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7JetSet7 Code: NWD
Status: Operational
Region: CIS
Country: RUSSIA
Employees 27
Web: nordwindairlines.ru
Email: nw-air@mail.ru
Telephone: +7 917 566 5113

Formed and started operations in 2008. Domestic, regional, & international, charter, passenger & cargo, jet airplane operations.

8 Beregovaya Street, Building 1
Moscow, 125367, Russia

Russia (Russian Federation) was established in 1991, it covers an area of 17,075,400 sq km, its population is 148.4 million, its capital city is Moscow, and its official language is Russian.

Nordwind Airlines (NWD) was established by Pegus-Turistik, one of Russia's largest tour operators.

November 2008: 1st 757-2Q8 (26332), ex-(EOS) Airlines, ex-(N401JS), (ILF) leased, delivery, after maintenance and repaint at Coopesa, Costa Rica. Operates Moscow Sheremetyevo to Antalya, Turkey.

December 2008: Nordwind (NWD), a subsidiary of Pegas Touristic, one of Russia's largest tour operators, operates inclusive tour flights for Pegas Touristic and other independent travel agents. To base 4 757-200s, (ILF) leased, at Moscow Sheremetyevo airport.

Plans to operate to India, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

2nd 757-2Q8 (27351, VQ-BAL), ex-(EOS) Airlines, ex-(N403JS), (ILF) leased and operated to Hurghada, Egypt. Had maintenance and repaint by Delta Airlines (DAL), Atlanta. 3rd 757-2Q8 (24964) (ex-(N406JS), (ILF) leased, wet-leased to Tajik Air (TJK). 4th 757-2Q8 (ILF) leased, to be delivered in March 2009. Later to add 4 to 6 A320s to support its own program and then be sub-leased to other operators during quiet trading periods.

March 2009: 757-2Q8 (29442, N762MX), ex-Eos Airlines (EOS), Mexicana (CMA) leased as (VQ-BBU).

June 2009: 757-2Q8 (29380, VQ-BJK), (ILF) 47 month leased, ex-(N380RM).

April 2010: Delta (DAL) TechOps signed a long-term contract with Global Avia Logistics to support overhaul and repair services on Nordwind Airlines (NWD)'s (PW2040)s and (GTCP) 331-200 Auxiliary Power Units (APU)s supporting the airline's 757 fleet.

May 2010: 767-306ER (27957, VQ-BPT - - SEE PHOTO - - "NWD-767-2010-04"), (ILF) leased, ex-(N281LF).

August 2010: Nordwind Airlines (NWD) is a Russian leisure airline operating international charter jet airplane flights from Moscow Sheremetyevo to Egypt, India, Tunisia, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and eventually to Europe.

(IATA) Code: N4. (ICAO) Code: NWS.

Main base: Moscow Sheremetyevo airport (SVO).

Nordwind Airlines (NWD) has leased 2 additional ex-Delta Air Lines (DAL) and ex-Finnair (FIN) 757-200s and now operates 8 757-200s already along with an ex-Fly Globespan (FGC) 767-300ER it has added earlier this year.

757-2Q8 (30046, VQ-BHR), EX-(OH-LBV), and 757-231 (28484, VQ-BKE), ex-(N716TW).

September 2011: A321-211 (1219, M-ABED) - SEE PHOTO - - "NWD-A321 - 2011-09"), ex-Turkish Airlines (THY), ex-(TC-JME), (GEF) leased.

January 2012: Nordwind (NWD) is adding its 1st 2 ex-Turkish Airlines (THY) A321-200s.

ATR42-500 (642, VQ-BPE), FLYBE NORDIC (FAC) leased.

June 2012: A321-231 (1276, VQ-BRM), ex-(EI-EUT), Volito leased.

September 2012: Nordwind Airlines (NWD) has applied with the USA Department of Transportation to be permitted to operate air services between Russia and the USA. (NWD) did not specify which routes it plans to serve between the 2 countries. It currently operates to typical leisure destinations around the Mediterranean Sea as well as to China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, and Thailand.

