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7JetSet7 Code: SKS
Status: Operational
Country: USA
Employees 450
Web: skybus.com
Email: info@skybus.com
Telephone: +1 (614) 246-8800
Fax: +1 (614) 246-8804

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Formed in 2006 and to start operations in 2007. Low-fare, scheduled & charter, domestic & regional, passenger & cargo, jet airplane services.

4181 Arlingate Plaza
Columbus, Ohio, USA

September 2006: Skybus Airlines (SKS), a new low cost airline to be based at Columbus Ohio, announced it hopes to start operations in March 2007 and is looking at 25 cities in the USA. The airline has been looking at the A319s and wants to start with 2 airplanes, increasing later to around 15 to 20.

Governor Bob Taft announced that Skybus Airlines (SKS) has chosen to expand its operations at Port Columbus International Airport, enabling the airline to offer flights to major markets from Port Columbus in the spring of 2007. The project is expected to create +886 new jobs.

“This investment will have a far-reaching, positive economic impact on the central Ohio region and the state as a whole,” said Taft. “We have worked hard to create a climate where emerging companies can grow and prosper. Skybus (SKS)’s commitment to Ohio, validates our efforts, and I am confident that the company’s decision to expand its Port Columbus operation will generate business investment and job creation.”

Columbus-based Skybus Airlines (SKS) markets itself as the next generation of low-fare airlines and has committed to establish a new corporate headquarters, airplane hangar and flight operations facility at Port Columbus. In addition to the creation of +886 jobs, the project is expected to generate at least +7,800 additional non-airline jobs and $3 million in new payroll taxes, having an annual economic impact of at least $1 billion.

“The positive economic impact of Skybus (SKS)’s entry into the central Ohio aviation market is cause for excitement,” said Lt Governor Bruce Johnson, who also serves as state development director. “Airlines are huge job generators, that encourage additional business growth in the communities, where they make their investments. The establishment of Skybus (SKS)’s headquarters and the addition of non-stop direct flights from Port Columbus to cities across the country makes this project the best economic development project in central Ohio in a decade.”

The State, through the Ohio Department of Development (ODOD), has teamed with the City of Columbus and the Columbus Regional Airport Authority to support the growth of Skybus Airlines (SKS) at Port Columbus International Airport. The (ODOD) is providing a $16 million incentive package to assist in the launch of the airline in Columbus, which includes a tax credit for job creation as well as grants for job training and infrastructure improvements.

In anticipation of the launch of Columbus-based Skybus Airlines (SKS), the City of Columbus and the Columbus Regional Airport Authority are prepared to set forth more than $41 million in financial assistance for the company, including performance-based incentives based on the expected creation of >1,000 jobs. Skybus (SKS), the next generation of low-fare airlines, plans to begin flying to major markets from Port Columbus International Airport in the spring (April) of 2007.

The support programs, which include a combination of tax credits, grants, performance incentives and loans, total >$14 million from the City of Columbus and up to $27 million from the Columbus Regional Airport Authority.

"We worked with local business leaders for nearly 4 years on a strategy that will create hundreds of jobs and open wide the doors to Columbus from points all around the nation," said Mayor Michael B. Coleman. “We believe that Skybus will broaden the reach of local industries, greatly add to our tourism business and strengthen our economy on several levels (that is why I am proposing this performance incentive package to make Skybus (SKS)’s private investment in Columbus a reality.)”

Mayor Coleman will propose the incentives to Columbus City Council for votes in October. Under the plan, as Skybus (SKS) creates jobs and invests in the community, it will be eligible for payroll and investment incentives:

“This incentive package is an investment in the future economic growth of Columbus,” said Columbus City Council President, Matt Habash. “The jobs and tax base created by Skybus (SKS) during its launch and ensuing years of growth will be significant contributors to the city’s finances.”

The Columbus Regional Airport Authority, which operates Port Columbus, has offered incentives to Skybus (SKS) through its Airline Incentive Program available to all existing and new entrant airlines. Under the Airport Authority’s program, Skybus (SKS) is eligible for several incentives over 3 years.

Additionally, the Airport Authority has identified up to $23 million in capacity enhancements, necessary to support the anticipated passenger growth generated by (SKS). These projects include additional restrooms, expanded security checkpoints and baggage claim enhancements, among others.

