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7JetSet7 Code: SJA
Status: Operational
Region: ORIENT
Employees 200
Web: sriwijayaair.co.id
Email: agus.soedjono@sriwijayaair.co.id
Telephone: +62 21 639 6006
Fax: +62 21 647 0072

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Established and started operations in 2003. Domestic, scheduled, passenger & cargo, jet airplane services.

JL Pangeran Jayakarta No 68B, Block C Number 15-16
Jakarta 10730, Indonesia

Indonesia (the Republic of Indonesia) was established in 1945, it covers an area of 1,904,569 sq km, its population is 210 million, its capital city is Jakarta, and its official language is Indonesian.

March 2004: 737-2H6 (23320, PK-CJG), Aero Nusantara (NOK) leased.

September 2004: 200 employees.

737-2T4 (23446, PK-CGE), Debis AirFinance (DEA) leased.

Decemer 2004: 2 737-284's (21225, PK-CJR; 22343, PK-CJF), Aero Nusantara leased.

October 2005: The Indonesian government banned the operation of 737-200s owing to "safety concerns" in the wake of last month's Mandala Airlines (MND) crash. At the same time, the government banned all airplanes more than 35 years old and/or with more than 70,000 cycles. The crash was the eighth involving Mandala (MND) since 1975 and there have been 74 crashes involving transport airplanes in Indonesia since 1990.

December 2006: Sriwijaya Air (SJA) inaugurated service from Manado to Davao. The airline now operates 2 flights a week, on Mondays & Thursdays, using a 737-200.

March 2007: The Indonesian government announced a ban on commercial airplanes older than 10 years following several mishaps and accidents, the worst of which was the January 2007 crash of a 17-year-old Adam Air (DHI) 737-400 that killed 102. According to the "Associated Press," Transport Minister, Hatta Rajasa insisted the regulation would not require parliamentary approval, but did not indicate when it would go into effect. The current age limit is 20 years. Adam Air (DHI) announced last month, that it intended to lease six A320s and build up a fleet of 30 of the type "over the next five years," replacing the 737s it now operates. New airplanes will be both leased and purchased.

July 2007: Indonesia and (ICAO) signed a "groundbreaking declaration" in Bali under which Indonesia committed to wide-ranging initiatives to improve the safety of its civil aviation system. The deal comes after the European Union (EU) banned all Indonesian airlines from flying into its airspace. Indonesia will restructure the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, enact the required legal framework for it effectively to meet international safety obligations, ensure the required human and financial resources and correct deficiencies identified by (ICAO)'s Universal Safety Oversight Audit Program and other internal or external audits. (ICAO) said, "Indonesia will also implement a proactive and systemic management of safety to comply, in a verifiable manner, with national requirements and (ICAO) international safety standards and industry best practices. This includes a commitment by government authorities and the local air transport industry to foster transparency and the sharing of safety-related data to support the safety management process, under guidelines established by (ICAO)."

November 2007: The European Commission (EC) issued the sixth update of its airline blacklist, removing Suriname's Blue Wing Airlines and lifting the operating restrictions imposed on Pakistan International Airlines (PIA). Both carriers, however, will remain subject to prioritized ramp inspections at Community airports in order to ensure their "consistent adherence" to relevant safety standards. "This latest revision shows that when airlines take rapid and sound corrective action to comply with safety standards, they can be withdrawn from the list quickly," (EC) VP Transport, Jacques Barrot noted. "It also shows that the list increasingly serves as a preemptive, rather than punitive tool for safeguarding aviation safety." He added that relevant oversight authorities verified measures taken by (PIA) and Blue Wing Airlines and "that these measures provide for long-lasting sustainable solutions to avoid the same problems recurring in the future."