A321-231 (2927, VQ-BRQ), ex-(N927AG), (CGP) leased, delivery.

February 2013: AirFrance Industries (AFI) (KLM) (E&M) signed an engine support contract with Nordwind Airlines (NWD) covering its (CF6-80C2) engines powering 6 767-300ERs. The contract covers engine repair and overhaul services and availability and lease support.

(NWD) will lease 2 ex-China Southern Airlines (GUN) 777-21BERs (27606 and 32703) from Kuwaiti lessor (ALAFCO) (ALV) according to Aerotransport, complementing the Russian charter carrier's fleet of 7 767-300ERs, 7 757-200s and 5 A321-200s. (NWD) also plans to lease a 1st ex-Royal Jordanian (RJA) A320-200 (2649) as well as 2 additional A321-200s responding to strong outbound tourism demand in Russia.

Boeing (TBC) Shanghai announced an airplane maintenance services agreement with Nordwind Airlines (NWD). The joint venture (JV) between Boeing, Shanghai Airport Authorities and China Eastern Airlines (CEA) completed its 1st 767-300ER "C"-check under the agreement for Nordwind (NWD) earlier this month, Boeing (TBC) said.

“We anticipate that this is only our 1st step in working with Boeing Shanghai and we are seriously exploring all opportunities to expand the volume of business,” said Oguz Senol Yuce, Deputy General Director of Fleet Management at (NWD).

Boeing Shanghai has its next 767 "C"-check scheduled for Nordwind (NWD) in March.

March 2013: Turkish (THY) Technic signed a "C" check maintenance contract with Nordwind Airlines (NWD) for 2 A321s. Services will be carried out in March at the Turkish Technic facilities in Istanbul.

April 2013: 777-200 (27606, VP-BJF), delivery:

SEE PHOTO - - "NWD-777-200 - 2013-06."

May 2013: Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency, Rosaviatsia, has banned its carriers from flying over Syria after a Nordwind Airlines (NWD) Airbus A321 crew spotted combat activity and felt threatened during a flight from Sharm el-Sheikh to Kazan on April 29. The flight landed safely.

At the end of February, Rosaviatsia advised carriers to avoid Syrian airspace, but several smaller airlines continued to use it. After this incident, authorities warned airlines that their “commercial interests can’t prevail [over] the passengers’ security.”

Rosaviatsia reminded carriers that in October 2001 a Sibir Tupolev Tu-154 was fired upon during a Tel-Aviv to Novosibirsk flight over the Black Sea during Ukrainian force maneuvers. All 78 people on board were killed.

Russia’s largest carriers stopped flights when the original order was given in February. UTair Airline (TYU) stopped overflying Syria at the end of March, and is now using alternative routes.

June 2013: 1 767-304ER (28042, VP-BOQ), ex-(G-OBYD), ex-Thomson Airways (TFY), rolled out of the paint shop at Manchester for delivery to Nordwind (NWD) - SEE PHOTO - - "NWD-767-304ER - 2013-05," with winglets. 1 767-306ER (27959, VP-BWW), ex-(PH-BZF), (ILF) leased.

July 2013: Turkish (THY) Technic has been chosen by Nordwind Airlines (NWD) (which operates A321s, 757s, 767s and 777s) for Maintenance Repair & Overhaul (MRO) services on its (APS3200) (APU)s.

October 2013: 2 767-3G4ERs (28111, VP-BOZ; 29435, VP-BOY), ex-(EI-CXD & EI-CZH), (ILF) leased, Nordwind (NWD) sub-leased to (IKAR) Airlines ((IATA) Code: IK; (ICAO) Code: (KAR) - Callsign: KRASJET).

December 2013: Nordwind Airlines (NWD) is set to take delivery of 2 former Orenair (ORB) Boeing 737-800s.

A321-231 (2933, VQ-BRU), ex-(N933AG), Aviation Capital Group (CGP) leased.

January 2014: Nordwind Airlines (NWD) is to expand into scheduled services.

July 2014: Fokker Services, part of Fokker Technologies, has received an order from Nordwind Airlines (NWD) for the introduction of the Fokker Services Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) solution for iPad® on Nordwind Airlines (NWD)’s A320, 737, 757, 767 and 777 fleet.

