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7JetSet7 Code: RUI
Status: Operational
Region: CHINA
Country: CHINA
Employees 127

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RUI-2014-11 - 1ST 737-700
RUI-2015-10 - IPAD digiEplayer.jpg
RUI-Cabin Attendants - 2016-11.jpg

Formed in 2013 and started operations in 2014. Domestic, regional and international, low cost carrier (LCC) start-up, scheduled & charter, jet airplane services.

Kunming Changshui International Airport
Kunming, Yunnan, China

China (People's Republic of China) was established in 1949, it covers an area of 9,560,980 sq km, its population is 1,265 million, its capital city is Beijing, and its official language is Chinese.

May 2013: The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) (CAC) has approved the launch of Kunming-based, Ruili Airlines (RUI), opening the door to new entrants.

August 2013: Ruili Airlines (RUI), based at Kunming Changshui International Airport (KMG), has signed an agreement with Boeing (TBC) for the purchase of 8 737-700s and 6 737-800s, complimenting a recently announced sale-and-lease-back deal between Air Berlin ((BER) and Chinese lessor, Minsheng Commercial Aviation, in which Minsheng will have an option to buy 2 737-700s and 2 737-800s from (BER) for onward placement with (RUI). Once all modalities are in place, a maiden flight is expected during 1st quarter (Q1)/early Q2 of 2014, Mr Dong Lecheng, (CEO) of Jingcheng Group, the sponsor of Ruili Airlines (RUI), disclosed. (RUI) is aiming for a fleet of up to 45 airplanes by 2020.

Personnel are to be sourced from Sichuan Airlines ((IATA) Code: 3U, based at Chengdu) (SIC) and the Civil Aviation Flight University of China.

May 2014: Ruili Airlines ((IATA) Code: DR, based at Kunming Airport) (RUI) launched formal operations May 18 with a flight from Kunming (KMG) to Mangshi (LUX). The 450 km route will be served 2x-daily by (RUI)’s 737-800, and will face intense competition from China Eastern Airlines (CEA) (52x-weekly departures), Lucky Air (LKY) (31x-), Beijing Capital Airlines (DER) (7x-), Sichuan Airlines (SIC) (7x-), and Kunming Airlines (KMG) (7x-).

The Kunming-based carrier is wholly owned by the Yunnan Jingcheng Group and has a registered capital of CNY600 million/$96.8 million.

In August 2013, (RUI) ordered 18 Boeing 737 series airplanes, comprising 8 737-700s and 6 737-800s directly from Boeing (TBC), plus 2 737-700s and 2 737-800s from airberlin (BER). It has taken delivery of 2 737-700s and 1 737-800. It plans to expand its fleet to 45 airplanes by 2020.

Ruili Airlines (RUI) became the 1st privately run carrier to receive (CAAC) approval after the regulator opened the door to Chinese start-ups.

Parent organization/shareholders: Yunnan Jingcheng Group (100%).

(IATA) Code: DR.

Main Base: Kunming Changshui International Airport (KMG).

Destinations: (RUI) has opened several domestic routes from Kunming to Chengdu, Wenzhou, Hefei, Nanchang, Mangshi, and Beihai. It plans to launch more domestic routes from Kunming to Xi’an, Hohhot, Dalian, Hangzhou, Lijiang, and Xishuangbanna in the near term. It is also expected to gradually introduce service from Kunming to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, some Southeast Asian countries, and other cities in the Yunnan Province.

November 2014: China’s Ruili Airlines (RUI) has received its 1st direct-purchase 737-700. The new airplane is the 1st of 14 737 orders and commitments, comprising 8 737-700s and 6 737 MAXs. (RUI) currently operates 2 737-700s and 1 737-800 serving 7 domestic routes in China.

Ruili Airlines (RUI) launched formal operations May 18 with a flight from Kunming to Mangshi.

(RUI) is wholly owned by the Yunnan Jingcheng Group and has a registered capital of CNY600 million/$96.8 million.

“This is a momentous step forward for Ruili Airlines (RUI), as we continue to enhance our fleet,” (RUI) President Ma Zhanwei said. “We hope that the competitive advantages offered by the 737 will enable us to grow from a start-up airline to a driving force in China's aviation industry.”

