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7JetSet7 Code: NAG
Status: Operational
Region: EUROPE
Country: ESTONIA
Employees 127
Telephone: +372 664 2200

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NAG-2017-05 - Tallinn to Hamburg.jpg

Formed and started operations in 2016. Domestic, regional and international, scheduled & charter, jet airplane services.

Estonia (Republic of) was established in 1990, it covers an area of 45,228 sq km/17,463 sq mi; its population is 1,266,000 million (25% Russian; its capital city is Tallinn (400,000); its official language is Estonian, Russian (unofficial); Religion: Evangelical Lutheran; Orthodox. Estonia joined the European Union (EU) and The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in 2004. Its national flag is three horizontal stripes: higher - dark blue, middle - light blue, and lower - white.

March 2016: News Item A-1: Estonia’s new national carrier, the Nordic Aviation Group (NAG), has re-branded, taking the name "Nordica." Unveiled on March 11, (NAG) uses a dragonfly as its logo.

The Nordic Aviation Group recently released images of their new “nordica” brand which they plan to introduce from the end of March. The (CEO) of the design agency (Optimist) which came up with the dragonfly-based tail logo design explained: “The dragonfly is a mystical and beautiful creature that cannot be found everywhere and that looks like a high-tech miracle. The dragonfly’s sleek body resembles a plane, and its flight is fast and controlled. In many cultures, the dragonfly is also the symbol of good fortune.”

(NAG) was set up by the small Baltic nation’s government as a fallback in advance of the demise of Estonia Air (LIJ) last autumn. The European Commission (EC) had found (LIJ) had breached state subsidy rules and was ordered to pay back some €85 million/$95 million in aid. Unable to do so, it filed for bankruptcy.

The Nordic Aviation Group is a virtual airline, a not uncommon practice in the Nordic nations, whereby an entity is set up to operate the Sales & Marketing functions of an airline, but subcontracts the actual flying to a 3rd party.

Since it was set up in the wake of Estonian Air (LIJ)’s closure, (NAG) has used aircraft from several European carriers, but primarily uses aircraft from Adria Airways (ADR) of Slovenia. Nordica (NAG) flies under (ADR)’s air operator’s certificate (AOC).

Nordica (NAG) plans to make a transition to its own aircraft in the coming months.

The re-branding exercise was supposed to be confidential, but leaked out, board member Erik Sakkov said: “We very much hoped we wouldn’t be forced into discussing our new name in such a fashion, because we wanted all the details to be in place and for us to be able to decide where and when to present our new face to the world.

“But it’s difficult keeping anything to yourself for very long in a place as small as Estonia.”

The name “Nordica” was deemed particularly appropriate from among the 20 or so names that were seriously considered because “Estonia has always aligned itself more with Northern Europe than any other region, and that’s something the people in charge of our country have wanted to see reflected in the name of the national carrier,” it said.

“Plenty of options were put on the table that included the word ‘Estonia’ in some form or other as well, but it’s our strategic goal to distinguish ourselves from Estonian Air (LIJ) as much as we can.”

Sakkov admitted that several other organizations use the title Nordica (notably lessor Nordic Aviation Capital) but the virtual carrier’s board was unanimous in its final choice.

(NAG) will start to use the brand from the end of March.

Main Base: Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport.
Fleet size 7
Destinations 13

Nordica (NAG) is an Estonian airline, which is solely owned by the Estonian government. The company was founded on September 25, 2015 by the decision of the Estonian Government. Operations started on November 8, 2015 due to the liquidation of the previous national carrier, Estonian Air (ENA).

At the moment, the Slovenian carrier, Adria Airways (ADR) with its operating systems has been assisting Nordica (NAG). (NAG) could not operate itself due to the company not possessing an operating license and supporting systems.

Nordica (NAG)'s 1st flight left Tallinn to Amsterdam on November 8 2015 at 6:58, and the 1st flight with Estonian service on the same route January 20, 2016 18:10.

News Item A-2: Estonian flag carrier, Nordica (NAG) will use a fleet of Bombardier (BMB) regional jets as it starts to transition from leased-in aircraft to its own equipment in the coming months.

The young airline, the successor to Estonian Air (ENA), uses wet-leased aircraft from several European carriers, notably UK airline bmi Regional and Slovenia’s Adria Airways (ADR). Operations are carried out under (ADR)’s air operator’s certificate (AOC).

However, the company aims to begin using its own aircraft in the coming months and has decided to operate the Canadian twin jets.

