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7JetSet7 Code: VPA
Status: Currently Not Operational
Region: EUROPE
Employees 77
Web: danubewings.eu
Email: bts@danubewings.com
Telephone: +421 243632724
Fax: +421 243632725

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Formed in 2008 and started operations in 2009. Regional & international, scheduled & charter, passenger & cargo, jet airplane services. VIP executive flight services are also offered.

Ivanska cesta 30/B
82001 Bratislava, Slovakia

Slovakia (Slovak Republic) was established in 1993, it covers an area of 49,014 sq km, its population is 5.4 million, its capital city is Bratislava, and its official language is Slovak.

January 2010: In 2009, Danube Wings transported 77,800 passengers (63,200 on scheduled flights; 14,600 on charter flights).

INCDT: A passenger on a Danube Wings (VPA) 737-400, (OK-WGY) performing flight V5-8230 from Poprad/Tatry (Slovakia) to Dublin (Ireland), unknowingly had explosives in his luggage, which had been planted by Slovakian security forces but remained undetected during the following security screening. The airplane arrived safely in Dublin, following a tip off by Slovakian security personnel the passenger was taken into custody by Irish police but later released without bail and charges.

Slovakian security forces planted 9 packages of about three ounces (90 grams) of explosives each into checked luggage of passengers before security screening. Eight packages were detected, but the ninth passed security screening. Slovakian forces later called their counterparts in Dublin, however, without initially explaining their role in planting the device, so that the Irish forces took the passenger into custody. Only after the Slovaks explained their role in planting the device, the passenger was released without charges and without bail a few hours later.

The Slovakian security forces say, there was no danger. The explosives were stable, not connected to any detonator, and could not have exploded. Irish forces, who do similar exercises to test security screening, called the procedure to hide such packages in passenger luggage stupid, they use only luggage under control of security forces rather than luggage of unwitting passengers outside the control of security forces.

March 2011: 737-36M (28333, OM-VRD) delivery.

This 737-36M will be mainly focused on medium range flights, from Slovakia and the north of Italy to the South Mediterranean Greek islands, to the Spanish Balearic Islands and to the north coast of Africa.

December 2011: Danube Wings (VPA) is based at M R Stefanik Airport, Bratislava, Slovakia. The brand belongs to VIP Wings, which is the Air Operator Certificate (AOC) licence holder. VIP Wings was created from VIP Air (VIP), which was the first private aviation company in Slovakia. Charter flights and VIP executive services are also operated.

Parent organization/shareholders: VIP Air (100%).

IATA Code: V5. (ICAO) Code: VPA - (Callsign - VIP TAXI).

Company slogan: "We fly your direction."

Main base: M R Stefanik Airport (BTS).

Hubs: Kosice Airport (KSC); Tatry Poprad Airport (TAT).

Domestic routes: Bratislava - Kosice - Bratislava.

International routes: Bratislava - Zadar - Bratislava; Bratislava - Split - Bratislava; Bratislava (via Kosice) - Rijeka - Bratislava (via Kosice); Kosice - Rijeka - Kosice.

ATR72-202 used for a charter flight to transport the French rugby team, SU Agen for its fixture against the Sale Sharks at Manchester, UK (SEE PFOTO - "VPA-ATR72-202 - 2011-12").

May 2012: Danube Wings (VPA) launched operations out of Dole (DLE) in eastern France this month, using its ATR72 airplanes. As of 13 May, (VPA) operates weekly to Girona (GRO) on Spain’s Costa Brava. The following day, the airline began operating thrice-weekly domestically to Nice (NCE) on the French Riviera, with flights then continuing on to Angers (ANE) in the west of France.

July 2012: On 27 July, the Slovakian regional carrier, Danube Wings (VPA) launched scheduled flights between Dole-Jura (DLE) in eastern France and the famous university city Cambridge (CBG) in the UK using an ATR72. Flights operate twice-weekly on Mondays and Fridays. Terry Holloway, Deputy Chairman of Cambridge Airport said: “We were delighted to welcome DanubeWings (VPA) to Cambridge Airport, connecting Cambridge with Dole-Jura in the Franche-Comté Region of France with two scheduled flights each week. This is also an exciting development with one of Europe’s rapidly expanding airline companies and part of our wider plan to bring a number of exciting international services to Cambridge. We are committed to delivering sustained growth at the airport and contributing to Cambridge’s dynamic economic expansion, which is already far exceeding that of most areas of the UK.” In recent years, Dole-Jura Airport has handled less than <5,000 passengers per annum, but back in April, Ryanair (RYR) started twice-weekly services to Porto from the airport, while DanubeWings (VPA) launched flights to Girona and Nice in May, and Bastia in June.

October 2012: DanubeWings (VPA) has announced plans to resume services between Ostrava Mosnov (OSR) and Vienna International airport (VIE) from November 5, operating its first regional route from neighboring Czech Republic. The route was last served by Czech regional carrier, Central Connect Airlines ((IATA) Code: 3B, based at Ostrava Mosnov airport (OSR)) until February 24, already before the latter suspended all operations by June 19.

November 2012: Danube Wings (VPA) launched operations on the 200 km route from Ostrava (OSR) in eastern Czech Republic, to the Austrian capital Vienna (VIE). Five weekly frequencies will be operated on the route, using (VPA)’s fleet of four ATR72 airplanes.

January 2013: DanubeWings ((IATA) Code: V5, based at Bratislava Milan Rastislav Stefánik (BTS)) (VPA) will no longer operate the seasonal regional services in France it had operated last summer season according to several airport websites. Last year, DanubeWings (VPA) had offered seasonal ATR72-200 services from Angers Marce (ANE) to Nice Côte d'Azur (NCE), from Dole Tavaux (DLE) to Bastia Poretta (BIA), Cambridge (CBG) and Nice and from Troyes Barberey (QYR) to Bastia during the summer months in cooperation with the regional airports.

December 2013: Danube Wings (VPA) has suspended all operations until further notice. (VPA) said on its website it has canceled all flights as of November 20. Passengers can request of refund for unused tickets.

(VPA) re-launched domestic flights in September from Bratislava to Kosice. It had four ATR72-200s in its fleet, which is reportedly up for sale.


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VPA-ATR72-202 - 2011-12

December 2013:

1 737-36M (CFM56-3) (2810-28333, OM-VRD), EX-CCA-CENTRAL CHARTER AIRLINES, EX-(OM-CCA) 2011-03. 149Y.

0 737-436 (CFM56-3C1) (2188-25839, /91 OK-WGY "ROUDNICE NAD LABEM"), (CSA) WET-LSD. RTND. 56C, 60Y.

4 ATR72-202 (PW124B) (0307, /92 OM-VRC; 0367, /94 OM-VRB; 0373, /94 OM-VRA), 70Y.






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