The blacklist now comprises eight individual carriers including TAAG Angola Airlines (ANG), Mahan Air (MHN), and Ukrainian Mediterranean Airlines (UM Air - (UKM)), whose operations are fully banned in the (EU). Also banned are all airlines from Equatorial Guinea (ECV), Indonesia: (AWR); (BLN); (BTV); (DHI); (FES); (GIA); (KTK); (LKW); (MLI); (MND); (NOK); (PNM); (PTF); (REX); (SJA); (TGN); (TMG); (WON); (XPR); Kyrgyzstan: (ITL); (KYR); (PHG); (PHX); (STZ); Liberia: (LBG); Sierra Leone: (ORG); (RUM); (UVL); Swaziland: (AFC); and Democratic Republic of Congo: (TCS); (WDA); & (WET) with the exception of Hewa Bora Airways (EXD), which is subject to operating restrictions). Operational restrictions were placed on Air Bangladesh (BGD) and Air Service Comores (COM).

July 2008: The eighth edition of the European Commission (EC)'s blacklist of banned airlines does not include Iran's Mahan Airlines (MHN), thanks to "significant efforts and progress accomplished by this carrier, which were verified during an on-site inspection," but continues to include Indonesian airlines, including Garuda Indonesia (GIA). "The Commission (EC) decided that the Indonesian authorities have still not developed and implemented an efficient oversight program on any of the carriers under their regulatory control," it said. Ukraine Cargo Airways remains banned as well, and Yemenia Airways (YEM) was told it "should complete its corrective actions plan" by the Air Safety Committee's next meeting. All airlines from Equatorial Guinea, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Swaziland, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo are banned, while Gabon Airlines and Afrijet (FRJ) from Gabon are allowed to maintain operations at their current level.

737-3L9 (27925, PK-CJS), and 737-33A (24791, PK-CJT), deliveries.

August 2008: Indonesia's economy grew +6% (year/year) in the second quarter (Q2).

INCDT: A Sriwijaya Airlines (SJA) 737-2H6 (23320, PK-CJG) overran the runway on landing at Jambi on August 27th and came to rest in a rice field. The incident took place on completion of a scheduled flight (062) from Jakarta with 123 passengers and six crew (FC)/(CA) members on board. All 129 occupants survived, but the airplane is reported to have sustained substantial damage. Two people working in the field were injured.

737-4Q8 (24234, N234AN), (AWAS) (AWW) leased.

September 2008: Sriwijaya Airlines (SJA), which flies throughout its country with older-generation 737s, will begin flying to Penang in Malaysia. (SJA), which competes with Garuda (GIA), Lion Air (MLI), and Mandala (PNB) among others, also has its eyes set on Kuala Lumpur, Phuket, and other Asian destinations.

November 2008: The European Commission (EC) added some other airlines to its list of airlines banned from flying into the European Union (EU). Regarding the Philippines, the (EC) said it "intends to carry out with member states a safety assessment of the Philippine civil aviation authorities in early 2009."

March 2009: Sriwijaya Air (SJA), like many carriers in the region, plans to expand throughout the ASEAN region. This month, it made Singapore part of its network.

April 2009: Indonesia's Ministry of Transportation said all airlines based in the country will be required to operate at least 10 airplanes (each) by 2012, at least five of which must be owned. "If not, they will have to shut down or merge with other airlines to meet the quota," a ministry spokesperson told reporters. The rule change (currently Indonesian carriers only have to own two airplanes) is driven by safety concerns. "We want airlines to be financially sound and committed to giving the best in terms of service and safety," the spokesperson said, according to "Agence France Presse."

July 2009: Iran's Mahan Air (MHN) was added to the (EU)'s list of banned airlines, while Garuda Indonesia (GIA), Airfast Indonesia (PTF), Mandala Airlines (MND) and Premiair were removed from the "blacklist." The latest update did not include Yemenia Yemen Airways (YEM), despite recent controversy following the June 29 A310-300 crash that killed 152 passengers and crew. All airlines from Zambia and Kazakhstan were added to the list with the exception of Air Astana (AKZ), which will be allowed limited access to (EU) nations.

TAAG Angola Airlines (ANG), already on the list of more than >200 carriers, will be allowed to operate "into Portugal only with certain airplanes and under very strict conditions," the European Commission (EC) said, adding that the limited access was granted to acknowledge "progress made by the civil aviation authority of Angola [and TAAG (ANG)] to resolve progressively any safety deficiencies." All other Angolan airlines remain banned. All Indonesian carriers remain banned apart from the aforementioned four. Complete bans are in place on airlines from Benin, Democratic Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Kyrgyzstan, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Swaziland.

