Kuala Lumpur’s (KLIA2) terminal at 22:00 local time arriving in Colombo at 23:55. The return flight departs Sri Lanka at 23:55, getting back to the Malaysian capital at 06:15. According to Flightradar24.com the inaugural outbound flight departed 52 minutes late, and arrived 38 minutes late into Colombo. This brings to 20 the number of destinations now served by (MXD) from Kuala Lumpur, of which 7 are in India and 4 are in Malaysia. Since launching operations from Kuala Lumpur Sepang Airport in March 2013, (MXD) has started a total of 27 routes, of which 7 are no longer operating. Another new international route to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam is scheduled to start at the end of January.

January 2016: Malindo Air (MXD) has launched its 1st route to Vietnam. On January 29 (MXD) began operating daily flights on the 1,051 km route from Kuala Lumpur (KUL) to Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) using its 737-800s. The route is already well served by AirAsia (ASW) (5x-daily flights), Malaysia Airlines (MAS) (3x-daily flights) and Vietnam Airlines (VIE) (11x-weekly flights). With the addition of flights to Hong Kong in early February, Malindo Air (MXD) will be serving 22 destinations this winter from Malaysia’s busiest airport, an increase of +5 on last winter.

February 2016: News Item A-1: Malindo Air (MXD) continues to expand its international network. On February 5, the hybrid carrier began daily flights on the 2,541 km route from Kuala Lumpur (KUL) to Hong Kong (HKG) using its 162-seat (12C, 150Y) 737-800s. The route is already well served by AirAsia (ASW) and Cathay Pacific Airways (CAT) (both operating 4x-daily flights) and Malaysia Airlines (MAS) (3x-daily flights). Since launching operations in March 2013, (MXD) has started 29 routes from Malaysia’s busiest airport but dropped 8. It also operates flights from Kuala Lumpur Subang, mainly to domestic destinations. “We expect an upsurge in arrivals from Hong Kong with the new service,” Malindo (MXD) (CEO), Chandran Rama Muthy said. (MXD) said the new schedule will add >1,000 seats a week to the (HKIA) to (KLIA) route.

(MXD) introduced a daily 737-800 service to Colombo, Sri Lanka, in December, and has also announced a new 4x-weekly, (KLIA) to Allama Iqbal International Airport (serving Lahore, Pakistan) from March 3, using 737-900ERs.

Muthy said this makes (MXD) the only Malaysian-based airline to offer direct services between Kuala Lumpur and Lahore, and that it will be the longest route it offers from (KLIA). (MXD) said the new international routes form part of its objective of turning its (KLIA) home base into a regional hub for travelers in the Asian region.

(MXD), a joint venture (JV) between Malaysia’s National Aerospace & Defence Industries (NADI) and Indonesian (LCC) Lion Air (MLI), was founded in 2013 and has a fleet of 16 Boeing 737s and 11 ATR 72s. The latest route offerings will mean (MXD) now serves 22 international destinations in addition to the 3 local ones in Malaysia.

March 2016: Malindo Air (MXD) has added Pakistan to its expanding international route map with the launch on March 3 of a 4x-weekly service on the route from Kuala Lumpur (KUL) to Lahore (LHE). The 4,289 km now becomes (MXD)’s longest, just beating the 4,276 km route to Amritsar in India. (MXD) will operate its 737-900ERs on the route and face direct competition from Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), who already serve the route 2x-weekly with a mix of A310s and 777s.

Malindo Air (MXD)’s (CEO) Chandran Rama Muthy, said: “We are elated to extend our reach to Lahore and for being the only Malaysian-based airline to offer direct services between Kuala Lumpur and Lahore. Malaysians and transiting visitors from neighboring Singapore can now look forward to a smooth flight to Lahore via Kuala Lumpur, whether for business, leisure or religious purposes. Lahore is also an important religious centre as it is home to hundreds of temples, mosques, churches and shrines.”

In total, (MXD) is now serving 22 destinations non-stop from (KL)’s main airport spread across 12 different country markets.

December 2016: Avolon (AZV) delivered 1 737-800 to Malaysia-based Malindo Air (MXD. This is the 4th Avolon aircraft on lease to (MXD).

February 2017: 737-8GP (62564, 9M-LCP), Lion Air (MLI) leased.

March 2017: News Item A-1: (BOC) Aviation (SIL) took delivery of its 200th Boeing airplane, a 737-800 for Malaysia (MAS)’s Malindo Air (MXD).

