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7JetSet7 Code: UDN
Status: Currently Not Operational
Region: EUROPE
Country: UKRAINE
Employees 1061
Web: dniproavia.com
Email: call.center@dniproavia.com.ua
Telephone: +380 562 39 5989
Fax: +380 562 39 5272

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Formed and started operations in 1933. The Dnipropetrovsk Integrated Air Squad was originally part of Aeroflot (ARO). Formerly Dnieproavia. A K A "Dnepr Air." Domestic, regional, & international, scheduled & charter, passenger & cargo, jet airplane services.

Airport 42
Dnipropetrovsk 49042, Ukraine

Ukraine was established in 1991, it covers an area of 603,700 sq km, its population is 53 million, its capital city is Kiev, and its official language is Ukrainian.

June 1996: Became a joint-stock company, which includes Dbepropetrovsk International airport.

November 2004: 1,061 employees (including 90 Flight Crew (FC), & 41 Cabin Attendants (CA)).

December 2005: 737-400 service on Mondays and Fridays, departing from Dnepropetrovsk at 11:10, arriving at Berlin 12:25 and departing from Berlin at 13:50, arriving at Dnipropetrovsk at 16:55. On Wednesdays departing from Dnepropetrovsk at 07:55, arriving at Berlin 11:30 and departing from Berlin at 10:30, arriving at Dnipropetrovsk at 12:35.

February 2006: 737-400 service on Tuesdays and Saturdays, departing from Dnepropetrovsk at 9:50 am, arriving at Vienna 11:00 am and departing from Vienna at 5:00 pm, arriving at Dnipropetrovsk at 8:00 pm.

Dniproavia (UDN) (Z6/Dnepropetrovsk) launched twice weekly 737-400 service from Dnepropetrovsk to Vienna on February 1.

April 2006: Dniproavia (UDN) accused Lufthansa (DLH) of influencing German aviation authorities to get the Ukrainian carrier's route authority to serve Frankfurt and Berlin cancelled in violation of a 2005 open skies agreement between the countries. According to an "open letter" from Dniproavia (UDN) to the Department of Aviation of the Federal Republic of Germany and shareholders of Lufthansa Airlines (DLH), the German regulatory authority (LBA), "on Lufthansa (DLH)'s advice," on March 8, prohibited the airline from flying to Germany and cancelled its flights to Berlin and Frankfurt. Dniproavia (UDN) alleged (DLH)'s goal is to monopolize the markets. In the letter, it claimed that Lufthansa (DLH) "used the same method" to force another Ukrainian airline, Donbassaero (UDC), off its established routes.

May 2006: Employees = 1,300.

Dniproavia (UDN) incorporates a special division dedicated to cover airplane maintenance tasks.

The list of the services provided by the Dniproavia (UDN)’s Maintenance Division:

-Periodical maintenance for An-26, An-26B, Yak-40 and Yak-42 airplanes, including all Maintenance Schedules, maintenance actions to extend life times under the documentation approved by Ukraviatrans (Ukrainian CAA) regulatory authority.

- Special kinds of maintenance, non-destructive testing (NDT) methods: whirling current, ultrasonic, magnetic inspections within the scale of periodical kinds of maintenance for An-26, An-26B, Yak-40 and Yak-42 airplanes.

- Decoding flight data recorder information.

August 2006: Dniproavia (UDN) of Ukraine said it has filed suit against the State Service for Aviation Security Supervision for creating "privileged conditions" for Lufthansa (DLH) by failing to enforce the 1999 bilateral between Ukraine and Germany. It said German authorities prohibited it from operating Dnipropetrovsk -Frankfurt service in March based upon "deceptive allegations" from (DLH) and Ukrainian aviation authorities did nothing to respond.

Volito Aviation announced the sale of a 737-300 to Dniproavia (UDN).

September 2007: 2 ERJ-145EUs (088, ex-(G-EMBF); 094, ex-(G-EMBG), deliveries.

April 2008: Dniproavia (UDN) launched daily, Simferopol - Moscow Domodedovo aboard a 737.

October 2008: 737-36Q (28659, UR-DNJ), ex-(G-THOJ), delivery.

November 2008: Embraer ERJ-145EP (290, UR-DNO), ex-(G-ERJD), delivery.

December 2008: 767-322ER (UR-DNM - - SEE PHOTO - - "UDN-767-2008-12") delivery.

April 2010: ERJ-145 (641, UR-DNR), delivery, ex-(F-WKXA).

