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7JetSet7 Code: URL
Status: Operational
Region: CIS
Country: RUSSIA
Employees 1465
Web: uralairlines.ru
Email: office@uralairlines.ru
Telephone: +7 3432 640919
Fax: +7 3432 268249

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URL-LOGO - FLEET - 2009-01

Formed and started operations in 1993. Formerly Sverdlovsk State Air Enterprises, which started operations in 1943. A K A Uralskie Avialinii. Domestic, regional, & international, scheduled & charter, passenger & cargo, jet airplane services.

6 Sputnikov Street
Yekaterinburg, 620025, Russia

Russia (Russian Federation) was established in 1991, it covers an area of 17,075,400 sq km, its population is 148.4 million, its capital city is Moscow, and its official language is Russian.

June 2006: Ural Airlines (URL), based at Koltsovo International Airport in Ekaterinburg, signed a letter of intent (LOI) with Aughras Trading of Ireland for the lease of 2 A320-211s scheduled for delivery in August and September. They will be (URL)'s 1st Western airplanes. Ural (URL) said it would have preferred to purchase the airplanes, but could not secure a delivery slot prior to 2009.

August 2006: Lufthansa Technik (DLH) (LTK) signed a 5-year Total Component Support contract with Ural Airlines (URL) covering its 6 A320s.

October 2006: A320-211 (VP-BQY) delivery in a new livery - see photo.

November 2006: 2 A320-211s (0140, ex-(TS-ING); 0157, ex-(TS-INH)), ex-Nouvelair (NOU), Aughras Trading leased. Plans to build up a fleet of 12 western built airplanes.

April 2007: Ural Airlines (URL) reported 2006 net income of +RUB27.1 million/+$1 million, up from a +RUB4.5 million profit in 2005, Russia's (AK&M) reported. Passenger traffic rose +11% to 1 million. The company flies mainly Russian-built airplanes but leased its 1st A320s last year.

May 2007: Ural Airlines (URL) reported a net loss of -RUB91.2 million/-$3.5 million in the 1st quarter compared to a -RUB63.3 million deficit in the year-ago period, Russia's "AK&M" reported. Revenue climbed +17.9% to RUB1.13 billion.

June 2007: 5 orders A320-200s.

October 2007: Ural Airlines (URL) confirmed a Memo of Understanding (MOU) signed at the Paris Air Show for 7 A320-200s. Ural (URL) is a new Airbus (EDS) customer. The airplanes will accommodate 160 passengers in a 2-class configuration. (URL), which currently operates 2 leased A320s, has not selected an engine.

January 2008: 2007 = 1,217,203 passengers (+15%).

April 2008: (CFM) International reached a deal with Ural Airlines (URL) for (CFM56-5B/3) Tech Insertion engines to power 7 A320-200s slated for delivery in 2012.

August 2008: Ural Airlines (URL) reported a -RUB90.9 million/-$3.7 million loss in the 1st half of 2008, narrowed from the -RUB246.4 million loss suffered in the year-ago semester, Russia's (AK&M) reported.

Finnair (FIN) will launch 3x-weekly, Helsinki to Yekaterinburg on September 2 aboard an A319. Ural Airlines (URL) will code share.

September 2008: Ural Airlines (URL) is the top airline at Yekaterinburg Airport, which in January through July 2008, handled 0.8 million domestic passengers and 0.6 million international passengers, for a total 1.4 million. This gave the airport a ranking of 7th highest in Russia, with the others (in millions) being: 1. Moscow (DME) 11.9; 2 Moscow (SVO) 8.6; 3. Moscow (VKO) 4.6; 4. St Petersburg 4.0; 6. Novosibirsk 1.1; 7. Kaliningrad 1.0; 8. Sochi 0.9; 8. Krasnodar 0.9; 10.0 Samara 0.8.

November 2008: Iberia (IBE) said it renovated its La Munoza maintenance hangar near Madrid Barajas to improve and extend its painting services for new and overhauled airplanes. The 2,900-sq-m facility is equipped for stripping, sanding, painting and drying various airplanes. A Saudi Arabian Airlines (SVA) 757-200 and an A320 operated by Ural Airlines (URL) are the 1st in line to be painted there.

January 2009: Ural Airlines (URL) operates domestic and international, jet airplane flights to >50 countries in Europe and Asia.

Employees = 1,434.

Parent organization/shareholders: Ural Wings (65.77%); & Ural Transport Bank (14.67%).

(IATA) Code: U6 - 262. (ICAO) Code: SVR (Callsign - SVERDLOVSK AIR).

Motto: "Your Dreams - Our Wings."

Alliances: (CSA) Czech Airlines.

Main Base: Ekaterinburg International airport (SVX).

Domestic, scheduled destinations: Bratsk; Chelyabinsk; Chita; Ekaterinburg; Irkutsk; Kemerovo; Krasnodar; Krasnoyarsk; Mineralnye Vody; Moscow; Nadym; Nishnevartovsk; Novosibirsk; Novyj Urengoj; St Petersburg; Salekhard; Samara; Sochi; Vladivostok; & Yakutsk.

International, scheduled destinations: Almaty; Antalya; Baku; Bangkok; Barcelona; Bourgas; Budapest; Dubai; Dusseldorf; Goa; Hamburg; Helsinki; Istanbul; Kiev; Lahore; Larnaca; Luxor; Milan; Munich; Paris; Prague; Pula; Simferopol; Tashkent; Tel Aviv; Thessaloniki; Tivat; Ulaanbaatar; Varna; & Vienna.

2 orders (May 2009) A320-200, (ILF) 6 year leased.

June 2009: Lufthansa Technik (DLH) (LTK) Sofia, the 80 to 20 joint venture (JV) between Lufthansa Technik (DLH) (LTK) and Bulgarian Aviation Group launched last year, recently opened a 2nd maintenance line for Boeing (TBC) and Airbus (EDS) narrow bodies. The 1st user of the facility was a Ural Airlines (URL) A320.

September 2009: (ILFC) (ILF) announced a lease deal for one used A321-211 (1012, VQ-BDA) to Ural Airlines (URL) for 7 years.

October 2009: Ural Airlines (URL) has established links between Samara and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). (URL) launched a weekly connection using an A320.

March 2010: A320-214 (2327, VQ-BFW), (GEF) leased.

June 2010: Ural Airlines (URL) will operate seasonal 3x-weekly, Ekaterinburg – Simferopol service aboard an A320 this summer. From Ekaterinburg, it also will serve Sochi (daily), Anapa (5x-weekly in June, 6x-weekly beginning in July), Mineralnye Vody (2x-weekly), Krasnodar (2x-weekly), and Gelendzhik (3x-weekly via Moscow Domodedovo). (URL) will resume weekly service to Vienna July 16.

