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7JetSet7 Code: TBM
Status: Operational
Country: IRAN
Employees 277
Web: taban.aero/en/
Email: tabanair@tabanairlines.com
Telephone: +98 21 4463 2630
Fax: +9821446341637

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Formed in 2005 and started operations in 2006. Domestic, regional & international, scheduled & cargo, passenger & cargo jet airplane services.

No 10 Fiat Alley
Ekbatan Main Boulevard
Tehran, Iran


About Taban Airlines:

Airline fleet expansion has been long debated in Iran. Certainly, such a plan can be motivated by meeting passenger's demands for using this section of the transportation industry. Inevitably, the technical and professional zeal of our flight industry experts has been an opportunity to improve this concept and their sense of responsibility. Although private companies, as business enterprises have played an important role in the formation of their plan, it is the passion of flying and also the compliance of serving these needs, and meeting the demands of supporters of air transportation, mentioned above, that has guided the positive moves in this direction.

Therefore, a group of reliable and committed people came together and founded a pure and dedicated company, initially calling it Taban and then adding the word "Airlines" to it for the sake of recognizing flying. Yet, the love of flying and serving people were joined together and Taban Airlines was born, and found itself in a particular place on the list of active airlines.

Its detailed history said that due to a revered respect for its founding board, the top responsibility of this company was entrusted to an experienced person and a capable manager, so that the vision of growth and promotion of a qualitative and quantitative level of the company was recognized by his character. The company's first aircraft (which was a BAE 146-300) entered the country's sky with permission from the Civil Aviation Organization and landed in Mashhad HashemiNejad Airport in Mehr 1385 (October 2006). The next aircraft were added to the country's fleet in November of the same year under the company slogan: "The sky is ours." The Taban Airlines flights were started in the presence of the state officials, including the Governor and General Manager of the HashemiNejad Mashhad Airport.

Five-year achievements:

Since the establishment of Taban Air and the beginning of the flights, all the activities of the company's staff were successful in providing domestic and international flights stipulating customers’ satisfaction. Therefore, to achieve promotion and complete customer’s satisfaction by providing satisfactory services, meeting the passengers’ expectations and also expansion and improvement of the fleet, the number of flights from Mashahd to different parts was increased.

Safety and Security of flights:

Safety and security of flights is the most important principal in air transportation. Therefore, the explicit regulations of (ICAO) as a reference in the legislation of the international rules and regulations of air transportation, plus (IATA) as a reference of the airlines’ assembly, are based on it. The activities of the company’s executive managers, including the Operations department as the key factors of safety assurance, as well as the flight crew support, has led to the performance of safe and secure flights. Yet, in difficult conditions during peak travel periods, the company has been recognized as one of the best on-time performance airlines by the Civil Aviation Organization.

Pilots, co-pilots and flight engineers have all obligated themselves to provide flight status reports; and cabin crew on the international flights, as cultural ambassadors of the Iranian society, act in an accountable, supportive and reliable way to meet the passengers' demands; yet efforts are still followed to achieve higher levels of efficiency in this regard.

January 2010: ACCDT: Taban Air (TBM) Flight HH-6437, a Tupolev Tu-154M (RA-85787) being operated by Kolavia (KLV), crashed whilst making an emergency landing at Mashhad International Airport, Iran, due to a medical emergency; all 157 passengers and 13 crew ((FC) & CA)) survived the accident with 42 receiving minor injuries. Later, Kolavia was renamed MetroJet (KLV).

October 2011: Bukovyna Airlines (BKV) started operating three ex-Onur Air (ONU) MD-88s on behalf of Taban Airlines ((IATA) Code: HH, based at Mashad International airport (MHD)) (TBM). It is planning to add two more later this year.

May 2014: Taban Airlines (TBM) has wet-leased an A310-300 (497, YA-CAV), from Ariana Afghan Airlines ((IATA) Code: FG, based at Kabul) (AFG). Skyliner Aviation records the A310 as having been in service between Tehran Imam Khomeini and Istanbul Atatürk on May 26 and 27. As it stands, the A310 is the first Airbus Industrie (EDS) aircraft in Taban Airlines (TBM)'s fleet, which until now, has stood at five MD-88s.

April 2015: Taban Airlines (TBM) has taken over another A310-300 in addition to the A310 (496, YA-CAQ) it is wet-leasing from Ariana Afghan Airlines (AFG). Aerotransport reports that the new A310-300 recently delivered to Mashad is an ex-Hi Fly ((IATA) Code 5K, based at Lisbon) (LXA) aircraft (565). According to local sources, the A310-100 aircraft has since already been re-registered as (EP-TBH).

