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7JetSet7 Code: TUB
Status: Operational
Region: EUROPE
Country: BELGIUM
Employees 300
Web: jetairfly.com
Email: info@tub.jetair.be
Telephone: +32 2712 97 20
Fax: +32 2 7129729

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TUB-2009-12-NEW LOOK
TUB-2013-05 - EMB-190

Formed in 2003. Started operations in 2004. Formerly "(TUI) AIRLINES - Belgium." International, charter, passenger, jet airplane services.

C/O JetAir NV
Gistelsesteenweg 1
B-8400 Ostend, Belgium


February 2004: 737-4K5 (24125, OO-TUI), (TUI) AG leased.

March 2004: 737-86Q (30285, OO-VAS), Boullioun (BOU) leased.

May 2004: 300 employees.

TUI Belgium (TUB) is to operate a fleet of 6 airplanes under the name "Sunrise": 3 737-400's and 2 737-800's to serve the Mediterranean and Egypt and 1 767-400ER on lease from BelgiumExel to operate JetAir long-haul flights to Cuba, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Kenya.

July 2004: 737-4K5 (27831, OO-TUB), (TUI) AG leased.

November 2004: 767-341ER (24844, OO-TUC), Itochu Airleased. 1 order (April 2005) F 100.

June 2005: Signs with Lufthansa (DLH) Systems for its Flight Management System navigation database services.

JetAir (TUB) is a Belgian charter airline operating jet airplanes for its parent company (TUI) to mostly Mediterranean destinations.

(IATA) Code: TB. (ICAO) Code: TUB (Callsign - BEAUTY).

Parent organization/shareholders: (TUI) AG (100%).

November 2005: (TUI) Airlines Belgium (TUB) changed its name to "JetairFly."

December 2005: Jetairfly (TUB) has announced 3 new destinations for the 2006 summer season. It will operate from Brussels to Lamezia Terme (Italy), Thessaloniki (Greece) and El-Alamein (Egypt).

February 2006: Jetairfly (TUB) will inaugurate nonstop service from Toulon to Brest on April 14th. (TUB) will operate 2x-weekly on Friday/Sunday, with a Fokker F 100. (TUB) will operate 3x-weekly from Brussels to Toulon from that date.

April 2006: Jetairfly.com (TUB) is a brand name of N.V. Jetair.

(TUB) is the Belgian branch of World of (TUI) and the market leader in the Belgian tourist industry. Its offer comprises holidays by air, holidays by car, city trips and coach holidays under the brand names Jetair (TUB), (VIP) Selection, Sunjets.be, VTB Reizen, Splash Travel and Seagull. The travelcenters Jetaircenter & airline Jetairfly (TUB).

The overall common brand: TUIfly.com consists of:

Arkefly (HOL): The Dutch airline flies from Amsterdam to the Dutch Antilles, South America, Africa and to the sunny south of Europe.


TUIfly Nordic (TNS): From Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway, TUIfly Nordic (TNS) flies holidaymakers traveling with the tour operators Fritidsresor, Finnmatkat and Star Tour to southern climes.


Corsairfly (COR): The French company operates from Paris and other French cities to the Caribbean, the India Ocean, and Morocco.


Hapagfly (HAP): From 23 airports in Germany, Hapagfly (HAP) takes passengers to the most beautiful holiday resorts around the Mediterranean.


Jetairfly (TUB): A vast network of >60 airports in the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, on the Red Sea and the Canary Islands connect with Brussels at the heart of Europe.


Thomsonfly (TFY): With >40 airplanes (TFY) flies from 26 British airports to >87 destinations worldwide.


Hapag Lloyd Express (HLX): North, South, East and West – the low-cost airline hlx.com (HLX) covers (almost) all of Europe.

June 2006: Jetairfly (TUB)'s summer route from Toulon to Brest will be continued for the coming winter season. (TUB) uses a Fokker F 100 on the route.

September 2006: Jetairfly (TUB) will inaugurate service from Brussels to Nador (Morocco) on October 30th. (TUB) will operate 2 flights a week, on Mondays & Saturdays, using a F 100. This winter, (TUB) will operate flights to 4 destinations in Morocco, the other being Agadir with 2x-weekly, Marrakech with 3x-weekly and Tangiers with 2x-weekly.

(TUB) converted its charter services from Brussels to the Dominican Republic to scheduled services and operates 3x-weekly from Brussels to Punta Cana and 1x-weekly to Puerto Plata, all with a 767-300ER.

November 2006: Jetairfly (TUB) will expand the number of destinations and frequency it operates from its regional airports in Belgium for the coming summer season. From Liege, (TUB) will add service to Kos (Greece) taking the total number of destinations served from that airport to 15; from Ostend, (TUB) will add service to Corfu and Kos (Greece), taking the total number of destinations served from that airport to 13.