Nordica (NAG) has leased 2 CRJ700s from USA lessor Regional One, which entered service this year. They will be joined in April by the 1st 2 of 3 CRJ900s that were acquired by Estonian state-owned company Transpordi Varahaldus (Transport Asset Management) prior to Estonian Air (ENA)’s bankruptcy late last year.

The Estonian government, concerned that the small Baltic nation could be left without essential air links, if the previous national carrier was found to have transgressed European Union (EU) rules on state aid, set up both Transpordi Varahaldus and the Nordic Aviation Group (NAG) before the (EU)’s decision on Estonian Air (ENA) late last year.

April 2016: Estonian flag carrier, Nordica (NAG) launched 5x-weekly, Tallinn - Vienna and 6x-weekly, Tallinn - Berlin services last week.

(NAG) also operates 8 routes from Tallinn to Brussels, Kiev, Oslo, Amsterdam, Vilnius, Stockholm, Trondheim, and Munich. This year, Nordica (NAG) plans seasonal flights to Nice, Split, and Paris from spring, and Rijeka, Odessa, and Edinburgh from summer.

The young airline, the successor to Estonian Air (ENA), uses wet-leased aircraft from several European carriers, notably UK airline bmi regional (Embraer ERJ-145) and Slovenia’s Adria Airways (ADR).

Nordica (NAG)has leased 2 Bombardier CRJ700s from USA lessor Regional One, which entered service this year. These aircraft will be joined in April by the 1st 2 of 3 CRJ900s that were acquired by Estonian state-owned company, Transpordi Varahaldus (Transport Asset Management) prior to Estonian Air (ENA)’s bankruptcy late last year.

Nordica (NAG) (part of the Nordic Aviation Group) was established with a resolution of the Estonian Government on September 25, 2015 to guarantee flight connections for Estonia.

The company is 100% owned by the state of Estonia.

November 2016: News Item A-1: (LOT) Polish Airlines has agreed to acquire a 49% stake in Estonian flag carrier Nordica (NAG)’s Regional Jet subsidiary as (LOT) the Polish flag carrier aims to strengthen its presence in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

Both carriers would preserve their national identities.

Starting November 19, (LOT) will use its designator from Tallinn, Estonia, on routes to Brussels, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Vienna, Kiev, Vilnius, Oslo and Trondheim. Flights between Tallinn and Munich will be served by (LOT), which bases one Embraer regional jet temporarily in Tallinn, Estonia.

Initially, 2 Nordica (NAG) Bombardier CRJ900s will operate from (LOT)’s Warsaw hub, which will rise to 3 later on.

The cooperation enables (LOT) to continue its growth strategy while reducing the need for additional cockpit and cabin crews.

On October 13, (LOT) agreed to lease up to 11 Boeing 737 MAX 8s from USA lessor Air Lease Corporation (ALE) for delivery in 2017 to 2020.

(NAG) (part of the Nordic Aviation Group and the successor to (ENA)) was established by a resolution of the Estonian government on September 25, 2015 to guarantee flight connections for Estonia. It uses mainly wet-leased aircraft from several European carriers.

The company is 100% owned by Estonia and operates from Tallinn to 15 European destinations. Nordica (NAG) carried 307,606 passengers in the 1st 10 months of 2016. Its Regional Jet subsidiary is responsible for aviation operations of (NAG).

(LOT) said this cooperation model is also available to other carriers from the region. “It is the 1st step toward consolidating (CEE) markets by (LOT). It is the 1st such cooperation between 2 carriers from the (CEE) region, while building an effective transfer hub in Warsaw. (NAG)’s flight schedule converges with ours in almost 100%,” (LOT) (CEO) Rafal Milczarski said.

March 2017: 2 CRJ900ER (15071, ES-ACH; 15074, ES-ACI), ex-(EC-JTS, EC-JTT), (LOT) Poland sub-leased, in joint Nordica (NAG)/(LOT) colors.

April 2017: News Item A-1: Estonian national carrier Nordica (NAG) is to add 2 Bombardier (BMB) CRJ900 regional jets to its fleet.

May 2017: Nordica (NAG) has expanded its network by introducing flights between its base in Tallinn (TLL) and Hamburg (HAM). (NAG), which launched the route on May 16, will offer 3x-weekly flights (Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays) on the 1,109 km connection between Germany’s 2nd largest city and the Estonian capital. The route, which will not face direct competition, will be served by CRJ900s operated by (LOT) Polish Airlines. With this launch, (NAG) now serves 3 airports in Germany, with it also linking Tallinn to Munich (2x-daily) and Berlin Tegel (3x-weekly), with the latter only being summer seasonal. Earlier (NAG) launched flights to St Petersburg in Russia.

