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7JetSet7 Code: VLZ
Status: Operational
Region: EUROPE
Country: SPAIN
Employees 277
Web: volotea.com
Email: reception@volotea.com
Telephone: +34 93 11 717 77
Fax: +34 93 22 207 11

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Formed in 2011 and started operations in 2012. Regional and international, charter passenger & cargo, low cost carrier (LCC) jet airplane services.

Travessera de Gracia 56, 4A
Barcelona Cataluna 08006, Spain

November 2011: Volotea (VLZ) was founded by Carlos Munoz and Lazaro Ros, who founded Spanish low cost carrier (LCC) Vueling (VOZ) in 2004. Mr Munoz, who is Volotea's (VLZ) (CEO) said (VLZ)'s goal is to forge new and efficient air connections between Europe's small and mid-sized cities currently not well served by direct flights. By selecting the 717, which is smaller and significantly cheaper to acquire than 737NGs or A320s, Voletea (VOL) is able to enter routes which are generally too thin for other (LCC)s.

Voltea (VLZ) is headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, which was the main hub for defunct Spanair (SPP), but has decided to base its initial fleet of 717s in Venice. (VLZ) will initially serve several destinations in Italy, France and Spain but has no immediate plans to serve Barcelona.

December 2011: 717-2BL (55185, N923ME - - SEE PHOTO - - "VLZ-717-2BL - 2011-12), ex-MexicanaClick (AEB), delivery.

February 2012: New Venice-based carrier, Volotea (VLZ) will launch operations April 5 with an initial 14 destinations from Marco Polo Airport, with plans to grow to 24 routes in the summer.

It will begin service with 5 domestic destinations, comprising Brindisi, Cagliari, Olbia, Palermo, and Reggio Calabria; and 9 international destinations: Alicante, Bilbao, Bordeaux, Budapest, Krakow, Malaga, Porto, Thessaloniki, and Santiago de Compostela.

“Volotea (VLZ) focuses on point-to-point services between Europe’s small- and mid-sized cities, which are either subject to high fares or do not have direct flights between them,” (VLZ) said.

It will begin operations with funding from 3 private equity funds, (CCMP) Capital Advisors, FESpyme, Fondo de Capital Riesgo and Sinaer Inversiones. The equity funds, “have committed substantial and adequate funding for the launch of (VLZ),” (VLZ) said.

The Boeing 717 will be the foundation for new European low-cost carrier (LCC), (VLZ), with a long-term lease deal announced between The Boeing Company (TBC) and the airline’s management.

(VLZ) has taken delivery of its 1st 717-200 airplane from Boeing Capital Corporation, Boeing (TBC)’s financing and leasing arm. (VLZ) plans to begin its new European point-to-point service with an all-717 fleet in time for this year’s Easter travel season.

Under a multi-year arrangement, Boeing (TBC) will begin additional deliveries of the reliable and modern twin jet in March of this year. The number of airplanes involved in the arrangement was not disclosed.

In a comprehensive customer solution, Boeing Commercial Aviation Services (CAS) will provide operational manuals and its Maintenance Performance Toolbox product. In addition, pilot (FC) training will be conducted at Boeing training campuses, including in Stockholm, Sweden. (VLZ) will also have a Boeing Virtual Procedures Trainer (VPT) at its Barcelona facility, allowing greater scheduling flexibility while reducing pilot (FC) training cost.

“(VLZ)’s goal is to forge new and efficient air connections between Europe’s small and mid-sized cities currently not well served by direct flights. We see the 717's capabilities as the best solution for us in filling this need, and we see the partnership with Boeing as the right 1 for our success,” said Carlos Munoz, (VLZ)’s Founder & (CEO).

Designed for quick turnaround, high-frequency and short- range markets (up to 1,500 nautical miles), the 717 offers big-jet passenger comfort with the lowest noise and emissions in its class. The twin jet is powered by Rolls-Royce (BR715) high-bypass-ratio engines developed and produced in Europe.

