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7JetSet7 Code: TAW
Status: Operational
Country: ARUBA
Employees 127
Web: tiara-air.com
Email: sales@tiara-air.com
Telephone: +297 58 84272
Fax: +297 588 5002

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Formed in 2006 and started operations in 2007. Regional & international, scheduled & charter, passenger & cargo jet airplane services, plus inclusive tour packages in conjunction with resorts in Aruba and Curacao.

Sabana Bianco, 70E, Suite 11
Schotlandstraad 68
Oranjestad, Aruba

Aruba: Island in the Caribbean. 193 Sq Km. Capital city: Oranjestad. Official language: Dutch. Population: 0.1 million.

* Visit Aruba:

With around one million visitors and cruise passengers per year, Aruba ranks as one of the most popular vacation spots in the Caribbean.

Aruba is part of the so-called ABC Dutch Caribbean islands, which also include Curacao and Bonaire. Since 1986, the island has a so-called status apartus, which means that Aruba has full autonomy in internal affairs, as opposed to the other five Dutch Caribbean islands which together constitute the Netherlands Antilles. Aruba’s beach- and night life are both centered along the island’s bustling south and west coast with their beautiful, long white beaches that stretch out over several miles. Not surprisingly, Aruba’s main source of income is tourism.

Capital: Oranjestad.

Other towns: Santa Cruz, San Nicolas and Savaneta.

Language(s): Papiamento, Dutch, English and Spanish are understood and spoken by most inhabitants.

Population: Approximately 100,000.

Political Status: Status apartus within the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Area: 193 km²/75 sq miles.

Currency: Aruban Guilder/Florin (AWG).

Climate: Dry tropical climate with a practically constant temperature of 28°C/82°F.

Selected Main Attractions: Arikok natural park, the Quadirikiri cave, the Natural pool and the Hooiberg.

Shopping: Shopping paradise with ample choice of stores in downtown Oranjestad, the hotels and resorts.

Electrical Current: 12-127V/50Hz.

* Visit Bonaire:

Bonaire is well-known for its friendly population, music, diving and windsurfing and its tranquil character. As one of the five island territories of the Netherlands Antilles, Bonaire belongs to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The island’s economy is dominated by tourism and salt production.

Its southern part is almost completely reserved for the salt production business. Bonaire boasts one of the world’s finest underwater nature reservations, which is why the island has been voted the top diving destination in the world by the "Scuba Diving Magazine." Bonaire also has the reputation of being one of the best windsurf places worldwide.

Capital: Kralendijk.

Other towns: The only recognized towns on the island are Kralendijk and Rincon.

Language(s): Papiamento, Dutch and English are understood and spoken by most habitants.

Population: Approximately 15,500.

Political Status: Bonaire is preparing for a new constitutional status as a special municipality of the Netherlands.

Area: 288 km²/111 sq miles.

Currency: Netherlands Antillean Guilder (ANG).

Climate: Gentle sunny climate with a constant cool breeze and a yearly average temperature of 27.8°C/82°F.

Selected Main Attractions: The Nature Reservation Washington Slagbaai National Park, uninhabited Klein Bonaire (little Bonaire), Gotomeer (salt lake and breeding place of flamingos), former slave huts, Sorobon and Lac Bay beach.

Shopping: Chiefly in the main shopping avenue Kaya Grandi (clothes, jewelry, souvenirs) and in the resorts.

Electrical Current: 12-127V/50Hz.

* Visit Curacao:

Curaçao is one of the three Dutch Caribbean leeward islands, located off Venezuela’s coast. Like any Caribbean destination, Curaçao offers an excellent combination of beach life, water sports and nightlife.

But what makes the island stand out in the region is its authenticity; throughout the ages European and African elements have blended into the island’s typical local culture and atmosphere, which Curaçao has managed to retain in a remarkable manner. Curaçao’s architecture is another asset that distinguishes it from surrounding Caribbean islands. The former Dutch golden age architecture has been mixed with local, tropical elements. The stately collection of some 90 former plantation houses, scattered over the island, is also worth exploring. Last but not least, Curaçao boasts the oldest Jewish synagogue on the Western hemisphere. For those interested in a combination of cosmopolitan life, a blend of Caribbean and European culture, beach life and water sports, Curaçao is the ultimate place to explore!

