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7JetSet7 Code: PTC
Status: Operational
Region: ORIENT
Employees 47
Telephone: +62 21 386 7666
Fax: +62 21 386 7665

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Formed in 2004 and started operations in 2005. Domestic, regional, & international, scheduled, charter, cargo, jet airplane services.

ALIA Building 4th Floor
Jl mI Ridwan Rais No 10-18
Jakarta 10110, Indonesia

March 2005: 737-210C (21822, PK-YGF), Tri-Mg Intra Asia Airlines (TMG) wet-leased.

March 2006: Cardig Air (PTC) is looking to add a 757-200F or a 767-200F to its fleet in June or July 2006, initially under a 6 month lease with 2 year extension option. (PTC) currently operates 2 737-200QCs and 1 737-347F.

Main Base: Jakarta Soekarno Hatta International airport (CGK).

March 2007: The Indonesian government announced a ban on commercial airplanes older than 10 years following several mishaps and accidents, the worst of which was the January 2007 crash of a 17-year-old Adam Air (DHI) 737-400 that killed 102. According to the "Associated Press," Transport Minister, Hatta Rajasa insisted the regulation would not require parliamentary approval, but did not indicate when it would go into effect. The current age limit is 20 years. Adam Air (DHI) announced last month, that it intended to lease six A320s and build up a fleet of 30 of the type "over the next five years," replacing the 737s it now operates. New airplanes will be both leased and purchased.

April 2007: The USA (FAA) announced that Indonesia "does not comply with international safety standards set by (ICAO)" and lowered the country's safety rating to Category 2, ruling that it is "no longer overseeing the safety of its airlines in accordance with international standards." The USA State Dept issued its own statement saying that last month's safety assessment conducted by the Indonesian Directorate General of Civil Aviation did not include "detailed methodology supporting the ratings" and that "Americans traveling to and from Indonesia should fly directly to their destinations on international carriers from countries whose civil aviation authorities meet international aviation safety standards."

July 2008: A group of investors led by Boyke Soebroto, CEO, injected new capital into PT Cardig Air (PTC). PT Cardig International remains a minority shareholder in (PTC).

July 2009: Cardig Air (PTC) forms a joint venture with TNT Express to operate from Singapore to Balikpapan. Carries cargo for mining and energy companies in Kalimantan.

December 2009: Cardig Air (PTC) operates cargo jet airplane services within Indonesia and across Asia on a scheduled, contract and charter basis.

(IATA) Code: 8F. (ICAO) Code: CAD.

Destinations: Balikpapan; Bangkok; Hong Kong; Jakarta; Makassar; Manado; Padang; & Singapore.

February 2012: 737-301F (23258, OE-IAU), (GEF) leased.

October 2013: FL Technics will provide cost-per-hour support for Indonesian cargo operator Cardig Air (PTC). Under a three-year agreement, FL Technics will provide component, parts and consumables and other spare support for (PTC)’s fleet, including three 737-300F freighters and a fourth 737-300F to be delivered this fall.

June 2015: Indonesian flag carrier, Garuda Indonesia (GIA) has signed an agreement with local cargo carrier, Cardig Air (PTC) to coordinate on cargo shipping throughout the region.

Cardig (PTC) currently operates three Boeing 737-300F cargo airplanes, principally on domestic routes between major hubs in Indonesia, but also to international destinations such as Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam, and Malaysia.

“This will expand domestic . . . business for Garuda. It is a strategic move to increase Garuda Indonesia Cargo services,” Garuda (GIA) (CEO), Arif Wibowo said.

(GIA) has already begun to move strongly into cargo with its imminent signing to the SkyTeam (STM) Cargo Alliance, to bring its products in line with international standards.

Wibowo also noted the agreement with (PTC) would open the way for (GIA) to further expand its international cargo operations, although in the short term, it would concentrate on high volume routes such as Surabaya - Bali - Dili (East Timor).

Cardig Air (PTC) will also extend its carrying capacity by tapping into existing cargo and belly space on (GIA)’s 76 domestic and international schedules. “In the future, we will continue to cooperate with (PTC) on developing cargo shipments to other international routes, that are currently not served by Garuda Indonesia Cargo (GIA),” Wibowo said, adding the deal has the capacity to generate up to +$10 million extra income per year through increased efficiencies.

July 2015: Garuda Indonesia (GIA) has signed an agreement with local cargo carrier Cardig Air (PTC) to coordinate on cargo shipping throughout the region. (PTC) currently operates three Boeing 737-300F airplanes, principally on domestic routes between major hubs in Indonesia but also to international destinations such as Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam, and Malaysia.

October 2015: My Indo Airlines (IATA Code: 2Y, - Callsign - Indo) operated 737-347F (23598, PK-MYY), ex-(PK-BBB), at Pondok Cabe in basic Cardig Air (PTC) colors with "My Indo" titles.


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PTC-737-300F - 2015-06.jpg
PTC-737-300F 2009-12
PTC-737-347 2009-11

April 2016:

0 737-210C (JT8D-17 HK) (605-21822, /79 PK-YGF), (TMG) WET-LSD 2005-03. RTND. FREIGHTER.

1 737-230C (JT8D-9A) (234-20255, /70 PK-CDA), EX-(DLH), AURORA AVIATION GRP LSD 2005-12. STORED AT MAINTENANCE FACILITY. 110Y.

1 737-3Q8SF (CFM56-3B2) (1301-23535, /86 PK-BBY), EX-(EI-ETW) 2012-04. FREIGHTER.

1 737-301SF (CFM56-3B2) (1126-23258, /85 PK-BBS), (GEF) LSD 2012-02. FREIGHTER.

2 737-347F (CFM56-3B2) (1287-23597, /86 PK-BBA "MOTIVATION;" 1289-23598, /86 PK-BBB "CREATIVITY" - - SEE PHOTO - - "PTC-737-347 2009-11"), EX-(DAL). AURORA AVIATION GROUP LSD 2008-10. OPS FOR "MY INDO AIRLINES" (IATA) CODE: 2Y, Callsign - INDO) 2015-10. FREIGHTER.



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