“The 717 is ideally suited for the market where (VLZ) hopes to thrive. The twin jet is a good neighbor (it is fuel efficient and easier on the environment than its competitors). These are important concerns for the European market, and the 717 addresses them better than any other product in its market niche,” said Thomas Hansen, Boeing Capital Director Asset Management.

(VLZ)’s 717s will be configured to carry 125Y passengers in an all-economy layout.

March 2012: Volotea (VLZ) will launch Venice Marco Polo service to Corfu, Heraklion, Kos, Mykonos, Rhodes, Santorini, Alghero, Lampedusa, Valencia, and Split; as well as Bordeaux - Malaga; Palermo - Olbia; and Cagliari service to Ancona and Brindisi, beginning in June and July.

(VLZ) has announced Bordeaux Mérignac airport (BOD) and Nantes Atlantique airport (NTE) as its next 2 bases where it will base 1 717-200 at both airports. From Bordeaux it will serve the following airports: Ajaccio Campo dell'Oro (AJA), Bastia Poretta (BIA), Ibiza (IBZ), Malaga Pablo Ruiz Picasso (AGP), Palermo Falcone e Borsellino International (PMO) and Toulon Hyeres Le Palyvestre (TLN). From Nantes it plans to operate to Ajaccio, Bastia, Biarritz Bayonne-Anglet (BIQ), Ibiza, Menorca Mahón (MAH), Metz/Nancy Lorraine (ETZ), Milan Orio al Serio (BGY), Munich Franz Josef Strauss International (MUC), Olbia Costa Smeralda (OLB), Perpignan Rivesaltes Llabanere (PGF), Prague Ruzyne (PRG), Palma de Mallorca Son Sant Joan (PMI), Toulon and Valencia Manises (VLC). It also will operate <3 weekly 717-200 services between Biarritz and Lille Lesquin (LIL) this summer.

(VLZ) has announced Ibiza (IBZ) as its 4th base, although it will only operate 3 seasonally between June and September. It plans to serve Asturias (OVD), Bari Karol Wojtyla International (BRI), Granada (GRX), Lille Lesquin (LIL), Lisbon Portela de Sacavem (LIS), Palermo Falcone e Borsellino International (PMO), Santander (SDR), Santiago de Compostela (SCQ), Strasbourg Enzheim (SXB), Valladolid (VLL), Verona Villafranca (VRN), Vigo (VGO) and Zaragoza (ZAZ) from the airport. It has also announced some other seasonal routes to Malaga Pablo Ruiz Picasso (AGP), Menorca Mahón (MAH) and Palma de Mallorca Son Sant Joan (PMI).

Volotea (VLZ) plans to operate a total of 9 717-200s this summer with 4 717s based at Venice Marco Polo Tessera airport (VCE), 3 at Nantes Atlantique airport (NTE) and 2 at Ibiza airport (IBZ).

717-2BL (55167, EC-LQI, 2012-04 - - SEE PHOTO - - "VLZ-717-2BL - 2012-04"), seen after landing at Palma de Mallorca.

May 2012: Volotea (VLZ) is making Venice its biggest base this year with a total of 23 routes (it was 24 but it appears to have decided not to serve Budapest after all). Apart from domestic flights to 7 destinations, (VLZ) is launching a further 16 new international routes; 7 to Greece, 5 to Spain, and +4 more in 4 further countries.

In addition to the 23 routes being started by (VLZ), Venice Airport will welcome >30 further new services in 2012. Since the start of the summer season at the end of March, some 13 new services have already been launched by Air France (AFA) (to Marseille, Nice, and Toulouse), easyJet (EZY) (to Geneva, Lisbon, Nice, and Toulouse), Lufthansa (DLH) (to Hamburg), Monarch (MON) (to Birmingham, London Gatwick, and Manchester), and (VUZ) (to Nantes).

Apart from the Volotea (VLZ) new Venice base (which launched at the beginning of April), the big news is the decision by Alitalia (ALI) to make Venice a base for its self-proclaimed ‘smart’ carrier, Air One (ADH). (ADH) is also taking over (ALI)’s domestic services to Brindisi, Cagliari and Palermo.

