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7JetSet7 Code: SFX
Status: Operational
Region: CHINA
Country: CHINA
Employees 277
Web: sf-express.com
Email: sfa_hr@sina.com
Telephone: +86 400 811 1111
Fax: +852 2730 0273

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SFX-2014-12 - NEW 757-200F

Formed and started operations in 2009. A K A "Shunfeng Airways" and SF Express Airlines. Scheduled & charter, domestic, regional & international, cargo jet airplane services.

2nd Floor Room 211
No 1 Huo Zhan International Freight Center
Shenzhen 518128, Guangdong, China

China (People's Republic of China) was established in 1949, it covers an area of 9,560,980 sq km, its population is 1,265 million, its capital city is Beijing, and its official language is Chinese.

November 2009: Shunfeng Airways (SFX), which will be China's 1st express delivery cargo airline, has been approved by the (CAAC). (SFX) was established by delivery company Shunfeng Express and has registered capital of CNY100 million/$14.6 million. Shenzhen Tai Hai Investment Company will hold a 75% stake and Shunfeng Express the remainder. It is based in Shenzhen and is expected to operate 2 757-200s initially. It is awaiting approval to introduce a 3rd.

Shunfeng Express is 1 of China's leading express delivery companies and boasts a ground network covering some 200 cities in 31 provinces, as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan. It started operating cargo charter flights in 2003 and leased 8 airplanes to operate between Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, and Shenzhen. It decided to launch its own airline in 2007. It is targeting a fleet of 30 freighter airplanes within 10 years and intends to schedule flights in order to blend with its ground transport network.

SF Express is 1 China's largest cargo and logistics companies with about 65,000 employees. But while it has had a gigantic fleet of trucks until now, it has relied on wet-leased capacity from other Chinese air cargo carriers to support its express network.

(SFX) has employed 52 staff, including cabin crew (CA) and maintenance (MT) personnel. 10 pilots (FC) from (SFX) have been attending flight training at Zhuhai Xiang Yi Flight Training Center since February 2009, including 757 transition and re-qualification.

Chinese media reports said (SFX) will operate 2x-weekly flights.

Main base: Shenzhen International Airport.

757-21BER PCF (24401, N401AN), delivery after conversion by Precision Conversions. Oregon-based Precision historically has had 2 conversion lines at Jacksonville, Florida-based heavy maintenance company, Flightstar Aircraft Services. But most of this year the lines have been in start-and-stop mode due to the slow market.

The (SFX) 757 is the 22nd conversion completed by Precision. The company was established in 2001 and received an (FAA) supplemental type certificate (STC) for its 15 pallet 757-200PCF passenger-to-freighter conversion product in 2005.

July 2010: Main base: Shenzhen Baoan International airport (SZX).

October 2011: 757-25CF (25899, B-2828), delivery.

November 2011: 757-25CF (25900, B-2829), delivery.

July 2013: 737-429F (25226, B-2506), ex-(N196SF) delivery.

September 2013: 757-21BF (25258, N852AG), Aviation Capital Group (CGP) leased.

November 2013: Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company (HAECO) (CAT) joint venture Taikoo (Shandong) Aircraft Engineering Company (TAECO) has completed a 737 converted freighter for SF Airlines (SFX), the 100th freighter conversion performed by the (HAECO) Group. (HAECO) subsidiary Taikoo (Xiamen) Landing Gear Services will resume operations in December, after a fire last year.

December 2013: 737-31B (27344, B-2941), converted to freighter and ferried to Shenzhen.

February 2014: Chinese cargo carrier, SF Airlines (SFX) has inked a deal with ST Aerospace for 5 757-200SF passenger-to-freighter conversions, with an option for +3 more airplanes.

The 1st of the conversions was started in January and is due to be redelivered to Shenzhen-based 737 and 757 operator (SFX) by the end of the 2014 3rd quarter. “We currently operate up to 14 self-owned airplanes and we see a strong potential in the cargo market. We intend to continue expanding our fleet in order to cater to the increasing demand,” SF Airlines (CEO) LI Sheng said.

ST Aerospace launched the 15-pallet 757-200SF conversion program in early 2013. It will be seeking supplemental type certification (STC) from the Chinese (CAA), (EASA) and the (FAA).

