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7JetSet7 Code: VIO
Status: Operational
Employees 277
Web: aviorairlines.com
Email: presidencia@aviorairlines.com.ve
Telephone: +58 281 274 9545
Fax: +58 281 286 6722

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Formed and started operations in 1994. Formerly Avior Express - Aviones de Oriente. Domestic, regional, & international, scheduled & charter, passenger & cargo, jet airplane services.

Aeropuerto International Jose Antonio Anzoategui,
Hangares Sur No 2
Barcelona, Anzoategui 6001, Venezuela

Venezuela was established in 1810, it covers an area of 912,050 sq km, its population is 24 million, its capital city is Caracas, and its official language is Spanish.

March 2004: 737-201 (21665), Jetran leased.

May 2004: 180 employees.

July 2004: 2003 = 175 million (RPK) passenger traffic (+1%); 63.8% LF load factor; 523,000 passengers (PAX) (-11.2%).

October 2005: 737-2H4 (22964, YV-187T), delivery.

September 2006: Avior (VIO) applied with the USA Department of Transport (DOT) to provide scheduled service to Miami. If approved, the airline will inaugurate nonstop service from Barcelona (Venezuela) to Miami on January 28th. Daily flights will be operated with a 737-200.

November 2008: Avior Airlines (VIO) operates scheduled and charter, jet airplane services within Venezuela and the southern Caribbean.

Employees = 180.

(IATA) Code: 9V. (ICAO) Code: ROI (Callsign - AVIOR).

Main Base: Barcelona Airport.

Parent organization/shareholders: Jorge Anez Dager (50%); & Rafael Ciarcia Walo (50%).

Domestic, Scheduled Destinations: Acarigua; Barcelona; Barinas; Barquismeto; Canaima; Caracas; Carupano; Coro; Cumana; Los Roques; Maracaibo; Merida; Porlamar; Puerto Ordaz; San Tome; Valencia; & Valera.

International, Scheduled Destinations: Aruba; Curacao; Fort De France; & Port of Spain.

June 2010: Avior Airlines (VIO) became the first airline to use Sabre’s electronic miscellaneous document (EMD) solution designed to help carriers merchandise their various products and services. (EMD) is an industry standard way of selling ancillary items so that refunding, accounting, and billing for these items is easier for customers.

September 2012: Avior Airlines (VIO) plans to launch regional services in Venezuela with a fleet of 6 Fokker F 50s that (VIO) plans to lease. It has said that it eventually wishes to operate up to 12 F 50s on domestic and regional routes. (VIO) currently operates six 737-200s.

January 2013: The Latin American and Caribbean Air Transport Association (ALTA) has criticized a +150% increase in taxes and landing fees at Curacao Airport. Curacao Airport Partners (the international consortium that manages Curacao International Airport) announced the hike November 30 and made it effective December 1.

According to (ALTA), the increase includes all passenger facility charges (PFCs) and landing fees.

The organization has sent an official message to the Minister of Traffic, Transport & Regional Planning of Curacao, protesting the “unjustified measure to increase airport revenues at the expense of passengers and carriers.” “Raising taxes by +150% from one day to the next is drastic and unheard of,” the organization stated. It pointed out that “although the Curacao airport authority will assume the cost of the (PFC) increase on tickets previously sold at a price that included the existing (PFC), if the flight date on said tickets is within three months of the new charges becoming effective, carriers will be forced to absorb the additional taxes on tickets already sold for flights departing after February 28, 2013.” (ALTA) and its 35 airline members called the initiative “deplorable,” contrary to (ICAO)’s recommended practices and detrimental to Curacao’s tourism. The organization said the industry supports 5.4 million jobs in Latin America and the Caribbean and $125 billion in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the region, while 4 million additional jobs are supported “through the catalytic impacts of travel and tourism.”

May 2013: 3 Fokker F 50s (20187, PH-ZDC; 20193, YV2917; 20195, PH-ZDG), deliveries.