Venice’s long haul flights comprise 3 transatlantic connections and 2 routes to ME hubs. Delta (DAL) serves Venice from both Atlanta and New York (JFK), while US Airways (AMW)/(USA) has daily flights from Philadelphia. During the last year, Emirates (EAD) increased frequencies on its Dubai service to 2x-daily, while Qatar Airways (QTA) serves Doha daily. Air Transat (AIJ) also has weekly flights in the summer to Montreal and Toronto.

June 2012: Volotea (VLZ) has appointed Olympic Handling to provide passenger and ramp handling services handling services at all Hellenic airports to which (VLZ) operates.

This summer, (VLZ) is scheduled to operate 40 717 flights a week to Greece, serving Thessaloniki, Corfu, Heraklion, Mykonos, Santorini, Kos, and Rhodes.

Later, (VLZ) was busy adding 17 new routes, notably 9 new routes from its base in Ibiza (IBZ). There are a further 5 Spanish domestic routes, 2 French domestic routes, and route between France and Italy. All are operated on (VLZ)’s fleet of 717s. The only route on which (VLZ) faces head-to-head competition in June is Palma de Mallorca (PMI) – Zaragoza (ZAZ), which is also served by Air Europa (ARE) with 3x-weekly flights.

Ibiza base routes (weekly frequency): Asturias (2x-), Bordeaux (2x-), Granada (2x-), Lisbon (1x-), Nantes (2x-), Santander (2x-), Santiago de Compostela (3x-), Vigo (2x-), Zaragoza (3x-);

French domestic routes: Lille to Biarritz (2x-), Nantes to Biarritz (2x-);

Spanish domestic routes: Asturias to Malaga (2x-), Granada to Mahon (2x-), Vigo to Seville (2x-), Zaragoza to Malaga (3x-), Zaragoza to Palma (2x-);

Other: Bordeaux to Palermo (2x-).

July 2012: 717-2BL (55176, EI-EXJ), ex-(N913ME), Boeing leased.

August 2012: Volotea (VLZ) has expanded its network at its 2 French bases with 5 new seasonal routes using its 125-seat 717s. From Bordeaux (BOD) in SW France, (VLZ) launched 3x-weekly domestic services to Toulon (TLN) on the country’s Mediterranean coast on August 1. This is (VLZ)’s 7th route from Bordeaux and its 1st within the French mainland. Flights are scheduled to operate until the end of the summer season, with the last flight operating on October 26. From Nantes (NTE) in western France, (VLZ) launched 4 routes, each of which is operated 2x-weekly.

October 2012: Volotea (VLZ) connected 2 of its bases on October 28 when (VLZ) began operating 2x-weekly between Venice (VCE) in NE Italy and Nantes (NTE) in western France with its 125Y-seat 717s. The route was operated by (VUZ) during this past summer season and although (VLZ) currently faces no competition, Transavia.com (TAV) will also operate the route previously served in winter by XL Airways France (STU) between December and March.

(VLZ) continued the expansion of its network in Bordeaux (BOD) on October 1, and it now operates a total of 7 routes from the airport. Flights on the new domestic routes to Lille (LIL) and Strasbourg (SXB) are offered with 3 and 5 weekly frequencies, respectively. Competition on the route comes from Air France (AFA), which already offers 17x-weekly frequencies to Lille and 18x- to Strasbourg. In addition, (VLZ) also added a new route in Nantes (NTE), from where it now serves Lille with 4x-weekly frequencies. Again, (AFA) is the sole competition, and it flies from Nantes to Lille 16x-weekly. All of (VLZ)’s flights are operated with (VLZ)’s fleet of 717s.

Following Ryanair (RYR)'s dispute with Italy's Verona Airport, Volotea (VLZ) has revealed plans to start service to from Verona to Bari (in December) and Palermo (from next March).