May 2015: Ruili Airlines (RUI) has ordered 60 Boeing 737 MAX airplanes in conjunction with (AVIC) International Leasing Company and Minsheng Financial Leasing Company, as part of its domestic expansion plans.

The deal is worth CNY38 billion/$6.2 billion at current list prices.

(RUI) will negotiate with the 2 lessors to partly or wholly use the airplanes on financial or operating leases.

The Kunming-based carrier currently operates 3 airplanes, comprising 2 Boeing 737-700s and 1 737-800 on seven domestic routes from Kunming to Mangshi, Chengdu, Nanchang, Wenzhou, Beihai, Xi’an, and Hohhot.

At the end of the year, Ruili (RUI) plans to expand its fleet to 6 airplanes on 22 routes with 48 daily departures. By 2020, it plans to operate 24 airplanes on 60 to 70 domestic routes with 120 daily departures.

Launched in May 2014, (RUI) is wholly owned by the Yunnan Jingcheng Group and has a registered capital of CNY600 million.

June 2015: Ruili Airlines (RUI) has committed to purchase 30 737 MAXs with the financial support of (AVIC) International Leasing, amid a surge in China’s passenger traffic. The deal was announced at the Paris Air Show.

The commitment, valued at $3.2 billion at current list prices, will be subject to approval by the Chinese government.

The 737 MAX's will be powered by (LEAP-1B) engines, in an engine order valued at $810 million, according to (CFM) International.

“Today’s agreement demonstrates our ambition to grow from a startup airline to a driving force in China’s growing aviation industry,” Ruili Airlines (RUI) President, Ma Zhanwei said.

(RUI) currently operates 34 daily flights on 11 scheduled routes with a fleet of 5 Boeing 737s. According to its development plan, the startup carrier will expand its fleet to 7 airplanes by the end of this year and 26 by 2020.

Ruili Airlines (RUI) obtained its public air transport enterprise business license from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) in February 2014, formally establishing (RUI). The startup airline is the 1st private carrier approved by the (CAAC) after the regulator relaxed restrictions on new carriers in 2013.

Today's agreement from Ruili Airlines (RUI) continues the momentum of the 737 MAX in the marketplace. The 737 MAX incorporates the latest technology (CFM) International (LEAP-1B) engines, Advanced Technology winglets and other improvements to deliver the highest efficiency, reliability and passenger comfort in the single-aisle market.

October 2015: Ruili Airlines (RUI) recently announced that all passengers traveling on flights operated by its Boeing 737 fleet can be offered a standalone "digiEplayer" like Pad for in-flight entertainment (IFE) with pre-loaded movies, TV shows, and music.

The innovative new offering, which starts from October 18, is another move by (RUI) to become established as a "boutique" airline.

The new PAD-based (IFE) with a 7.9-inch touch screen will offer 1st (F) class and economy (Y) class customers a choice of 30 to 50 movies, television shows, 30 games and a range of music. Each seat is fitted with a handheld pad.

(RUI) now operates 6 737-700s and 1 737-800 on 12 domestic routes between Kunming and Tianjin, Chongqing, as well as 15 destinations in Yunnan, Sichuan, Shandong, Zhejiang, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Hubei, and Guangxi Provinces.

August 2015: 737-76J (36116, B-6109), ex-(N306AB), airBerlin (BER) leased.

May 2016: Kunming-based Ruili Airlines (RUI) has ordered 6 Boeing 787-9 aircraft, in a deal valued at $1.54 billion at list prices. The 787-9s will be used for international expansion.

Launched in May 2014, Ruili (RUI) operates a fleet of 9 airplanes on 16 domestic routes with 46x-daily departures.

(RUI) plans to expand its fleet to 11 airplanes by the end of this year and to 80 airplanes by the end of 2025.

In 2015, Ruili committed to buy 30 Boeing 737 MAXs with the financial support of (AVIC) International Leasing at the Paris Air Show.

Other Chinese carriers have also ordered Boeing 787-9 airplanes: Air China (BEJ) has ordered 15 787-9s and received its 1st one on May 18; China Eastern (CEA) has ordered 15 787-9s; and Hainan Airlines (HNA) has 30 787-9s on order.

