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7JetSet7 Code: STP
Status: Currently Not Operational
Region: AFRICA
Employees 17
Web: stpairways.st
Email: info@stpairways.st
Telephone: +239 221 160

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Formed and started operations in 2008. Domestic, regional & international, scheduled & charter, passenger & cargo, jet airplane services.

Av. Marginal 12 de Julho
CP 45
Sao Tome, Sao Tome and Principe

Sao Tome & Principe was established in 1975, covers an area of 964 sq km, and its capital is Sao Tome. Its official language is Portugese and its population is 200,000.

Come and visit Sao Tome & Principe. Welcome to paradise.

Everything appears familiar to us. We recognize everything. Everything has a meaning: the cities, the colors, the scent, the landscape, the never ending blue of the sea . . . everything. It is a fascinating experience, just like from other times. It is like something previously experienced, where the houses, the buildings and the streets remind us of enriching old stories, which these cities experienced in past times.

It is the wide variety of colors, the great open spaces, where the green opens simultaneously to all the other primary shades of color in a palette of never ending colors, and where the intensity of the changing blue of the sea is united to its own shades of color, the rainbow circles both verdant islands, and which stirs up our inner feelings – even those that we thought did not exist. It is in search of nature linked to a return to our roots which affects us all. It is the feeling of the deserted beaches, the magic of the forests, the gentleness of the people and of all the old memories of the cocoa and coffee plantations.

Landing on this island is like arriving at that paradise place which is spoken to us since we were very small and that we always imagine what it would be like. We feel great and like the Portuguese discoverers João de Santarém and Pedro Escobar who, when arriving here for the first time, were invaded by a sense of joy and happiness, alternating with anxiety and a feeling of discovery, where we feel like the main actors in a neo-realist film.

The secret of this island is to enter it slowly, gently, which is typical of these people and who define themselves as such. It is the discovery of a disarming simplicity, and of a calm and peaceful way of being which brings us peace and completely seduces us. It is merely that “energy” which we call mother-nature, which takes us back to those paradisical and tropical landscapes which leave us speechless and breathless. It is great living day after day, no rush in the day to day, experiencing everything with time and allowing time to pass by. Also because this time will be sufficient, it will never end. In these moments, perfection meets reality and transports us to a world which belongs only to us.

It is great living in São Tomé and Príncipe. It is great because it has a meaning. It is as if we have reached paradise.

Cocoa and Plantations:
Like the tenderness of the people, it is one of the places to visit in these islands. Like the gentleness of the people, the cocoa is great, it tastes great, and in some difficult times of our lives it has accompanied us, cherished us, and has given us support. It has been there for us in a chocolate bar.

Blue Sea:
It is great to lie down with the intensity of the changes in which the blue meets its own shades, a rainbow which circles both verdant islands.

People and fishing:
It is easy to build friendships in this archipelago. It is easy and great. The simplicity and the humbleness. And we accompany them in the fishing or in search of the great amount of fruit which exists in the dense jungles of these islands.

The Blue Lagoon:
Wilder than Cape Verde, nearer to Europe than the Caribbean, more developed than many other African nations and a close relationship with the Portuguese, this is a country waiting to be discovered. Why else is it considered the gateway to ... Paradise.

THE PESTANA SÃO TOMÉ is the only 5 star hotel in São Tomé e Príncipe. With panoramic views of the sea, it has all the comfort and sophistication that one looks for in a hotel. Extensive areas, conference rooms and a wide variety of leisure options, under the internationally recognized organization of Pestana Hotels & Resorts.

The beauty of this luxurious hotel is complemented by the luxurious condominium Pestana Vila Maria, located a few meters from the hotel, also a casino, a discotheque, outside swimming-pool, Health Club and Spa and excellent other facilities for those who are looking for an ideal place for a relaxed holiday or a business trip, in a modern and refined place.

In ochre colors, this building is not in the environment of a capital city stopped in time, but in reality it completely satisfies the designations of our own comfort. It is as if we were in paradise.

If I say that flowers at times smile and if I say that the rivers sing, it is not because that I judge that the flowers smile.
And songs in the flowing of the rivers ... The real existence of the rivers and flowers is because I write to them so that they read me. To its sense of stupidity, I do not agree with myself but I absolve myself because I am that serious thing, an interpreter of Nature, because there are men that do not understand its language as it is no language in itself.

Alberto Caeiro

The hotels are better than feeling at home. It is in fact as if we were in our own home.

Sports are apart from the color that invites us for a swim, and everything else is divine. Beaches are as if there were somewhere where God really rested, that place could only have been here …
The children dance. They let go what best there is in them, leaving the old spirits to take care of its gestures, of its steps and with hands held together in a sweet naivety, so typical of their young age, they dance in order to awaken energies and praise their ancestors.

Is there anything sweeter than a child´s smile?

The clouds are somber. But, in the south, some sky is sadly blue.
So, in our thought, with no solution, there is something that reminds us that a heart exists. And it is that piece. The truth that is the truth, that eternal beauty, apart from what exists.

Fernando Pessoa

A ray of a thousand colors where you can see all the ends of the universe, where everything has a beginning, from form to substance, life to death, from total happiness to tears of loss, everything has a meaning.

Tropical pleasure:
It is as if we were in paradise beside the beach. We are made to enjoy a number of sensations at the rhythm we wish to discover more, like effusive vegetation, interrupted by numerous flows of water and streams, as well as uneven relief/landscape of different altitude, these are all examples of magic which reigns here. This magic which, be it on land or sea, is felt with great intensity and which makes us become, ironically, slaves of the island.

Architecturally speaking, the fortress of São Sebastião, the cathedral of Santa Sé, located next to the Presidential Palace, the historical public records and many other buildings inspired by Barroque are culturally enriching places of visit.

S. S. Tomé Thomas
There is more, but it is up to us to discover such places, if not, this would not be the gateway to paradise.

August 2008: (STP) Airways commenced operations between Lisbon and Sao Tome with a 767-3YOER (25411, S9-DBW) leased from parent company EuroAtlantic Airways (MAE).

March 2010: (STP) Airways is the national airline providing a link between Sao Tome and Principe and Lisbon, as well as between Sao Tome and Principe islands.

It is currently on the "black" list of carriers banned from operating into the European Union (EU).

(IATA) Code: Z8 8F. (ICAO) Code: STP.

Parent organization/shareholders: EuroAtlantic Airways (MAE) (38%); and Banco do Ecuador (14%).

Main base: Sao Tome International airport (TMS).

Destinations: Lisbon; Luanda; and Sao Tome.

October 2012: STP Airways (STP) has now started using the single 737-8K2 (30646, CS-TQU) of its parent euroAtlantic Airways (MAE) on its weekly flight linking São Tome and Lisbon Portela de Sacavem (LIS). It had previously used EuroAtlantic (MAE) 767-300ERs on the route, where it competes with another weekly service by (TAP) Portugal.

NOTE: STP AIRWAYS (STP) is listed on the latest (EU) blacklist released 03.04.2012 of airlines whose operations are subject to a ban within the (EU)*. *Airlines listed in Annex A could be permitted to exercise traffic rights by using wet-leased airplanes of an air carrier which is not subject to an operating ban, provided that the relevant safety standards are complied with.


September 2013:

1 737-8K2 (CFM56-7B27) (1122-30646, /02 CS-TQU), (MAE) WET-LSD 2012-10. WITH WINGLETS. 186Y.

2 757-200 (MAE) WET-LSD.

1 767-3YOER (PW4060) (408-25411, /92 S9-DBW), (MAE) WET-LSD 2009-09. EX-(PP-VTC). 14C, 237Y.


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