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7JetSet7 Code: TWE
Status: Currently Not Operational
Region: EUROPE
Country: SWEDEN
Employees 47
Web: trafficeuropa.com

Started operations in 2002. Owned by English and American, jet airplane leasing companies.

April 2002: 1 A320-214 (1787, SE-RCB), 180 PAX, GATX (GAX) leased, wet-leased to GOODjet (GJT). Livery consists of a white fuselage with "GOODjet.com" in large black letters, with red nacelles, and a red tail, with a comical, happy face, logo, in white.

May 2002: A320-211 (191) was wet-leased to GoodJet (GJT), returned to Air Luxor (LXA).

June 2002: 1 757-2G5 (24176, SE-RCE), ex-(LTU), EAST leased and registered to Transair Sweden, wet-leased to GOODjet (GJT).

August 2002: 757-2G5 (SE-RCE) has "Flying for www.trafficeuropa.com" on fuselage. Flies for Traffic Europa from Stockholm (Arlanda) to Malaga. 2 A320-214's (978; SE-RCF; 1130, SE-RCD), ex-Virgin Atlantic (VAA), wet-leased to (GJT).

October 2002: 1 A320-212 (1322, SE-RCG), (GAX) leased.

November 2002: Had one of its tour operators, Traffic Europa, file for bankruptcy, and all Traffic Europa services were canceled. (TWE) operated a 757-200, on the Stockholm (Arlanda)-Malaga route.

In 1/03, GoodJet (GJT) will take over Transair Sweden (TWE).

Other Swedish tour operator, Transjet (TSX) has its Air Operators Certificate (AOC) revoked by Swedish aviation regulatory authorities.

1 A320-214 (764, SE-RCH), GECAS (GEF) leased.

December 2002: A320-211 (288, SE-RCC) & A320-212 (132, SE-RCG) returned to (GAX). A320-214 (1787, SE-RCB) returned to (GAX). A320-214 (1130, SE-RCD), returned to (GEF). A320-214 (978, SE-RCF), returned to Balade Leasing.

January 2003: Declared bankrupt. Owed SEK 30 MILLION/EUR 3 MILLION by GoodJet (GJT) who also declared bankruptcy.


July 2003:

0 757-2G5 (173-24176, SE-RCE "VINGA GOTEBORG"), EX-(LTU), WET-LST (GJT) 6/02, 24176 RTT DEFAG 2002-12. 210 PAX.

1 A320-211 (191, CS-TNB "VINGA GOTEBURG"), (LXA) WET-LST (GJT) 2002-04.

0 A320-211 (288, SE-RCC), (GAX) LSD, RTND 2002-12.

0 A320-212 (132, SE-RCG), (GAX) LSD 2002-10. WFU BORDEAUX 2002-12. RTND.

1 A320-214 (764, SE-RCH), (GEF) LSD 2002-11, WFU BORDEAUX 2002-12.

0 A320-214 (1787, SE-RCB), (GAX) LSD 2002-04, WET-LST (GJT), 180Y, WFU BORDEAUX 2002-12, RTND (GAX), LST (AZR).

0 A320-214 (978, SE-RCF; 1130, D), EX-(VAA), WET-LST (GJT) 2002-08, 180Y. 978 WFU BORDEAUX 2002-12. RTND TO LESSORS. 1130 LST (IBW) 2003-05.


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