August 2010: Ural Airlines (URL) has retired its last Tu-154B-2s and now operates 2 A321-200s, 12 A320-200s and 4 Tu-154Ms. 2 ex-USA 3000 Airlines (USX) A320-200s have been added this spring. (URL) plans to continue its network expansion with +7 A320 or A321 airplanes scheduled to be delivered through 2013. (URL) is also considering adding either A330s or 767s to its fleet as well as ATR 42s for regional services.

(URL) has already introduced new routes this summer season:
Ekaterinburg to Barcelona: 2x-weekly seasonal, A320-200 service started on May 29;
Ekaterinburg to Moscow Vnukovo: weekly, A320-200 service started on March 1 (in addition to Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo services);
Ekaterinburg to Rome Fiumicino: weekly, A320-200 service on May 2;
Ekaterinburg to Ufa: weekly, A320-200 service (already launched);
Ekaterinburg to Varna: 2x-weekly seasonal, A320-200 service (already launched);
Krasnodar to Dushanbe: weekly, A320-200 service (already launched);
Moscow Domodedovo to Gelendzik: 3x-weekly, A320-200 service started on June 2;
Samara to Khudzhand: weekly, A320-200 service started on February 26;
Samara to Tashkent: weekly, A320-200 service started on March 30;
St Petersburg to Ekaterinburg to Novosibirsk to Khabarovsk: weekly, A320-200 service started on March 5;
St Petersburg to Gyoumri: weekly, A321-200 service started on July 27;
St Petersburg to Lenkoran: weekly, A320-200 service started on July 8;
Ufa to Dubai: weekly, A320-200 service starting on September 24;
Ufa to Dushanbe: weekly, A320-200 service started on April 3;
Ufa to Khudzhand: weekly, A320-200 service started on April 10.

(URL) signed code share agreements with Avia Traffic Company and Kyrgyzstan Air Company (KYR) for the Ekaterinburg to Bishkek services operated by both partner carriers. It has also signed a similar agreement with Scat (VSV) that operates between Ekaterinburg and Astana.

May 2011: Ural Airlines (URL) took delivery of a 220-seat A321. (URL) operates 12 A320s and 5 A321s.

October 2011: Ural Airlines (URL) launched 4 new international routes in October; all with 159-seat A320 airplanes. 3 of the routes are from Chelyabinsk airport (CEK) south of the airline’s home base in Yekaterinburg, and 1 from Nizhniy Novgorod airport (GOJ) east of Moscow. The routes to Dubai airport (DXB) and Harbin airport (HRB) in NE China each operate weekly, while the Vienna airport (VIE) service is operated 2x-weekly.

(URL) launched new routes to Dubai airport (DXB) on October 14. (URL) now flies 2x-weekly from Krasnodar airport (KRR) in S Russia and weekly from Novosibirsk airport (OVB) in Siberia. The latter route is operated in competition with (S7) (SBR)’s 2x-weekly flights. The 1st operation on the route took 90 passengers from the Siberian airport to Dubai, achieving a 55% LF load factor. Both of the 2 new (URL)’s services are flown with A320 airplanes.

2 Russian carriers (Ural Airlines (URL) and Kuban Airlines (KIL) announced they will stop using Soviet Union-era airplanes on regular flights.

(URL) said it removed a Tupolev Tu-154M from its fleet after its last flight from Yamburg (Western Siberia) to Ekaterinburg. When (URL) was launched in 1993, it had 11 Tu-154Bs; in 1994 it bought 4 more Tu-154Ms. As of this month, (URL) operated 3 Tu-154Ms that were allowed to fly to Europe.

According to (CEO) Sergey Skuratov, (URL) is planning to sell its 3 Tu-154Ms. In November 2006, (URL) took delivery of its 1st A320, which started its fleet renewal program. Now (URL) operates 13 A320s and 5 A321s. In 2012, (URL) is planning to acquire 4 more A321s.

Krasnodar-based (KIL) said it will use 8 Yakovlev Yak-42s only on charter flights and as reserve airplanes during its upcoming winter schedule. After the Yak Service Yak-42 crash last September 7 in Yaroslavl, media reports and some experts in Russia blamed old Soviet-made airplanes for being unsafe.

Russian Flight Safety Foundation International Chairman Evgeniy Shaposhnikov objected to these conclusions. He noted that during the last 20 years, Russia has lost 50 airplanes. While 44 were Soviet-built airplanes, he said technical defects were responsible for just 16% of the accidents.

The main reason (URL) and (KIL) are retiring the Soviet-era airplanes is their low fuel efficiency. Also, (KIL) is consolidating with Low Cost Carrier (LCC) Sky Express (SEX), optimizing its route network and canceling several destinations in its winter schedule. The combined carrier (KIL)/(SEX) now owns 3 A319s and 5 737s.

The replacement of Soviet-era airplanes began in the Russian market in 2005 to 2006. Through their renewal program, the biggest Russian carriers (such as Aeroflot (ARO), (S7) Airlines (SBR) and Rossiya (SDM)) have already removed the older airplanes from their fleets. However, UTair (TYU), the 4th-biggest Russian carrier, still operates 21 Tu-154s; UTair-Express has 28 Tu-134s and 25 Antonov An-24s.

A321-211 (2117, VQ-BOZ), ex-(EI-ERU) (ACG) leased and A321-231 (1199, VQ-BOC), ex-(EI-ERS), (ILF) leased.

December 2011: Ural Airlines (URL) launched a new route from Novosibirsk airport (OVB) in the Russian Far East to Guangzhou airport (CAN) in S China on December 28. The 4,325 km route is operated 2x-weekly with A320 airplanes. Guangzhou becomes (URL)’s 3rd destination in China after Beijing, which (URL) serves from its main base in Ekaterinburg, and Harbin, which (URL) serves from 4 Russian airports.

In February, Ural Airlines (URL) is starting another trans-border flight from its home base in Yekaterinburg to Harbin, China.

Measured by its (RPK) traffic, (URL) is Russia's 5th largest airline, following Aeroflot (ARO), TransAero (TRX), (S7) Airlines (SBR), and UTAir (TYU). Presently, (URL) is the fastest growing with (RPK)s through October up +35%.

January 2012: Ural Airlines (URL) is now Russia's 5th largest airline by traffic (RPK)s following Aeroflot (ARO); TransAero (TRX), UTAir (TYU), and S7 (SBR).

In 2011, number of passengers were +40% to 2.5 million passengers.