January 2013: Volotea (VLZ) started flying on the route from Verona (VRN) in northern Italy, to Bari (BRI) on the country’s Adriatic Sea coast, on December 20. 4x-weekly services will depart on the 700 km domestic route. On the same day, (VLZ) commenced 5x-weekly flights from Venice (VCE) to Catania (CTA). In addition, on December 22, Volotea (VLZ) launched operations on 2 routes from Nantes (NTE), where it now offers a total of 6 destinations. Year-round weekly service to Tenerife Sur is now in operation, as well as 2x-weekly seasonal flights to Grenoble (GNB) in SE France, which are scheduled to terminate in mid-March. Volotea (VLZ) is the sole operator on all of the routes.

April 2013: Volotea (VLZ) has inaugurated 4x-weekly flights from the island of Corsica, with Strasbourg (SXB) in the French Alsace benefitting from a weekly connection to Ajaccio (AJA) and Bastia (BIA), while Lille (LIL) has witnessed the introduction of 2x-weekly flights to Ajaccio. All flights are operated by (VLZ)’s fleet of 717 airplanes. AirFrance (AFA)’s freshly-branded regional subsidiary, HOP! provides the only competition across the 3 routes, with its own weekly, Lille to Ajaccio service on the 1,015 km city-pair.

(VLZ) has continued its rapid route expansion, adding another 4 routes to its portfolio. Of the 4 routes launched, the Nantes (NTE) to Palermo (PMO) sector is the longest at 1,561 km, while the shortest is the 671 km service between Toulouse (TLS) and Bastia (BIA). Additional weekly flights will be operated on the Brest (BES) to Ajaccio (AJA) and Bastia runs during the peak season.





June 2013: 2 717-2BLs (55191, EI-FCB; 53192, EI-FBM), Boeing (TBC) leased.

July 2013: Volotea (VLZ) commenced operations on the 1,200 km route from its Venice (VCE) base to Skiathos (JSI) in the NW Aegean Sea on July 21. The route is served 2x-weekly using its 717s until September 7.

August 2013: Volotea (VLZ)’s focus on domestic routes means that its share of the Italian domestic market (by weekly seat capacity) has grown from 1.4% in August 2012, to 3.8% this August. Alitalia (ALI) and Air One (ADH) combined have around 44%, followed by Ryanair (RYR) (23%), Meridiana (ALS)/(EUY) (17%) and easyJet (EZY) (8%).

September 2013: Volotea (VLZ) began +2 more domestic services within Italy on September 16th with its 125-seat 717s, commencing operations between both Palermo (PMO) and Naples (NAP), and Turin (TRN). Flights from Palermo to the N Italian city will be flown 3x-weekly (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays) against Alitalia (ALI)’s daily service. Competition will be stiffer on the 4x-weekly Naples to Turin city pair, with (ALI) offering 23x-weekly flights and Meridiana (ALS)/(EUY) 12x-weekly flights. While these will be the only 2 routes currently flown by (VLZ) to the Italian ‘motor city’ of Turin, they will be the 14th route from Palermo in the NW of Sicily, and the 4th from Naples.

Italy’s air navigation services provider (ENAV) has reduced its terminal air navigation charges -25% for the last 4 months of this year, saving airlines an estimated -€20 million/-$26.4 million.

October 2013: Volotea (VLZ) is a low cost carrier (LCC) headquartered in Barcelona operating international services from hubs at Venice, Bordeaux, Nantes and Ibiza, as well as Italian domestic services from Venice. The route network serves >50 destinations in France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, and Spain.

(IATA) Code: V7. (ICAO) Code: VOE.

Volotea (VLZ) will begin 2x-weekly, Bordeaux to Naples 717 service on May 30. Also 2x-weekly, Bordeaux to Valencia begins June 2. Bordeaux to Calvi and to Figari are also planned for 2014.

April 2014: Volotea (VLZ) has expanded its Bordeaux (BOD) base with the launch on Saturday April 12th of 3 new routes, 2 to destinations on the island of Corsica, and 1 in the Spanish Balearic Islands. This summer, (VLZ) will serve 16 destinations from Bordeaux, +4 more than last summer. In addition (VLZ) has chosen to compete with Iberia (IBE) on the Asturias (OVD) to Palma de Mallorca (PMI) market. All routes are operated by (VLZ)’s 125-seat 717s as follows:
Asturias (OVD) to (PMI) 3x-weekly on 834 km route vs Iberia (IBE) 5x-;
Bordeaux (BOD) to Calvi (CLV) 2x- on 808 km; and to Figari (FSC) 2x- on 885 km vs HOP! 1x-; to (PMI) 3x- on 652 km, vs Vueling (VUZ) 1x-.