December 2006: German tourism giant (TUI) AG unveiled a comprehensive "action plan" that includes an order for 41 new airplanes from Boeing (TBC) valued at $3.64 billion, its intention to cut costs next year by -€250 million/-$330 million - - involving the elimination of -3,600 jobs - -and the merger of its airline units under the new "TUIfly.com" brand.

(TUI) confirmed speculation that Hapagfly (HAP) and Hapag-Lloyd Express (HLX) will combine under the new name "in order to secure access to the low-cost, Internet and modular tour growth markets," with the remaining five (TUI) airlines (Thomsonfly (TFY), TUIfly Nordic (TNS), Arkefly (HOL), Corsair (COR), and Jetair (TUB)) joining the fold in 2008. The strategy will have an earnings impact of €60 million by that time, the company said. "With "TUIfly.com," a European brand, it will be easier to address customers. At the same time, the new brand will be an essential element of (TUI)'s new Internet strategy," it said.

The new airplanes, which were not identified, will begin delivery in 2010, and will be replacing older leased planes until 2013. The company still has 24 737s on order with Boeing (TBC), bringing its backlog to 65 airplanes. (TBC) issued a statement confirming TUI Group's order for 41 airplanes, but did not specify the type(s). It said the airplanes are worth $3.6 billion at list prices. (TUI) will operate 56 airplanes next year, and expand capacity +27%. It displayed a mockup of "TUIfly.com"'s new all-yellow livery on its website.

Regarding its cost-cutting program, (TUI) said savings of -€150 million will come from materials and -€100 million from personnel, meaning the loss of -3,600 jobs in the tourism division including -2,600 in the UK and -400 in Germany. It said >3,300 new jobs will be created "by certain segments" in 2008. It also intends to reduce corporate costs to €70 to €80 million from €112 million by 2008, and merge its (TUI) Deutschland operating business into (TUI) AG. It is targeting a 2008 profit of €450 to €550 million.

February 2007: UK-based MyTravel (GUE) and German tourist conglomerate, Thomas Cook (JMA) are merging in a deal that will create the 2nd-biggest travel company in Europe behind (TUI).

The new company, called Thomas Cook (JMA) Group, will produce combined revenue of about €12 billion/$15.6 billion, selling holidays to some 19 million customers a year. It will be based in London.

MyTravel (GUE) shareholders will own 48% of the combined company with the controlling 52% held by Thomas Cook (JMA)'s German owner KarstadtQuelle, which agreed in December to buy Lufthansa (DLH)'s 50% stake in Thomas Cook (JMA) for €800 million. The merger is expected to be complete by June and is conditional on the approval of MyTravel (GUE) shareholders, competition clearances and completion of the KarstadtQuelle-(DLH) transaction.

In December, (GUE) reported its 1st annual profit in 5 years after a major restructuring exercise, cutting costs and selling real estate. According to the (GUE) website, the companies in the group operate 31 airplanes.

The move eventually is expected to generate "at least" -£75 million/-$146.2 million of cost savings per year, the 2 groups said. Specific information concerning cost synergies was not supplied, nor was the future status of the airline portfolio comprising Thomas Cook Airlines UK (JMA), Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium (TUB), Condor Airlines (CDF), (GUE), and MyTravel Airways A/S (PRH) detailed.

The merger ended hopes of the UK's First Choice Holidays (ATZ) for a possible tie-up. It had offered for sale its mainstream package holiday business, which includes European 787 launch customer First Choice Airways (ATZ), and held preliminary talks on possible bids with both (GUE) and Thomas Cook (JMA). The (ATZ) board announced the termination of those talks.

(GUE) (CEO) Peter McHugh said the combined company will not need First Choice (ATZ)'s package business to compete with (TUI). "This merger is quite a feat unto itself," he said. "We're the 2nd leading travel company in Europe and aspire to be number one." (TUI) had revenue of €18.2 billion in 2005.

March 2007: Starting May 12th, Brussels - Brindisi - Lamezia Terme, using 737s/F 100s.

May 2007: (TUI) Group (TUG), the German tourism company that owns 6 airlines, placed firm orders for 11 787-8 Dreamliners and 50 737NGs collectively valued at $4.7 billion. The airplanes will be operated by Netherlands' Arkefly (HOL), Belgium's Jetairfly (TUB), UK's Thomsonfly (TFY), Germany's TUIfly (HAP)/(HLX) and Scandinavia's TUIfly Nordic (NOQ). The airlines will use the 787s within Europe and on flights to Asia and North America, while the 737s will be used on short/medium-haul routes. The airplanes will be shifted among the airlines depending on need. No engine order for the 787s was announced. All 737s will be fitted with blended winglets.

Boeing (TBC) said it is working to create a training program that will allow (TUI) (TUG) pilots (FC) to transition from 737s to 787s "so that cross-training costs are minimized and fleet efficiency is maximized."

