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7JetSet7 Code: TGS
Status: Operational
Employees 77
Telephone: +599 9 7341143
Fax: +599 9 7341144

Formed in 2005 and started operations in 2009. Regional & international, scheduled & charter, cargo, jet airplane services.

Emacipatie Blvd 29
Willemstad, Curacao, Netherlands Antilles

The Netherland Antilles cover an area of 800 sq km, the population is 0.2 million, its capital city is Willemstad/Curacao, and its official languages are Dutch and Papiamento.

Tigris International Trading Company deals in petroleum products (

August 2009: China Southern Airlines (GUN) reached agreement to sell 6 A300-600Rs, plus 5 spare (PW4158-3) engines and spare parts, for $124 million to Tigris International (TGS) of the Netherlands Antilles. Hong Kong-based, Galink Aviation Technology acted as broker, (GUN) said in a filing with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. (GUN) has been operating the airplane for 14 to 16 years, it said, and expects a gain of approximately +CNY46.6 million/+$6.8 million) from the sale.

January 2013: Airline groups are joining forces to protest Curacao Airport’s +150% fee increase in taxes and landing fees. Curacao Airport Partners (CAP) (the international consortium that manages Curacao International Airport) announced the hike on November 30, 2012 and made it effective on December 1, 2012.

Earlier this month, Latin American and Caribbean Air Transport Association (ALTA) criticized the fees and sent an official message to the Minister of Traffic, Transport & Regional Planning of Curacao, protesting the “unjustified measure to increase airport revenues at the expense of passengers and carriers.”

(IATA) and the Curacao Airline Association (CAA) are now joining the protest and are leading a coalition of aviation groups to reinforce the industry’s concern “over the significant increases in landing fees and passenger facility charges imposed on passengers and airlines operating to Curacao.”

Representatives from the 3 organizations met Curacao’s Minister of Transportation, Earl Balborda, criticizing the fees “imposed by Curacao Airport Partners on only 3 days’ notice and without prior consultation or transparency,” (ALTA) announced.

The organization said that “significant funds previously paid by airlines and passengers remain unused in the hands of Curacao Airport Holding and dividends are being paid to (CAP)’s owners.” (IATA) Regional VP Latin American & Caribbean, Patricio Sepulveda said, “Tourism is vital to Curacao’s economy and all stakeholders need to work together to ensure aviation can continue to play a vital role in the country’s economy.”

(CAA) President, Germaine Richie pointed out that “not only is Curacao’s one of the most expensive airports to operate, but we are downgraded to CAT II by the (FAA) for not having followed rules and regulations, which continues to be the case even after the downgrading.” Richie added it is necessary “to halt this way of proceeding so as to bring transparency and due process in our negotiations with all the stakeholders involved.”

According to (ALTA), the increase includes all passenger facility charges (PFCs) and landing fees.

The organization has sent an official message to the Minister of Traffic, Transport & Regional Planning of Curacao, protesting the “unjustified measure to increase airport revenues at the expense of passengers and carriers.” “Raising taxes by +150% from one day to the next is drastic and unheard of,” the organization stated. It pointed out that “although the Curacao airport authority will assume the cost of the (PFC) increase on tickets previously sold at a price that included the existing (PFC), if the flight date on said tickets is within 3 months of the new charges becoming effective, carriers will be forced to absorb the additional taxes on tickets already sold for flights departing after February 28, 2013.” (ALTA) and its 35 airline members called the initiative “deplorable,” contrary to (ICAO)’s recommended practices and detrimental to Curacao’s tourism. The organization said the industry supports 5.4 million jobs in Latin America and the Caribbean and $125 billion in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the region, while 4 million additional jobs are supported “through the catalytic impacts of travel and tourism.”


September 2017:

6 A300-622R (PW4158) (733, /94 B-2315; 734, /94 B-2316; 739, /94 B-2323; 750, /95 B-2327; 756, /95 B-2328; 762, /95 B-2329), CONV TO F IN 2007-11. SIX AIRPLANES SOLD TO TIGRIS INTERNATIONAL (TGS), NETHERLANDS ANTILLES VIA GALINK AVIATION TECHNOLOGY, HONG KONG, AUGUST 2009. CONV TO FREIGHTER.



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