European Commission VP Transport, Antonio Tajani has called for a global blacklist, a suggestion that has been rejected by (ICAO) for now. "We will not accept that airlines fly at different standards when they operate inside and outside Europe," he said, renewing his call. "It is high time that the international community rethinks its safety policy; those airlines which are unsafe should not be allowed to fly anywhere."

February 2010: (TES) Aviation Group signed a five-year fleet management program deal with Sriwijaya Air (SJA) of Jakarta covering engine technical services and material support for its (CFM56-3)-powered 737-300s.

March 2010: 737-3YO (25179, N-381DF), (GEF) leased.

August 2010: Up to four new Indonesian airlines are expected to be given rights to fly from Indonesia to Australia after the two countries announced an increase of almost +50% in the weekly capacity to 14,800 seats. Indonesian carrier Batavia Air (BTV) announced it had been given rights to fly from Bali to Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney, while applications from Sriwijaya Air (SJA), Mandala Airlines (MND) and Lion Air (MLI) are pending.

Australian-based Pacific Blue (PBI), Jetstar (IMU) and Strategic Airlines (STC) - - along with AirAsia Indonesia (AWR) and Garuda (GIA) - - already operate on the principal routes leading some analysts to suggest that too many airlines were being allowed to service the market. However, that market is growing at an unprecedented rate. Travel from Perth to Bali jumped +46% in 2009 with 463,352 passengers carried both ways and early figures point to another +50% increase this year.

October 2010: Privately owned Indonesian carrier Sriwijaya Air (SJA) is poised to order 10 737-800s. Senior executives from (SJA) are traveling to Seattle, and the plan was to sign a contract on October 11, says (SJA) Commercial Director, Toto Nursatyo. “We are going to sign a contract for 10 737-800s with options for a number more,” he says. First deliveries will be in 2015, “but Boeing (TBC) has told us that if any other airlines cancel 737s on order we can change and get the earlier delivery slots,” says Nursatyo. (SJA)’s President Director, Chandra Lie, has said before that he wants 737-800s as early as 2011.

(SJA) is one of Indonesia’s largest airlines and has a fleet of 27 airplanes: 13 737-200s, eight 737-300s and six 737-400s. The airline’s main competitors are Garuda Indonesia (GIA) and Lion Air (MLI), which operate 737-800s and 737-900ERs, respectively.

(SJA)’s Lie has said repeatedly that (SJA) needs newer airplanes, so it can compete more effectively against these two airlines and capture higher yielding business (C) traffic. Nursatyo says the 737-800s will replace the 737-200s, which will be completely phased out in 2016. It still needs the 737-200s because there are many airports in Indonesia that can handle the 737-200 but not the 737-800, he says. “But there are plans to expand the runways of these airports, so in 2015 that shouldn’t be a problem,” he adds.

(SJA) is also seriously looking at placing an order for regional airplanes, says Nursatyo. It has been considering the ATR72-500 but, at this stage, the Embraer EMB-170/190 is the front-runner, he says. “It’s all about competition and working out how are we going to compete. There is downward pressure on air fares, but we need to provide added value to the customer,” something we can better achieve with a regional jet, he says. At this stage, it plans to order a mix of EMB-170s and EMB-190s, says Nursatyo. But he adds no final decision has been made. Chandra Lie and his brother, Hendry Lie, are major owners of the airline.

December 2010: Sriwijaya Airlines (SJA) operates domestic, jet airplane services from Jakarta to more than 30 destinations and an international route to Davao in the Philippines. The airline plans to expand its network to Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, and China.

(IATA) Code: SJ - 977. (ICAO) Code: SJY - (Callsign - SRIWIJAYA).

Parent organization/shareholders: PT Babelino (80%); Musi Banyuasin District Administration; & Prodexim Sumsel.

Main Base: Jakarta Soekamo Hatta International Airport (CGK).

Domestic, scheduled destinations: Denpasar Bali; Gorontalo; Batam; Bengkulu; Jakarta; Jambi; Palangkaraya; Palembang; Pangkalpinang; Pontianak; Tanjung Pandan; & Ujung Pandang.