July 2007: 737-8K5 (35133, OO-JAF), delivery.

September 2007: Jetairfly (TUB) will launch Brussels - Aqaba service with a stopover in Sharm el Sheikh aboard 737-800s from October 25.

January 2008: German travel conglomerate (TUI) (TUG) announced that it signed a Memo of Understanding (MOU) with Lufthansa (DLH) to combine their Low Cost Carrier (LCC) subsidiaries under one "joint and independent holding company." (TUG) owns TUIfly, the combination of Hapag-Lloyd Flug (HAP) and Hapag-Lloyd Express (HLX), while Lufthansa (DLH) partners with Germanwings (RFG) and Eurowings (EWG), along with Albrecht Knauf Industriebeteiligung. The latter also signed the (MOU), (TUG) said. "Agence France Presse" said a mid-2009 timeframe for finalization is (TUI) (TUG)'s target. No other details were released, and (TUG) said a binding agreement will depend on "a due diligence process and negotiations of the specific details," as well as the approval of antitrust authorities. The combination is likely designed to counter the growing domestic influence of airberlin (BER), which has expanded with the acquisitions of (LTU) and dba (DBA).

June 2008: Jetairfly (TUB) will base 1 737-800 at Charleroi (CRL) Brussels South from October 24 and launch 2x-weekly services to Oujda, Nador, Tenerife, and Gran Canaria. The Belgian airline, part of (TUI) Group (TUG), also will take over 5x-weekly flights to Casablanca from its Moroccan affiliate Jet4You (J4U), which will continue to operate 2x-weekly flights between (CRL) and Casablanca.

January 2009: 737-8K5 (35148, OO-JAQ), delivery.

March 2009: (TUI) Travel (TUG) said it is holding "very constructive" negotiations with Boeing (TBC) regarding the delivery schedule for the 23 787s it has on firm order. "We are not seeking damages from (TBC), although the delay in the program has heavily impacted our expansion plans," (TUG) Aviation Director Christoph Mueller said. "The 787s are part of our strategy to introduce several new long-haul destinations which we cannot serve nonstop with our current fleet."

Manchester-based, First Choice Airways (ATZ), now part of Thomson Airways (TFY) following the 2007 merger of (TUI)'s travel division with First Choice Holidays, was due to receive its 1st 787 last month. That delivery now has been delayed to March 2011. The travel group is not demanding compensation from (TBC) because "it's negative," Mueller argued. "We are in very constructive negotiations with (TBC) to try to improve the situation and move the foreseen delivery schedule forwards. We are optimistic these talks will lead to a solution."

737-7K5 (35150, OO-JAR), delivery.

June 2009: 767-38EER (30840, OO-JAP - - SEE PHOTO - - "TUB-767-38EER-2009-06"), ex-Skymark Airlines (SKM), ex-(JA767F), (GEF) leased, delivery.

December 2009: See new look for JetAirFly (TUB) - - SEE PHOTO - - "TUB-2009-12 NEW LOOK."

April 2010: Boeing (TBC) announced that (TUI) Travel PLC (TUG), the world’s leading leisure travel company, is the launch customer for "GoldCare." The agreement to support the airline’s 787 Dreamliner fleet covers 13 airplanes currently on order by (TUI) (TUG). The 787s will be operated by Thomson Airways (TFY), Tuifly Nordic (TNS), Jetairfly (TUB), and Arkefly (HOL). The GoldCare contract is for a period of 12 years from the delivery date of each airplane.

Boeing (TBC) will provide (TUI) Travel (TUG) with GoldCare Enterprise, which encompasses the full portfolio of available GoldCare services.
GoldCare is Boeing (TBC)’s life cycle solution that provides maintenance, engineering and material management as a multi-year service managed by (TBC). GoldCare is made possible through (TBC)’s advanced e-enabling technologies.

“We are thrilled to be the launch customer for this service,” said Fraser Ellacott Director of Engineering, (TUI) Travel PLC (Thomson Airways (TFY). “We have developed this exciting concept with Boeing (TFC) and are confident that this service will optimize the efficiency of our airlines’ operations, reduce complexity, provide value to our stakeholders and allow us to continue to provide outstanding service for our customers.”

Support using GoldCare Enterprise will allow the airline group to focus on its passengers, knowing that its airplane assets achieve maximum utilization and are maintained to the highest standards by Boeing (TBC) through its GoldCare partners. “As the launch customer for GoldCare, (TUI) Travel (TUG) demonstrates the desire for and benefits of this program,” said Bob Avery VP Fleet Management for Commercial Aviation Services, Commercial Airplanes. “GoldCare will boost airplane reliability, reduce cost and improve efficiency throughout the life cycle of the airplane.

