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7JetSet7 Code: VHS
Status: Currently Not Operational
Region: EUROPE
Country: GREECE
Employees 17
Web: flyviking.gr
Email: eleni@vikingairlines.com
Telephone: +30 211 1036 400

Formed in 2009 and started operations in 2010. Formerly "Viking Hellas Airlines" (VHS). Domestic, regional,& international, scheduled & charter, passenger & cargo jet airplane services.

Papadimitriou 33 Street
Markopoulo GR-19003, Greece


Destinations Flown To:

Amsterdam: Amsterdam is the capital and the largest city of the Netherlands, with an urban population of 1,209,419 and a metropolitan population of 2,158,592. The city is in the province of North Holland in the west of the country. It comprises the northern part of the Randstad, the sixth largest metropolitan area in Europe, with a population of approximately 8.1 million according to the larger estimates. Its name is derived from Amstellerdam, indicative of the city's origin: a dam in the river Amstel.

Athens: Athens is the capital and largest city of Greece. Athens dominates the Attica periphery and it is one of the world's oldest cities, as its recorded history spans around 3,400 years. The Greek capital has a population of 3,361,806 (in 2001) within its administrative limits. Classical Athens was a powerful city-state, a center for the arts, learning and philosophy and birthplace of democracy. Modern Athens with many cultural sightseeing and even more beautiful beaches is one of the top touristís destinations that thousands of visitors, from all over the world, choose for their vacations.

Baghdad: The name of Baghdad used to evoke images of Arabian Nights, Harems and Sultans. Baghdad has had its fair share of warfare in its long history. The fairytale city it once was, capital of the Abbaside Caliphate, was destroyed by the Mongol invaders in 1258. Baghdad did recover but it never regained the supremacy over the Middle East again. There are still a lot of impressive monuments in Baghdad. The Mustansiriyah School, the Abbasid Palace, Khan Murjan, and the Al-Khadhimain Mosque are all worth a visit.

Erbil: Erbil is believed to be one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world and is the third largest city in Iraq after Baghdad and Mosul. The city lies eighty kilometers/fifty miles east of Mosul. The city is the capital of Kurdistan Autonomous Region and the Kurdistan Regional Government. Urban life at Erbil can be dated back to, at least, the twenty-third century BC. The city has been under the rule of many regional powers during that time, such as the Assyrians, the Persians, Sasanians, Arabs, and Ottomans.

Frankfurt: Frankfurt is the largest city in the German state of Hesse and the fifth largest city in Germany, with a 2009 population of 672,000. The urban area had an estimated population of 2,295,000 in 2010. The city is at the centre of the larger Frankfurt/Rhine - Main Metropolitan Region which has a population of 5,600,000 and is Germanys' second largest metropolitan area.

Gothenburg: Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden (after Stockholm) and the fifth largest in the Nordic countries. Situated on the west coast of Sweden, the city proper has a population of 513,751, with 510,491 in the urban area and a total of 928,629 inhabitants in the metropolitan area.

Malmo: Malmö is the seat of Malmö Municipality and is the capital of Skåne County. The administrative entity for most of the city is Malmö Municipality which has 293,909 inhabitants in eight different localities, with 30% being of foreign backgrounds (born outside Sweden). The city contains many historic buildings and parks, and is also a commercial center for the western part of Scania.

Manchester: Few cities in the world have embraced social change so heartily as Manchester. From the beginning of the Industrial Revolution to becoming test-bed of contemporary urban design, the city has no realistic provincial English rival. Its domestic dominance expresses itself in various ways, most swaggeringly in the success of Manchester United, the richest football (soccer) club in Britain, but also in a thriving music and cultural scene that has given birth to world-beaters as diverse as the "Hall."

Stockholm: Stockholm is the capital and the largest city of Sweden and constitutes the most populated urban area in Scandinavia. It is the site of the national Swedish government, the Riksdag (parliament), and the official residence of the Swedish monarch as well as the Prime Minister. Since 1980, the monarch has resided at Drottningholm Palace outside of Stockholm and uses the Royal Palace of Stockholm as his workplace and official residence. As of 2010, the Stockholm metropolitan area is home to approximately 22% of Sweden's population.