“In today’s competitive airline industry, communities and airports have to play a proactive role in helping airlines to succeed,” said Airport Authority Board Chair, Kathy Ransier. “The partnership with the City demonstrates our commitment to bringing additional air service options to Columbus and the region.”

“(SKS) is extremely grateful for the support we’ve received from the City of Columbus, the Airport Authority and entire community throughout the start-up process,” said (CEO), Bill Diffenderffer. “Mayor Coleman’s strong leadership from the inception of the business concept has been critical to our initial success. Without this substantial package of initiatives, (SKS), the next generation of low fare airlines, would not be able to ‘take-off’ in Columbus, Ohio. By working together, we will provide the low fares that Columbus and Ohio residents deserve. We look forward to sharing many exciting details about Columbus’ hometown airline over the next several months as we begin to introduce (SKS) and its low fares and nonstop service to travelers in Central Ohio and throughout the state.”

October 2006: Low-fare startup, Skybus Airlines (SKS) signed a firm order (10/08) for 65 A319s, a deal the manufacturer said is "among the largest single orders ever by a USA carrier." (SKS), based at Port Columbus (Ohio) International Airport, has yet to announce its schedule or destinations, but said it will operate the A319s in a single-class configuration, when it begins taking delivery in late 2008. It did not reveal the number of seats in the single class. No engine choice was announced. The airline intends to launch operations (April) with leased A319s.

"It has been a few years since an order of this meaning and magnitude has come from a low-cost startup airline, and we are professionally flattered that (SKS) has turned to the A319 as the core of its fleet," Airbus (COO) John Leahy said.

Parent organization/shareholders: Huntingdon Capital Investment (37.6%); Nationwide Mutual Capital (37.6%); Wolfe Enterprise (13%); Battelle Services (6%); Charles Clifton (2%); William Diffenderffer (2%); Kenneth Gile (1.5%); & John Weikle.

Main Base: Port Columbus International Airport.

November 2006: Skybus Airlines (SKS) selected Rockwell Collins avionics, including WXR-2100 MultiScan Weather Radar and the GLU-925 Multi-Mode receiver, and an eFlight information management solution for the 65 A319s it ordered last month.

December 2006: 1st A319-132 (2773, N521VA) leased from Virgin America (VUS) -see photo.

February 2007: Skybus Airlines (SKS), a proposed low-fare startup, ordered (CFM56-5B)s to power the 65 A319s it ordered last fall. The deal is worth $750 million at list prices, according to the Safran Group. Engines will be Tech Insertion models. Skybus (SKS) expects to take delivery of its first airplane in late 2008 and commence flying from Columbus, Ohio, the following spring.

A319-112 (2811, N522VA), Virgin America (VUS) leased.

April 2007: Skybus Airlines (SKS), which aims to start domestic low-fare A319 service out of Columbus this spring, announced the completion of a 2nd round of financing worth $72.2 million, bringing the amount raised by the company to $160 million. "The confidence shown in (SKS) by the business community in Columbus and major financial institutions in New York and Boston, is a terrific endorsement of our business model, which uniquely focuses on delivering great destinations at extremely affordable prices with brand new airplanes and nonstop flights," (CEO) Bill Diffenderffer said. "Several" of the principals of the institutional investors will sit on the (SKS) board. It has not announced a launch date or destinations. It ordered 65 A319s last fall.

Low-cost startup (SKS) unveiled its initial destinations, touted $10 fares and began accepting reservations on its website. (SKS) will begin flying May 22, launching daily A319 service from Columbus to Burbank, Portsmouth, Kansas City and Richmond. 1 week later, it will start operating daily to Greensboro, Fort Lauderdale and Bellingham. Flights to Oakland and a 2nd daily Burbank service will begin June 12.
Many of its initial flights are at non-peak times, with several evening or night departures. (SKS) promised additional destinations as it adds to its fleet, which will comprise leased A319s until it begins taking delivery of the 65 airplanes ordered last fall. (SKS) said it chose mostly less congested, secondary airports in order to avoid delays and reduce costs. "We pass the savings on to smart fliers like you," it said on its website, on which it advertised one-way fares starting at $10 excluding "taxes, fees and restrictions." Select fares rise in increments of $10 up to $50, which appeared to be the highest available yesterday. It will accept reservations only its website. I t does not have a call center. It also is selling advertising in and on its airplanes. "Our strategy is to 'decomplexify' airline operations in ways that keep costs down while making flying as simple and convenient as possible," (CEO) Bill Diffenderffer said. (SKS) will charge for all food and drinks on board and posted a notice on its website asking passengers not to bring their own. One carry-on bag no >19 x 16 x 9 inches and weighing no >22 lbs may be brought onboard in addition to one "personal item." The 1st 2 pieces of checked luggage weighing <50 lbs will cost $5 apiece per segment, with each additional bag costing $50. Bags >47 x 47 x 32 inches or weighing 50 to 75 lbs will cost an extra $25. Heavier bags and pets will not be accepted. (SKS) has partnered with Mercury Air Cargo for freight transport.