International scheduled destination: Davao, The Philippines.

January 2012: Sriwijaya Air (SJA) will expand its network and launch international services to China and Australia this year.

It is scheduled to start receiving new 737-800 airplanes this year, which will allow (SJA) to begin services to Guangzhou and Xiamen in China "where there is high demand for air travel" by the end of the year, said (SJA)'s Corporate Planning & Business Development Director, Jefferson Jauwena.

(SJA) is also eyeing services to Perth and Darwin in Australia as part of its expansion, Jauwena added.

It has 10 737-800s on order, dating from a Letter of Intent (LOI) signed in October 2010, and expects to receive five of them in May 2012.

(SJA) also ordered 20 Embraer EMB-190s at the Paris Air Show in June 2011 with these scheduled for delivery after 2013.

At home, (SJA) plans to launch services to six destinations including Jayapura, Timika, and Biak, while increasing the frequency on existing popular routes.

Jauwena said (SJA) is optimistic about its growth this year and aims to carry at least 10 million passengers, up from 8.5 million last year. "We will spend 90% of the time serving domestic routes first, where we know there is demand. We believe taking on the big boys on international routes will be tough, so the aim is to strengthen our position as a domestic player and then use this to support our international expansion," Jauwena said.

The move is in line with (SJA)'s plans to become a full-service carrier within the next three years.

Starting this year, it will reconfigure its cabins to include 8C business-class seats. All the 737-800s it receives will be similarly configured.

(SJA) is also working with airports across the country to set up lounges for its passengers.

The aim is to capture the premium market where there is strong demand from business travellers and government officials. "Garuda (GIA) is the only one serving the market now. We believe there is a huge potential to capture this market," said Jauwena, adding that (SJA) will price its tickets lower than (GIA)'s, but higher than those of low-cost carriers (LCC)s.

"Indonesia still has huge potential in air travel. So many areas are not being served yet, and the yield is very high," said Jauwena.

May 2012: Sriwijaya Air (SJA) has also taken delivery of a first ex-United Airlines (UAL) 737-522 (27323) that will shortly be registered in Indonesia as (PK-CLC).

June 2012: ACCDT: On June 1st, Sriwijaya Air (SJA) 737-4YO (CFM56-3C1) (1883-24689, /90 PK-CJV) was substantially damaged in an accident involving a runway excursion accident when landing at Pontianak-Supadio Airport (PNK). There were no fatalities of the 163 on board.

(GECAS) (GEF) will lease 12 737-500s ex-United Airlines (UAL) to Sriwijaya Air (SJA). The 737-500 is in service with (SJA); the rest are scheduled for delivery through January 2013.

October 2012: INCDT: On October 13, a Sriwijaya Air (SJA) 737 landed at the wrong destination. The 737 captain and first officer of the 737 have been grounded while the National Transportation Safety Committee investigates the incident.


737-524, (27330, N16617), and 737-81Q (29050, PK-CLQ), (CGP) leased.

February 2013: Jakarta based Batavia Air (BTV) has gone bankrupt. Home base, Jakarta Airport, was Batavia Air (BTV)'s busiest and (BTV) had a share of roughly 7% in terms of weekly seats and frequency placing as Jakarta's #4. (BTV) offered 25 destinations from the Indonesian capital. Two of those (daily flights each to Kupang (KOE) and Ternate (TTE)) did not face any competition, indicating the harsh reality of operating in the dense Indonesian area. SEE ATTACHED - - "SJA-2013-01 JAKARTA SEAT CAPACITY."

March 2013: Sriwijaya Air ((IATA) Code: SJ, based at Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International airport (CGK)) (SJA) is planning to use the twenty EMB-190s it had ordered in 2011 for its new full service carrier, Nam Air (also based at Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International airport (CGK)) that it plans to launch in the second half of 2013. Sriwijaya itself plans to add ten additional second hand 737-800s to its fleet during this year to expand its presence in Indonesia's East.