July 2010: 3 Embraer ERJ-1454LRs (652, UR-DNT; 709, UR-DNS; 738, UR-DNU), ex-(F-WKXC; F-WKXD; F-WKXF), deliveries.

August 2010: Aerosvit Airlines (UKA), Dniproavia (UDN), and Donbassaero (UDC) are planning to intensify their cooperation by setting up a joint management company and operating most services under the Aerosvit Airlines (UKA) code.

Dniproavia (UDN) has wet-leased its 767-322ER (25280, UR-DNM) to Aerosvit Airlines (UKA) and has launched new regional routes:
Dnepropetrovsk - Batumi: weekly ERJ-145 service started on August 3;
Dnepropetrovsk - Sevastopol: 3x-weekly seasonal, ERJ-145 service started on July 12;
Dnepropetrovsk - Vienna: daily, ERJ-145 service resumed on July 17;
Dnepropetrovsk - Yerevan: weekly, ERJ-145 service starting on September 4;
Kiev Borispol - Sevastopol: 2x-daily, ERJ-145 service (already launched);
Sevastopol - Moscow Vnukovo: daily, ERJ-145 service has started on July 1.

September 2010: Dniproavia (UDN) operates regional, trunk & international, passenger & cargo, jet airplane services between Dnepropetrovsk and Kiev, and international services to Vienna, Moscow, Istanbul, Sharm-el-Sheikh and Hurghada. Charter flights from Kiev and Odessa to Egyptian and Turkish holiday destinations are also undertaken.

(office@dniproavia.com). SITA: DNKAPZ6.

(IATA): Z6 - 181. (ICAO): (UDN) (Callsign - DNIEPRO).

Parent organization/shareholders: Haltera (94.57%); & State Property Fund (Dnipropetrovsk Region) (5.43%).

Alliance: AeroSvit Airlines (UKA); & Ukraine International Airlines (UKA).

Main Base: Dnipropetrovsk International Airport (DNK).

Domestic, Scheduled Destinations: Dnepropetrovsk; & Kiev.

International, Scheduled Destinations: Berlin; Frankfurt; Istanbul; Moscow; Munich; Vienna; Volgograd; & Yerevan.

January 2011: Embraer announced it entered into an agreement with Ukrainian Aviation Group Alliance member Dniproavia (UDN) for the delivery of 10 Embraer E190s with options for another 5. The total value of the deal, at list prices, is $400 million and could reach $600 million if all options are confirmed, Embraer said.

(UDN)’s E190s will be configured in a dual-class layout, seating up to 104 passengers. The airplanes will be placed under a lease structure to be arranged by a 3rd party. The 1st 2 airplanes are scheduled for delivery in the 4th quarter of this year, according to Embraer.

The new E190s will be operated by (UDN) in cooperation with its Ukrainian Aviation Group (UAG) alliance partner AeroSvit (UKA) on their domestic and international destinations mainly from their Kiev Boryspil hub. The Ukrainian Aviation Group is a strategic alliance founded at the beginning of 2007 between 2 Ukrainian airlines Donbassaero (UDC) and AeroSvit (UKA). (UDN) officially joined the (UAG) in October 2010.

“The strong brand awareness, economics and performance in combination with high level of cabin comfort for our passengers are the key drivers in the selection of the state-of-the-art Embraer E190 jets,” said (UAG) Executive Secretary, Vadim Shvitay. “Operating the E190 alongside our narrow body airplanes will allow us to substantially expand our domestic and intra-European network,” he said.

August 2011: Wind Rose Air (WRC) wet-leased MD-82 (49364, UR-WRB) to Dniproavia (UDN) for a charter operation to the Ukrainian city of Dnepropetrovsk from Manchester, England.

April 2012: Wind Rose Aviation (WRC) will return its 2 E195s (0169, UR-WRF; 0157, UR-WRG) to the lessors within the next 2 months. Both airplanes are currently based at Kiev Borispol airport (KBP) and operate on behalf of its partner Aerosvit Airlines (UKA). As Dniproavia (UDN) will start taking delivery of new E190s that will operate on Aerosvit (UKA) routes, the airplanes will no longer be required.

June 2012: Dniproavia (UDN) has finally taken delivery of its 1st 2 E190s (0494, UR-DSA; 0495, UR-DSB). (UDN) has a total of 10 E190s on order and will mainly operate them on behalf of its partner, Aerosvit Airlines (UKA).