“This (STC) is based on Boeing’s production freighter as well as ST Aerospace’s existing (FAA)-approved 14-pallet (STC) for 757-200 (PTF) conversions, which is also the only (STC) developed, based on Boeing’s licensed passenger and freighter data,” ST Aerospace said.

August 2014: 737-31B (27287, B-2924), delivery.

September 2014: SF Airlines (SFX) has ordered an undisclosed number of 767-300ER passenger-to-freighter conversions. (SFX) a subsidiary of SF Express is due to accept its 1st redelivered 767-300ERF in the 2nd half of 2015.

December 2014: SF Airlines (SFX) took delivery of its 18th all-cargo airplane with a new 757-200F landing at Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport on December 30th.

February 2015: Precision Aircraft Solutions has begun conversion of a Boeing 757 for China’s cargo carrier, SF Airlines (SFA). The conversion marks the 10th Precision conversion for (SFA) since 2009. Air China Technics is performing the conversion at the Chengdu Aircraft Maintenance Base.

March 2015: 757-2G5 (26278, N167CR) ex-(G-JMCG) and 757-28A (27621, N167CR), ex-(G-FCLA), deliveries.

April 2015: A fully-loaded all-cargo freighter of SF Airlines (SFX) landed smoothly at Haikou Meilan International Airport (HAK) on April 21. It is the 1st all-cargo charter flight for (HAK), marking that Haikou and even Hainan Island entered the "all-cargo era."

The daily charter service is mainly operated on Haikou to Shenzhen flight route, planned to fly over 50 days. Different from other all-cargo routes of SF Airlines (SFX), the Haikou route mainly transports litchi fruit (which is ripe in April) to major cities in mainland China via Shenzhen hub, basically within 24 hours, enabling mainland people to taste this delicious fruit in a short time.

The successful launch of the Haikou route not only broadens the selling channel for Hainan's litchi fruit, but also promotes the transport capacity of Haikou district, lifting the delivery efficiency from Haikou and surrounding areas to South China and East China.

May 2015: 757-2ZOF (25886, B-2821), 757-25F (30757, N168CR), and 767-338 (29117, N196CR), EX-(VH-OGT) deliveries.

June 2015: Shun Feng Airlines (SF Airlines) took delivery of a new 757-25CSF (30758, B-6150). The ex-Thomas Cook Airlines (GUE)/(JMC), ex-(G-JMCE) was delivered from Southend, UK, to Tashkent Sacral Airport in Uzbekistan for conversion into a freighter.

August 2015: 767-338ER (28153, N197VR), ex-(VH-OGP) delivery.

September 2015: A 737-300F all-cargo airplane landed smoothly at Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport (HGH) at 12:18 pm on September 18, officially joining the fleet of SF Airlines (SFX). The new freighter expands (SFX)'s fleet size up to 20. Together with other leased charter planes, (SFX) operates a fleet of 40 freighters.

757-2ZOF (25885, B-2820) delivery. 767-338 (29118, N207CR), ex-(VH-OGU) delivery for conversion to freighter.

February 2016: (SF) Airlines (SFX) has made commitments for conversions of 737s to 737Fs. The airplanes will be primarily used to carry express cargo on domestic routes.

Boeing (TBC) predicted growth in China's e-commerce market to boost demand for cargo F airplanes. China's e-commerce market is expected to exceed that of the air-express market.

March 2016: "SF Airlines Welcomes Its 28th Freighter" by Lena Ge, China Aviation Daily, March 16, 2016.

SF Airlines (SFX) welcomed a brand new Boeing 757-200F at Shenzhen Bao'ao International Airport on March 12, marking its 28th freighter.

The new airplane (B-2820), is the 3rd freighter that SF Airlines (SFX) has taken delivery this year. With the arrival of the new airplane, the air cargo carrier has expanded its fleet to 28 freighters, including 16 757Fs, 11 737Fs and 1 767F.

As a subsidiary of S F Express (Group) Company, (SFX) has been constantly expanding its fleet size since its 1st flight operation in 2009. With its main base at Shenzhen airport, the cargo carrier has expanded its air service network across the nation.

