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7JetSet7 Code: UDC
Status: Currently Not Operational
Region: EUROPE
Country: UKRAINE
Employees 780
Web: donbass.aero
Email: info@donbass.aero
Telephone: +38 062 3885103
Fax: +38 062 332 0055

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Formed in 1992. Formerly Donbass-Eastern Ukrainian Airlines & Donetsk Aviation Enterprise. Scheduled, domestic and international, passenger and cargo, jet airplane services.

Vzylotnaya Street 1V
83021 Donetsk, Ukraine

Ukraine was established in 1991, it covers an area of 603,700 sq km, its population is 53 million, its capital city is Kiev, and its official language is Ukrainian.

April 2005: To fly to popular tourist destinations in Egypt, Greece, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and on new scheduled services to Germany. These include Istanbul, Antalya, Aleppo, Beirut, Dubai, Munich, Yerevan, & Baku, as well as its domestic route linking Donetsk with the Ukrainian capital, Kiev.

1 A320-211 (085, UR-DAA), ex-volareweb (VLR),Debis AirFinance (DEA)N leased delivery.

May 2005: Possible 5 orders Bombardier CRJ700's.

June 2005: 1 A320-211 (085, EI-CTD), AerCo leased (its first Western-built airplane).

December 2005: AirBaltic (BAU) signed a code share agreement with Ukrainian airline Donbassaero (UDC).

April 2006: Dniproavia (UDN) accused Lufthansa (DLH) of influencing German aviation authorities to get the Ukrainian carrier's route authority to serve Frankfurt and Berlin cancelled in violation of a 2005 open skies agreement between the countries. According to an "open letter" from Dniproavia (UDN) to the Department of Aviation of the Federal Republic of Germany and shareholders of Lufthansa Airlines (DLH), the German regulatory authority (LBA), "on Lufthansa (DLH)'s advice," on March 8, prohibited the airline from flying to Germany and cancelled its flights to Berlin and Frankfurt. Dniproavia (UDN) alleged (DLH)'s goal is to monopolize the markets. In the letter, it claimed that Lufthansa (DLH) "used the same method" to force another Ukrainian airline, Donbassaero (UDC), off its established routes.

Volito Aviation, through its wholly owned subsidiary Volito Aviation Leisure KB, placed an A320-231 (230, UR-DAB), ex-MyTravel Airways (GUE), with Donbassaero Airlines (UDC) through April 2012 - see photo. The airplane is financed by PK AirFinance.

September 2006: Donbassaero (UDC) provides domestic and international scheduled, jet airplane services from Donetsk.

Employees = 780 (including 100 Flight Crew (FC); 70 Cabin Attendants (CA); & 400 Maintenance Technicians (MT)).

October 2007: Aerosvit Airlines (UKA) takes a 75% share of Donbassaero (UDC).

April 2008: Donbassaero (UDC) launched twice-weekly, Donetsk - Moscow Domodedovo aboard a 737. The service becomes six-times-weekly from May 19.

A320-233 (747, UR-DAD), ex-TACA International (TAC), leased.

August 2010: Aerosvit Airlines (UKA), Dniproavia (UDN), and Donbassaero (UDC) are planning to intensify their cooperation by setting up a joint management company and operating most services under the Aerosvit Airlines (UKA) code.

October 2010: EL Al Israel Airlines (ELA) is in discussions with potential partners about forming an alliance initially centered on Eastern Europe and the Middle East. (ELA) has been talking to Russian carrier UTAir (TYU), Ukraine's Aerosvit (UKA) and Donbassaaero (UDC), and Armavia (ARZ) of Armenia about cooperation deals that would start with code sharing, according to (ELA) Alliance Manager, Stanley Morais.

The alliance (preliminarly dubbed (WE) for "West-East" — is still in the “development stage,” says VP Commercial, Eli Cohen. But if (ELA) goes ahead with the plans, the group should later also include carriers in Asia and North America. (ELA) has recently shown interest in joining one of the three global alliances, but Morais says it was given the cold shoulder. He believes that the SkyTeam (STM), Oneworld (ONW) and Star (SAL) alliances are afraid their Arab customer base might choose the competition in the future if one of them accepted an Israeli airline. Cohen says (WE) could therefore be an “alliance of the miserables,” a group of carriers that is unwanted by the three global alliances for one reason or another. The focus on Eastern European carriers is based on the area's strong ties with Israel — more than >1 million Israelis stem from that part of Europe originally. Of the carriers in the potential group, only Aerosvit (UKA) operates long-haul — a single flight from Kiev to New York. Thus El Al (ELA) believes there is ample feed for its significant long-haul operation, which includes Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, Johannesburg, Mumbai, and Beijing. Today, (ELA) has almost no connecting traffic in Tel Aviv mainly because of the unstable political situation and the severe security measures upheld at the airport. Passengers have to show up for flights at least three hours in advance and are subject to rigorous inspections and interviews. Cohen hopes that some of those measures could be relaxed if passengers fly in on other airlines and connect without leaving the airport. “We want to make Tel Aviv into a hub, but we are facing high hurdles,” he says.