The Fokker Services (EFB) solution for iPad® is a Class 2B, (EASA)-certified installation including mounting and power supply. Its simplicity allows the advantages of an (EFB) to be achieved at a fraction of the cost and downtime of other solutions currently being offered. The solution led to Fokker Services winning the Aviation Week ‘Most innovative Maintenance Repair & Overhaul (MRO) in 2013’ award, and since then has been sold for nearly 500 airplanes.

Nordwind Airlines (NWD) and Fokker Services have teaming arrangement to implement the (EFB) solution for iPad® on the entire (NWD) fleet. This will provide savings in weight as well as enhanced accessibility of information and performance data.

The Fokker Services (EFB) solution for iPad® covers not only the hardware to mount and power the iPad®, but also the associated certification and supporting data, such as manual supplements, to ensure that airworthiness compliance can be demonstrated.

September 2014: Boeing Shanghai Aviation Services and Nordwind Airlines (NWD) are expanding their business cooperation. They have signed a new maintenance agreement to include heavy checks, pylon modifications, full painting, landing gear replacement, avionics upgrades and cabin modifications on 7 Boeing 767-300ERs that will enter service in September.

October 2014: Russian airlines carried 63.7 million passengers from January to August, up +12.3% compared to the year-ago period. According to Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency, Rosaviatsia, the number of passengers carried between Russia and the (CIS) during the 8-month period dropped -6.9% to 4.7 million year-over-year.

International boardings (excluding Russia to (CIS) destinations) grew +8.8% to 28 million. Domestic boardings were up +19.6% to 31 million.

Flights between Russian regions and Crimea (previously Russia to (CIS)), which is in the center of the Russia to Ukraine political conflict, are calculated differently than in previous years.

Ural Airlines (URL) passenger traffic was up +18.4% to 15.7 million year-over-year. Transaero (TRX) passenger traffic was up +6.4% to 9.03 million; UTair (TYU) was up +10.7% to 6.2 million; Sibir Airlines (working under (S7) brand) (SBR) was up +15.8% to 5.4 million passengers compared to the year-ago period.

Nordwind Airline (NWD)’s passenger traffic was 3.2 million, up +39.9% during the period. Aeroflot (ARO) subsidiary, Orenair (ORB) reported passenger traffic was down -3.7% to 2.2 million passengers, compared to the year-ago period.

February 2015: Russia’s international traffic was down -15.3% in January, while the number of domestic passengers grew +18.2%.

According to Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency, Rosaviatsia, all airlines carried 5.8 million passengers in January, up +0.2% year-over-year. The decrease in international traffic is due to the change of currency exchange rates, which are expected to continue falling during the year.

Russia’s charter carrier Nordwind (NWD) carried 132,211 passengers, down -48% year-over-year.

UTair (TYU), Russia's 4th biggest airline, carried 395,818 passengers, down -29.3%. (TYU) faced difficulties at the end of the year; its subsidiary UTair Finance entered into technical default on bonds last November.

Transaero (TRX) carried 786,568, down -3.8% year-over-year. (S7) Airlines (SBR) is down -2.6% to 538,216 passengers, but Globus Airline (GLP), a 2nd member of the (S7) (SBR) Group, carried 178,998 passengers, up +39.7% year-over-year.

Aeroflot (ARO), Russia's biggest airline, carried 1.8 million passengers, up +14.1% over a year ago. A member of the Aeroflot (ARO) Group, Saint Petersburg-based Rossiya (SDM), grew +27.2% to 379,310 passengers.

737-8Q8 (32841, VQ-BVY) ex-(UR-CLS) AerCap (DEA) leased and 737-86N (32691, VQ-BUV), ex-(B-5143), (GEF) leased.

June 2015: Ikar ((IATA) Code: IK, based at Krasnoyarsk) has taken delivery of its 1st 737 with the arrival of a Nordwind (NWD) 737-8Q8 (32841, VQ-BVY) on Saturday, June 20.