(VLZ), which in the previous week commenced 3 routes from its Bordeaux base, launched its 7th route to Strasbourg (SXB), this time with 2x-weekly flights (Tuesdays and Fridays) from Palermo (PMO) on April 18th. The 1,233 km sector will be flown utilizing the 125-seat 717s until October 3rd, and will face no competition from other carriers.

(VLZ) will launch its 1st flights to Israel with a weekly service to Tel Aviv Ben Gurion with effect from June 25. The flights, which will operate on board 1 of its 15 717-200s, are routed out of (VLZ)'s Sicilian hub of Palermo.

(VLT) currently operates 14 airplanes to 8 countries, and serves 55 destinations, 114 routes and 26 daily flights.

May 2014: Volotea (VLZ) began 4 new routes last month from 2 different airports in France to 4 different destinations in France and Italy. As a result of these inaugural flights, (VLZ) now operates 18 scheduled routes (11 international and seven domestic) at Nantes (NTE) and 8 at Ajaccio (AJA), all of which are domestic flights. The longest sector of the 4 new routes is the Nantes to Naples (NAP) service (at 1,448 kms) with the shortest being the Nantes service to Calvi (CLY) (at 969 kms).

These 4 routes are:
Nantes (NTE) to Naples (NAP), and Ajaccio (AJA) to Caen (CFR), both 717 2x-weekly; (NTE) to Figari (FSC) 3x-, vs HOP! 1x-; and (NTE) to Calvi (CLY) 2x-.

August 2014: Volotea ((IATA) Code: V7, based at Palma de Mallorca Son Sant Joan) (VLZ) will switch its Tuscan operations from Florence Peretola to Pisa with effect from November. (VLZ) said that its Florentine operations had been hampered by operational restrictions which then impacted the viability of its flights there.

With Catania and Palermo to be terminated on September 14, Volotea (VLZ) said its final Florence flights will be to Bordeaux and Nantes on November 2. Thereafter, its Pisa route network will consist of seasonal Christmas and summer flights to Bordeaux and Nantes.

September 2014: Volotea (VLZ) will establish its 3rd French base after Nantes and Bordeaux during Spring 2015. (VLZ) said that using 2 717-200s and 50 staff based at Strasbourg, it would offer flights to Olbia (2x-weekly, beginning April 24, 2015); Figari (2x-weekly, beginning April 25, 2015); and Venice Marco Polo (2x-weekly, beginning April 27, 2015).

Existing services currently include: Ajaccio, Bastia, Biarritz, Bordeaux, Montpellier, Nantes, Palermo, and Marseilles.

December 2014: Volotea (VLZ) has commenced its 4th domestic route from Strasbourg (SXB), with (VLZ) beginning a 4x-weekly operation to Marseille (MRS). The 597 km sector will join its existing internal flights from the airport to Bordeaux, Montpellier and Nantes. Started on November 27th, the 125-seat, 717-operated route will face direct competition from (AFA)'s HOP!, which flies the city pair 18x-weekly.

Volotea (VLZ) started its 1st route to the capital city of the Spanish region of Cantabria, linking Venice Marco Polo (VCE) with Santander (SDR). The 2x-weekly service (Tuesdays and Saturdays), which began on December 6th, will face no direct competition and will be operated by (VLZ)’s 125-seat 717s. According to (VLZ)’s website booking tool, the service operates until January 15th, and then resumes once more from June 18th until September 4th.

April 2015: Volotea (VLT) increased its Venice Marco Polo (VCE) offering with the addition of 2 new routes on April 3rd, both of which are operated by its 125-seat 717s. In fact (VLT) introduced 2x-weekly (Mondays and Fridays) departures to both Athens (ATH) and Prague (PRG), 2 sectors that are not served by any other carriers.