Embraer (EMB) has delivered the 1st 2 E190 jets to the Ukrainian Aviation Group Alliance (UAG), in a ceremony at (EMB)’s headquarters in São José dos Campos, Brazil. The airplane will be operated by Dniproavia (UDN), on behalf of AeroSvit (UKA), both of which are members of the (UAG), mainly serving the airline’s international regional network from its Kiev Boryspil airport (KBP) hub. 3 other E-Jets are scheduled for delivery by the end of the year.

(UAG) selected the E190 as part of the (UAG) alliance’s fleet replacement for older, narrow body jets, as it looks to right-size some routes and also develop its international regional network with new routes, and provide increased frequencies on others. The E190 will be configured in a dual-class layout with comfortable Elite seats.

“The E190 perfectly fits AeroSvit (UKA)’s strategy of growing with the right capacity to access new markets and help it build a stronger and more competitive network,” said Paulo Cesar Silva, Embraer (EMB) President, Commercial Aviation. “Kiev is geographically well-positioned and the E190 will provide them access to a wide range of cities and introduce high quality service to their customers.”

Currently, up to 20 ERJ-145s jets are in Dniproavia (UDN)’s fleet in Ukraine. The Kiev-based charter carrier and wet-lease (ACMI)-provider, Windrose Aviation (WRC), also has 1 E195, which is wet-leased to (UAG) member carriers. Following delivery to (UAG) of all 5 new E190s, the Ukraine will be home to >25 Embraer commercial airplanes.

Gregory Gurtovoy, AeroSvit (UKA) Chairman, highlighted the mission of the new E190: “The airplane will be operated by Dniproavia (UDN), on behalf of AeroSvit (UKA), and will serve to enhance our overall product offering and improve our operational efficiency. This is very important, in light of the soon-expected "Open Skies" agreement between the European Union (EU) and Ukraine. The E190s will also fly to destinations in the (CIS) and the Middle East, providing excellent passenger comfort, transit baggage capacity and range that will enable us to compete with both legacy and low-cost carriers (LCC)s. With our good experience in the E195 commercial use for (UAG), I’m confident that the brand-new E190s will deliver even more exceptional performance.”

Since the E-Jets entered revenue service, in 2004, Embraer (EMB) has delivered nearly 850 of them to >60 airlines from 42 countries around the world. The versatile 70 to 120-seat, 4-airplane family is flying with (LCC)s, on regional services and with mainline carriers. The E-Jets order book registered 1,063 firm orders as of March 31, 2012.

July 2012: Embraer (EMB) delivered 2 E190 airplanes to the Ukrainian Group Alliance, to be operated by Dniproavia (UDN) on behalf of AeroSvit (UKA) to mainly serve the carrier’s international regional network from its Kiev Boryspil hub. 3 additional E-Jets are scheduled for delivery by the end of the year.

January 2013: Dniproavia (UDN), which is a part of the Ukrainian Aviation Group, has stopped flights and ticket sales, effective January 8. The group also includes AeroSvit (UKA), which filed for bankruptcy at the end of December. Recently, Russia’s aviation authorities said it would ban AeroSvit (UKA) flights from January 15 because of (UKA)’s debt situation.

Dniproavia ((IATA) Code: Z6, based at Dnepropetrovsk (DNK)) (UDN) has resumed ticket sales on flights of partner Aerosvit Airlines ((IATA) Code: VV, based at Kiev Borispol (KBP)) (UKA) on January 16 following an extraordinary shareholder meeting on January 15. Dniproavia (UDN) had operated a fleet of 20 ERJ-145s, 2 E190s, 2 737-300s, 1 737-400, 3 737-500s and a 767-300 in cooperation with Aerosvit (UKA) but had stopped all ticket sales and reportedly its remaining operations on January 8. According to the website of Kiev Borispol (KBP), it seems that Aerosvit (UKA) domestic flights from Kiev Borispol to both Dnepropetrovsk (DNK) and Ivano-Frankovsk (IFO) are, however, still operated with at least one Dniproavia (UDN) ERJ-145s with 737-500 (28722, UR-DND) still also operating some flights on behalf of Aerosvit (UKA) in recent days. Therefore various news reports about a closure of Dniproavia (UDN) have likely been premature.

Russia’s Interfax news agency reported a new company, called Aviadnipro, was registered at the end of December in the Dnepropetrovsk region.

Dniproavia (UDN)’s fleet included 17 Embraer ERJ-145s and operated domestic and international flights.

Donbassaero airline (UDC) has initiated bankruptcy proceedings in a filing to the Donetsk Regional Economic Court. A preliminary hearing will be held on March 27.