June 2013: Aeropostal - Alas de Venezuela (LAV) along with Aserca Airlines (SEZ), Avior Airlines (VIO), Estelar Latinoamerica (RSV), Laser Airlines (LSR), and Conviasa (VCV) have all announced plans to replace their ageing DC9s, 737-200s and 727s in line with a (NOTAM) issued by Venezuela’s National Institute of Civil Aviation (Instituto Nacional de Aeronáutica Civil - INAC) that will prohibit operations of those airplane types in the country from November 1, 2013.

Aeropostal (LAV) will replace its 2 remaining DC-9-50s with 3 ex-Alitalia (ALI) MD-82s. Aserca (SEZ) will replace its last 4 DC-9-30s with 4 ex-AeroMéxico (AMX) MD-83s and MD-87s. Avior (VIO) is in the process of adding 3 737-400s and 6 Fokker F 50s to its fleet to replace its fleet of 7 737-200s. Estelar Latinoamerica (ESV) has added a first ex-Seagle Air (CGL) 737-300, (23773, N773KR), as a 1st step towards replacing its 4 737-200s. Laser (LSR) plans to add more ex-American Airlines (AAL) MD-82s to replace its 3 DC-9-30s. State owned carrier, Conviasa (VCV) has taken delivery of 3 brand new E190s, though it continues to operate 2 737-200s. However, there is no information regarding either the future of Rutaca Airlines (5R, Ciudad Bolívar) and its fleet of 737-200s or that of Vensecar Internacional (VEC) and its fleet of four 727Fs operating for (DHL), is known.

July 2013: 737-401 (23885, YV534T), ex-(N405CJ), and Fokker F 50 (20188, PH-ZDD) deliveries.

May 2014: Avior Airlines ((IATA) Code: 9V, based at Barcelona José Antonio Anzoategui) (VIO) management has begun restructuring its latest acquisition, (RAVSA) Venezolana ((IATA) Code: AW, based at Maracaibo), with the struggling carrier also set to benefit from a much-needed cash injection.

Aviation sources in the Venezuelan capital, Caracas, said that (RAVSA) has reactivated its MD-82 (49511, YV514T), and 2 737-200 airplanes (21598, YV502T & and 23158, YV513T) for use on flights to Caracas Simón Bolivar, Porlamar and Santo Domingo Las Américas.

Avior (VIO) also plans to reposition itself as an international carrier operating only 737-400s, while retaining its regional Fokker F 50 operation in Venezuela. (VIO)'s other airplanes, which include additional 737-200s, will be gradually transferred to (RAVSA) with two due to move this year and three others during the course of 2015.

Prior to the acquisition, (RAVSA) had suspended operations after it failed to secure adequate foreign currency to service its insurance premiums.

Avior Airlines (VIO) operates 15 airplanes and serves 5 countries, 13 destinations, 20 routes and 30 daily flights.

July 2014: 737-401 (23989, YV3011), ex-(N422US).

August 2014: Avior Airlines (VIO) will switch its Ecuadorian operations from Guayaquil to Manta with effect from August 28. The flights will operate 3x-weekly from Barcelona José Antonio Anzoategui on-board a 737-400, schedule data shows.

Using a fleet of 3 737-200s and 2-737-400s, Avior (VIO) also offers extensive domestic coverage of Venezuela, alongside flights to the USA, Aruba, Curaçao, and Panama.

July 2015: News Item A-1:

Avior (VIO) is purchasing 12 used planes to offer new international routes from the South American nation, where foreign carriers have slashed flights due to currency controls.

Avior (VIO) President, Jorge Anez said in an interview that (VIO) was purchasing 6 planes from Airbus (EDS) and 6 from Boeing (TBC) for a total of about US$150 million.

With its expanded fleet, (VIO) plans to add routes to Peru, Uruguay, and Spain, its 1st European destination.