“(TUI) Travel is a strong development partner on this program and we look forward to our continued partnership as (TUI) Travel’s 787s enter service.” To deliver GoldCare, Boeing (TBC) leads a global team performing comprehensive material management, engineering and maintenance services at a predictable cost based on flight hours. GoldCare provides airlines with 24/7 operations center support using the latest technology to turn airplane operating data into diagnostic information that enhances efficiency and maximizes airplane availability.

The GoldCare team also includes (GE) Aviation (GEC), Hamilton Sundstrand, Honeywell (SGC), Moog Inc, Panasonic and Rockwell Collins. These original equipment manufacturers (OEM) will support the material, repair and overhaul (MRO) needs for the systems they provide on the 787.

October 2010: Jetairfly (TUB) will launch a 3x-weekly, Brussels South Charleroi – Athens flights on April 8. It will launch an additional flight per week in July and August.

December 2010: Jetairfly (TUB) will add a 3x-weekly frequency to its Liege - Tel Aviv service on April 1, 2011.

(TUB) took delivery of its 1st 737-800 with the new Boeing "Sky Interior." The Belgian subsidiary of TUI Travel (TUG) is the 1st European-based airline to operate a 737 with the new interior. The airplane is configured with 189 seats and brings (TUB)’s fleet to 14 airplanes.

May 2011: Jetairfly (TUB) based a new 737-800 at Charleroi Airport (CRL), lifting its airplanes based at (CRL) to 3 narrow bodies supporting 18 destinations. (TUB) deploys a fleet of 16 airplanes on 120 routes.

October 2011: Jetairfly (TUB) will launch 3x-weekly, Brussels South Charleroi - Palma de Mallorca 737 service on March 31.

January 2012: Jetairfly (TUB) It has added more new routes from Brussels National and Charleroi:
Brussels Charleroi - Oran: weekly 737-700 service has started on November 1;
Brussels Charleroi - Palma de Mallorca: 3x weekly 737 service starting on March 31;
Brussels National - Ohrid - Skopje - Brussels National: 2x weekly seasonal 737 service between May 8 and September 23;
Brussels National - Ponta Delgada: weekly seasonal 737 service between April 3 and October 14;
Brussels National - Santo Domingo Las Americas - Punta Cana - Brussels National: weekly 767-300ER service has started on October 31.

Jetairfly (TUB) is operating a bi-weekly charter service from Copenhagen to St Croix this winter season.

Jetairfly (TUB) has wet-leased 1 of its 737-400s to Jet4You (J4U) and dry-leased a 737-800 to Sunwing Airlines (SWG).

February 2012: Jetairfly (TUB) will launch 2x-weekly, Brussels South Charleroi - Nice service on March 30. A 3rd weekly frequency will be added in July and August.

March 2012: 737-86N (35220, PH-TFF), ArkeFly (HOL) wet-leased, ex-(EI-EPO).

April 2012: The (TUI) Travel Group (TUG) has purchased Boeing (TBC)’s 5-year Maintenance Performance Toolbox for its Boeing fleet, comprising 737-800s, 737 Classics, 757-200s, 767-300ERs and 747-400s.

The Maintenance Performance Toolbox will allow (TUI) Travel (TUG)’s airline subsidiaries: Arkefly (HOL), Corsair (COR), Jetairfly (TUB), Thomson Airways (ATZ)/(TFY), and TUIfly Nordic (TNS) in Europe, and its joint venture Sunwing Airlines (SWG) in Canada, to improve their dispatch reliability through the use of e-enabled technologies that run on the system.

“We anticipate improving our maintenance operation efficiencies through better tracking of line maintenance records and up-to-the-moment technical information,” Thomson Airways (ATZ)/(TFY) Technical Director, Jason Mahoney said.

Jet4You (J4U) will essentially become an online travel agency selling (TUI) (TUG) flights from and to Morocco as of this month after all of its scheduled flights and 3 737-800s have been transferred to Belgian sister carrier, Jetairfly (TUB) as previously announced.

May 2012: Jetairfly (TUB) now flies to Skopje in FYROM from Brussels. Flights operate via Ohrid, also in Macedonia.

August 2012: Jetairfly (TUB) has announced an order for 2 E190s that will be delivered to (TUB) owned by TUI tour operator Jetair in early 2013. The 2 E190s will replace the 2 only remaining old generation 737s in (TUB)'s fleet, 737-5K5 (24927, OO-JAT) and 737-400 (28867, OO-JAM).

October 2012: Singapore-based, (BOC) Aviation (SIL) will lease two Embraer E190s to (TUI) Travel (TUG) for its Belgian Jetairfly (TUB) subsidiary. The E190s will be delivered in the 1st half of 2013. The E190s, which will be configured with 112Y slimline seats in a single class layout, will provide more capacity on lower-demand routes.

Jetairfly (TUB) Chairman Elie Bruyninckx said, “With the E190, we can reduce the number of costly triangle and intermediate-stop flights that are necessary with our larger airplanes to consolidate loads in smaller markets. That means more nonstop flights and shorter travel times for our passengers.”