(URL) is continuing with its rapid international network expansion and has added new routes from a wide range of Russian airports to sunshine destinations like Antalya, Barcelona, Dubai, Guangzhou, Hurghada, Sharm el Sheikh, and Tel Aviv:
Chelyabinsk - Dubai: weekly A320-200 service has started on October 7;
Chelyabinsk to Harbin: weekly A320-200 service started on October 6;
Chelyabinsk to Vienna: 2x-weekly A320-200 service has started on October 5;
Ekaterinburg to Harbin: weekly A320-200 service starting on February 4;
Ekaterinburg to Samarkand: weekly A320-200 service has started in June;
Ekaterinburg to Tbilisi: weekly A320-200 service has started in August;
Krasnodar to Dubai: 2x-weekly A320-200 service has started on October 14;
Moscow Domodedovo to Cologne/Bonn: 3x-weekly A320-200 service starting on April 2;
Nizhniy Novgorod to Dubai: weekly A320-200 service has started on October 4;
Nizhniy Novgorod to Namangan: weekly A320-200 service (already launched);
Novosibirsk to Dubai: weekly A320-200 service has started on October 14;
Novosibirsk to Guangzhou: 2x-weekly A320-200 service has started on December 6;
Novosibirsk to Harbin: weekly A320-200 service started on October 6.

Ural Airlines (URL) has added 3 A321-200s previously destined for Russian charter-up Solaris Airlines which has not launched operations, another ex-Turkuaz Airlines (TKZ) A321-200 and an ex-All Nippon Airways (ANA) A320-200. It has used the airplanes to replace its last 3 Tu-154Ms. (URL) now operates 14 A320-200s as well as 9 A321-200s.

Ural Airlines (URL) has announced plans to add A330s for long-haul services in 2012.

April 2012: Ural Airlines (URL) added flights to its 2nd German destination after Munich on April 2 when it launched a new route between Moscow Domodedovo (DME) and Cologne/Bonn (CGN) airports. The internationally growing airline will operate the new route 3x-weekly, increasing to 5x-weekly flights in June. The all-Airbus (EDS) operator will use 159-seat A320s on the new route, which indirectly competes with germanwings (RFG)’s 4x-weekly flights to Moscow Vnukovo.

On 17 April, Ural Airlines (URL) inaugurated services from St Petersburg (LED) to Yerevan (EVN). The 2,400 km route to Armenia’s capital is offered with weekly frequencies and operated with A321s. Competition comes from the Russian state carrier Rossyia (SDM), which offers 2x-weekly flights, as well as from Armavia (ARZ)’s also 2x-weekly service.

June 2012: FL Technics signed an indefinite-term line maintenance agreement with Ural Airlines (URL) to provide comprehensive line support for (URL)’s entire fleet of A320s and A321s in Krasnodar, Russia.

August 2012: Ural Airlines (URL) will begin weekly, Chelyabinsk to Tashkent A320 service on September 5. On October 3 (URL) will start weekly, Yekaterinburg to Budapest A320 service.

October 2012: Ural Airlines (URL) added 2 routes from Russia to Central Europe. On October 2, a weekly service was inaugurated from Tyumen (TJM), which is Russia’s oldest settlement in Siberia, to the Czech spa city of Karlovy Vary (KLV). It is (URL)’s 1st international route from the Siberian city, while (URL) already serves Karlovy Vary with also weekly flights from Ekaterinburg. In addition, weekly flights commenced on the 3,000 km route from Ekaterinburg (SVX) in the Ural Mountains to the Hungarian capital Budapest (BUD). This is (URL)’s 1st route to Budapest. Services on both routes will be operated with A320 airplanes.

Ural Airlines (URL) further expanded its domestic network from Moscow Domodedovo (DME) on October 28, as (URL) inaugurated services to Rostov (ROV). 2x-daily frequencies are now offered by (URL), both operated with an A320. (S7) (SBR)’s 23 and TransAero (TRX)’s 12x-weekly flights provide competition on the route.

November 2012: Ural Airlines (URL) started flying on the route from Moscow Domodedovo (DME) to Mineralnye Vody (MRV) in the Caucasus on October 30. 2x-weekly services on the 1,300 km routing are operated with (URL)’s fleet of A320s. Already serving the route are (S7) (SBR) (14x-weekly), Transaero (TRX) (12x-) and RusLine (1x-).

(URL) launched a new route Cologne/Bonn (CGN) to Moscow Domodedovo (DME).

March 2013: Ural Airlines (URL) expanded its international network with a new route from Moscow Domodedovo (DME) to Kyrgyzstan’s capital Bishkek (FRU) on February 23. (URL), which already serves Bishkek from its main Yekaterinburg base, now connects the 2 capitals offering weekly flights operated with 159Y-seater A320s. Competition on the route comes from Kyrgyzstan Air Company (6x-weekly), Air Bishkek (4x-) and Avia Traffic (3x-).

May 2013: Ural Airlines (URL) reported a 2012 full-year net profit of RUB145.4 million/$4.67 million, up +2% from a year-ago period.

June 2013: Ural Airlines (URL) commenced operations to Mirny (MJZ) in Yakutia on June 28 when it launched weekly services from Ekaterinburg (SVX). A320s are operated on the 3,000 km route, which is operated by (URL) as the lone carrier.

A319-112 (1901, VP-BTE), ex-(A9C-EV), (ILF) leased.

August 2013: Ural Airlines (URL) commenced operations on its 2nd route from Chelyabinsk (CEK) to Uzbekistan on July 31st with the launch of services to Namangan (NMA), the country’s 2nd-largest city located in the NE of the country. Services on the 1,800 km route are operated with single weekly frequency using A320s. Ural Airlines (URL) also offers flights of the same frequency to Tashkent.

October 2013: Ural Airlines (URL) has started weekly (Wednesday) flights from Chelyabinsk (CEK), situated to the east of the Ural Mountains in Russia, to Beijing (PEK). The 775 km city pair, which began on September 25, will be flown by 1 of (URL)’s 159Y-seat A320s. While there will be no competition on the route, this will become (URL)’s 2nd service to the Chinese capital, along with existing 3x-weekly flights from Yekaterinburg.

Ural Airlines (URL) added its 4th route to Harbin (HRB) on October 21. Already serving the Chinese airport from Novosibirsk (weekly), Ekaterinburg (2) and Krasnojarsk (1), (URL) has begun a weekly service (Mondays) from Irkutsk (IKT) using A320s. The 1,753 km sector is flown in competition with IrAero Airlines, which operates the route 2x-weekly (Mondays and Fridays) with CRJ 200 equipment.

November 2013: Ural Airlines (URL) increased its international offering from Ekaterinburg (SVX) in Russia on October 31st with the launch of services on the 2,000 km route to Baku (GYD) in Azerbaijan. Weekly flights are offered on the route and will depart on Thursdays. The A320-operated service competes with Azerbaijan Airlines (AHY)’s schedule of the same frequency.

Ural Airlines (URL) has commenced operations from Ekaterinburg (SVX) to Almaty (ALA). A320s are deployed to operate the 1,880 km sector, which began on November 5th from (URL)’s base. The weekly service (Tuesdays) to Kazakhstan’s largest international airport faces no direct competition at this time.