May 2013: Sriwijaya Air (SJA) increased its offering from Denpasar (DPS) on May 10th, when it launched daily flights on the 1,100 km route to Dili (DIL) in East Timor. Batavia Air (BTV) operated the service prior to its own demise, but Sriwijaya Air (SJA) faces competition from Merpati Nusantara Airlines (PNM), which operates also daily flights.

November 2013: Nam Air (Jakarta) (NAM) is a new subsidiary airline created by Sriwijaya Air (SJA). (NAM) is planning to operate four former Continental Airlines (CAL) 120-seat Boeing 737-500s. The first 737-500 (27535, PK-CMD), was delivered on September 9, 2013. A second 737-500 (PK-NAM) has been painted.

The airline is planning to operate from Jakarta, Denpasar and Surabaya. Nam Air (NAM) will fly the following routes according to local media reports: Jakarta - Sorong, Jakarta - Kupang, Jakarta - Pangkalpinang, Jakarta - Pontianak, Surabaya - Luwuk, Surabaya - Pangkalan Bun, Surabaya - Biak, Surabaya - Denpasar, Denpasar - Waingapu, and Denpasar - Maumere, and Denpasar - Kupang.

According to the "Jakarta Post," (NAM) is planning to launch operations this month. The first route will be the Jakarta - Pangkal Pinang route.

June 2015: Sriwijaya Air (SJA) placed an order for two Next-Generation 737-900ER airplanes at the Paris Air Show.

The order marks the first all-new airplane purchase for (SJA) and included a letter of intent (LOI) to exercise options for up to 20 additional 737s. Sriwijaya Air (SJA) selected (CFM56-7B) engines to power the two 737-900ERs, in an order valued at $44 million at current list prices.

(SJA) President, Chandra Lie said, “Since our beginning, the 737 has been the backbone of our fleet and with its reliability, efficiency and lower maintenance and operating costs, there was no better choice for us than the 737 as we continue to grow.”

(SJA) operates an all-Boeing fleet of 737 airplanes and offers flights to various Indonesian destinations, as well as a few international cities.

Boeing Commercial Airplanes Senior VP Global Sales & Marketing, John Wojick said, “These new 737s will help (SJA) continue to expand its network while carrying more passengers in greater comfort and with superior economics. We look forward to finalizing the additional 737s with this great airline in the future.”

August 2015: Boeing (TBC) has delivered two new Next Generation (NG) 737-900ER Extended Range aircraft to Sriwijaya Air (SJA). This is the first all-new airplane delivery for (SJA), Indonesia's third largest carrier (after flag carrier, Garuda (GIA) and Lion Air (MLI).

(SJA) placed a firm order for two 737-900s in June 2015, with an option to buy or lease up to +25 more. Sriwijaya (SJA)'s outstanding options are for five 737-800s and 20 737 Max 8s to replace its existing aging fleet of 737-300s, 737-400s and 737-500s.

(SJA) operates an all-Boeing fleet of 737 airplanes and offers flights to various Indonesian destinations, as well as a few international cities. (SJA) operates from its home base of Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Jakarta, to some 40, mainly secondary, destinations across Indonesia, Malaysia, Timor Leste, Hong Kong, and West Papua.

The new 737-900ERs (41712, PK-CMO "Keberkahan;" 41843, PK-CMP "Keinginan") include Boeing's Sky Interior with modern sculpted sidewalls and window reveals, larger pivoting overhead stowage bins, and Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting.

(SJA) currently operates 37 airplanes, to 3 countries, to 38 destinations, on 63 routes and 184 daily flights.

December 2015: Sriwijaya Air (SJA)'s subsidiary, NamAir began 7x-weekly, Surabaya - Bandung and Jakarta - Sorong, Boeing 737-500 services.

2 737-85Ps (28381, PK-CMJ "Kesayangan;" 28384, PK-CMK "Persembahan") and 737-809 (30636, PK-CML ), ex-(N306AR), AerCap (DEA) leased.

March 2016: Sriwijaya Air (SJA) has taken delivery of a Boeing 737-800 from lessor (AWAS) (AWW) as part of its ongoing expansion plans.