Taban Airlines (TBM) also operates an ARJ-85 and five MD-88s on flights throughout Iran, and to nearby regional Najaf, Istanbul Atatürk, Baghdad and Dubai International airports.

July 2015: Taban Airlines (TBM) is wet-leasing a Tajik Air (TJK) 737.

August 2015: Taban Airlines (TBM) is a major Iranian airline linking Mashad and Tehran to some 15 destinations within Iran, as well as internationally to Baghdad and Najaf in Iraq, Damascus in Syria, and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

(IATA) Code: HH. (IATA) Code: (TBM) - (Callsign - TABAN AIR).

Company slogan: "Sky R Us."

Taban Airlines (TBM) is headquartered in the Ekbatan Complex in the capital, Tehran, and its main operational base is in Mashad, Iran.

Its operating bases are:

* Mashhad International Airport

* Isfahan International Airport

* Mehrabad International Airport

Secondary Hub:

* Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport



* Ahwaz International Airport
* Isfahan International Airport (Hub)
* Khorramabad Airport
* Kish International Airport
* Mashhad International Airport (Hub)
* Rasht Airport
* Shiraz International Airport
* Tabriz International Airport
* Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport
* Tehran Mehrabad International Airport (Hub)
* Yazd - Shahid Sadooghi Airport
* Zahedan International Airport


* Baghdad - Baghdad International Airport
* Najaf - Al Najaf International Airport


* Lahore - Allama Iqbal International Airport
* Karachi-Jinnah International Airport


* Moscow - Domodedovo International Airport


* Istanbul - Atatürk International Airport

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

* Dubai - Dubai International Airport


* Kiev - Boryspil International Airport.

November 2015: Taban Air ((IATA) Code: HH, based at Mashad) (TBM) has wet-leased 757-2Q8 (27599, EY-752) from Tajik Air ((IATA) Code: 7J, based at Dushanbe) (TJK) with the 757 having been ferried from Dushanbe to Tehran Imam Khomeini.

(TBM) also operates an A310-300, an ARJ-85, and 5 MD-88s. It operates scheduled flights across Iran as well as to Damascus, Istanbul Atatürk, Dubai International, Baghdad, and Riyadh.

August 2016: 737-3Q8 (24699, EX-37013), ex-(UR-VVR) seen at Mashad in service. 737-31S (29056, EX-37014), ex-(EI-DOH) leased from Avia Traffic Service.


Click below for photos:
TBM-A310-304 AFG - 2015-08.jpg
TBM-BAE-146-200 - 2015-10.jpg
TBM-MD-88 - 2015-08.jpg
TBM-TU-154 - Tehran Landing-2008.jpg
TBM-Tu-154M - 2007-04.jpg

December 2016:

1 737, TAJIK AIRLINES (TJK) LSD 2015-07.

1 737-3Q8 (24699, EX-37013), EX-(UR-VVR) 2016-08.

1 737-31S (29056, EX-37014), EX-(EI-DOH), AVIA TRAFFIC SERVICE LSD 2016-08.

1 757-2Q8 (PW2040) (696-27599, /96 EY-752), (ILF) LSD 2013-04. (TJK) LSD 2014-11. 210Y.

2 MD-88 (JT8D-219 (QNC4) (2185-53549, /97 EP-TBB; 2187-53550, /97 EP-TBC), 2011-09. 165Y.

3 MD-88 (JT8D-219) (QNC4) (2167-53546, /97 UR-CIX; 2176-53547, /97 UR-CIY; 2180-53548, /97 UR-CJK), BUKOVNYA AIRLINES (BKV) LSD 2011-10. 165Y.

2 A310-304ET (CF6-80C2A2) (496, /89 YA-CAQ "KABUL;" 497, /89 YA-CAV "KANDAHAR," EX-(THY) 2009-06. 496; & 497; WET-LST TABAN AIRlINES (TBM) (2014-05) & (2015-04). 28C, 212Y.

1 A310-304 (CF6-80C2A2) (565, /91 (EP-TBH), EX-(EP-TBH) EX-HI-FLY (LXA) 2015-04. 18C, 176Y.

1 ARJ-85.

1 TUPOLEV TU-154M (D-30KU-154) (97A1008, /97 EP-TBA), 2009-03. 164Y.

Note: Taban Airlines (TBM) had 5 Tu-154M's (3 operated by Kolavia (KLV) and 2 by Tajik Airlines (TJK)) but one operated by Kolavia (KLV) was lost in an accident at Mashhad International Airport, Iran, in January 24 2010. Later Kolavia was renamed MetroJet (KLV).



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