December 2013: Ural Airlines (URL) will take delivery of 5 A320s family in the 1st quarter of 2014. The airplanes, comprising 3 A319s and 2 A320s, were manufactured in 2008 to 2009 and operated by airlines in Europe and Asia.

(URL) (CEO) Yury Skuratov said the company may be interested in ordering 2 more airplanes, preferably A321s.

Yekaterinburg-based (URL) (Russia’s 6th largest airline) operates 19 A320s, 10 A321s and 2 A319s. During the 1st 10 months of 2013, it carried 3.78 million passengers, up +25.8% on the year-ago period.

February 2014: Ural Airlines (URL) launched a new service on February 3rd between Adler/Sochi (AER) and Milan Malpensa (MXP) with 2x-weekly flights (Mondays and Fridays) using a combination of its A320s and A321s. The 2,475 km sector will be flown just for the period of the Winter Olympics, which are taking place in the Russian Black Sea resort of Sochi, with the last of just 9 flights due to be operated on March 3rd. There is no competition on this briefly served route. (URL) does serve Italy already, with weekly services from Ekaterinburg to Rome Fiumicino, as well as Moscow Domodedovo to Rimini.

April 2014: Ural Airlines (URL) has added another weekly link to Budapest (BUD). After launching flights from Krasnodar, it began weekly (Sunday) flights from Rostov-on-Don (ROV). The 1,550 km route will be served by 1 of (URL)’s A320s and faces no direct competition.

May 2014: Ural Airlines (URL) has begun its 2nd service into Munich (MUC) from Russia, adding a weekly (Saturdays) service from Krasnodar (KRR) on April 26th to its existing operations into the German airport from Ekaterinburg. (URL) will encounter no direct competition on the route, which will be operated by its 159-seat A320s.

August 2014: Ural Airlines ((IATA) Code: U6, based at Ekaterinburg) (URL) (CEO), Sergei Skuratov says his airline is on track to take delivery of its 1st Western-built wide body jets in 2016 despite the recent imposition of European and USA sanctions on Russia. The airplanes will act as a replacement for Ural (URL)'s now retired fleet of Il-86s.

Speaking to the "Itar-Tass" newswire, Skuratov said the choice of the A330-300 was only natural given Ural (URL)'s current fleet of 5 A319-100s, 20 A320-200s and 10 A321-200s. Skuratov said (URL) intends to configure the A330-300s with 366Y seats in Economy class and had also considered the 767-300 as a potential choice.

"We haven't revised our plans to acquire suitable airplanes, such as the Airbus A330-300, under operating lease. In fact, our primary concerns stem from technical issues and are not political or sanctions-related," he said.

While Aeroflot (SU, Moscow Sheremetyevo) subsidiary Dobrolet ((IATA) Code: QD, based at Moscow Sheremetyevo) (DBL) has now been forced to transfer its fleet of 737-800s to Orenair ((IATA) Code: R2, based at Orenburg) (ORB), Skuratov said Ural's existing Western lessors, among them (GE) Capital Aviation Services (GECAS) (GEF), had not advised his airline of any impending change in their contracts despite the ratcheting up of sanctions.

In fact, he added, during the course of next year, (URL) will lease +5 Airbus A319s and A320s for use in consolidating its route network, which consists of flights to 73 destinations located throughout Russia, the (CIS), China, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East.

Ural Airlines (URL) currently operates 35 airplanes and serves 20 countries to 73 destinations on 176 routes and 100 daily flights.

October 2014: Russian airlines carried 63.7 million passengers from January to August, up +12.3% compared to the year-ago period. According to Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency, Rosaviatsia, the number of passengers carried between Russia and the (CIS) during the 8-month period dropped -6.9% to 4.7 million year-over-year.

International boardings (excluding Russia to (CIS) destinations) grew +8.8% to 28 million. Domestic boardings were up +19.6% to 31 million.

Flights between Russian regions and Crimea (previously Russia - (CIS)), which is in the center of the Russia to Ukraine political conflict, are calculated differently than in previous years.

Ural Airlines (URL) passenger traffic was up +18.4% to 15.7 million year-over-year. Transaero (TRX) passenger traffic was up +6.4% to 9.03 million; UTair (TYU) was up +10.7% to 6.2 million; Sibir Airlines (working under the "(S7)" brand) (SBR) was up +15.8% to 5.4 million passengers compared to the year-ago period.

Nordwind Airline (NWD)’s passenger traffic was 3.2 million, up +39.9% during the period. Aeroflot (ARO) subsidiary, Orenair (ORB) reported passenger traffic was down -3.7% to 2.2 million passengers, compared to the year-ago period.

February 2015: Ural Airlines (URL) has implemented new cost-cutting measures (which include a new payment scheme for pilots (FC) that will pay per flight instead of per hour, a new maintenance, repair & overhaul (MRO) center to perform its own "C" checks on its Airbus (EDS) A320s, and a route network optimization plan.

The new pilot (FC) payment system will be implemented over the next several months as (URL) changes its software that calculates pilot (FC) payments.

Ural Airlines (URL) General Director, Sergey Skuratov said the new payment scheme will help (URL) reduce flight times and cut costs. However, carrier representatives pointed out there is a danger pilots (FC) will increase speed, where it is not necessary, but the problem will be solved using flight information analysis.

In January, (URL) also launched a new maintenance, repair & overhaul (MRO) center that can perform Airbus A320 family "C" checks. Skuratov said the man-hour rate in Yekaterinburg is -1.5 times less than in Eastern Europe, where the airline previously performed "C" checks. Also, having its own hangar eliminates the need for the carrier to operate five flight hours to Europe with empty airplanes.

Route network optimization is also a part of cost-cutting program. (URL) is based in two Russian airports (Koltsovo in Yekaterinburg and Domodedovo in Moscow), but is developing regional routes from several big Russian cities.

Ural Airlines (URL) operates a fleet of 34 A320 family airplanes. From January to November 2014, it carried 4.8 million passengers, up +17.2% from a year-ago.

March 2015: Ural Airlines (URL), Russia’s 6th biggest carrier, has requested government guarantees, spokesperson Sergey Antonov has confirmed.

“Ural Airlines (URL) was included in the list of country’s backbone companies that can request state help. (URL) decided to use that possibility,” Antonov said. (URL) did not disclose the size of the guarantees or other details about the request. "TASS" agency reported Ural Airlines (URL) asked up to RUB2 billion/$32 million.

In February, (URL) announced new cost-cutting measures (which included a new payment scheme for pilots (FC) that would pay per flight instead of per hour, a new maintenance and repair center to perform its own "C" checks on its Airbus A320s, and a route network optimization plan.

Several of Russia’s biggest airlines are facing financial difficulties due to economic and currency rate changes. At the end of last year, the Russian government agreed to bail out Transaero (TRX), its 2nd biggest carrier. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a government resolution guaranteeing a 3-year RUB9 billion loan from the (VTB) Bank, which is 60.9% owned by the Russian government. UTair (TYU), which is now the 4th biggest Russian carrier, is also requesting state aid.