Until now, Ikar, the Russian Far East charter specialist's fleet had consisted of 7 767-300ERs, all of which are on dry lease from Nordwind Airlines ((IATA) Code: N4, based at Moscow Sheremetyevo) and leased from (ILFC).

September 2015: News Item A-1: "Russia issues New Foreign Pilot Allocations" by (ATW) Polina Montag-Grimes, September 16, 2015.

Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency, Rosaviatsia, has distributed new allocations of foreign pilots (FC) that Russian airlines can hire. Over the next 12 months, Aeroflot (ARO) will be able to contract 50 pilots (FC); AirBridgeCargo (ABC), 16; Nordwind (NWD), 5; Chukotavia, 1; (SKOL) Airline, 5.

Russian legislators made air code amendments allowing carriers to hire non-Russian pilots (FC) in April 2014 in an effort to address pilot (FC) shortages. As of September 2014, airlines have been allowed to hire 200 foreign pilots (FC) over 5 years. Airlines can contract captains with at least 3,000 flight hours and no fewer than 500 hours on the aircraft type.

Due to the fairly recent downward and stagnation trend in the Russian airline market, the pilot (FC) shortage problem has become less relevant for the carriers. According to Rosaviatsia, the quota for 123 foreign pilots (FC) in 2015 is not distributed.

Before 2014, Russian airlines were allowed to hire only pilots (FC) who were Russian citizens.

March 2016: "Nordwind Airlines Delayed by Bomb Suspect at Phuket Airport" by (ATW) Jeremy Torr, March 21, 2016.

Phuket International Airport authorities, Thailand stopped a Nordwind Airlines (NWD) Boeing 777 from taking off and delayed the flight for 5 hours following a "suspicious remark" from a Russian passenger.

The flight, Nordwind (NWD) NWS2478, was scheduled to depart Phuket for the low cost carrier (LCC)'s home base at Sheremetyevo International Airport, Moscow on March 20, when a passenger demanded to be allowed to leave the airplane saying “it would not be safe to travel.”

Airport spokesperson Monrudee Gettuphan said the passenger had spoken to a member of the cabin crew (CA) as the airplane was reversing out of its bay, and said "if I travel on this flight, the plane will not be safe."

The airplane captain (FC) contacted the airport management, who initiated bomb threat procedures, including isolation of the airplane and removal and detention of the passenger. All baggage and the other 368 passengers were removed from the airplane and searched by security staff, but nothing suspicious was discovered. The 777 took off some 5 hours later than scheduled.

The passenger who caused the alarm was detained by local police for questioning, but it was later reported that all charges were dropped.

October 2016: Nordwind Airlines (NWD) has received approval for a Moscow to New York route.

(NWD) will replace Transaero Airlines (TRX), which went bankrupt in 2015. According to Russia’s federal air transport authority Rosaviatsia, (NWD) may perform up to 7x-weekly flights.

In October 2015, the Aeroflot Group received 56 out of 156 Transaero (TRX) route designations, because Aeroflot (ARO) had to carry most of (TRX)’s passengers when (TRX), the 2nd-biggest Russian airline ceased operations. In April the Aeroflot Group renounced 13 route designations, including Moscow to New York. (ARO) said that it “wants to avoid dominating the market.”

Moscow Sheremetyevo-based Nordwind Airlines (NWD) started as a leisure charter company in 2008. In 2014 (NWD) announced it would enter the scheduled-flights market. Currently it performs scheduled flights at several domestic routes; for example, from Moscow to Kazan, Yekaterinburg and Voronezh, Russia, as well as scheduled international flight from Moscow to Yerevan, Armenia.

(NWD)´s traffic fell significantly in 2016. Nordwind (NWD) carried 1.13 million passengers in the January to August period, down -41.4% year-over-year. The result could be explained with significant international leisure-traffic decline because of a flight ban to Egypt and a charter-flight ban to Turkey.

May 2017: Russia’s airlines have sold >310,000 out of 447,000 subsidized tickets in the Far East subsidy program, with a value of RUB2.15 billion/$37.6 million).