May 2015: On May 19, Volotea (VLZ) launched new services from its latest Spanish base in Asturias (OVD) with 2x-weekly flights (Tuesdays and Fridays) to Alicante (ALC), and 2x-weekly services (Thursdays and Sundays) to Seville (SVQ). On May 23, (VLZ) will also launch weekly services (Saturdays) between Milan/Bergamo (BGY) to Pantelleria (PNL) in Sicily. The inaugural airplane was named “Asturias Spirit,” the winning entry of a website contest. The new routes from Asturias compliment current services by (VLZ) from the airport to Valencia, Palma de Mallorca, Ibiza, and Malaga. Seville sees direct competition from Vueling (VUZ) with 3x-weekly services. On May 31st, new services will also be launched between Asturias and Menorca on a weekly basis (Sundays).

New routes:
Asturias (OVD) to Alicante (ALC), 717 2x-weekly, to Seville, 2x-, vs Vueling (VUZ) 3x-;
Milan Bergamo (BGY) to Pantelleria (PNL), 1x-weekly.

March 2016: News Item A-1: Low-cost carriers (LCC) Ryanair (RYR) and Volotea (VLZ) are opening further bases in Europe, as they apply yet further pressure on legacy airlines and fellow (LCC)s.

(RYR) will open its 83rd base in the Bulgarian capital Sofia on October 30, while Spanish (LCC) (VLZ) has opened its 8th base, at Toulouse, southwest France.

(RYR) will position 3 737-800s in Sofia, from which (RYR) will operate 21 new routes and 90 weekly flights that are anticipated to deliver >1.5 million passengers annually.

“This significant growth is an integral part of our continued expansion plans for both Bulgaria and Eastern Europe, as we connect Sofia with Europe’s key centers of business,” (RYR) (CCO) David O’Brien said in Sofia.

The new base is the latest move in (RYR)’s continuing advance into Eastern Europe, which will increasingly bring it into competition with Hungary-based, (LCC) Wizz Air (WZZ).

Meanwhile, (VLZ), has inaugurated its 8th base overall and 4th in France

“Since the beginning of our operations in Toulouse in 2013, we are convinced about the economic and demographic great potential of this region,” (VLZ) Founder & (CEO) Carlos Muñoz said.

(VLZ) will initially base a single 717 there and operate 12 routes from the airport, 4 of them new (Brest, Prague, Malaga, and Split).

Like (RYR), (VLZ) is aiming initially to connect secondary and tertiary airports in Europe. It will fly to 3 new European countries in 2016, the UK, Malta, and Portugal, giving it a presence in 13 nations.

(VLZ) transported 2.5 million passengers in 2015 and forecasts between 3.3 and 3.5 million in 2016 and is beginning a fleet transition from the Boeing 717 to the Airbus A320, with 4 arriving this year. It has 19 717-200s.

News Item A-2: Volotea (VLZ) has begun a complete rollover of its fleet with the arrival of its 1st Airbus A319.

(VLZ) operates 19 717s in a 125-seat single-class layout and as recently as fall 2015, acquired 2 from (SAS) subsidiary Blue 1 (BLV), which was sold to CityJet shortly afterward.

It is understood that the shortage of available 717s, together with the larger seating capacity of the A319, has persuaded Volotea (VLZ) to begin a wholesale shift to the European aircraft.

It said that reliability, good operating economics, and passenger experience were reasons for the switch.

The 1st was handed over to (VLZ) at Toulouse and (VLZ) will take delivery of a further 3 this year. The 1st 4 A319s will be based at Nantes, in western France. “We intend to renew our fleet of 717s with the Airbus A319 over the next 2 to 3 years,” (VLZ) said. Additional aircraft would also be acquired to accommodate growth.

Like its existing 717s, Volotea (VLZ) intends to lease its new fleet, with the early examples coming from lessors AerCap (DEA) and (GECAS) (GEF).