December 2010: A321-231 (1869, UR-DAF), Airbus Finance (AFIS) leased.

January 2011: AerCap Holdings (DEA) said it signed for an A320-211 (235, UR-DAE) for lease to Donbassaero (UDC), ex-(F-GKXB).

November 2011: Donbassaero (UDC) is Ukraine's largest dimestic carrier,which also provides scheduled international services from Donetsk to destinations in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Egypt, Georgia, Greece, Lithuania, Russia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

(IATA) Code: 7D - 897. (ICAO) Code: UDC (Callsign - DONBASSAERO).

Alliances: Air Ukraine (UKN); AirBaltic (BAU); & FlyLal (LIJ).

Main Base: Donetsk Airport (DOK).

Hub: Kharkov Airport (HRK).

Domestic, scheduled destinations: Dnepropetrovsk; Donetsk; Kharkov; Kiev; & Odessa.

International, scheduled destinations: Aleppo; Athens; Baku; Beirut; Dubai; Istanbul; Moscow; Munich; Riga; Tbilisi; Vilnius; & Yerevan.

October 2012: Sabena Technics (SAB) signed a five-year full support contract with Donbassaero (UDC) for its fleet of A320s. (SAB) will provide (UDC) with component support, logistics services, as well as pool access and implementation of a main base kit.

January 2013: Donbassaero airline (UDC) has initiated bankruptcy proceedings in a filing to the Donetsk Regional Economic Court. A preliminary hearing will be held on March 27.

Donbassaero (UDC), which is part of the Ukrainian Aviation Group that also includes Dniproavia (UDN) and AeroSvit (UKA), has halted flights as the group deals with ongoing financial problems of its airlines.

According to the Ukraine news agency "Interfax," Donbassaero (UDC)’s net profit in 2011 was +UAH7.56 million/+$921,490. In 2010, it had a net loss of -UAH90.5 million.

According to (UDC)’s website, it operates nine A320s and one A321. Ukrainian Aviation Group carriers fly to destinations in the Ukraine, (CIS) republics, the Middle East, North Africa and North America.

Dniproavia (UDN), which is a part of the Ukrainian Aviation Group, has stopped flights and ticket sales, effective January 8. The group also includes AeroSvit (UKA), which filed for bankruptcy at the end of December. Recently, Russia’s aviation authorities said it would ban AeroSvit (UKA) flights from January 15 because of (UKA)’s debt situation.

Russia’s Interfax news agency reported a new company, called Aviadnipro, was registered at the end of December in the Dnepropetrovsk region.

Dniproavia (UDN)’s fleet included 17 Embraer EMB-145s and operated domestic and international flights.


Click below for photos:
UDC-A320-232 - 2011-09

January 2013:

2 A320-211 (CFM56-5A1) (85, /89 UR-DAA, 2005-04), EX-(VLR), AERCO/(DEA) LSD. 12C, 138Y.

1 A320-212 (CFM56-5A3) (235, /91 UR-DAE), EX-(AFA), (DEA) LSD 2011-01. AEROSVIT (UKA) TITLES. 46C, 96Y.


1 A320-231 (V2500-A1) (230, /91 UR-DAB - SEE PHOTO), EX-(GUE), VOLITO 6 YR LSD 2006-04. 12C, 138Y.

1 A320-231 (V2500-A1) (362, N362BV), 2011-01. 12C, 138Y.

1 A320-232 (V2527-A5) (0760, /97 UR-DAJ - - SEE PHOTO - - "UDC-A320-232 - 2011-09"), EX-(MEA)/TRANSAER, EX-(N263LF & EI-TLP). 24C, 102Y.

1 A321-231 (V25330A5) (1869, /02 UR-DAF), AIRBUS (AFIS) LSD 2010-12. 210Y.

2 A320-233 (V2527E-A5) (733, /97 UR-DAC; 747, /97 UR-DAD), EX-(TAC), (BBB) LSD 2008-04. 12C, 138Y.

4 AN-24B (AI-24-II) (77303402, /67 UR-46254; 97305202, /69 UR-46302; 97305004, /69 UR-46585; 97305006, /69 UR-46586; 17307408, /71 UR-47846), 44Y.

2 AN-24RV (AI-24VT) (37309107, /73 UR-46647; 07306609, /71 UR-47296), 44Y.

2 YAK-42 (D-36) (11040303, /81 UR-42308, 4520423402051, /84 UR-42308; 4520423402062, /84 UR-42319; 4520424402161, /85 UR-42327; 11120204, /81 UR-42530), 12C, 90Y.

5 YAK-42D (D-36) (4520421814047, /89 UR-42366; 4520423914266, /89 UR-42373; 4520421014479, /90 UR-42377; 4520422014576, /90 UR-42381; 4520422016201, /90 UR-42383), 12C, 90Y.









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