February 2013: Jetairfly ((IATA) Code: TB, based at Brussels National Zaventem (BRU)) (TUB) has applied for the allocation of traffic rights to be allowed to launch several weekly services between Brussels National Zaventem (BRU) and Kinshasa N'Djili International (FIH). Belgium has been assigned two new weekly frequencies in the bilateral air services agreement with the Democratic Republic of Congo and Jetairfly (TUB) is now considering launching services on the route with its 767-300ERs in competition with Brussels Airlines ((IATA) Code: SN, based at Brussels National Zaventem (BRU)) (DAT)/(EBA). Kinshasa is served on a daily basis by Brussels Airlines (DAT)/(EBA) with a combination of A330-200s and A330-300s and some flights being combined with Luanda 4 De Fevereiro (LAD).

March 2013: Jetairfly (TUB) has taken delivery of the 1st of 2 new Embraer E190s - - SEE PHOTO - - "TUB-E190 - 2013-03," which it has secured on lease from Singapore-based (BOC) Aviation (SIL). The second airplane is scheduled for delivery next month. Jetairfly (TUB) is part of (TUI) Travel (TUG).

(TUB) plans to deploy the 112Y-seat single class airplane on services to various European destinations from Brussels, including Faro in Portugal, Malaga in Spain, and Zakynthos in Greece.

“[The EMB-190] will allow us to schedule new direct routes and will help us to right size demand on some seasonal routes and lower our operational costs,” (TUB) Chairman Elie Bruyninckx said.

This summer, (TUB) will operate 21 airplanes on 163 routes, reducing to 60 routes during the winter. Flights depart from Brussels, Ostend, Liege, and Charleroi.

Jetairfly (TUB) launched Charleroi - Jejaia service.

May 2013: Jetairfly (TUB) commenced flights on May 2 on the 2,000 km route from Ostend (OST) in Belgium to Djerba (DJE) in Tunisia. Weekly services are operated on the route by (TUB) on a seasonal basis using 737-800s. On the return leg, the airplane is routed via Enfidha (NBE) located on the Tunisian coast.

June 2013: TUI Travel (TUG) has signed a commitment for 40 Boeing 737 MAX-8s and 20 Boeing 737 MAX-9s, plus options on a further 90 737 airplanes.

September 2013: Jetairfly (TUB) will begin 2x-weekly, Brussels - Miami 767-300ER service on April 4, 2014.


Jetairfly (TUB) inaugurated services on the 2,600 km route from Paris Orly (ORY) to Fuerteventura (FUE) in the Spanish Canary Islands. Beginning on November 10th, (TUB) offers weekly (Sunday) frequencies on the newly launched route, which it operates using 737-800s.

TUI Travel (TUG) has completed an order for 2 additional Boeing 787-8 airplanes. The new 787 Dreamliners, scheduled for delivery in 2016, will bring the group’s fleet of the type to 15.

TUI Travel operates six airlines, four of which operate, or will operate, 787 services: Thomson Airways (ATZ)/(TFY), Arkefly (HOL), TUI Fly Nordic (TNS) and Jetairfly (TUB).

At current list prices, the two 787s are worth $422 million, although the group says it received a discount as a result of various concessions, allowances and support from Boeing (TBC).

Peter Long, TUI Travel (TUG)’s (CEO), said: “We have developed our strategy by putting the customer at the center of everything we do.
“The 787 Dreamliner is another example where we have led the way by enhancing the customer experience and improving environmental efficiencies, both of which differentiate us from other tour operators.” The 787s will most likely be used on long-haul leisure routes.

December 2013: Belgian leisure carrier, Jetairfly (TUB) has taken delivery of its first Boeing 787 - - SEE PHOTO - - "TUB-787 - 1ST 2013-12". (TUB) is part of (TUI) Travel (TUG). The 787 is scheduled to begin flying short- and medium-haul routes in early December and long-haul routes between Christmas and the New Year.

TUI Belgium (TUB) (CEO), Elie Bruyninckx said the 787 Dreamliner is the “first and only 787 operated by a Belgian airline. This airplane isn't only a perfect match with our innovative and sustainable philosophy. It is also a great asset in our strategy of offering unique holiday experiences to our passengers, especially when they fly between Europe and the Caribbean.”

Boeing Commercial Airplanes VP European Sales, Todd Nelp said the 787 will replace (TUB)’s 767.

February 2014: 737-8K5 (44271, OO-JEF "Affection"), leased from TUI Travel (TOG).