From April 1 to May 1, 10 airlines carried 44,200 passengers within the program. The most in-demand destinations were routes connecting Moscow with Vladivostok, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Khabarovsk, Yakutsk and Magadan, according to a May 15 statement by Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency, Rosaviatsia.

The government has set a budget of RUB2.9 billion for 10 carriers, comprising Aeroflot Airline (ARO), Alrosa, Ikar, (S7) Airlines (SBR), (VIM) Airlines (MOV), NordStar (JSC), Nordwind (NWD), Ural Airlines (URL), UTair Aviation (TYU) and Yakutia (SYL).

The 2017 subsidy program comprises 50 destinations that connect the Far East and other parts of the country, plus 9 destinations in Far East inland. It runs from April 1 to October 31, 2017.

2 A321-231s (7674, VQ-BRT; 7686, VQ-BRS), ex-(D-AVXU; D-ABYT), China Aircraft Leasing Group leased.

June 2017: 2 737-8Q8 (41805, VP-BYW, 41808, VP-BYX), AerCap leased, 1 777-212ER (28533, VP-BJH), ex-(N954RF), (GMT) Aircraft leased.

July 2017: Nordwind Airlines (NWD) has taken delivery its 1st 2 A330-223s (1213, VP-BYU; 1221, VP-BYV), which it plans to operate on domestic long-haul routes, connecting the Russian capital Moscow with Siberian regions and the Far East.

(NWD) also took delivery of Boeing 737-82R (40872, VP-BSP), ex-(TC-AAT).

(NWD), which launched operations in 2008, initially performed charter flights but later began scheduled services.

From January to June, (NWD) the Moscow Sheremetyevo-based carrier transported 1 million passengers on scheduled flights. According to Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency, from January to May, (NWD) carried 788,923 passengers, >double year-over-year (YOY). (NWD) said it operates around 500 flights weekly from 33 destinations in Russia; >75% of its services are scheduled.

In 2015, (NWD) decreased operations and fleet size as traffic was down 40.4% (YOY) to 2.7 million because of the decline in the travel and charter market. In 2016, traffic decreased -32.9% (YOY) to 1.8 million. However, in 2017 the number of passengers started to grow. Since the beginning of the year, Nordwind (NWD) added 7 aircraft to its fleet. Before the A330 delivery, its fleet consisted of 18 aircraft, including Airbus A321-200s, Boeing 737-800s and 777-21BERs.

December 2017: Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency, Rosaviatsia, has directed 6 carriers to cut their winter charter programs because there is not enough aircraft to cover planned flights, the authority said on December 21.

Azur Air (KKV) has reduced 15% of its charter program volume. In addition, the authority has notified Yakutia Airline (SYL), Saratov Airlines (SOV), and Nordwind Airlines (NWD) to reduce their charter programs. These carriers must cut 30% of charter services. All airlines also operate scheduled domestic and international flights.

Russian aviation and travel authorities had appointed a group to analyze airline plans, schedules, and possible aircraft turnaround time to prevent significant flight delays. After analyzing the winter travel flights schedule of 15 carriers, including Aeroflot Airline (ARO), Red Wings Airlines (RWZ), Ural Airlines (URL) and others, it was decided to cut charter services for 6 carriers.

According to an authority statement, Russian airlines had applied for 586 international charter flights for the New Year Holiday period. The carriers received approval for 292 flights to main destinations including Italy, Spain, Thailand, China and Israel.

April 2018: Simferopol International Airport in Crimea will open a new terminal on April 16, which will be able to handle 3,650 passengers per hour or 6.5 million per year. It is equipped with 55 check-in counters, 8 jet bridges and 8 standard gates. It is also equipped with 16 moving staircases and 28 elevators to create a barrier-free environment.

On April 11, the airport carried out a main terminal test, which used 400 volunteers, students, bloggers, media representatives to play the role of passengers to simulate standard ground operations. According to the airport’s General Director Yevgeniy Plaksin, terminal tests began in March, but this week the number of volunteers was close to the real number of passengers that will be handled by the airport. Plaksin is confident the terminal is ready for all operations.