April 2016: Volotea (VLZ) has started routes #17 and #18 from its Bordeaux (BOD) hub. The 727 km sector to Alicante (ALC) will be flown on a weekly basis (Mondays), as will the 1,358 km city pair to Split (SPU). Both routes commenced on April 10, will face no direct competition, and are operated by (VLZ)’s 125-seat 717 fleet. Both services will also be increased to 2x-weekly as the summer season progresses towards its peak.

See attached update: "VLZ-2016-04 - Update-A/B.jpg."

May 2016: Volotea (VLZ) began a new route from Naples (NAP) this month, with Marseille (MRS) becoming destination #8 from the Italian airport, joining existing operations to Palermo, Genoa, Verona, Trieste, Nantes, Bordeaux, and Santorini. Started on May 6, the 798 km sector will be flown weekly (Fridays), and is operated by (VLZ)’s 125-seat 717 fleet. No other carrier operates this city pair.

June 2016: Spanish low-cost carrier (LCC) Volotea (VLZ) is to open a new base in Genoa, Italy. It will be its 4th base in the country and its 9th in Europe.

(VLZ) will station an as-yet-undecided number of 717-200s at Genoa, a major seaport and industrial center in Italy’s NW Liguria region. A firm date for the opening of the new base has not been set, but it is likely to be in the spring of 2017. (VLZ), which specializes in linking secondary- and tertiary-level airports, already operates to 7 Italian destinations from Genoa but does not currently base airplanes there. Its other Italian bases are Venice, Verona, and Palermo.

"Genoa is a city that…has accompanied us on our path of growth,” said (VLT) Founder & (CEO) Carlos Munõz. (VLZ)’s capacity out of the city is due to increase this year by some +30% over 2015, even before its new base opens. “Liguria is one of the most important regions in our development strategies and, for this reason, we have decided to strengthen our presence in the area,” Munõz said. “We see great potential in Genoa.”

Welcoming (VLT)’s decision, Airport Genoa President Marco Arato said that the move would bring additional high-quality jobs involving both flight crews (FC) and technicians (MT) to the area.

(VLT) carried 2.5 million passengers in 2015 and forecasts between 3.3 and 3.5 million passengers this year. The company is beginning a move from its existing fleet of 19 717-2BLs toward becoming an Airbus (EDS) operator, with an initial batch of 4 A319s due to be stationed at Nantes, in western France.

The A319s allow an upgauging of capacity, with the European aircraft carrying some 150 passengers compared to the 125 on the 717. The A319 also has a longer range.

April 2017: Aviation Technical Services developed 150-passenger Airbus A319 cabin layout for Spanish low-cost carrier Volotea (VLZ).

May 2017: Volotea (VLZ) expanded its presence in Montpellier (MPL) on May 20, with the addition of a weekly (Saturdays) rotation to Bastia (BIA). The 463 km sector, which will be flown by a variety of (VLZ)’s airplanes, joins (VLZ)’s 5 other domestic services from Montpellier (namely to Nantes, Strasbourg, Lille, Brest, and Ajaccio. No other airline flies on this sector.

January 2018: Volotea (VLZ) recorded a +42% jump in passenger numbers in 2017, reaching 4.8 million, up from 3.4 million in 2016, beating the Barcelona-based airline’s predictions.

The privately owned airline said revenues increased +22% in 2017 to > €300 million/$374 million, but did not release profit or loss figures and did not respond to a request for additional details.

(VLT) specializes in linking secondary and tertiary European cities and now operates across 13 European nations. It plans to launch 58 new routes and 3 new bases (Athens, Bilbao and Marseilles) in 2018 and anticipates carrying 5.7 to 6 million passengers.

Passenger loads jumped in 2017 with load factors rising +11% to 86% LF. (VLT) will receive 4 new Airbus A319s this year, taking its total fleet to 32 aircraft. It is steadily switching over to the larger A319 from its previous Boeing 717 fleet.

April 2018: News Item A-1: "Spanish (LCC) Volotea (VLZ) Opens New French Base in Marseille" by Alan Dron, April 20, 2018.

