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7JetSet7 Code: TBO
Status: Operational
City: LA PAZ
Country: BOLIVIA
Employees 77
Telephone: +591 2268 1188
Fax: +591 2268 1102

Formed and started operations in 1977. D B A Grupo Aereo de Transporte 71. Part of Bolivian Air Force (FAB - Fuerza Aerea Boliviana). Acts as the civil wing of the Bolivian Air Force (TAM Bolivia (TBO) - Transporte Aéreo Militar), operating passenger services to remote communities, primarily in the departments of Nando and Beni in the north and north-eastern Bolivia.

Avenida Montes 738 Esq
Edifico Fuerza Aerea Boliviano
La Paz, Bolivia


July 2012: TAM Bolivia (TBO) - Transporte Aéreo Militar (based at La Paz El Alto airport (LPB)) has added an ex-Sky Airline (Chile) ((SSV), (IATA) Code: H2, based at Santiago de Chile Arturo Merino Benítez International airport (SCL)) 737-2Q3 (23117, FAB-112) to its fleet. It is using the 737-2Q3 to increase its domestic scheduled operations. The airplane is operated on its behalf by the Bolivian Air Force (Fuerza Aérea Boliviana) (based at Cochabamba Jórge Wilsterman International airport (CBB)) which also owns TAM Bolivia (TBO).

November 2012: (LAB) Airlines ((IATA) Code: LB, based at Cochabamba) seems to be planning to resume operations as early as December 15. According to Bolivian media reports, an Abu Dhabi based investor is willing to invest up to $350 million USD to revive (LAB) and establish it as a major player in the Bolivian market. (LAB) Airlines plans to operate scheduled passenger services, initially possibly with the two 727-200s (21494, CP-1366; 21495, CP-1367) it had last operated some years ago before the airplanes were dry-leased to air force owned competitor, Transporte Aéreo Militar - (TAM) Bolivia (TBO).

February 2013: Aerocon ((IATA) Code: A4, based at Santa Cruz El Trompillo) has launched a daily Metroliner service from Santa Cruz El Trompillo to Oruro on February 7, inaugurating the new runway and passenger terminal built at the airport of Bolivia's eighth largest city. Air Force controlled, Transporte Aéreo Militar - (TAM) Bolivia (TBO) (based at La Paz El Alto) is also expected to serve the airport shortly.

May 2013: TAM Bolivia (based at La Paz El Alto airport (LPB)) (TBO), the Bolivian Air Force's carrier, is also expected to take delivery of a first 737-300 in the near future.

August 2013: (TAM) Bolivia (TBO) is set to take delivery of its first 737-322 (24653, N378UA), formerly with United Airlines (UAL). The 737-322, currently parked at Goodyear, has now been re-registered as (FAB-115) with a Bolivian flag emblazoned on its side. However, it is still in basic in basic (UAL) colors. At present, (TBO), the Fuerza Aérea Boliviana (Cochabamba) owned carrier, operates a single 727-200, four 737-200s, two B Ae 146-200s and two Yunshuji Y-7s.

November 2013: TAM Bolivia (TBO) has lodged an appeal with the Bolivian high court over a BOB55million/USD7.96million tax bill from the local internal revenue agency (Servicio de Impuestos Nacionales - (SIN)). "La Razon" newspaper says (TBO), backed by the Bolivian military, disputed (SIN) President, Erik Ariñez Bazan's assertion that the tax assessment was valid given that an extensive audit of the airline had been carried out in 2008. The military's high command has said (TBO) must pay their obligations and that their would be "no special treatment for them." A military committee has now been formed to liaise with authorities to resolve the dispute.

May 2014: BoA - Boliviana de Aviación ((IATA) Code: OB, based at La Paz El Alto) has reportedly firmed an agreement with Xian Aircraft Company (Xi'an Yanliang) for four MA-60s due for delivery in the second half of this year. The turboprops will be placed with the carrier's nascent domestic subsidiary, BoA Regional (La Paz El Alto), which plans to serve Riberalta, Guayaramerin, Rurrenabaque, Villamontes, Uyuni, Potosí, Oruro, and Puerto Suárez.

Fellow Bolivian carrier, Transporte Aéreo Militar - (TAM) (La Paz El Alto) (TBO), acquired two MA-60s in February 2008, becoming the first Latin American operator of the type.

May 2016: News Item A-1: Ixiamas, a remote town in Bolivia's north-western Abel Iturralde province, has seen its first scheduled commercial service following its opening in May of last year.

On May 5, Transporte Aéreo Militar - (TAM) Bolivia inaugurated a weekly flight to Ixiamas from its home base at La Paz El Alto using MA-60 equipment and is the only known scheduled carrier to serve the city.

As part of the military, (TAM) Bolivia is mandated by the government to open up flights to Bolivia's more remote parts.

News Item A-2: Sucre Juana Azurduy de Padilla, the airport that has served the Bolivian constitutional capital of Sucre for forty years, has closed to all traffic as of May 14.

As such, BoA - Boliviana de Aviación (LAB), Amaszonas (AZN), Transporte Aéreo Militar - (TAM) Bolivia (TBO) and EcoJet ((IATA) Code: 8J, based at Cochabamba) transferred their respective operations to the newly constructed Alcantari airport on May 15.

August 2016: The Bolivian tax authority (Servicio de Impuestos Internos - SIN) has taken measures to recover over BOB 50 million bolivanos/USD 7.21 million) in outstanding taxes and duties owed by (TAM) Bolivia,


Click below for photos:
TBO-737-300 - 2016-07.jpg

August 2016:

1 727-2K3 (JT8D-17R HK) (1403-21495, /78 FAB-111 "JEAN PABLO II"), 2010-07. WITH WINGLETS. 12C, 138Y.

1 727-224 (JT8D-15 HK) (1756-22449, /81 FAB-103), 2011-05. 10C, 144Y.

2 737-2Q3 (JT8D-17) (1033-23117, /84 FAB-112), EX-(SWL), AERGO CAPITAL LSD. SKY AIRLINE (CHILE) (SSV) WET-LSD 2012-07. 124Y.

1 737-230 (JT8D-15) (781-22135, /81 FAB-114), EX-(CC-CRQ (2012-12). 120Y.

1 737-322 (CFM56-3C1) (1810-24653, /90 FAB-115), EX-(N378UA), EX-(UAL) 2013-06. 8F, 126Y.

2 B AE 146-200 (ALF502-R-5) (E2041, /85 FAB-101; E2080, /87 FAB-100), 2007-02. 88Y.

1 B AE 146-200 (ALF502-R-5) (E2023, /84 FAB-102), 2009-01. 99CY.

1 B AE 146-200 (ALF502-R-5) (E2040, /85 FAB-103), 2009-05. 93Y.

2 +2 ORDERS AVIC 1 MA60 (PW127J) (04-11, /08 FAB-96; 04-12, /08 FAB-97), 2008-02. UTILITY. 52Y.

2 CASA C-212-100 (TPE331-5-251C) (-070, /76 FAB-86; 090, /77 FAB-85), BOLIVIAN AIR FORCE LSD. 19Y.

1 CONVAIR 580 (501-D36A) (CL-66B-4, /60 FAB-74), 2006-02. FREIGHTER.

2 MA-60, 2008-02.



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