In 2017, Simferopol airport handled 5.1 million passengers, down -2% year-over-year (YOY). During the 1st 3 months of 2018, traffic grew +7% (YOY) to 603,378 passengers.

Because Crimea is a resort destination with a high seasonality factor, the Russian government offers a subsidy program for flights between the peninsula and Russian regions.

Moscow Sheremetyevo-based Nordwind Airlines (NWD) plans to boost Crimea service this summer and will fly to 27 destinations from Simferopol.


Click below for photos:
NWD-767-304ER - 2013-05
NWD-777-200 - 2013-04
NWD-A321 - 2016-10.jpg
NWD-A321 2011-09

October 2018:


2 737-8Q8 (CFM56-7B) (41805, VP-BYW; 41808, VP-BYX), AERECAP (DEA) LEASED 2017-06.

1 737-82R (CFM56-7B) (40872, VP-BYV), EX-(TC-AAT), 2017-07.

1 737-86N (CFM56-7B) (32691, VQ-BUV), EX-(B-5143), (GEF) LEASED 2015-05.

0 757-2Q8 (PW2040) (424-24964, /92 N926JS; 639-27351, /94 VQ-BAL; 2008-11; 688-26332, /95 VQ-BAQ, 2008-12; 819-29442, /98 VQ-BBU, 2009-03; 821-29443, /98 VQ-BBT; 836-29380, /98 VQ-BJK, 2009-06; 30046, VQ-BHR, 2010-08), (ILF) 47 MONTH LEASED. 24964; WET-LEASED TO TAJIK AIR (TJK). 12F, 170Y.

0 757-231 (28484, VQ-BKE - - SEE PHOTO - - "NWD-757-2010-08"), EX-(AAL), (ILF) LEASED 2010-08. 12F, 170Y.

6 767-304ER (CF6-80C2B7F) (649-28042, /97 VP-BOQ, 2013-05), EX-THOMSON AIRWAYS (TFY). EX-(G-OBYD) - - SEE PHOTO - - "NWD-767-304ER - 2013-05," WITH WINGLETS. 328Y.

0 767-306ER (CF6-80C2B6F) (587-27957, /95 VQ-BPT - - SEE PHOTO - - "NWD-767-2010-04"), EX-(ZOM)/(KLM), (ILF) LEASED 2010-05. EX-(N281LF). (ETOPS) EQUIPPED. RETURNED. 6C, 298Y.

0 767-306ER (CF6-80C2B6F) (27959, VP-BWW), EX-(PH-BZF), (ILF) LEASED 2013-06. RETURNED.

0 767-3G4ER (28111, VP-BOZ, 29435, VP-BOY), EX-EI-CXO & EI-CZH), (ILF) LEASED 2013-07. RETURNED.

1 777-212ER (GE90-92B) (28533, VP-BJH), EX-(N954RF), (GMT) AIRCRAFT LEASED 2017-06.

2 777-21BER IGW (GE90-92B) (121-27606, /98 B-2062; 472-32703, /04 B-2070 - - SEE PHOTO - - "NWD-777-200 - 2013-06"), EX-(GUN), (ALV) LEASED 2013-02. 24F, 53C, 207Y.

2 A321-200, 186Y.

1 A321-211 (CFM56-5B3/P) (1219, /00 M-ABED - - SEE PHOTO - - "NWD-A321 - 2011-09"), EX-(THY), EX-(TC-JME). (GEF) LEASED 2011-09. 186Y.

1 A321-231 (1276, VQ-BRM), EX-(EI-EUT), VOLITO LEASED 2012-06. 186Y.

2 A321-231 (2927, VQ-BRO; 2933, VQ-BRU), (CGP) LEASED 2012-09 & 2013-12, EX-(N927AG & N933AG). 186Y.

2 A321-231s (7674, VQ-BRT; 7686, VQ-BRS), EX-(D-AVXU; D-ABYT), CHINA AIRCRAFT LEASING GROUP LEASED, 2017-05.

2 A330-223s (1213, VP-BYU; 1221, VP-BYV), 2017-07.

1 ATR42-500 (642, VQ-VPE), (FAC) LEASED 2012-01.






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