(SKS) unveiled an A319 displaying the logo and slogan for the Columbus-based, Nationwide insurance company, as part of its livery. (SKS) said it is "believed to be" the only USA airline currently selling ad space on airplane exteriors. It also is making interior advertising available and said Nationwide will be featured on tray tables, overhead bins and restroom doors. "Our goal is to provide outrageously low fares to our passengers," (SKS) (CEO) Bill Diffenderffer said. "One of the ways we are able to do this is by offering both traditional and nontraditional marketing opportunities, like advertising on our planes."

May 2007: Skybus Airlines (SKS) received (FAA) certification and plans to begin service on May 22. "(FAA) certification is the final hurdle and having cleared it, we are ready to begin serving passengers," President & (COO) Ken Gile said. (SKS) is based in Columbus and has an initial network of 7 cities, with Oakland to be added as an 8th destination on June 12.

(SKS) launched operations with a morning flight from its Columbus base to Burbank aboard an A319. It was slated to operate flights later in the day to Kansas City and Portsmouth, New Hampshire. (SKS) claims it will sell 10 $10 tickets (excluding taxes and fees) for each flight, but it also will charge at least $5 per checked bag.

Starts Columbus to Bellingham, to Burbank, to Fort Lauderdale, to Greensboro, to Kansas City, to Portsmouth, to Richmond. Starting June 12th, Columbus to Oakland.

(SKS), which launched its low-fare service from Columbus, is adding 3 new destinations on July 16: San Diego; St Augustine, Florida, which (SKS) is marketing as Jacksonville/Daytona Beach; and Chicopee, Massachusetts, which is near Springfield and a little >30 miles from Hartford.

A319-112 (1884, C-GTDT), Skyservice (SKB) wet-leased.

June 2007: A319-112 (3171, N553SX), delivery.

October 2007: Skybus Airlines (SKS) will add a 2nd daily Columbus (CMH) TO Greensboro flight from January 6 and will operate a 3rd daily (CMH) TO Punta Gorda/Fort Myers service January 6 TO March 31. Flights from (CMH) to Bellingham and 2 of 2 daily Burbank flights will be discontinued January 6 and the startup's San Diego service will end March 7. (CEO) Bill Diffenderffer said the adjustments were "based primarily on the sharp increase in the cost of jet fuel" and the need to "find ways to use our fleet more effectively to serve more passengers in more cities." From December 17, (SKS) will operate flights to St Augustine and Punta Gorda (PGD) from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, bypassing (CMH) for the 1st time. On December 15, it will launch service from (CMH) to Chattanooga, Milwaukee, Gulfport-Biloxi and (PGD), plus a 2nd daily St Augustine service starting 2 days later. (SKS) plans to launch its 1st international service in early October with flights from Columbus to Freeport and Nassau in the Bahamas. It also holds rights to serve Cancun from Columbus, but has not announced plans yet to serve that Mexican market.

JetBlue Airways (JBL) reported a +$23 million 3rd-quarter profit that, while representing a turnaround from a -$500,000 loss in the year-ago period, did not sway the carrier from its continuing commitment to streamlining its operation. In conjunction with the result, the Low Cost Carrier (LCC) announced that it plans to cease operations at Columbus (home of low-fare startup Skybus Airlines (SKS)).

November 2007: Skybus Airlines (SKS) will launch 2x-daily flights to New York Stewart from Columbus (starting January 6) and Greensboro (February 25), aboard A319s.

