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7JetSet7 Code: RRM
Status: Operational
Region: EUROPE
Country: ROMANIA
Employees 100
Telephone: +40 216686082
Fax: +40 216686085

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Formed in 1994. Sister company of Comtran Ltd. Formerly Acvila Air. Then re-branded as Jetran International and now Ten Airways. Domestic, regional, and international, charter passenger and cargo, jet airplane services.

Corarilor 20, District 1
R-013328 Bucharest, Romania

Romania was established in 1859, covers an area of 237,500 sq km, its population is 23.3 million, and its capital city is Bucharest. The official language is Romanian.

June 2004: MD-82 (49119) returned from Rwandair Express (RWA). MD-82 (48039), Jetran leased, wet-leased to (RWA).

May 2005: MD-82 (49119, 3D-ABV), wet-leased to Atlantic Express Airlines (ATX).

September 2005: MD-82 (48079, YR-MDL), Pegasus (PSS) leased.

November 2005: Acvila Air (RRM) has leased an ex-Aeromexico (AMX) MD-82 and wet-leased it to Kibris Turk Hava Yollari (KHT).

January 2006: Acvila Air (RRM) will add an ex-STA Trans African Airlines DC-9-30 to its fleet.

May 2006: Acvila Air (RRM) has been re-branded as Jetran International Airways (RRM). It has started operating one of its MD-81s on behalf of the United Nations (UN).

March 2009: Jetran Air (RRM) operates schedule & charter, passenger & cargo, jet airplane services. Also, wet-leases airplanes to other operators.

Employees = 15.

(ICAO) Code: RRM (Callsign - JETRAN AIR).

Besides airplanes listed, also uses 707, An-12, An-26, An-14, Il-18, & Il-76, leased when required.

Main Base: Bucharest Baneasa International Airport (BUH).

January 2011: MD-82 (49519, UR-CIK), leased to Bukovyna Airlines (BKV).

December 2011: Re-branded to Ten Airways (RRM). Currently operates 4 MD-82s, mainly on wet-lease services. (RRM) has managed to somehow keep its identity unknown to most industry observers until this month, when it painted one of its airplanes in its own colors. It operates four ex-Jetran Air MD-82s, mainly on wet-lease services.

May 2014: On May 15th, Fly Romania (OTJ) began commercial operations from, not surprisingly, Romania. The new carrier will initially serve primarily the Romania - Italy market with a couple of MD-80 series airplanes, operated on its behalf by Ten Airways (RRM). So far, a total of 11 routes have been announced on the airline’s website,

Both Ten Airways (RRM) and FlyRomania (OTJ) are owned by Ovidiu Tender, the (CEO) of Romanian prospecting company, Prospectiuni, which works with Romanian clients such as oil and gas companies Petrom, Romgaz and Rompetrol, as well as with clients from Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

July 2014: Trawel Fly (based at Milan Orio al Serio) has dragged Ten Airways ((IATA) Code: X5, based at Bucharest Baneasa) (RRM) before the Italian Civil Aviation Authority (L'Ente Nazionale per l'Aviazione Civile - (ENAC)) after it accused the Romanian wet-lease (ACMI) operator of wrongfully terminating an existing lease contract for an MD-82 (48079, YR-OTL).

"Ten Airways (RRM) decided, without reason, without prior notice, and with immediate effect, to unilaterally cancel its contractually defined activities with Trawel Fly which, it should be noted, have always been regularly paid for. That decision was quickly reported by Trawel Fly to the (ENAC) to take the appropriate actions," Trawel Fly said.

As a result of the return of the airplane to Romania, Trawel Fly said it had to re-route passengers onto other airlines in a bid to minimize inconvenience.

Trawel Fly is a subsidiary of the Trawel tour operator group specializing in charter flights throughout the Mediterranean.


April 2016:

1 MD-81 (JT8D-217) (986-48053, /81 YR-MDJ), JETRAN INTNL LSD 2005-05. ALL WHITE COLORS. 160Y.

5 MD-82 (JT8D-217) (1003-48039, /81 3D-MDJ; 1059-48097, /82 YR-MDR; 1060-48098, /82 YR-MDS; 1070-49119, /82 YR-OTN; 1091-49139, /82 YR-MDK), 49119, EX-(KHT), RF (RWA) 2004-06. 48039 WET-LST (RWA) 2004-06. JETRAN LSD. 49119 WET-LST (ATX) 2005-05. 48098; RF NOUVELLE AIR IVOIRE. 160Y.

1 MD-82 (JT8D-217) (1016-48079, /81 YR-MDL), (PSS) LSD 2005-09. WHITE COLORS & BLUE TAIL. 160Y.

1 MD-82 (JT8D-217) (1658-49519, N915MD), LST BUKOVYNA AIRLINES (BKV) AS (UR-CIK). 160Y.

1 MD-83 (JT8D-217) (49950, YR-OTY), WET-LST (OTJ) 2014-05. 160Y.


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