(SJA), the third largest carrier in Indonesia behind Lion Air (MLI) and flag-carrier Garuda Indonesia (GIA), took the first of a 22-airplane, $2.2 billion option from Boeing (TBC) in August last year when two 737-900ERs were handed over.

(SJA) said the new airplane would be used to extend its charter and scheduled services across Indonesia, Malaysia, China, and the Philippines from its hub at Soekarno Hatta International Airport, Jakarta.

(SJA) (CEO), Chandra Lie said the 737s are part of a modernization plan designed to see (SJA)'s all-Boeing (TBC) fleet grow to match the expanding needs of the region, which targeted +8% growth at the end of 2015.

(SJI) lists a monthly passenger count of more than >800,000 passengers per month, flying out of Soekarno Hatta to 43 domestic and international destinations across the region. It flies a 40-strong fleet of Boeing airplanes, all 737 variants.

October 2016: 1 737-800 (35226), ex-China Eastern (CEA), (GECAS) (GEF) leased.

June 2017: 1 737-86N (35641, PK-CRE "Rajawali"), ex-(B-5432), (ICBC) Leasing leased.

Note: SRIWIJAYA AIR (SJA) is listed on the latest (EU) blacklist released 03.04.2012 of airlines whose operations are subject to a ban within the (EU)*. *Airlines listed in Annex A could be permitted to exercise traffic rights by using wet-leased airplanes of an air carrier which is not subject to an operating ban, provided that the relevant safety standards are complied with.


Click below for photos:
SJA-737-900ER - 2015-06.jpg
SJA-737-900ER - 2015-08.jpg
SJA-EMB-190-100 - 2013-04

October 2016:

0 737-2B7 (JT8D-15 HK) (927-22880, /82 PK-CJJ "TJILIK RIWUT;" 935-22883, /82 PK-CJH "RAJAWALI;" 956-22884, /83 PC-CJM "SHARON" - - SEE PHOTO - - "SJA-737-2B7-2009-12"), JETRAN (CII) LSD 2003-12. ALL RTND. 126Y.

0 737-2B7 (JT8D-15A HK) (1044-23132, /84 PK-CJP "LENGGANG;" 1050-23134, /84 PK-CJN "SHERLY;" 1054-23135, /84 PK-CJI "MEMBALONG"), AERO NORTH INTL LSD. ALL RTND. 126Y.


0 737-2T4 (JT8D-17A) (1165-23446, /85 PK-CJE), (DEA) LSD 2004-09. RTND. 126Y.

0 737-204 (JT8D-15 HK) (621-22057, /80 PK-CJD "EMILIO"), AERO NORTH INTL LSD 2005-08. RTND. 126Y.

0 737-236 (JT8D-15A) (742-22032, /81 PK-CJK "SHEILA"), 2005-12. RTRD. 126Y.

0 737-284 (JT8D-9A) (464-21225, /76 PK-CJR "PERKASA;" 695-22343, /80 PK-CJF "MEGAH"), (NOK) LSD 2004-12. ALL RTND. 126Y.

0 737-284 (JT8D-9A) (474-21301, /76 PK-CJL "BUKIT KEJORA;" 674-22300, /80 PK-CJO "LOMASASTA"), AERO NORTH INTNL LSD 2005-06. ALL RTND. 126Y.

0 737-284 (JT8D-9) (683-22301, /80 PK-CJA), EX-BOURAQ (PTB). RTND. 126Y.

3 737-3L9 (CFM56-3C1) (2587-27336, /94 PK-CKK; 2594-27337, /94 PK-CKJ; 2763-27925 /95 PK-CJS "INDAH"), CSDS AVIATION LSD 2006-07. 154Y.

1 737-3Q8 (CFM56-3C1) (1846-24698, /90 PK-CJY "BETUNG"), EX-(PK-GHS).
WAHA LSD 2009-05. 154Y.

1 737-3Q8 (CFM56-3B2) (2268-24987, /92 PK-CKE "JEDIDA"), (SIL) LSD 2009-11. 154Y.

1 737-3Q8 (CFM56-3C) (2541-26293, /93 PK-CKL), (ILF) LSD 2011-08, EX-(N318FL). 154Y.