(SKS) finalized an agreement with (BOC) Aviation (SIL) providing pre- and post-delivery financing for 13 new A319s worth >$750 million at list prices. The airplanes will be delivered in 2009 to 2010. The parties reached a similar deal last spring covering 4 airplanes. (SKS) currently operates 7 A319s, and will take delivery of 67 over the next 5 years.

A319-112 (1853, N571SX), Pegasus (PSS) leased. A319-112 (1963, N572SX), (GEF) leased. A319-112 (3309, N554SX), delivery.

December 2007: Skybus Airlines (SKS) lost -$16 million in the 3rd quarter, according to statistics the startup Low Cost Carrier (LCC) provided to the USA Dept of Transportation and cited by several press reports. Revenue was $22 million, as the carrier achieved a 79% LF load factor. Yield was just 5.08 cents. The Ohio-based airline told media that the results were "in line" with expectations.

(SKS) is currently recruiting Second in Command (SIC)s Flight Crew (FC). Applicants can apply online. (SKS) will open a new (GSO) base in January.

(CFM) International announced that (SKS) will be the 1St USA carrier to operate the (CFM56-5B) Tech Insertion engines, which are onboard an A319 that was delivered to the budget airline. The "Tech Insertion" program was certified for A320 family airplanes in September.

A319-112 (3331, N501SX), delivery and A319-114 (639, N573SX), (GEF) leased.

January 2008: Skybus Airlines (SKS) announced the following schedule enhancements: New service from Columbus (CMH) to Wilmington, Delaware, on March 7 and to Niagara Falls on April 1; new service from Greensboro to Gary and Philadelphia starting March 13; 2nd daily flights from (CMH) to Richmond and Springfield, Massachusetts, from March 7 and to Milwaukee on April 1; 2nd daily Greensboro to Fort Lauderdale flight from March 13. When new services take effect, it will serve 18 destinations.

(SKS) launched flights from Portsmouth, New Hampshire to Punta Gorda/Fort Myers and St Augustine. (SKS) launched a 2nd daily, Columbus toO Greensboro service and flights from Greensboro to Portsmouth (2x-daily), St Augustine (daily), Fort Myers/Punta Gorda (2x-daily), Gulfport to Biloxi and Westover, Massachusetts Greensboro to Burbank flights begin February 25.

A319-114 (649, N574SX) bought from Air Canada (ACN).

February 2008: Skybus Airlines (SKS) will discontinue Columbus to Oakland service on May 31, at which time, it will operate flights on 27 city-pairs.

(SKS) raised its checked bag fees on February 19 from $5 for each of the 1st 2 bags to $10 if pre-checked online or $12 at the airport. In addition, the cost for priority seating will rise to $12.50 from $10. "It's a way to help offset the rising cost of fuel without raising fares. It's an increase on things that are optional," a (SKS) spokesperson told "The Columbus Dispatch."

A319-112 (3388, N504SX), delivery.

March 2008: Skybus Airlines (SKS) (CEO), Bill Diffenderffer has resigned, the startup Low Cost Carrier (LCC) announced, and will be replaced by (CFO) Mike Hodge. The news comes several days after the carrier announced some cuts in service from its Columbus and Greensboro hubs in favor of more point-to-point flying. In a statement cited by "The Columbus Dispatch," Skybus (SKS) Chairman, C Robert Kidder said Diffenderffer "feels that now is the time for others in the organization to take the lead in moving Skybus (SKS) forward" and that he credited the former (CEO) for "the creating of (SKS)'s unique business model, raising the capital that funded the startup and the planning leading to (SKS)'s 1st flights in May 2007 and its 1st year of operation."

Mike Hodge joined (SKS) in March 2007 from Tiger Management, a hedge fund that provided some startup funding to Skybus (SKS). Diffenderffer, who did not comment, signed on in 2005 and will return to writing books, the "Dispatch" reported.