In 2014, Yekaterinburg-based, Ural Airlines (URL) carried 5.1 million passengers, up +16.8% year-over-year. However, in January, passenger numbers were down -2.8% to 325,858. (URL) operates a fleet of 18 Airbus A320s, 10 A321s and 6 A319s.

The Russian government has approved a bill to reduce the value-added tax (VAT) from 18% to 10% for airlines operating domestic flights. The bill, which will change the country’s tax code, will be sent to the State Duma in the near future. The measure will be effective through January 1, 2017.

Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev said the initiative is necessary to improve the financial situations of Russian carriers. Last year, several Russian airlines faced significant difficulties due to economic and currency exchange rates changes.

At the end of 2014, the Russian government pledged to support the struggling Transaero Airlines (TRX), UTair Airlines (TYU), and Ural Airlines (URL) are also seeking government guarantees.

Russia’s international traffic was down -14.5% in January to February, while domestic passenger numbers grew +12.4%. UTair (TYU) carried 691,834 passengers for the 2-month period, down -33.6%. TransAero (TRX) carried 1.42 million, down -5% year-over-year.

May 2015: Ural Airlines (URL) has become a member of (IATA) (ITA), which will allow (URL) “to optimize costs of international audit which the airline is required to pass, to get the information on the airline business new technologies and implement them,” (URL) said.

Yekaterinburg-based Ural Airlines (URL), the 6th largest carrier in the country, has become the 13th Russian carrier to join (IATA) (including Aeroflot (ARO) and its member airlines (Donavia (DAU), Orenair (ORB) and Rossiya Airlines (SDM)), Transaero (TRX), S7 Airlines (SBR), UTair (TYU), Nordwind (NWD), Nordavia (AEN), Yakutia (SYL) as well as cargo carriers Volga-Dnepr (VDA) and AirBridgeCargo (ABC).

(IATA) members include nearly 250 airlines from 117 countries and represent 84% of total traffic. Ural Airlines (URL), which launched operations in 1993, carried 5.16 million passengers in 2014, up +16.8% year-over-year.

August 2015: News Item A-1: Russian airlines carried >125,000 passengers on Kaliningrad to Moscow and Kaliningrad to Saint Petersburg routes within the framework of Kaliningrad subsidy program for the 1st 4 months. According to Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency, Rosaviatsia, since April 15, 2015, RUB269 million/$4.09 million was spent for subsidies, 64% of its budget of RUB420 million.

The program started will continue through October 15, 2015. 6 airlines take part in the subsidy program: Aeroflot (ARO), Transaero (TRX), Ural Airlines (URL), UTair (TYU), (S7) Airlines (SBR), and Red Wings Airlines (RWZ).

It is expected that 190,000 passengers will be carried within its framework, down 14% from the year-ago period; 150,000 will be carried on Kaliningrad to Moscow, and 40,000 on Kaliningrad to Saint Petersburg.

Russian authorities launched the Kaliningrad subsidy program in 2011. Kaliningrad is a Russian exclave situated west of the country and does not border the main territory. It is surrounded by Poland and Lithuania.

News Item A-2: Russian airlines have carried 306,000 passengers since spring on routes between the Russian Far East and other parts of the country under a government subsidy program, according to Russian figures just released.

The current subsidy program runs from April 1 through October 31 and applies to destinations in the extreme eastern parts of Russia, between Eastern Siberia and the Pacific Ocean. 11 Russian airlines (Aeroflot (ARO), Transaero (TRX), Yakutia (SYL), Alrosa, UTair (TYA), VIM Avia (MOV), Ural Airlines (URL), OrenAir (ORB), (S7) Airlines (SBR), Ikar, and NordStar (JSC)) are part of the program, and are flying a total of 44 routes between 29 cities in 8 federal regions of the country.

According to figures released August 24 by Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency, Rosaviatsia, Russia has so far this year spent RUB2.072 billion/$30.4 million on subsidizing these operations (61% of the program’s RUB 3.372 billion budget).

Russian authorities first began a Far East subsidy program in 2009.

October 2015: Kaluga International Airport will launch international flights on November 16, when Tadjikistan’s Asia Express Airline and Russia’s Ural Airlines (URL) fly into the new airport.

On November 16, Asia Express will start 3x-weekly, 737-400 Kulob (Tadjikistan) to Kaluga service, and on November 17, (URL) will begin weekly, A320 Kaluga to Khudzhand flights.

Kaluga airport was officially reopened after 13 years, at the end of May 2015. Komiaviatrans started domestic scheduled flights in June 2015. The 1st international charter flight was handled in September 2015.

After reconstruction, the airport now handles 100 passengers per hour. The runway is 2,200 meters long and is designed for aircraft such as the A319, 737, and ATR 72.

December 2015: News Item A-1: "Russia’s International Traffic dropped -28.4% in November" by (ATW) Polina Montag-Girmes.

International traffic for Russian airlines was down -28.4% in November year-over-year (YOY) to 2.2 million passengers, according to Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency, Rosaviatsia.

The total number of passengers carried in November reached 5.7 million, down -11.8% (YOY). The sharp drop is attributed to the closure of Egyptian destinations, following the Metrojet (KLV) Airbus A321 crash on October 31, and charters to Turkey due to increased tensions between the 2 countries after the downing of a Russian fighter jet over Syria by Turkey.

In the January to November period, all Russian airlines carried 86.5 million passengers, down -0.4% (YOY). International traffic was down -14.9% to 37.6 million, while domestic routes grew +14.5% to 48.9 million.

Aeroflot (ARO) carried 24 million passengers in the 11-month period, up +10.7%. (S7) (SBR) carried 7.6 million, up +2.6 %. While Globus (GLP), a part of the (S7) Group, carried 2.2 million, up +15.2%. UTair (TYU), that announced its debt portfolio refinancing, carried 5.2 million, down -35.7%. Ural airlines (URL) carried 5.1 million, up +6.3%. (URL) remained 5th place in the ratings, while Rossiya Airline (SDM) stayed at the 6th place with 4.5 million passengers carried, down -6.7% (YOY).

News Item A-2: Ural Airlines (URL) started 2 new services over the festive season, linking Russia with China and Austria. On December 26, (URL), now the country’s 3rd largest in terms of weekly, behind Aeroflot (ARO) and (S7) Airlines (SBR), started weekly (Saturdays) flights from Harbin (HRB) in China to Chita (HTA) in Russia. As the route originates in the Chinese city, presumably it utilizes an aircraft from 1 of its other services operated into Harbin (namely Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Bangkok Suvarnabhumi, Yekaterinburg, or Irkutsk. The 1,181 km service is flown by (URL)'s 156-seat A320 fleet.