2 737-3YO (CFM56-3C1) (2013-24907, /91 PK-CKF "HAWILA" 2010-06; 2248-25187, /92 PK-CKI "KEBAIKAN" 2010-08), 154Y.

1 737-3YO (CFM56-3C1) (2205-25179, /91 PK-CKH "KESETIAAN"), (GEF) LSD 2010-03. 154Y.

2 737-33A (CFM56-3B1) (1556-24025, /88 PK-CJC "CANTIK;" 1984-24791, /90 PK-CJT "ELANG"), (AWW) LSD 2008-07. 154Y

1 737-36N (CFM56-3C1) (2882-28559, /97 PK-CKP), (GEF) LSD 2012-01, EX-(B-2601). 154Y.

1 737-4Q8 (CFM56-3B2) (1627-24234, /88 PK-CJU), (AWW) LSD 2008-08. 168Y.

3 737-4Q8 (CFM56-3C1) (2237-25169, /92 PK-CKA "KASIH;" 2388026281, /92 PK-CKN; 2416-26285, /92 PK-CKC "AGUNG"), (SIL) LSD 2009-05, EX-(N483JC & N587BC). 168Y.

1 737-4YO (CFM56-3C1) (1883-24689, /90 PK-CJV "LEONE4;" SUBSTANTIAL DAMAGE IN ACCDT, SEE REPORT 2012-06; 1885-24690, /90 PK-CJW "ANUGRAH"), (APLG) LSD 2008-12. 168Y.

1 737-4YO (CFM56-3C1) (2201-25180, /91 PK-CKD "BERSHEBAH" (FOR SALE OR LEASE (anca@vallair.aero) 2016-10) ), (GEF) LSD 2009-07, EX-(N251MD). 168Y.

1 +11 ORDERS 737-500 (CFM56-3), (GEF) LSD.

1 737-524 (CFM56-3B1) (2616-27323, /94 PK-CLC), EX-(UAL) (GEF) LSD 2012-05. 8F

2 737-524 (CFM56-3B1) (2648-27330, N16617, 2012-10; 2660-27333, /94 PK-CLD, 2012-07), (GEF) LSD. 8F, 106Y.

1 737-524 (CFM56-3B1) (2669-27526, /94 PK-CLU "KEMENANGAN"), (GEF) LSD 2013-02. 8F, 40PY, 60Y.

71 737-524 (CFM56-3B1) (2576-27317, /94 PK-CLK; 2633-27326, /94 PK-CLE; 2634-27327, /94 PK-CLF; 2659-27332, /94 PK-CLI; 2660-27333, /94 PK-CLD; 2661-27334, /94 PK-CLL; 2672-27527, /94 PK-CLJ), 8F, 106Y.

5 ORDERS 737-800 (CFM56-7B):

1 737-800 (CFM56-7B) (35226), EX-(CEA), (GEF) LSD 2016-10. 187Y.

1 737-809 (CFM56-7B) (30636, PK-CML "GAHARU"), EX-(N306AR), AERCAP (DEA) LSD 2015-12. 187Y.

1 737-81Q (CFM56-7B24) (444-29050, /99 PK-CLQ), (CGP) LSD 2012-10. WITH WINGLETS. 187Y.

2 737-8K5 (CFM56-7B26) (248-27991, /99 PK-CLT, 2013-03; 470-27985, /00 PK-CLS, 2012-12), 189Y.

1 737-81Q (CFM56-7B24) (233-28591,/99 PK-CLA), 2012-04. 189Y.

2 737-85P (CFM56-7B) (28381, PK-CMJ "KESAYANGAN;" 28384, PK-CMK "PERSEMBAHAN"), 2015-12. 189Y.

1 737-86N (CFM56-7B) (35641, PK-CRE, "RAJAWALI"), EX-(B-5432), (ICBC) Leasin leased 2017-06. 189Y.

2 +25 ORDERS 737-900ER (CFM56-7B) (41712, /15 PK-CMO "KEBERKAHAN;" 41843, /15 PK-CMP "KEINGINAN"), 2015-08.

20 ORDERS 737 MAX 8:












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