The previously announced reductions at Columbus (CMH) and Greensboro represent an attempt to "deal with the unprecedented increase in the cost of fuel [by] improving customer service and meeting demand on its most profitable routes," (SKS) said. It has canceled a (CMH) to Niagara Falls service, and a 2nd daily, (CMH) to Milwaukee flight scheduled to begin April 1. On April 15, it will discontinue service from (CMH) to Chattanooga, and halve twice-daily service to New York Stewart and Chicopee, Massachusetts. From Greensboro, it will discontinue flights to Gulfport/Biloxi and reduce service to Gary, Wilmington, Delaware, Punta Gorda, and Stewart. "We could sit back and hope things get better or we could take aggressive action to deal with this industrywide problem," Diffenderffer said, adding that the aggressive long-term growth plan will not change. Skybus (SKS) will compensate for the cuts with more point-to-point flying. On June 1, it will launch Chicopee to St Augustine, Chicopee to Punta Gorda, Richmond to St Augustine, and Stewart to Portsmouth. It also announced an increase in its reservation change fee to $60 from $40.

A319-112 (3385, N502SX), delivery. A319-114 (639), sold to Bank of Utah, leased to Aigle Azur (AZU).

April 2008: Low-cost carrier (LCC) Skybus Airlines (SKS) is shutting down and plans to file for bankruptcy protection, becoming the latest of the nation's airlines to fall because of rising fuel costs and a slowing economy. The announcement came less than a year after Skybus (SKS) started up at Port Columbus International Airport, offering several $10 flights. The airline's situation worsened in recent weeks, said Skybus (SKS) spokesman Bob Tenenbaum. Fuel prices and the worsening economy combined to be insurmountable for a new carrier, said (CEO) Michael Hodge. "We deeply regret this decision, and the impact this will have on our employees and their families, our customers, our vendors and other partners, and the communities in which we have been operating," Hodge said in a statement.

The airline makes 74 daily flights to 15 USA cities, Tenenbaum said. It has about 350 employees in Columbus and 100 at a second hub at Piedmont-Triad International airport in Greensboro, North Carolina.
The final flight, taking off from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, touched down in Columbus just before 1 am, Tenenbaum said. He did not know how many passengers would be affected, but said the company has flights scheduled through September 2. They are eligible for a full refund. The airline said that all flights were to be completed and that it plans to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

(SKS) is pulling the plug less than 2 weeks after (CEO) Bill Diffenderffer resigned to pursue a book-writing career. He was succeeded by Hodge, the company's Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for the past year. (SKS) has endured some bumps since it began flying May 22, 2007. Over two days during Christmas week, the airline canceled as many as a quarter of its flights, because of problems with 2 of its planes. Recently, it has been dropping flights and destinations because of high fuel costs.

Skybus (SKS) offered at least 10 seats for $10 on every flight. The airline advertised an a la carte, pay-per-service flying experience. Checking a bag cost $12 at the ticket counter, for instance, while boarding with the 1st group of passengers cost $15. "Most airlines tell you you're not paying for baggage, but the fact is, you are paying for it," Tenenbaum said. "It's built into the cost."

Privately held (SKS) did not release details of its financial performance but lost -$16 million during its 1st full quarter of operations, according to Dept of Transportation filings.

The announcement adds to a string of bad news for airlines, which have been hurt by a slowing economy, high fuel prices and maintenance concerns. (ATA) (AAT) and Aloha Airlines (ALO) both just stopped flying after filing for bankruptcy protection. American (AAL), Southwest (SWA), and Delta airlines (DAL) have all had to cancel flights recently to address safety concerns about some of their airplanes.


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March 2019:

12 ORDERS A319-100:

2 +1 ORDER A319-100 (CFM56-5B) (3171, N553SX), 2007-06; 3309, N554SX, 2007-11).