May 2016: (PEMCO) World Air Services (ASC) has re-delivered a Boeing 737-300F to SF Airlines (SFX), the air cargo division of S F Express. The freighter, converted by (PEMCO)’s partner (STAECO) in Jinan Shandong, China, marks the 14th re-delivery of a 737-300/400 to (SFX) since 2013. (SFX) plans to add +5 more (PEMCO) converted airplanes to their cargo fleet this year.

August 2016: News Item A-1: Pemco World Air Services (PEMCO) (ASC) announced the re-delivery of its 100th Boeing 737-300 converted airplane, which was modified for SF Airlines (SFX), the air cargo division of SF Express. The 100th 737-300 conversion marks the 16th 737-300/737-400 (PEMCO)-converted airplane for (SFX) with +3 more planned in 2016.

News Item A-2: 767-338ER (28153, N197CR) to Singapore (OPG) for cargo conversion; 28724, N208CR, re-registered (B-1576) after cargo conversion.

September 2016: 757-204 (25623, N563SG), bought from AerCap (DEA).

October 2016: 737-36RF (30102, B-2969) converted to freighter by (STAECO).

November 2016: Guangzhou-based startup Longhao Airlines (LHO) expects to receive an air operator’s certificate (AOC) soon from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) and plans to make a rapid expansion after it is launched.

Longhao Airlines (LHO) was set up in August 2015. Guangdong Longhao Aviation Group wholly owns the new entity, which has a registered capital of CNY400 million/$61 million.

(LHO) has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Guangdong Airport Group to establish its main cargo operating base at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport. According to Chairman Yao Weihui, (LHO) has introduced 3 Boeing 737-300F freighters and is scheduled to take delivery of +3 more in 2017. (LHO) plans to expand its fleet to 50 aircraft by 2025. “Initially we will act as a startup cargo carrier and SF Express (SFX) will be our major customer because our cargo capacities are mainly for meeting their cargo demands,” Yao said. He noted Longhao Airlines (LHO) would expand its business scale to passenger transport at the proper time in the future.

Industry analysts point out China’s air freight market has huge growth potential, as the industry currently accounts for only a 15% share of the domestic express delivery market, which has been experiencing robust growth in recent years because of fast-growing e-commerce in China.

As one of the biggest Chinese express delivery companies, SF Express has also launched its own cargo carrier, SF Airlines (SFX), which operates a cargo fleet of 36 Boeing freighters and includes Boeing 767s, 757s and 737s.

Separately, (YTO) Express subsidiary, (YTO) cargo airline also plans to expand its fleet to 50 airplanes by 2020. (YTO) currently operates 5 freighters and has 15 Boeing 737-800Fs on order.

February 2017: News Item A-1: "SF Express Set to Complete Listing in Shenzhen" by China Daily, February 23, 2017.

SF Express, one of China's largest courier firms, is set to ring the bell and complete its back-door listing on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on February 24th. After an asset swap that valued the express delivery giant at an estimated 44.8 billion yuan/US$6.8 billion, its reverse merger partner, Maanshan Dintai Rare Earth & New Materials Company will be officially renamed as SF Express, according to regulatory filings to the local bourse.

The listing will make SF Express the biggest Chinese courier company by market cap, surpassing its rival (ZTO) Express that went public in October at the New York Stock Exchange, raising US$1.4 billion.

The move also makes Wang Wei, SF Express's Chairman & Founder, worth >111.1 billion yuan, according to media outlet China Money Network, as he holds 64.6% of the merged company via an entity 99.9% owned by him.

Founded in 1993, SF Express is known to be backed by leading private equity players including (CITIC) Capital Holding, Oriza Holdings, China Merchants Group and Jade Capital.

Chinese securities watchdog approved the back-door listing deal in October. SF Express's listing comes at a time when China's booming courier service sector reported a business revenue of 400 billion yuan last year. Officials of State Post Bureau expect this figure to grow into 500 billion yuan this year.

However, despite the backing of red hot e-commerce businesses, the sector is also plagued by rising labor cost and scandals of staff mistreatment.

News Item A-2: "Boeing Eyes China's Booming Air Delivery Market" by Xinhua, February 23, 2017.

Boeing (TBC) is upbeat about the Chinese market and is designing products and services to meet the demands of the growing e-commerce sector, according to a Boeing executive. "In emerging markets, led by China, we've seen huge demand for freighters from e-commerce and express delivery entities," said Anbessie Yitbarek, Boeing VP Customer Support for Asia Pacific. "The NE Asia region is the fastest growing e-commerce trading bloc, with China at the front."