April 2014: Jetairfly (TUB) continues its expansion in the French market with the launch of several new routes. All routes will be served just once weekly during the summer season, with the shortest being the 1,109 km route between Deauville (DOL) and Palma de Mallorca (PMI), and the longest being the 2,448 km sector between Lille (LIL) and Kos (KGS). None of the routes face competition, and all will be served by a mix of (TUB)’s 737-700s and 737-800s as follows:
Deauville (DOL) to Olbia (OLB) 1,193 km; to Palma de Mallorca (PMI) 1,109 KM, both using 737-800s; Lille (LIL) to Kos (KGS) 2,448 km, using 737-700s; Paris (CDG) to Corfu (CFU) 1,728 km; to (KGS) 2,403 km using 737-800s; and Strasbourg (SXB) to Malaga (AGP) 1,646 km, using 727-700s.

May 2014: Jetairfly (TUB), has begun 4 new routes from 3 different airports in France to 4 different holiday destinations in Spain and Italy. As a result of these inaugural flights, (TUB) now operates 4 scheduled routes at Deauville (DOL), 5 at Metz-Nancy (ETZ) and 8 at Paris (CDG). All services are operated on a weekly basis, with the longest sector being the Deauville to Malaga (AGP) route (at 1,460 km) and with the shortest being the Metz - Nancy service to Olbia (OLB), at 935 km.

October 2014: Romania’s Aerostar is installing Split Scimitar Winglets on a Boeing 737-800 for Jetairfly (TUB).

November 2014: Jetairfly (TUB), the Belgian subsidiary of (TUI) Airlines (TUG), commenced 3 new routes between Europe and Morocco, all of which are served by its 189Y-seat 737-800s and face no competition from other operators. 1stly, (TUB) expanded its presence at Marrakech (RAK) on October 28th, adding its 2nd route to Italy, with weekly flights (Tuesdays) to Cuneo (CUF). (TUB) is also flying 2x-weekly (Mondays and Wednesdays) from Marrakech to Bologna in Italy. The same day, (TUB) also commenced weekly flights (Tuesdays) on the 1,022 km sector from Toulouse (TLS) to Oujda (OUD). Finally, on October 29th, Jetairfly (TUB) added weekly services (Wednesdays) from Dole (DLE) to Casablanca (CMN).

February 2015: Antwerp International Airport will see its renovation begin this year.

Operator French engineering group, Egis plans to build a new departure hall instead of the 1 existing in the airport building. Its space will reach 3,000 sq m, with capacity increasing to handle up to 2 million passengers per year, from the current 300,000. Egis anticipates launch of the new terminal in the next five years, according to Antwerp airport (CEO) Marcel Buelens. The new hall is estimated to cost €10 - 20 million/$11.4 - 22.3 million and Egis is looking to attract financing.

The operator will begin new parking construction after summer season 2015, and renovate a part of the baggage handling system this spring. The airport needs new baggage belts as Jetairfly (TUB) will launch 6 new destinations from Antwerp this year, all of them to be operated with Embraer E190s.

Later in 2015, one of the cargo buildings will be destroyed as Egis plans to construct a new several-story parking garage in its place. The operator is also negotiating with the local railroad company to establish a new station at the airport. The airport expects to handle 200,000 passengers this year.

Antwerp-based, (VLM) Airlines is to launch the Sukhoi Superjet SSJ100LR in Europe. The carrier inked a letter of intent to take 2 SSJ100LRs on 12-year lease from Russia’s Ilyushin Finance last October. (VLM) has not disclosed its route network for the new type yet.

Egis was awarded concessions for Ostend-Bruges and Antwerp airports in July 2013 for a 25-year term; the company started operating Antwerp in October 2014. The group manages 14 airports worldwide, but only 4 of them are in Europe. Besides the 2 regional airports in Belgium, the company operates to Larnaca and Paphos airports in Cyprus.

November 2015: Jetairfly (TUB) commenced services on 2 new routes linking to the Italian capital airport of Rome Fiumicino (FCO) on October 31. (TUB), the Belgian (TUI) Travel Group (TUG) carrier will operate 3x-weekly services from Ostend (OST) on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays, while Antwerp (ANR) also sees services on the same days. Both 1,262 and 1,199 km sectors will be operated by (TUB)’s 112-seat E190s, with neither city pair facing competition from incumbent airlines.

February 2016: Aviointeriors’ Economy (Y) Class “Columbus Crew Rest” seat model has been selected by TUIfly Netherlands (TUI) and Jetairfly (TUB) for their 2 Boeing 767-300 retrofit program.

October 2016: News Item A-1: "Etihad, TUI Group Plan New Leisure Airline" by (ATW) Kurt Hofmann hofmann.aviation@netway.at, October 5, 2016.

Etihad Aviation Group and German holiday giant (TUI) (HAP)/(HLX) are in discussions to create a European leisure airline group, which is expected to operate 58 airplanes on point-to-point services to key tourist markets.

The partners detailed plans to combine the leisure operations of the airberlin (BER) group and German carrier TUIfly (HAP)/(HLX) into a new airline group, serving destinations from Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.