June 2017: CRJ900LR (15250, ES-ACJ), ex-(OY-KFM), Falko Regional Aircraft leased.

July 2017: New Estonian national carrier Nordica (NAG) is making satisfactory progress in winning passenger traffic, (NAG) said July 6, with record traffic figures for June.

Passenger numbers rose >60,000 for the 1st time, with (NAG) carrying 60,937 clients in June. Compared to the same month last year, this represented growth of +39.5% for Nordica (NAG), which serves the small Baltic nation and has a strategic alliance with Polish carrier (LOT).

It had the largest share of passengers originating from its Tallinn hub, carrying 27% of total traffic, with its nearest competitor having a market share in June of 17.8%, (NAG) said. June saw 99.67% of all Nordica (NAG)’s scheduled flights operated, with 83.5% of those departing within 15 minutes of their scheduled time. (NAG)’s most popular destinations in June were Stockholm, Munich and Brussels.

Nordica (NAG) Director Marketing & Communication Toomas Uibo said passenger numbers were very reassuring, although the proportion of flights departing on time had been higher in the past. “We’re certainly within budget, and the summer season’s started really well for us,” he said.

“People in Estonia have started traveling more, and we’re really grateful that (NAG) is their 1st preference.”

(NAG) has a fleet of 6 CRJ900 and 2 CRJ700 regional jets, with 2 more CRJ900s scheduled to start operations in August 2017.

August 2017: Nordica (NAG) introduced Gothenburg (GOT) to its network on August 28, commencing a 6x-weekly service to the Swedish city from Tallinn (TLL). The 752 km route will be flown by (NAG) on its fleet of CRJ900s, with no other carrier currently operating the city pair.

With this launch, Nordica (NAG) now serves 2 destinations in Sweden, with it also flying to Stockholm Arlanda from Tallinn with 20x-weekly flights.

September 2017: News Item A-1: A surge in traffic into Estonia during the Baltic nation’s Presidency of the (EU) has necessitated an increase in capacity at Nordica (NAG) the national carrier.

The Presidency of the Council of the (EU) rotates on a 6 month basis around the organization’s 28 member states. The Estonian Presidency began in July, which has resulted in the number of bureaucrats and politicians beating a path to the Estonian capital, Tallinn growing considerably.

The national airline, Nordica (NAG), is increasing the number of seats on certain routes by as much as +80% compared to its normal equipment, Bombardier CRJ700 and CRJ900 regional jets.

On the route from Brussels, (NAG) will instead wet-lease Boeing 737 equipment, initially a 162-seat 737-400, from its strategic partner airline, the Polish national carrier (LOT), then a 737-700 from Bulgarian airline Bulgarian Air (LZB).

Additionally, (NAG) will lease in a 100-seat Fokker 100 from Romanian carrier Carpatair (KRP) for services between larger hubs on its route network.

Since every aircraft type had its own particular demands in terms of crews and equipment, it made sense to outsource both the metal and crews, said Toomas Uibo, Nordica (NAG)’s Director Marketing & Communication. (NAG) would monitor passenger loads closely in case further adjustments in capacity were required, he added.

News Item A-2: Nordica (NAG) announced routes from Tallinn to Ohrid, Macedonia, and Constanta, Romania.


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NAG-CRJ900 - 2016-03.jpg
NAG-CRJ900 - 2017-05.jpg
NAG-CRJ900 - 2017-09.jpg

October 2017:

1 BOEING 737-400, (LOT) POLISH AIRLINES LEASED 2017-09. 162Y.

1 737-700, BULGARIAN AIR (LZB) LEASED 2017-09.



1 BOMBARDIER CANADAIR CRJ900 (CL-600-2D24) (CF34-8C5) (15128, /07 S5-AAK), (ADR) WET-LSD 2016-03. 81Y.



3 +2 OPTIONS CANADAIR CRJ900 NEXTGEN (CL-600-2D24) (CF34-8C5) (15261, /11 ES-ACB; 15262, /11 ACC; 2011-12), EX-(C-GIBH). TO RETIRE 3 AIRPLANES BY END OF WINTER 2013. 88Y.

1 FOKKER F 100 (TAY 650-15), CARPATAIR (KRP) LEASED, 100Y.




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