Volotea (VLZ) has opened a new base at Marseille Provence Airport, where it has 2 Boeing 717s. Marseille is (VLZ)’s 11th base, which allows it to significantly increase routes and frequencies from the city.

Since (VLZ) began operating in Marseille in 2014, the number of passengers carried has steadily increased. In 2017, (VLZ) transported 150,000 passengers from Marseille, up +77% year-over-year; it achieved an average load factor of 83% LF.

This year, the number of seats to and from Marseille will rise to 286,000, with 9 new routes to Biarritz and Caen (France); Corfu, Heraklion, Mykonos and Santorini (Greece); Funchal (Portugal); Menorca and Majorca (Spain). (VLZ) operates 10 out of the 19 destinations served from Marseille.

“We want to reinforce our offering and presence in Marseille, so this year we have increased our capacity by +56%, adding 9 new destinations,” (VLZ) Founder and (CEO) Carlos Muñoz said. “[This is] a much wider choice, resulting from the excellent results we have received since our 1st operations 4 years ago.”

France has become a major base for (VLS), which is in the middle of transitioning its fleet of Boeing 717s to Airbus A319s that offer additional capacity.

News Item A-2: "(TAP) Air Portugal, Volotea Link Up on European Services" by Alan Dron (alandron@adepteditorial.com), April 30, 2018.

(TAP) Air Portugal and Volotea (VLZ) may expand their partnership after agreeing to a code share arrangement to strengthen services between 3 European nations.

It is the 1st code share that (VLZ), which specializes in connecting secondary and tertiary European cities, has entered into.

The agreement has come into force in the past month and allows both airlines to cooperate through Volotea (VLZ)'s direct flights to the southern Portuguese leisure destination of Faro from France and Italy. Faro has become a year-round destination, largely because of the proliferation of golf courses in its locality.

The code share will allow (TAP) to place its TP code on all (VLZ)-operated routes from Faro to Nantes, Bordeaux and Marseille (France), as well as to Verona (Italy).

“This 1st code share agreement in Volotea (VLZ)’s history will clearly benefit consumers to connect important French and Italian cities with the dynamic Portuguese market,” (VLZ)’s Founder & (CEO) Carlos Muñoz said. “Furthermore, it will allow (VLZ) to grow into a larger geography and longer seasonality and in partnership with (TAP) Portugal, 1 of Europe’s strongest airlines.

“This new code share aims to provide (TAP) customers with more service options enhancing flight connectivity possibilities from Portugal to France and Italy,” (TAP) Air Portugal (CEO) Antonoaldo Neves said.

Under the agreement, (VLZ) expects to enhance its distribution in Portugal. As part of its continuing expansion, (VLZ) has also opened 2 new direct routes to Madeira, a Portuguese island territory in the Atlantic, from Marseille and Bordeaux.

November 2018: (IATA) V7. (ICAO) VOE. (Callsign - Volotea).


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VLZ-717 - 2014-08
VLZ-717 - 2016-03.jpg
VLZ-717-200 - 2012-02
VLZ-717-2BL - 2011-12
VLZ-717-2BL - 2012-04
VLZ-717-2BL - 2012-05

December 2018:

19 717-2BL (BR715A) (5117-55167, /03 EC-LQI, 2012-04 - - SEE PHOTO - - "VLZ-717-2BL - 2012-04;" 5119-55169, /03 EC-LQS; 5120-55170, /03 EI-EWI; 5121-55171, /03 EI-EWJ; 5122-55172, /03 EI-EXA; 5123-55173, /03 EI-EXB; 5124-55174, /03 EI-EXI; 5126-55176, /03 EI-EXJ; 5127-55177, /03 EI-FBJ; 5138-55182, /03 EI-FBK; 5145-55185, /03 EC-LPM - - SEE PHOTO - - "VLZ-717-2BL - 2011-12;" 55191, EI-FCB; 55192, EI-FBM), EX-(AEB), BOEING CAPITAL CORPORATION (TBC) LEASED 2012-02. 125 PAX.

13 A319, 150 PASSENGERS.

4 A320.


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VLZ-1-Carlos Munoz - 2016-04.jpg



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