July 2016: Ruili Airlines (RUI) has finalized its order for 6 787-9 airplanes from Boeing worth $1.5 billion at current list prices. The order, confirmed at a Farnborough Airshow media briefing on July 13, is the 1st wide body purchase by Yunnan-headquartered (RUI).

Established in February 2014, (RUI) operates a fleet of 9 737 airplanes on domestic routes in China. The start-up carrier has plans to expand its fleet to 70 airplanes by the end of 2025.

Ma Zhanwei Chairman of Ruili Airlines (RUI) said: “The right size, long range, competitive fuel efficiency, as well as passenger appealing edge of the 787-9 make it an ideal fit in facilitating our international expansion plans.”

August 2016: 737-7ME (60462, B-7088) delivery.

September 2016: 737-86J (39384, B-7867), ex-(N938AB) (ICBC) leased.

December 2016: JC International Airlines, a Chinese-backed carrier, owned by a conglomerate in Yunnan province, is preparing to launch operations in Cambodia next year. The "Phnom Penh Post" quoted the State Secretariat of Civil Aviation spokesman, Sinn Serey Vutha, saying the airline had submitted an application for an air operator's certificate (AOC).

"JC International Airlines has not received certification, but it is still being processed," he said, adding that it was unlikely to be approved before December or early January. The approval would depend on the company's finances and technical capabilities including safety requirements, he said.

The Cambodian-registered airline, managed by Yunnan Jingcheng Group, expects to launch flights in February 2017. It will recruit around 160 to 180 staff, the report said. The airline plans to operate a fleet of 6 airplanes, serving domestic routes as well as cities in Malaysia, Singapore and China.

Yunnan's Jingcheng Group is a US$1 billion conglomerate based in China's Yunnan province, and already owns the private aviation company and low-cost carrier (LCC) Ruili Airlines (RUI.

The Cambodia operation will be a fully owned subsidiary but registered in Cambodia.

June 2017: China’s low-cost carrier (LCC) Ruili Airlines (RUI) has agreed to lease 3 Boeing 737 MAX airplanes from (AVIC) International Leasing Company in an effort to facilitate its international expansion. No delivery dates have been announced. (RUI) also signed an international routes cooperation agreement with Yunnan Kangxin International Travel Agency and Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce in Yunnan.

(RUI) Chairman Ma Zhanwei plans to open at least 2 international routes in October. (RUI) received approval from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) to operate international routes in February.

Ruili Airlines (RUI) also has a cooperation in place with (JC) International Airlines, another subsidiary of Ruili parent, the Yunnan Jingcheng Group, to explore the international market. (JC) International is based at Phnom Penh International Airport in Cambodia.

Founded in 2014, (JC) International launched operations in March 2017 with flights to 3 destinations in Cambodia. It operated 2 Airbus A320s as of March 2017.

Ruili Airlines (RUI) operates a fleet of 13 Boeing 737 airplanes. In July 2016, (RUI) finalized an order for 6 Boeing 787-9s with deliveries scheduled from 2021. According to Ma Zhanwei, (RUI) plans to expand its fleet to 20 airplanes in 2018, 40 by 2020 and 80 by 2025.

October 2017: (CDB) Aviation Lease Finance signed a lease agreement for 3 Boeing 737-800 airplanes with China's 1st privately owned low cost carrier (LCC) Ruili Airlines (RUI).


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RUI-737-700 - 1ST FROM BOEING-2014-11
RUI-737-700 - 2017-06.jpg

October 2017:

6 737-700 (CFM56-7B), FROM BOEING (TBC).

2 737-700 (CFM56-7B), EX-(BER).

1 737-7ME (60462, B-7088), 2016-08.

1 737-76J (CFM56-7B) (36116, B-6109), EX-(N306AB), AIRBERLIN (BER) LSD 2015-08.

6 ORDERS 737-800 (CFM56-7B), FROM BOEING:


2 737-800 (CFM56-7B), EX-(BER).

737-86J (39384, B-7867), EX-(N938AB) (ICBC) LSD 2016-09.

90 ORDERS 737 MAX (LEAP-1B):


6 ORDERS (2021-02) 787-9 DREAMLINER:


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