News Item A-2: Boeing delivered the 1st 737 MAX 8 to Malaysia's Malindo Air (MXD) on May 16 at Boeing’s Seattle Delivery Center in Washington state, USA. (MXD) will be the 1st to put the 737 MAX into commercial service. Note: (MXD) is part of the Lion Air (MLI) Group Indonesia, who placed an order for 201/150 orders of the 737 MAX 8.

The delivery came a day after Boeing resumed flights of 737 MAX airplanes after using (CFM) International (LEAP-1B) engines unaffected by an issue that prompted a suspension of all 737 MAXs the previous week. Boeing (TBC) had suspended all 737 MAX flights May 10 after being informed by (CFM), a (GE) Aviation/Safran Aircraft Engines joint venture, of a potential issue with the airplane’s (LEAP-1B) engine. The suspension was implemented “out of an abundance of caution,” Boeing (TBC) had said at the time.

The "potential" issue, discovered during a quality inspection by (CFM) of an engine in a factory, was with low pressure turbine (LPT) discs. But (CFM) has double or triple sourced 80% of the (LEAP) engine’s outsourced components, and had 2 (LPT) suppliers. Only 1 supplier’s (LPT)s were at issue.

Regulators cleared Boeing (TBC) to resume flights with (LEAP-1B) engines containing (LPT)s from the unaffected supplier even as inspections of engines with (LPT)s from the affected supplier continued.

Malindo Air (MXD) (CEO) Chandran Rama Muthy said, “The Boeing 737NG fleet has served (MXD) well in its growth and we believe that the 737 MAX will become the centerpiece of our fleet. These new airplanes will allow us to go to further destinations and will play a key role in providing lower air fares to our customers.”

For the past year (MXD) has also been planning a rebranding, aimed at further reinforcing its full service position. In (2H) 2017 Malindo (MXD) now aims to adopt the Batik Malaysia (BTK) brand formally, which leverages the brand of its sister full service airline in Indonesia. All of (MXD)’s additional airplanes over the past several months have already been delivered with the (BTK) brand in anticipation of the rebranding exercise, and (MXD)’s 1st 737 MAX 8 has also been painted in Batik Malaysia (BTK) colors.

Lion Airlines (MLI) subsdidiary Malaysia’s Malindo Air (MXD) has operated the 1st revenue flights with a re-engined Boeing 737 MAX 8 airplane in (MXD)'s subsidiary Batik Air (BTK) livery.

(BTK), which took delivery of the 1st (CFM) International (LEAP-1B)-powered 737 MAX 8 on May 22 operated the airplane on a revenue flight from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore and then on a return flight from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. The flights operated as Malindo (MXD) flight 803 and flight 804, respectively. The Kuala Lumpur to Singapore flight took 47 minutes while the return flight took 43 minutes.

Norwegian (NWG) is expected to be the next airline to put the 737 MAX 8 into service. Southwest Airlines (SWA), which placed the launch order for the 737 MAX, is expected to receive its 1st 737 MAX 8 on July 1 and place it into service on October 1.

July 2017: Ireland lessor Avolon (AZV) delivered 1 Boeing 737 MAX 8 to Malaysia’s Malindo Air (MXD). This is the 5th (AZV) airplane on lease to (MXD).

February 2018: "Malindo Air Business Class Boeing 737-900ER Kuala Lumpur to Taipei to Kuala Lumpur"


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December 2018:

2 737-8GP (CFM56-7B) (39871, 9M-LNY; 62564, 9M-LCP, 2017-02), EX-(N6065Y), (PARENT) LION AIR (MLI) GROUP LEASED 2015-11.

6 737-800 (CFM56-7B). 12C, 150Y.

13 737-800 (CFM56-7B), (MLI) & (GEC) LEASED. 12C, 150Y.

1 737-800 (CFM56-7B) AVOLON (AZV) LEASED 2016-12. 150Y.

1 737-800 (CFM56-7B) (BOC) AVIATION (SIL) LEASED TO MALINDO AIR (MXD) (2017-03).

6 +6 ORDERS 737-9GPER (CFM56-7B26) (4368-38687, /13 9M-LNF; 38690, 9M-LNJ, 2013-06; 4380-38729, /13 9M-LNG; 38732, 9M-LNH, 2013-06), LION AIR (MLI) LEASED 2013-03 & 2013-06. 12C, 168Y.



15 ATR72-600 (1081, 9M-LMF, 2013-05; 1089, 9M-LMG, 2013-07), WINGS AIR (WON) LEASED. 72Y.




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