January 2016: On January 3, Ural Airlines (URL) began weekly (Sundays) flights from Moscow Domodedovo (DME) to Belgrade (BEG). Flown by its 220-seat A321s, the route will increase to 2x-weekly from January 20 with the addition of a Wednesday rotation. Neither routes faces any direct competition.

February 2016: Yekaterinburg-based, Ural Airlines (URL) will develop its international network from Samara’s Kurumoch International Airport.

On April 29, (URL) will launch weekly, Airbus A320 service to Burgas (Bulgaria); on June 4, (URL) will start a weekly A320 service to Tivat (Montenegro).

According to the airport, (URL) announced several Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) destinations from Kurumoch, including Dushanbe (Tajikistan), Osh (Kyrgyzstan), and Yerevan (Armenia).

Previously, Pulkovo Airport announced (URL) has been the most active in developing its network from Saint Petersburg. (URL) added 10 new routes in 2015, bringing its total network in Pulkovo to 19 destinations.

On February 5, Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency, Rosaviatsia, said Ural Airlines (URL) was designated to operate 7x-weekly, Saint Petersburg to Barcelona service.

March 2016: News Item A-1: "Russia to Spend $44.4 million for Far East Subsidy Program in 2016" by (ATW) Polina Montag-Girmes, March 8, 2016.

Russian authorities have set a budget of RUB3.25 billion/$44.4 million for 9 carriers to take part in a government-subsidized program on flights between Russia’s Far East and other parts of the country.

The 9 Russian carriers taking part in the program are Aeroflot (ARO), Alrosa, Yakutia (SYL), Ikar, NordStar (JSC), (S7) Airlines (SBR), Ural Airlines (URL), (VIM) Avia (MOV), and UTair (TYU).

According to a government statement, the 2016 subsidy program comprises 71 destinations, which include 13 cities in the Far East region. This year’s program will again run from April 1 through October 31. The participating airlines are expected to carry around 480,000 passengers during that timeframe.

In 2015, the program spent RUB3.37 billion for 11 airlines to carry 479,000 passengers. Aeroflot Group member OrenAir (ORB) did not apply for participation this year, while Transaero (TRX) ceased operations in 2015.

Russian authorities launched the Far East subsidy program in 2009.

April 2016: News Item A-1: Ural Airlines (URL) is set to resume service to Antalya in Turkey after Russia's Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsia) lifted a moratorium on passenger flights to the resort town.

(URL) said it would serve Antalya from Rostov, Nizhniy Novgorod, and Kazan International with weekly charter flights.

Russia's government banned Ural Airlines (URL) from Antalya, following Turkey's shooting down of a Russian Air Force Sukhoi Su-24 for reportedly violating Turkish airspace near the border with Syria in November last year.

News Item A-2: Ural Airlines (URL) has started its 23rd route from Krasnodar (KRR), a weekly service (Wednesdays) to Tel Aviv (TLV) in Israel. The 1,492 km sector, which launched on April 6 and is operated by (URL)’s 156-seat A320 fleet, will face no direct competition.

Ural Airlines (URL)’s current network from the Russian airport boasts eight domestic destinations and now 15 international.

October 2016: News Item A-1: "Moscow’s New Zhukovsky Airport Increases Traffic" by (ATW) Polina Montag-Girmes montag.girmes@gmail.com, October 17, 2016.

Moscow’s Zhukovsky International Airport, which officially opened May 30, is receiving more traffic, as Russian airlines receive route approvals.

Yekaterinburg-based Ural Airlines (URL) recently won permission for a 7x-weekly Zhukovsky to Burgas route and Salekhard-based Yamal Airlines (LLM) received approval for a 4x-weekly Zhukovsky to Plovdiv service.

Zhukovsky International Airport is the 4th international airport to open in the Moscow region. Airport construction was announced at a time when airline traffic was robust in Russia. However, by the time the airport opened, traffic was decreasing because of politic and economic turbulence. It was scheduled to receive its 1st flight in June 2016, but it wasn’t until September, when Belavia Belarusian Airlines (BLV) became the airport’s 1st carrier, launching daily Minsk to Zhukovsky service on September 12.

News Item A-2: Russian and Portuguese aviation authorities have agreed to add a 2nd designated carrier from each side for the routes between the countries. According to Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency, approved airlines are allowed to operate up to 14x-weekly Moscow to Lisbon service and up to 7x-weekly service on other routes connecting the countries.

In June 2009, (TAP) Portugal launched 5x-weekly Lisbon to Moscow Domodedovo Airbus A320 service, which (TAP) increased or decreased frequencies depending on demand. In July 2014, (TAP), the Portuguese flag carrier announced Lisbon to Saint Petersburg seasonal service.

On the Russian side, Yekaterinburg-based Ural Airlines (URL) operates 2x-weekly Moscow Domodedovo to Lisbon A320 service.

Krasnoyarsk-based KrasAir (ZXD) had operated Moscow to Lisbon services, but went bankrupt in 2008; Transaero Airlines (TRX) went bankrupt in 2015.

November 2016: News Item A-1: Russian aviation authorities have offered the 6 airlines participating in the "Kaliningrad subsidy" program a chance to further develop the Kaliningrad network and sell more subsidized tickets via their websites, using fewer agencies.

In 2016, 6 carriers: Aeroflot (ARO), Sibir (which operates under the (S7) Airlines (SBR) brand), UTair (TYU), Ural Airlines (URL), Red Wings (RWZ) and Nordavia (AEN)) operated routes from Kaliningrad to Moscow and Saint Petersburg within the program framework. Russia launched the Kaliningrad subsidy program in 2011, which runs from May 15 through October 15 each year.

According to Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency, Rosaviatsia, in 2015, airlines carried 170,000 passengers, down -17% from 205,000 in 2014.

Kaliningrad is a Russian exclave situated west of the country and does not border the main territory. It is surrounded by Poland and Lithuania.

News Item A-2: Ural Airlines (URL) plans to take delivery of 4 A320 family aircraft in 2017, growing its fleet to 41 aircraft.

March 2017: Russian airlines carried 12.7 million passengers in January to February, up +19.3% year-over-year (YOY). International traffic grew +30% (YOY) to 4.9 million; domestic traffic was up +13.7% to 7.9 million. Cargo and post traffic grew +21.4% (YOY) to 150,500 tonnes.

Ural Airlines (URL) carried 867,164, up +31.5% (YOY).

The total market share of Russia’s 5 biggest airlines grew to 70.1% from 67.7% in the year-ago period.

April 2017: Ural Airlines (URL) carried 1.33 million passengers in (1Q) 2017, up +28% year-over-year (YOY). (URL), the Yekaterinburg-based carrier operated 10,256 flights, up +18% (YOY).