Boeing provides >90% of the world's freighter capacity. It forecasts that, over the next 20 years, there will be demand for >1,000 converted freighters of the size of the 737-series. China's domestic air freight will account for one-third of the global market.

To meet the demand, Boeing (TBC) will offer services including the 737-800 Boeing converted freighter (BCF) program. "The program is an economical choice in the standard-body freighter market", said Yitbarek. Boeing has the 737-800BCF program in Shanghai, launched in 2016. The converted planes will be certificated in the 2nd to the 3rd quarter, and the planes will be delivered on schedule in the 4th quarter of 2017.

According to Yitbarek, a passenger plane can be converted into a freighter after it has been in operation for approximately 15 to 20 years. The 1st 737-800s to be used by Chinese airlines were built in the late 1990s, so there are plenty of airplanes nearing an age that is appropriate for conversion. The conversions will be done at Boeing Shanghai Aviation Services and Taikoo (Shandong) Aircraft Engineering. Moreover, Boeing is offering license engineering data so that other parties can undertake conversions. "This gives clients more options through healthy competition."

"China has the strongest demand for standard-body freighters," he said adding that Boeing has already accepted 60 orders and commitments for the 737-800BCF (with half from Chinese customers).

In the global air cargo market, wide-body freighters are used for new freighters while standard-body freighters are normally converted into freighters. Boeing understands the opportunities afforded by the booming e-commerce and air cargo market in China (online retail sales in China were half that of the USA in 2010 and by 2013, they surpassed the USA).

Unique to China's air cargo market is that the majority of demand for freighters is from delivery companies. "That's why we need to design and launch a converted freighter that can meet the specific needs of the China market." According to Yitbarek, Boeing will provide delivery firms with suitable freighters, support them in establishing logistics infrastructure, and share their best practices. "As an aviation leader, Boeing provides airplane life-cycle support and services to the global aviation industry," said Yitbarek. To him, it is a privilege for Boeing to be part of the fabric of China's delivery and e-commerce market. "All parties will support the healthy development of the China market," said Yitbarek.

767-338ER (28153, N197CR) registration canceled.

July 2017: 757-2Z0F (27260, B-1463), 757-204F (25623, B-1578), and 4 757-223 (27052, N601AN; 29423, N673AN; 29424, N674AN; 29425, N675AN) for cargo conversion and deliveries.

August 2017: (SF) Airlines (SFX)'s Chengdu to Hanoi route successfully made its maiden flight on August 27, marking the 1st direct cargo flight from China to Hanoi, Vietnam. Operated by a 767-338F 2x-weekly, the regular flight facilitates the transportation and communication between Chengdu and Vietnam.

(SF) Airlines (SFX) affiliates to (SF) Express. Not only does it offer safe and efficient freight service, it also lays emphasis on business mode innovation and international airlines development. In recent years, the cargo carrier has been operating charter flights to Osaka, Inchon, Katmandu, Dhaka and Phnom Penh, completing its air logistic channels from China to other Asian countries. At the moment, air logistics is flourishing in Chengdu.

The 767-300BCF, exclusive to (SFX), suits the electronic product transport of its charter customer perfectly, which makes this cooperation quite profitable, meaning the opening of the new route enhances the air logistics between Chengdu and Hanoi, which benefits the cargo distribution and trade communication between the 2 areas.

(SF) Airlines (SFX) started in 2009 and right now its all-cargo airplane fleets have outnumbered other domestic cargo airlines with 40 full-cargo airplanes and 37 national destinations. In the future, (SFX) will continue providing high-quality service and become the most trustworthy partners for customers.

November 2017: Shenzhen-based SF Airlines (SFX) purchased 2 Boeing 747-400F freighters for CNY320 million/$48 million via an online auction conducted by China’s e-commerce company Alibaba Group Holding.

The airplanes were formerly operated by the insolvent Jade Cargo International (JDC), which filed for bankruptcy in 2013.

Alibaba had put 3 747Fs up for sale (2 are parked at Shanghai Pudong Airport and the 3rd 1 is at Shenzhen Bao’an Airport. However, Alibaba didn’t specify which 2 airplanes SF Airlines (SFX) purchased.