The new holding company could be based in Austria, with Etihad (EHD) and (TUI) Group each taking a 24.9% stake. The remaining 50.2% is expected to be held by an Austrian foundation, to ensure Austrian majority ownership and maintain international traffic rights.

The still-to-be-named airline is planning a fleet of 14 Boeing 737s (currently operated by TUIfly (HAP)/(HLX) for airberlin (BER) under a wet-lease agreement), 27 TUIfly (HAP)/(HLX) 737NGs, as well as 17 Airbus A320 family aircraft from Austrian airberlin (BER) subsidiary FlyNiki (NKI).

(TUI) (HAP)/(HLX), Etihad (EHD) and airberlin (BER) said they intend to finalize an in-principle agreement in due course, subject to regulatory approvals, but it is understood the partnership could be completed within the next 2 weeks. An announcement is expected October 26. It is also understood TUIfly (HAP)/(HLX) pilots (FC) will be offered jobs with Etihad Airways (EHD).

“TUIfly (HAP)/(HLX) hasn’t grown in recent years. Also, TUIfly (HAP)/(HLX) has no long-haul airplanes in its fleet, but the focus of the (TUI) (TUG) tourism business is [long-haul] destinations in Asia, for example.” As (EHD) is a long-haul carrier, the cooperation could see (EHD) flying (TUG) holidaymakers to long-haul destinations.

In a letter to employees, TUIfly (HAP)/(HLX) supervisory board Chairman Henrik Homann said (TUI) Deutschland (HAP)/(HLX)’s profits and results have been impacted for many years by substantial overcapacity in the airline industry and (HAP)/(HLX)’s above-market cost structure.

“We own too much flight capacity and we’re producing it at a cost which is significantly higher than market prices. As a result, flight services in Germany for our tourism products are often available from our competitors at considerably lower prices than those offered by TUIfly to (TUI) Deutschland, with adverse impacts on our profitability and results in that source market,” Homann said.

Oneworld (ONW) Alliance member airberlin (BER) is Germany’s 2nd largest airline and is 29.2% owned by Etihad Airways (EHD). (TUI) (TUG)/HAP)/(HLX) used to hold a stake in airberlin (BER), but this was disposed of in 2015.

In 2015, airberlin (BER) carried >30.2 million passengers, but reported a -€446.6 million/-$485.5 million loss, deepened from a -€376.7 million loss the year before. In the first half of 2016, airberlin (BER) posted a -€271.5 million loss. On September 28, airberlin (BER) detailed a drastic restructuring plan, which includes the outsourcing of 40 Airbus A320s to German rival Lufthansa (DLH) Group and -1,200 job losses.

TUIfly (HAP)/(HLX) is part of (TUI) Group (TUG), which has a portfolio of 6 European airlines and around 140 airplanes, a distribution network of >1,800 travel agencies and online portals, around 300 hotels and 14 cruise liners.

It is understood the other (TUI) Group (TUG) airlines are not part of the deal. These comprise UK-based Thomson Airways (ATW)/(GUE) (63 airplanes), Sweden’s TUIfly Nordic (TNS) (8 airplanes), (TUI) Airlines Belgium (21 airplanes) (JetAirFly (TUB)), (TUI) Airlines Netherlands (HOL) (10 airplanes) and France’s Corsair International (COR) (7 airplanes).

News Item A-2: "TUIfly (HAP)/(HLX) to Shut Down Flight Operations October 7 after ‘Massive’ Flight Crew (FC) Shortage," by Kurt Hofmann hofmann.aviation@netway.at, October 6 2016.

German leisure carrier TUIfly (HAP)/(HLX) has decided to completely shut down flight operations Friday, October 7 after many airplane flight crew (FC) called in sick on short notice October 6, a spokesman confirmed. The action follows concerns about a partial merger between the 2 companies.

On October 7, TUIfly (HAP)/(HLX) had to cancel 47 out of 110 planned flights and airberlin (BER) canceled 90 flights.

On October 7, (HAP)/(HLX) has canceled 108 flights, comprising 54 flights leaving from Germany and 54 from tourism destinations throughout Europe.

(HAP)/(HLX) again will charter airplanes from other carriers to bring tourists back. The company said it is working to reduce the impact on passengers after many flight crew (FC) members again called in sick on short notice.

(HAP)/(HLX) also said it expects further flight cancellations. (HAP)/(HLX) said because of the wide scope of flight crew (FC) short-notice absences, it is impossible to inform passengers earlier and offer alternative travel arrangements.

January 2017: 737-752 (33793, OO-JJI), ferried Brussels to Woensdrecht for storage.

March 2017: E190-100LR (0665, OO-TEA "Traveller"), ex-(OE-IFE), (GECAS) (GEF) leased.