Donbassaero (UDC), which is part of the Ukrainian Aviation Group that also includes Dniproavia (UDN) and AeroSvit (UKA), has halted flights as the group deals with ongoing financial problems of its airlines.

According to the Ukraine news agency "Interfax," Donbassaero (UDC)’s net profit in 2011 was +UAH7.56 million/+$921,490. In 2010, it had a net loss of -UAH90.5 million.

According to (UDC)’s website, it operates nine A320s and 1 A321. Ukrainian Aviation Group carriers fly to destinations in the Ukraine, (CIS) republics, the Middle East, North Africa and North America.

April 2013: Dniproavia (UDN) began daily, Moscow Domodedovo - Dnepropetrovsk service. From June 1, daily, Moscow - Sevastopol Embraer ERJ-145 service begins.

Embraer (EMB) is negotiating with AeroSvit (UKA) owners to deliver three out of 5 Embraer E190 airplanes ordered by (UKA). In 2012, 2 E190s painted in AeroSvit (UKA) livery were delivered to (UKA). They were operating for Dniproavia (UDN), a member of Ukrainian Aviation Group, created by AeroSvit (UKA) owners.

At the end of December, AeroSvit (UKA) filed for bankruptcy, but planned to continue operations. However, (UKA) finally ceased short- and medium-haul destinations and then left the long-haul market shortly thereafter.

Part of (UKA)’s fleet, including 2 E190s, were transferred to Ukraine International Airlines (UKR). Three remaining E190s could also be leased by (UKR) after delivery to AeroSvit (UKA) owners.

May 2013: Dniproavia (UDN) grew last month with 3 new routes launched on 22 April. (UDN) inaugurated flights from Kiev Boryspil (KBP) to Donetsk (DOK) and Odessa (ODS), served by (UDN) with 2x-daily and daily frequencies respectively. The newly launched domestic services will compete with Ukraine International Airlines (UKR), which already operates 2x-daily flights on both of the routes. In addition, (UDN) commenced daily operations on the 800 km route connecting Ukraine’s fourth-largest city Dnepropetrovsk (DNK) and Moscow Domodedovo (DME). The route is served with a 49-seat ERJ-145, and operates in competition with existing 2x-weekly flights provided by Transaero Airlines (TRX).

May 2013: Dniproavia (UDN) began daily, Moscow Domodedovo - Dnepropetrovsk service. From June 1, daily, Moscow - Sevastopol Embraer ERJ-145 service begins.

April 2014: UTair Ukraine ((IATA) Code QU, based at Lugansk) (UTN) has suspended somes of its domestic Ukrainian services and several regional routes in the wake of ongoing tensions between the former Soviet state and Russia over the latter's seizure of the Crimea.

Among the routes affected since March 29 are: Kiev Zhulyany to Kharkov and Lugansk. The UTair ((IATA) Code UT, based at Khanty-Mansiysk) (TYU) subsidiary has also suspended its Kiev Zhulyany to St Petersburg and Kharkov to Yerevan and Baku services.

Dniproavia ((IATA) Code: Z6, based at Dnepropetrovsk) (UDN) has also adapted its schedule to the situation postponing the launch of its Dnepropetrovsk to Istanbul Atatürk, Tbilisi, Batumi and Baku flights as well as its Kiev Zhulyany to Sevastopol service to the end of April. Flights from Moscow to Sevastopol and Ivano-Frankovsk have also been postponed to the end of April.

May 2014: Dniproavia (UDN), expanded its Dnepropetrovsk (DNK) offering with the addition of 3 new links, all of which will be operated by (UDN)’s 49-seat ERJ-145s. On April 27th, (UDN) inaugurated services to Tbilisi (TBS) and Batumi (BUS) in Georgia that will be operated weekly until October 19 and October 22, respectively. One day later, on April 28, it commenced 3x-weekly operations (Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays) on the 962 km sector to Istanbul Atatürk (IST) that will be served until October 23rd. Dniproavia (UDN) will face direct competition only on the service to Turkey from Turkish Airlines (THY)’s 5x-weekly operations.

June 2014: Dniproavia (UDN) expanded its Dnepropetrovsk (DNK) offering with the addition of weekly flights (Wednesdays) to Batumi (BUS) on June 4th. The 921 km sector to the Georgian city on the Black Sea coast will be operated utilizing (UDN)’s 49Y-seat ERJ-145s and will see a frequency increase to 2x-weekly from June 18th. There is no competition on this airport pair. Dniproavia (UDN) will also launch weekly operations from Kharkiv to Batumi on June 18th.