0 A319-112 (CFM56-5B) (1853, N571SX), (PSS) LEASED 2007-11. RETURNED (ACN), LEASED TO (SDM) 2008-08.

1 A319-112 (CFM56-5B) (1884, C-GTDT), (SKB) WET-LEASED 2007-05.

1 A319-112 (CFM56-5B) (1963, N572SX), (GEF) LEASED 2007-11.

3 A319-112 (CFM56-5B) (3331, N501SX, 2007-12; 3385, N502SX, 2008-03; 3388, N504SX, 2008-02).

0 A319-114 (639, N573SX), BF (ACN), (GEF) LEASED 2007-12. RETURNED, LEASED TO (AZU) 2008-03.

1 A319-114 (649, N574SX), BOUGHT FROM (ACN) 2008-01.

2 A319-132 (CFM56-5B) (2773, N521VA - SEE PHOTO, 2006-12; 2811, N522VA, 2007-02), (VUS) LEASED.

63 ORDERS A319 (CFM56-5B):


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September 2007: Skybus (SKS), a 4-month-old USA startup, is building up a national route system, by looking for airports that are in effect alternatives to the established alternatives. Take for instance its East Coast destinations: Skybus (SKS) serves Richmond, about 100 miles south of Washington, rather than Baltimore/ Washington International, that has been the low-fare alternative to the two main Washington airports. In New England, rather than choosing an established alternative to Boston Logan, such as Manchester, as Southwest (SWA) did a decade ago, Skybus (SKS) instead chose Pease airport in Portsmouth, >50 miles from Logan.

Skybus (SKS) (CEO) & co-founder, Bill Diffenderffer (see photo) explains: “We’re creating new markets. We believe our fares are so low, that we are attracting people, who have very often never flown before, and who are willing to drive to a new and unfamiliar airport.” The airline’s selling point and appeal to the public, is that fares start at $10 each way, and it reserves at least 10 seats on each flight for tickets at that price, while its other fares do resemble traditional airline pricing structures, with very few are higher than $100 each way.

He says that fares run about -65% below legacy fares, and are also competitive with fares on Southwest (SWA) (which also serves Skybus (SKS)’s home base at Columbus, Ohio, and some of its other markets). Skybus (SKS)’s strategy is to “get people who didn’t want to fly, to fly. We keep telling the big airlines like (SWA) or AirTran (CQT), that we’re not trying to steal their passengers, that the people we want, are new customers and new business”.

All (SKS) fares are one-way, and the airline does not offer connecting fares. In fact, he says, he does not assume significant numbers of connecting passengers, even though some Skybus (SKS) customers will make a transcontinental trip by changing in Columbus for a flight between, say, San Diego and Fort Lauderdale. The airline charges for food, for checked bags, and for as many ancillary services as it can, a strategy that is an admitted replication of the Allegiant (WJE) Travel approach. “We think very highly of them” Diffenderffer says of Las Vegas-based, Allegiant (WJE). Diffenderffer says that the Skybus (SKS) airport strategy is based on a very broad concept of catchment areas by assuming that people will drive considerable distances to get to an airport with its low-fare service.

Its home base is the political and geographical center of Ohio. Columbus, says Diffenderffer, is within 100 miles of 6.7 million people, which is analogous in size to the Atlanta area. He says that the lure of very low fares, draws people from the southern part of the state, people who live near Cincinnati airport (which is in fact in northern Kentucky) or who are willing to make the drive from the state’s medium-sized cities, such as Dayton or even Cleveland. “Even with rising automobile fuel prices, when people calculate the savings for a family trip, they think we’re worth the drive,” he says. Some Skybus’ airport choices reflect this concept. On the West Coast, its most ambitious choice is the Bellingham airport, which lies between the major Seattle/Tacoma International Airport and the Canadian border. Of the 4 new markets, Skybus (SKS) announced in late September for a December startup, two are designed to draw passengers from major cities as far as 100 miles away. For instance, its choice of Chattanooga, a city on the Tennessee/Georgia border, gives the airline access to a population area, that includes Atlanta’s northern suburbs. An hour’s drive of the Atlanta metropolitan area, Chattanooga airport will be able to draw passengers who would otherwise drive at least an hour to reach Atlanta Hartsfield/Jackson airport on the south side of the city. Similarly, its planned service for Gulfport/Biloxi airport in southern Mississippi, should draw passengers from New Orleans, about 70 miles away.

Unlike some of the other Skybus (SKS) airports, Chattanooga and Gulfport have scheduled services, while another December startup, Punta Gorda airport in Florida, does not. This general aviation facility, officially the Charlotte Country Airport, is in southwest Florida, about 40 miles south of Sarasota, and is completing a 16,000-square-foot terminal that helped lure Skybus (SKS). The airport will be the 3rd general aviation airport that (SKS) will serve, after the Westover airport near Springfield, Massachusetts, about 30 miles from Bradley International airport near Hartford and St Augustine airport in northwest Florida, about 40 miles from Jacksonville. The other new airport that (SKS) announced on September 18 is Milwaukee, and (SKS) is counting on drawing travelers from the Chicago metropolitan area to its south as well as from Wisconsin cities.



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