October 2017: Brussels Airlines (DAT)/(EBA) commenced services from Brussels(BRU) to Agadir (RAK), Enfidha (NBE), Hurghada (HRG) and Lanzarote (ACE) on October 28. (DAT)/(EBA) launched another new route on October 30 when it began flying from Brussels to Marsa Alam (RMF). The average sector length on the 5 new airport pairs is 2,875 km. All of the new routes face direct competition from JetAirFly (TUB).

Routes as follows:
Brussels (BRU) to Agadir (RAK), A319 1x- vs (TUB) 2x-;
(BRU) to Enfida (NBE), A319 1x- vs (TUB) 1x-;
(BRU) to Hurghada (HRG), A320 2x- vs (TUB) 1x-;
(BRU) to Lanzarote (ACE), A320 3x- vs (TUB) 2x-;
(BRU) to Marsa Aslam (RHF), A320 2x- vs (TUB) 2x-.


Click below for photos:
TUB-737-500 AUG07
TUB-787 - 1ST 2013-12
TUB-E190 - 2013-03

November 2017:

0 737-4K5 (CFM56-3C1) (1707-24127, /89 OO-TUA "PASSION;" 2677-27831, /94 OO-TUB "DEVOTION;" 1687-24125, /89 OO-TUI "INNOVATION," (TUI AG) LSD 2004-02). RTND. 168Y.

0 737-400 (CFM56-3C1) (28867, OO-JAM), REPLACED BY E190 IN 2013-02. 168Y.

0 737-5K5 (CFM56-3B1) (1968-24927, /90 OO-JAT "HORIZON" - SEE PHOTO), EX-(HLX), TUIFLY WET-LSD 2007-08. REPLACED BY E190 IN 2013-02. 128Y.

47 ORDERS 737-700/-800 (CFM56-7B):

1 737-700 (CFM56-7) (30668, OO-JAL).

3 737-7K5 (CFM56-7B20) (2603-35141, /08 OO-JAO "PLAYING TO WIN;" 2652-35144, /08 OO-JAS "EMOTION" 2009-05; 2825-35150, /09 OO-JAR "ENJOY"), (SIL) LSD 2009-03. WITH WINGLETS. 148Y.


9 737-800 (CFM56-7B) (34692, OO-JLO; 36119, OO-TUK; 36883, OO-TUV; 37238, OO-JAX; 37250, OO-JAU; 37260, OO-JAH; 39093, OO-JAD; 40943, OO-JAV; 40944, OO-JAY;

1 737-8BK (CFM56-7B26) (2355-29660, /07 OO-JAA "VICTORY"), EX-(N811SY), (TUI) LSD 2010-05. (SCA) WET-LSD 2010-10. WITH SUN COUNTRY TITLES. WITH WINGLETS. 8F, 160Y.

1 737-8BK (CFM56-7B26) (1367-33014, /03 OO-VAC "RISING SUN"), (TCI) LSD 2004-03. WINGLETS. 189Y.

1 737-8K5 (CFM56-7B26) (246-27990, /99 OO-JBV "EVASION"), 2012-07. with winglets. 189Y.

2 737-8K5 (CFM56-7B26) (2313-35133, /07 OO-JAF "SMILE;" 2790-35148, /09 OO-JAQ "VISION"), 35148; WET-LST CANJET (CNJ) 2011-11. WITH WINGLETS. 189Y.

1 737-8K5 (CFM56-7B27) (2660-35142, /08 OO-JBG - - SEE PHOTO IN NEW SPECIAL LIVERY FOR 5TH ANNIVERSARY - - "TUB-737-8K5-2009-03"), RF (CNJ). WET-LST (CNJ) 2011-11. RF (SWG) 2015-05. WITH WINGLETS. 189Y.

1 737-8K5 (CFM56-7B27) (44271, OO-JEF), TUI TRAVEL LSD 2014-02. WITH WINGLETS. 189Y.

1 737-86N (CFM56-7B) (35220, PH-TFF), (HOL) WET-LSD 2012-03, EX-(EI-EPO). 189Y.

1 737-86Q (CFM56-7B26) (1237-30285, /02 OO-VAS "WELCOME," 2004-03), (BOU) LSD 2004-03. RF (CNJ). 189Y.

1 767-300ER (CF6-80C2B6F) (29384, OO-JNL). 257Y.

1 767-341ER (CF6-80C2B6F) (324-24844, /90 OO-TUC "DISCOVER"), EX-(VAR), ITOCHI AIRLSD 2004-11. WITH WINGLETS. 257Y.


1 +12/13 ORDERS (2013-3) 787-8 DREAMLINER (GEnx) (34425, /13 OO-JDL "DIAMOND" - - SEE PHOTO - - "TUB-787 - 1ST 2013-12"), 217 PAX.

4 EMBRAER E190STD (0603, OO-JEM - - SEE PHOTO - - "TUB-EMB-190 - 2013-03, 0607, OO-JEB; 0665, OO-TEA; 0689, OO-JVA) REPLACED 737-400 AND 737-500S, 112Y.







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