(URL) has a well-developed base at Moscow Domodedovo Airport and is attracting flights from other regions of Russia. On April 13, (URL) launched 2x-weekly Airbus A320 Sochi to Tel Aviv service. According to a Sochi International Airport statement, the scheduled flights will be year round.

At the beginning of April, Ural Airlines (URL) took delivery of its 22nd Airbus A320 aircraft; it has a total fleet of 40 aircraft, including A319s and A321s.

(URL) launched a fleet renewal program in 2006 and since then has replaced its Soviet-era aircraft for the A320 family. Ural Airlines (URL) carried 6.5 million in 2016, up +18.8 million (YOY).

May 2017: A321-231 (7375, VP-BSY), ex-(EI-FXT), Aircastle (CSL) leased.

June 2017: Russian airlines carried +46.9% more international passengers year-over-year (YOY) in May, reaching 3.7 million passengers for the month.

Domestic traffic increased +14.6% (YOY) to 5 million passengers in May. For the January to May period, Russian airlines carried 35.8 million passengers, up +22.1% (YOY). International traffic increased +36% (YOY) to 14 million passengers, while domestic traffic grew +14.6% to 21.8 million passengers. Load factor increased +3% points from 76.6% in the 1st 5 months of 2016 to 79.6% for January to May 2017.

Individual airlines reported the following January to May passenger figures:

* Aeroflot Airline (ARO) carried 12.3 million, up +13.1% (YOY).

* St Petersburg-based Aeroflot subsidiary, Rossiya Airlines (SDM) carried 3.69 million, up +78%.

* Sibir Airlines (SBR), also known as (S7), carried 3.5 million, up +3.3% YOY. Globus (GLP), which operates under the (S7) Airlines brand, carried 1.7 million, up +51.8% (YOY).

* UTair Aviation (TYU) carried 2.6 million, up +22.4%.

* Ural Airlines (URL) carried 2.5 million, up +29%.

A321-231 (7206, VP-BSW), ex-(EI-FXS), Aircastle (CSL) leased.

September 2017: Ural Airlines (URL) commenced a new route from Moscow Zhukovsky (ZIA) to Rome Fiumicino (FCO) on September 8, a service it had originally wanted to start in April. The delayed operation will still be flown weekly on Fridays by (URL)’s A320 fleet, but this revised schedule represents a change from its initial plan to fly on Sundays. There is no direct competition on this airport pair, however, Aeroflot (ARO) and Alitalia (ALI) offer a combined 35x-weekly flights between Moscow Sheremetyevo and Fiumicino.

November 2017: News Item A-1: Russian airlines carried 89.9 million passengers in January to October 2017, up +19.3% year-over-year (YOY).

International traffic grew +34.8% to 36.8 million; domestic traffic was up +10.5% to 53.1 million. Load factor increased +1.9 points (YOY) to 83.8% LF. Cargo and post traffic grew +18.3% (YOY) to 921,059 tonnes.

Individual airlines report the following (1H) traffic figures:

* Aeroflot Airlines (ARO) carried 27.7 million, up +13.9% (YOY).

* St Petersburg-based (ARO) subsidiary Rossiya Airlines (SDM) carried 9.9 million, up +44.4%..

* (S7) Airlines (SBR) carried 8.5 million, up 2.6%. Globus (GLP), which also works under (S7) Airlines brand, carried 3.7 million, up +21.7%.

* Ural Airlines (URL) carried 6.9 million, up +24% (YOY).

* Utair Aviation (TYU) carried 6.1 million, up +9%.

The total market share of Russia’s 5 biggest airlines declined to 65.7% from 67.1% in the 10-month period.

December 2017: Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency, Rosaviatsia, has directed 6 carriers to cut their winter charter programs because there is not enough aircraft to cover planned flights, the authority said on December 21.

Azur Air (KKV) has reduced 15% of its charter program volume. In addition, the authority has notified Yakutia Airline (SYL), Saratov Airlines (SOV), and Nordwind Airlines (NWD) to reduce their charter programs. These carriers must cut 30% of charter services. All airlines also operate scheduled domestic and international flights.

Russian aviation and travel authorities had appointed a group to analyze airline plans, schedules, and possible aircraft turnaround time to prevent significant flight delays. After analyzing the winter travel flights schedule of 15 carriers, including Aeroflot Airline (ARO), Red Wings Airlines (RWZ), Ural Airlines (URL) and others, it was decided to cut charter services for 6 carriers.

According to an authority statement, Russian airlines had applied for 586 international charter flights for the New Year Holiday period. The carriers received approval for 292 flights to main destinations including Italy, Spain, Thailand, China and Israel.

March 2018: Ural Airlines (URL) will begin weekly Krasnodar to Bologna service from April 7.

April 2018: News Item A-1: Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency, Rosaviatsia, has set a budget of RUB475.4 million/$8.5 million for 7 carriers to take part in a government-subsidized program on flights to Simferopol, Crimea. The carriers are Aeroflot Airline (ARO), Alrosa Airline, (S7) Airlines (SBR), Saratov Airlines (SOV), Red Wings (RWZ), Izhavia and Ural Airlines (URL). According to an official statement, the 2017 subsidy program comprises 36 destinations out of 61 routes that were approved by the government.

Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency, Rosaviatsia, has directed 6 carriers to cut their winter charter programs because there is not enough aircraft to cover planned flights, the authority said on December 21.

Azur Air (KKV) has reduced 15% of its charter program volume. In addition, the authority has notified Yakutia Airline (SYL), Saratov Airlines (SOV), and Nordwind Airlines (NWD) to reduce their charter programs. These carriers must cut 30% of charter services. All airlines also operate scheduled domestic and international flights.

Russian aviation and travel authorities had appointed a group to analyze airline plans, schedules, and possible aircraft turnaround time to prevent significant flight delays. After analyzing the winter travel flights schedule of 15 carriers, including Aeroflot Airline (ARO), Red Wings Airlines (RWZ), Ural Airlines (URL) and others, it was decided to cut charter services for 6 carriers.

According to an authority statement, Russian airlines had applied for 586 international charter flights for the New Year Holiday period. The carriers received approval for 292 flights to main destinations including Italy, Spain, Thailand, China and Israel.

Simferopol International Airport in Crimea will open a new terminal on April 16, which will be able to handle 3,650 passengers per hour or 6.5 million per year. It is equipped with 55 check-in counters, 8 jet bridges and 8 standard gates. It is also equipped with 16 moving staircases and 28 elevators to create a barrier-free environment.

On April 11, the airport carried out a main terminal test, which used 400 volunteers, students, bloggers, media representatives to play the role of passengers to simulate standard ground operations. According to the airport’s General Director Yevgeniy Plaksin, terminal tests began in March, but this week the number of volunteers was close to the real number of passengers that will be handled by the airport. Plaksin is confident the terminal is ready for all operations.