Airlines have about US$3.7 billion from ticket sales trapped in Venezuela because of the country's 12-year-old currency control system, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) said in June. International carriers have slashed flights to the socialist-run country, while they try to repatriate the funds.

"As a consequence of the circumstances, there are companies that have freed up space, and we're taking advantage of this opportunity," Anez, a 52-year-old helicopter pilot (FC), said in his office in the capital city of Caracas.

The private Venezuelan airline is using 10-year financing from an international broker to purchase 6 Airbus A340-300s, 4 Boeing 737-400s and 2 Boeing 737-300s, Anez added. The 1st aircraft is due in September.

Avior (VIO) last bought planes in 2011 with loans from two state banks that were used to acquire hard currency at favorable exchange rates under the country's complex currency controls system, he said.

(VIO), whose hub is in the small Venezuelan city of Barcelona, already flies to nearby Aruba, Brazil, Colombia, Curacao, Panama, and the USA.


Click below for photos:
VIO-737-2H4 - 2012-05

March 2018:

1 737-2H4 (JT8D-9A HK) (613-21970, /79 YV-643C), CELSIUS AMTEC LSD 2003-07. 12C, 99Y.

1 737-2H4 (JT8D-9A HK) (878-22826, /82 YV1576 "VENEZUELA"), JET MIDWEST LSD 2006-05. 12C, 99Y.

1 737-2H4 (JT8D-9A HK) (933-22964, /82 YV-187T, 2005-10; 970-23055, N96SW), EX-JET MIDWEST, NEWJET CORP LSD. 23055; TO RUTACA (RUC). 12C, 99Y.

1 737-2T5 (JT8D-15) (950-22979, /83 YV491T), 2011-05. 125Y.

2 737-2Y5 (JT8D-15 HK) (1414-23847, /87 YV495T; 1418-23848, /87 YV488T), BELINA EXPORT LSD 2011-06. 125Y.

2 737-200 (JT8D) (21598, YV502T & and 23158, YV513T), (FOR (RAVSA) OPS 2014-05.

1 737-201 (JT8D-9A HK) (534-21665, /78 YV-917C), JETRAN LSD 2004-03. 12C, 99Y.

3 737-232 (JT8D-15A HK) (1019-23089, /84 YV2794; 1020-23090, /84 YV342T; 1041-23101, /84 YV343T), 12C, 99Y.

2 ORDERS (2015-09) 737-300 (CFM56-3C1):

4 ORDERS 737-400 (CFM56-3C1):

1 737-4B7 (CFM56-3C) (24781, N439US), 2015-10.

5 737-401 (CFM56-3) (23984, YV3151; 23885, YV534T; 23886, YV-2928, 23989, YV3011; 23990, YV3012), EX-(N405CJ),(N404CJ) N417US; N422US; N423US), 2013-07 & 2014-07.

1 MD-82 (49511, YV514T), FOR (RAVSA) OPS 2014-05.

6 ORDERS A340-300:

3 RAYTHEON BEECH 1900D (PT6A-67D) (268, /97 YV-402C; 304, /97 YV1368; 356, /99 YV-664C), 1997-08. 356 RTND. 268; 304; STORED. 19Y.

2 CESSNA 208B GRAND CARAVAN (PT6A-114A) (729, /98 YV-759C; 793, /99 YV-925C), WITH CARGO POD, 14Y.

0 EMBRAER EMB-120RT BRASILIA (PT118) (120067, /88 YV-100C), RTND. 30Y.

2 EMBRAER EMB-120ER BRASILIA (PT118A) (120355, /00 YV-667C; 120356, /01 YV-662C), 30Y.

6 FOKKER F 50 (20187, PH-ZDC; 20188, PH-ZDD, 2013-07; 20193, YV2917; 20195, PH-ZDG), LSD 2012-09 FOR REGIONAL OPS.


RAFAEL CIARCIA WALO, PRESIDENT (presidencia@avior.com.ve).



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