Sulaimaniyah: Sulaimaniyah, with an estimated population of 1.5 million is located east of the regional capital Erbil, in north-eastern Iraq. Named Sulaimani by the Kurds, it is regarded as the country's most secular city. Sulaimaniyah is often called the 'Paris' of Iraq for its vibrant cultural life and its wide tree-lined boulevards.

September 2009: MD-83 (49631, SX-SMS), delivery, ex-(SE-RDI).

January 2010: "Viking Hellas (VHS)," the Viking Group's new Athens-based airline, will launch its scheduled service program in February with flights to Manchester (MAN), Erbil, Sulaimaniyah, and Baghdad. (MAN) flights will be thrice-weekly from February 3, increasing to four-times-weekly in March. Service to the Iraqi cities will be weekly and will begin in the first week of February. (VKN) received its Greek Air Operator's Certificate (AOC) in October and also will operate charter flights on behalf of European tour operators. It currently has one MD-83 and will add two A320s in the spring. The Viking Group also runs Sweden's Viking Airlines (VKN) and plans to launch "Viking Airlines UK (VUK)" this year.

March 2010: (AWAS) (AWW) delivered two A320-231s (393, SX-SMT; 414, SX-SMU - - SEE PHOTO - - "VHS-A320-231-2010-04") to Viking Hellas Airlines (VHS).

August 2010: Viking Hellas Aviation (VHS) has leased two ex-Windjet (WJT) A320-200s. It launched weekly, A320-200 service from Amsterdam to Erbil on June 19, but has already given up again its route from Athens to Baghdad.

January 2011: Viking Hellas (VHS) has teamed up with a consortium of German and Iraqi investors to launch a new joint venture in Iraq called "Viking Middle East." (VHS) already operates a number of services between its Athens base and destinations in Iraq, and is planning to launch flights from Manchester in the UK to Erbil and Sulaimaniyah.

(VHS) says the new joint venture (JV) will enable it to "develop new services to meet the increasing demand for flights to Iraq, especially destinations in the Kurdish Regional Government areas".
"Iraq offers great opportunities for (VHS) and the new venture provides a great platform for developing our scheduled services," says (VHS) CEO, Roger Gatt.

"By investing in this new joint venture (JV), Viking Hellas has reduced its financial exposure, enhanced its commercial position in Iraq, Benelux, Germany and Scandinavia and released funds for developing other services, including charter flights and [aircraft, crew, maintenance and insurance] ACMI operations."

Viking Hellas was established in January 2010 as an affiliate of Viking Airlines, but the carrier took steps to distance itself from its namesake when the latter suspended services in October.

February 2011: Changed its name from "Viking Hellas Airlines" to "Fly Hellas" (VHS).

July 2011: Fly Hellas (VHS) operates scheduled services from Athens to Manchester and the Iraqi cities of Baghdad, Erbil, and Sulaimaniyah. (VHS) operates charter jet airplane flights linking Greece with destinations throughout northern Europe, the Mediterranean, north Africa, and the Middle East.

(IATA) Code: VQ. (ICAO) Code: VKH.

Parent organization/shareholders: The Viking Group (100%).

Main Base: Athens Venizelos International Airport (ATH).

October 2011: MD-83 (49631, SX-SMS), ferried from Athens to Kiev.

January 2012: Khors Aircompany (KHO) is planning to lease the Fly Hellas (VHS) MD-83 (49631, SX-SMS).

October 2014: The Greek Air Traffic Controller Association (GATCA) has announced strike action October 4 and 5, which will disrupt flights over Europe. The (GATCA) is protesting against a ministerial decision that would give the Public Debt Management Agency access to airport fees. (GATCA) fears this money could be used for the massive financial debts of the Greece state instead using it to increase flight safety.

The air traffic controllers said they will also submit a petition to European Parliament. (GATCA) said travelers should expect delays and flight cancellations.


Click below for photos:

October 2014:

0 A320-200, (WJT) LSD 2010-8. RTND.

2 A320-231 (V2500-A1) (393, /93 SX-SMT; 414, /93 SX-SMU - - SEE PHOTO - - "VHS-A320-231-2010-04"), (AWW) LSD 2010-03. 180Y.

1 MD-83 (JT8D-219) (1596-49631, /89 SX-SMS), EX-(SE-RDI) 2009-09. FERRIED ATHENS - KIEV 2011-10. 161Y.




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