Capital: Willemstad.

Language(s): Papiamento, Dutch, English and Spanish.

Population: Approximately 141,766.

Political Status: Island territory within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, preparing for its new status as a separate country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Area: 444 km²/171 sq miles.

Currency: Netherlands Antilles Guilder (ANG) and US Dollars.

Climate: Semi-arid savanna-like climate with dry and wet season and an average temperature of 27°C/80°F.

Selected Main Attractions: Over 60 diving spots, the Mikve Israel-Emanuel Synagogue and Jewish Historical Museum, Slavery museum, the downtown area which is a (UNESCO) cultural heritage site.

Shopping: In the heart of Willemstad, and in several malls and promenades.

Electrical Current: 127V/50Hz and 220V/50Hz.

April 2014: Tiara Air (TAW) operates regional services linking Aruba with Bonaire, Curacao, and the Venezuelan city of Las Piedras. (TAW) also offers inclusive tour packages in conjunction with resorts in Aruba and Curacao.

(IATA) Code: 3P. (ICAO) Code: (TNM) - (Callsign - TIARA).

Parent organization/shareholders: Alejandro Muyale (100%).

Main Base: Aruba Queen Beatrix International Airport (AUA).

Destinations: Bonaire, Curacao, and Las Piedras.

Tiara Air (TAW) currently operates airplanes, and serves 2 countries, 2 destinations, 1 route and 8 daily flights.

May 2014: Tiara Air ((IATA) Code: 3P, based at Aruba) (TAW) is in talks with an unnamed Venezuelan investor airline Director and owner, Alejandro Muyale, has disclosed. Speaking at a news conference on the Caribbean island, Muyale also confirmed reports that he has submitted a request to the Aruban Labor court to lay off 58 employees or two-thirds of its entire workforce.

Muyale said the redundancy drive, though tough, was necessary as the court required him to demonstrate that adequate cost-cutting measures were being put in place. In return for a suspension of payments to creditors, the judge and the receiver of Tiara Air (TAW), evaluate the airline on a monthly basis to see whether or not progress has been made and whether bankruptcy should be declared.

The (CEO) did note, however, that should talks with the Venezuelans succeed, a proposed release of USD21.8 million in funds would avert the need for workforce cuts. (TAW) has suffered immense financial distress as result of the ongoing Venezuelan foreign-currency exchange crisis. Muyale noted that while some carriers had begun to receive some funds from the Venezuelan government, Tiara (TAW) had not.

Meanwhile, Tiara Air (TAW) has entered into a joint-venture (JV) agreement with Venezuela's Albatros Airlines ((ICAO) Code: GAL, based at Maracay) in which the Arubans will operate their 4x daily Aruba to Las Piedras, Venezuela flights using an Albatros Cessna (single turboprop) Grand Caravan 208B.

April 2016: News Item A-1: "Tiara Air Resumes Operations."

Tiara Air ((IATA) Code: 3P, based in Aruba) (TAW) has resumed operations following a fourteen month-long hiatus brought on by financial difficulties. In May 2014, (TAW) complained its inability to access over USD20 million in funds, locked up in Venezuela, was seriously affecting its ability to maintain operations. It suspended flights shortly after.

However, using one of its two Shorts 360s, (TAW), the Aruban carrier resumed scheduled passenger flights on Monday, April 11 with flights to Curacao. These will be followed by flights to Las Piedras, Venezuela on May 2.

Tiara Air (TAW) also operated a 737-300 and a Learjet 35 for passenger, as well as medevac services at one point in the past.


Click below for photos:
TAW-Shorts 360 - 2016-04.jpg

April 2016:

1 737-322 (CFM56-3C1) (1638-24249, /86 P4-TIE), EX-(N189AQ) 2012-02. 141Y.

2 SHORTS 360 (PT6A-65R) (3619, /83 P4-TIA; 3621, /83 P4-TIB), EX-(C-GPCG & C-GPCN), 2006-10. 36Y.

1 SHORTS 360A (PT6A-65AR) (3614, /83 P4-TIC), EX-(HP-1315APP), 2011-07. 36Y.

1 BOMBARDIER LEARJET 35A (TFE731-2-2B) (200, /78 P4-TID), EX-(N900LJ) 2011-07. EXEC.



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