December 2014: Ukraine’s State Aviation Administration has banned several Russian and Ukrainian airlines on the Moscow - Dnepropetrovsk route from December 1 for safety reasons. The affected airlines are Russia’s Aeroflot (ARO), Transaero (TRX), UTair (TYU) and UTair-Ukraine (UTN) and Dniproavia (UDN).

Aeroflot (ARO) had planned to re-launch Moscow - Dnepropetrovsk service from December 1. (ARO) was supposed to start daily service to Dnepropetrovsk, as well as 2x-daily service to Kharkiv. However, Aeroflot (ARO) had to change plans for both routes due to the latest ban. The Russian flag carrier has also been prohibited from re-launching the Kharkiv route.

Aeroflot (ARO) ceased several Ukrainian routes after Malaysia Airlines (MAS) MH17, a Boeing 777-200ER, was shot down over Ukraine by a surface-to-air missile July 17, while on a scheduled flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. All 298 on board were killed. (ARO) also ceased flights to Donetsk and Odessa.

According to Interfax-Ukraine, Ukrainian authorities do not have information on a possible ban for Aeroflot (ARO)’s Moscow to Odessa flights. Flights to Donetsk are currently impossible, as the airport in the city was totally destroyed.



Click below for photos:
UDN-737-5YO - 2011-11

March 2018:

1 737-3L9 (CFM56-3B2) (1815-34571, /90 UR-IVK), BF VOLITO 2006-08. 18C, 130Y.

1 737-36Q (CFM56-3C1) (2880-28659, /08 UR-DNJ), EX-(G-THOJ) 2008-10. 18C, 130Y.

1 737-4YO (CFM56-3C1) (1861-24686, /90 UR-KIV - SEE PHOTO), AL-RAJHI AVIATION LSD 2004-08. 18C, 132Y.

1 737-5YO (CFM56-3C1) (1960-24696, /90 UR-DNH), FIRST GREENWICH KAHAL LSD 2008-07. 12C, 114Y.

2 737-5L9 (CFM56-3C1) (2868-28722, /97 UR-DND; 2947-28995, /97 UR-DNC - - SEE PHOTO - - "UDN-737-519-2008-07"), FIRST GREENWICH KAHAL LSD 2008-01. 12C, 114Y.

1 767-322ER (PW4060) (391-25280, /91 UR-DNM - - SEE PHOTO - - "UDN-767-2008-12"), BRASSBOX LSD 2009-03. WET-LST (UKA) 2010-08. 213Y.

4 ERJ-145EU (AE3007A) (088, /98 UR-DNA, EX-(G-EMBF), 2007-08; 094, /98 UR-DNB, EX-(G-EMBG), 2007-08; 290, UR-DNO, 2008-11; 357, /00 UR-DNE, EX-(G-EMBS); 404, /01 UR-DNF; 641, UR-DNR, 2010-04), AIRCRAFT SOLUTIONS LSD. 49Y.

5 EMBRAER ERJ-145LR (436, UR-DNY, 2010-09; 445, UR-DNV, 2010-06; 652, UR-DNT; 709, UR-DNS; 738, UR-DNU), 2010-07, EX-(F-WKXC; F-WKXD; F-WKXF).

2 +8/5 ORDERS E190 (0494, /12 UR-DSA; 0501, /12 UR-DSB), ALL WET-LST (UKA). 12C, 92Y.

0 AN-26.

2 YAK 40 (AI-25) (9530943, /75 UR-BWE; 9711352, /77 UR-BWF), VIP 10F.

2 YAK 40 (AI-25) (9720154, /77 UR-LEV; 9610946, /76 UR-XYZ), VIP 9F.

1 YAK 40 (AI-25) (9610647, /76 UR-PIT), VIP 8F.

1 YAK 40 (AI-25) (9820858, /78 UR-87965), VIP 13C.

1 YAK 40 (AI-25) (9640751, /76 UR-88237), 32Y.

1 YAK 40 (AI-25) (9840859, /78 UR-88309), VIP 14C.

1 YAK 40 (AI-25) (9940760, /79 UR-88310), VIP 16C.

1 YAK 40K (AI-25) (9740656, /77 UR-ORG), 24Y.

4 YAK-42D (D-36) (4520424914477, /90 UR-42376; 4520423116624, /91 UR-42405; 4520421216709, /92 UR-42409; 4520421401018, /94 UR-42449), 120Y.

1 YAK-42D (D-36)) (4520423304016, /93 UR-42426), 12C, 86Y.

1 BELL 407 (AN 250-C47B) (53136, /97 UR-WAL), 5Y.






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