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7JetSet7 Code: SOV
Status: Operational
Region: CIS
Country: RUSSIA
Employees 127
Web: saravia.ru
Email: saravia@saravia.ru
Telephone: +7 8452 696 243
Fax: +7 8452 997 715

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SOV-LOGO - 2013-07

Formed and started operations in 1931. The airline was formed from the Aeroflot (ARO) Saratov division. Domestic, regional, and international, scheduled & charter, passenger & cargo jet airplane services.

25 Zshukovskogo Street
Saratov, 410010, Russia

July 2013: Saravia (Saratov Airlines Joint Stock Company) (SOV) is an airline based in Saratov, Russia. (SOV) operates charter and scheduled domestic passenger flights plus international charters from Saratov to destinations in Europe, and the (CIS).

(IATA) Code: 6W. (ICAO) Code: SOV - (Callsign - SARATOV AIR).

Parent organization/shareholders: Government owned.

Main Base: Saratov Tsentralny Airport (RTW).

Domestic destinations: Moscow (Domodedovo Airport); and Surgut.

International destinations: Armenia, Yerevan.

August 2013: Saratov-based Saravia Airlines (SOV) has leased 2 Embraer E195s, becoming the 1st Embraer E-Jet operator in Russia. The E195s, which will be leased from (GE) Capital Aviation Services (GECAS), will be leased for 7 years.

December 2013: Saratov Airlines (Saravia) (SOV) has taken delivery of its 1st of 2 leased Embraer E195s from (GE) Capital Aviation Services (GEF), becoming the 1st E-Jet operator in Russia. The airplane will seat 114 passengers in two classes.

Saratov Airlines (Saravia) (SOV) (CEO), Konstantin Sokolov was quoted by local "FreeNews-Volga" news agency as saying the airplane will start commercial flights within weeks. Saratov - Moscow will be its first route and later it will launch service to Dubai and Prague from Saratov.

Embraer (EMB) received Russiaís Interstate Aviation Committee type certificates for its 112- to 124-seat E190 and E195 jets to operate in Russia and the (CIS) in December 2012.

Several (CIS) carriers have been operating E-Jets, including Kazakhstan-based Air Astana (AKZ), Ukrainian International Airlines (UKR), Azerbaijan-based (AZAL) (AHY) and Belarus-based Belavia (BLV).

Saratov Airlines (SOV) joins a growing list of operators based in Eastern Europe and Central Asia that are adding E-jets to their regional operations, including: Air Astana (AKZ), Air Lituanica LUA), Air Moldova (MOL), Azerbaijan Airlines (AHY), Belavia (BLV), Bulgaria Air (LZB), Estonian Air (ENA), (LOT) Polish, Montenegro Airlines (MNO), and Ukraine International Airlines (UKR).

September 2014: Russiaís Federal Air Transport Agency, Rosaviatsia, has distributed the allocations of foreign pilots (FC) that Russian airlines can hire following the passage of air code amendments by the State Duma in April, allowing carriers to hire non-Russian pilots (FC).

In the next 12 months, Aeroflot (ARO) will be able to contract 80 pilots; Transaero (TRX), 67; AirBridgeCargo (ABC), 16; UTair (TYU), 10; Metrojet and VIM-Avia Airlines (MOV), 7 each; Yakutia Airlines (SYL), 5; Saratov Airlines (SOV), 3; Avia Management Group, which operates Dexter Air Taxi, 1.

Russiaís aviation authorities, which is hoping to solve its pilot (FC) deficit problems, now allows 200 foreign captains and instructors to work for local airlines over the next 5 years. Airlines can contract captains with at least 3,000 flight hours and no fewer than 500 hours on the airplane type.

Before 2014, local airlines were only allowed to hire pilots (FC) who were Russian citizens.

October 2015: Saratov Airlines (SOV) will appeal the restrictions on its air operatorís certificate (AOC), prohibiting it from operating international flights due to a safety violation.

On October 13, the Federal Air Transport Agency, Rosaviatsia, announced it was restricting Saratov Airline (SOV)ís (AOC) after a safety inspection revealed an airline employee (who was not officially included in the flight assignment and was not a crew member) stayed in the cockpit during a Saratov - Antalya flight on July 19, 2015. The person was later determined to be a close relative of (SOV)ís General Director.

Rosaviatsia said (SOV) did not respond to the inspection results.

Saratov Airlines (SOV) issued a statement saying authorities did not file any particular claims or directions after the inspection. It also said it launched its own internal investigation and reprimanded several employees, including General Director, Igor Tretyakov. The (SOV) airline statement said it has already taken several actions among its employees to prevent future violations.

December 2016: An-148-100 (27015040005, RA-67105) seen at Saratov.

March 2017: An-148-100 (27015040001, RA-61701; 27015040004, RA-61704), Rossiya Airlines (SDM) leased,


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SOV-EMB-195 - 2013-12
SOV-EMB-195 - 2015-10.jpg

October 2017:

1 ANTONOV AN-148-100 (27015040005, RA-67105) SEEN 2016-12 IN SARATOV.

2 ANTONOV An-148-100 (27015040001, RA-61701; 27015040004, RA-61704), ROSSIYA AIRLINES (SDM) LEASED 2017-03.


2 EMBRAER E195, (GEF) 7 YEAR LSD 2013-08. TWO CLASS, 114 PAX.

1 YAK 42 (D-36) (4520421505058, /85 RA-42328),1994-12. 120Y.

8 YAK-42D (D-36) (4520421014494, /90 RA-42378; 4520422202030, /82 RA-42316; 4520423302017, /93 RA-42557; 4520423811427, /88 RA-42361; 4520424402154, /85 RA-42326; 4520421014494, /90 RA-42378; 4520424016542, /91 RA-42389; 4520424410016 /94 RA-42432), 120Y.

1 YAK-42D (D-36) (4520423811417, /88 RA-42359), 12C, 84Y.

1 YAK-42D (D-36) (4520422708295, /87 RA-42344), EXEC.


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