(SFX), China’s biggest express delivery carrier, was launched in 2009 and operates 40 freighters, comprising 767F/757F/737F airplanes as of August 2017.

March 2018: 2 757-2B7 (27805, N940UW; 27807, N942UW) converted to freighters at Chengdu and Singapore.

August 2018: 1 747-4EVERF (35173, B-2422), and 757-27F (27806, B-2055), ex-N942UW), deliveries.

September 2018: (IATA) Code: 03. (ICAO): CSS. (Callsign: SHUN FENG).


Click below for photos:
SFX-737-300F - 2015-09.jpg
SFX-747-4EVF B-2422 2018-10.jpg
SFX-747-4EVFER SCD 35173 2018-07.jpg
SFX-757-200F - 2014-12
SFX-757F - 2017-02.jpg
SFX-767-338BCF - 2017-08.jpg

November 2018:

2 737-31BF (CFM56-3C) (27287, B-2924, 2014-08; 27344, B-2941), 27344 CONVERTED TO F 2013-12. FREIGHTER.

1 737-36RF (CFM56-3C) (30102, B-2969), CONVERTED 2016-09 BY (STAECO). FREIGHTER.

1 737-3J6SF (CFM56-3B1) (2493-27126, /93 B-2598), 2011-04. FREIGHTER.

2 737-4K5SF (CFM56-3C1) (2394-27102, /92 B-2017; 2670-27830, /94 B-2883), 2012-12. FREIGHTER.

1 737-429F (CFM56-3C1) (25226, B-2506), EX-(N196SF), 2013-07. FREIGHTER.


1 747-4EVFER SCD (CFM56-3C1) (1387-35173, B-2422 - SEE PHOTO 2018-07). FREIGHTER.

1 757-200F (RB211-535E4), 2014-12. FREIGHTER.

1 757-200F (RB211-535E4) (B-2820), 2016-03. FREIGHTER.

2 757-2B7F (RB211-535E4) (27201, N601AN). FREIGHTER.

3 757-2B7F (RB211-535E4) (27805, N940UW; 27806, B-2055, 2018-08; 27807, B-1257), CONVERTED TO FREIGHTER AT CHENGDU AND SINGAPORE 2018-03 & 2018-08. FREIGHTER.

1 757-2G5 (RB211-535E4) (26278, N167CR), EX-(G-JMCG). FREIGHTER.

6 757-2ZOF (RB211-535E4) (25885, B-2920, 2016-01; 25886, B-2821, 2015-05; 554-25887, /93 B-2832; 27260, B-1463, 2017-07; 615-27269, /94 B-2839; 622-27270, /94 B-2840; 674-27512, /95 B-2845), CONVERTED TO FREIGHTER BY (TAECO) IN XIAMEN, 2011-04. FREIGHTER

1 757-204F (25623, B-1578) BOUGHT FROM AERCAP (DEA) 2016-09. FREIGHTER.

1 757-21BER PCF (RB211-535E4) (232-24401, /89 B-2899 - - SEE PHOTO - - "SFX-757-2009-11"), EX-(AWW)/(GUN). CONVERTED TO FREIGHTER BY PRECISION. 2009-07. FREIGHTER.

1 757-21BF (RB211-535E4) (25258, N852AG), (CGP) LEASED 2013-09. FREIGHTER.

4 757-223F (RB211-535E4) (27052, N601AN; 29423, N673AN; 29424, N674AN; 29425, B-1231), BOUGHT FROM JETRAN, CONVERTED TO FREIGHTER 2017-07. FREIGHTER.

4 757-25CSF (RB211-535E4) (565-25899, /93 B-2828, 2011-10; 574-25900, /93 B-2829, 2011-11; 30757, N168CR; 30758, B-6150, 2015-06). FREIGHTER.

1 757-28A (RB211-535E4) (27621, N167CR), EX-(G-FCLA) 2015-03. FREIGHTER.

4 767-338BCF (28153, N197CR4; 28154, N-1589; 28724, B-1576; 29117, N196CR; 29118, N207CR, 2015-09), EX-(VH-OGP, VH-OGT & VH-OGU), AFTER PASSENGER TO FREIGHTER CONVERSIONS. 28153, REGISTRATION CANCELED 2017-02. FREIGHTER.





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