In 2017, Simferopol airport handled 5.1 million passengers, down -2% year-over-year (YOY). During the 1st 3 months of 2018, traffic grew +7% (YOY) to 603,378 passengers.

Because Crimea is a resort destination with a high seasonality factor, the Russian government offers a subsidy program for flights between the peninsula and Russian regions.

Moscow Sheremetyevo-based Nordwind Airlines (NWD) plans to boost Crimea service this summer and will fly to 27 destinations from Simferopol.

News Item A-2: Ural Airlines (URL) will launch 2x-weekly Krasnodar to Tbilisi Airbus A320 service on May 24. (URL) will increase Zhukovsky (Moscow region) to Tbilisi A321 frequency from 4x-weekly to daily from May 29.

July 2018: News Item A-1: Ural Airlines (URL) started Chelyabinsk to Harbin Airbus A320 weekly service.

News Item A-2: "Russia’s Ural Airlines (URL), Belavia (BLV) to Code Share" by (ATW) Polina Montag-Girmes (montag.girmes@gmail.com), July 30, 2018.

Ural Airlines (URL) and Belavia Belarusian Airlines (BLV) signed a code share agreement on July 30. Under the new deal, (URL) will connect Minsk with its domestic network at Moscow Domodedovo and St Petersburg Pulkovo airports, Yekaterinburg-based (URL) said. (BLV) will be able to place its (BRU) code on (URL)’s domestic flights. The partnership starts August 1.

“A partnership with (URL) allows us to offer in Belarus a wide number of routes in Russia with a stopover at Domodedovo and Pulkovo. We also hope that the new partner will help us to create a transfer point at Minsk airport,” Belavia Director General Anatoly Gusarov said. (URL) Deputy Director General Kirill Skuratov added Belavia Minsk lights are smoothly connected with (URL) routes at these airports.

(URL) is the 4th biggest carrier in Russia. It carried 3.9 million in (1H) 2108, up +18.6% year-over-year (YOY). (BLV) carried 3 million passengers in 2017 for the 1st time in its history, up +20.6% (YOY).

September 2018: Ural Airlines (URL) will start 2x-weekly Anapa to Yerevan (Armenia) and weekly Anapa to Osh (Kyrgyzstan) Airbus A320 family service on October 29. (URL) will begin 2x-weekly Vladivostok to Sapporo (Japan) A320/321 service on December 4.

November 2018: Ural Airlines (URL) plans to introduce a new route to India in summer 2019. It will offer a service from Moscow Domodedovo (DME) to Mumbai (BOM). Starting March 31, 2019, an Airbus A321 aircraft will operate this route on a daily basis.


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URL-A320 - 2011-10

December 2018:

2 A319-112 (1901, VP-BTE), EX-(A9C-EV), (ILF) LEASED 2013-06.

3 A319-100.

8 A320-200 (CFM56-5B/3) 2017-04, 15C, 144Y.

2 A320-211 (CFM56-5A1) (0140, /90 VP-BQY - SEE PHOTO; 0157, /91; VP-BQZ), AUGHRAS TRADING LEASED 2006-11. 15C, 144Y.

2 A320-211 (CFM56-5A1) (0203, /91 VP-BPV; 0220, /91 VP-BPU), AIRPLANES GROUP LEASED 2008-06. 15C; 114Y.

2 A320-214 (CFM56-5B4/P) (0735, /97 VP-BFZ; 1063, /99 VQ-BAG), 15C, 114Y.

7 A320-214 (CFM56-5B4) (1152, /99 VQ-BFV; 1751, /02 VQ-BLG; 2175, /04 VQ-BDM; 2278, /04 VP-BBQ; 2998, /06 VQ-BRE; 3099, /07 VP-BIE; 3189, /07 VP-BKB), 15C, 144Y.

1 A320-214 (CFM56-5B4) (2349, /04 VP-BMT), 2013-03. 162Y.

5 A320-214 (CFM56-5B4/P) (1961, /03 G-GUEW; 1965, /03 G-DHJZ; 2175, /04 VQ-BDM, 2009-06; 2187, /04 VQ-BDJ, 2009-06; 2327, VQ-BFW, 2010-03), (GEF) LEASED. 15C, 144Y.

1 A320-232 (CFM56-5B4/P) (1484, /01 VQ-BCY), (ILF) 6 YEAR LEASED 2009-06, EX-(EC-HQM). 15C, 144Y.

1 A320-232 (CFM56-5B4/P) (1777, /02 VQ-BCZ), (ILF) LEASED 2009-06. 180Y.

4 A321-200 (CFM56-5B3/P).

2 A321-211 (CFM56-5B3/P) (841, VQ-; 991, VQ-), EX-(EI-CPD; & EI-CPF).

1 A321-211 (CFM56-5B3/P) (1012, VQ-BDA), (ILF) 7 YEAR LEASED 2009-09. EX-(TC-KTY). 194Y.

1 A321-211 (CFM56-5B3/P) (1720, /02 VQ-BCX - - SEE PHOTO - - "URL-A321-2009-05"), EX-(ATZ). 194Y.

1 A321-211 (CFM56-5B3/P) (2117, VQ-BOZ), EX-(EI-BRU) 2011-10. 194Y.

1 A321-231 (1199, VQ-BOC), EX-(EI-ERS) 2011-10. 194Y.

2 A321-231 (7206, VP-BSW; 7375, VP-BSY), EX-(EI-FXS; EI-FXT), AIRCASTLE (CSL) LEASED 2017-05, AND 2017-06. 194Y.

2 AN-24B (AI-24) (99901907, /69 RA-47182; 99902002, /69 RA-47187), 48Y.

1 AN-24RV (AI-24VT) (57310101, /75 RA-46532), 48Y.

0 IL-86 (NK-86) (51483205049, /85 RA-86078), RETIRED. COMBI 97Y & CARGO.

0 IL-86 (NK-86) (51483207064, /87 RA-86093; 51483209082, /90 RA-86114; 51483209088, /91 RA-86120), RETIRED. 20F, 296Y.

0 TU-134A (D-30-II) (60185, /77 RA-65090), ORENBURG AIRLINES (ORN) LEASED, RETURNED. 76Y.

0 TU-154B-2 (NK-8-2U) (193, /77 RA-85193; 219, /77 RA-85219; 319, /78 RA-85319; 337, /79 RA-85337; 357, /79 RA-85357; 374, /79 RA-85374; 375, /79 RA-85375; 432, /80 RA-85432; 439, /80 RA-85439; 459, /80 RA-85459; 508, /81 RA-85508), 193; 219; 439; 459; RETIRED. NOW ALL RETIRED. 164Y.

4 TU-154M (D-30KU-154-II) (988, /95 RA-85807; 992, /03 RA-85844; 994, /95 RA-85814; 1020, /01 RA-85833), 12F, 18C, 136Y.


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