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7JetSet7 Code: VSJ
Status: Operational
Region: EUROPE
Country: AUSTRIA
Employees 77
Web: vistajet.com
Email: contactus@vistajet.com
Telephone: +44 (0) 207 0605 700
Fax: +43 66264020021

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Formed and started operations in 2004. Executive jet airplane services.

Sterneckstrasse 36
Salzburg A-5020, Austria

April 2004: Thomas Flohr founded VistaJet (VSJ) to develop private executive jet aviation.

June 2006: VistaJet (VSJ) ordered 3 Bombardier Challenger 605 business jets and signed an option for 2 additional airplanes, making this order the 1st and largest multiple airplane order placed by a European company for the new jet.

September 2007: VistaJet (VSJ) announced the opening of a base at SkyPark Subang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with a Bombardier Challenger 604 and a Challenger 605 available for customers.

February 2008: VistaJet (VSJ) announced that, as part of its it plans to triple its fleet in 2008, it planned to be present in the UK market within weeks offering a London City based Bombardier Learjet 40 XR as well as a Learjet 60 XR.

May 2008: VistaJet (VSJ) announced an order for 11 Bombardier Learjet 85 airplanes, along with 11 Challenger 605 and 13 Learjet 60 XR airplanes. The deal included options for an additional 25 airplanes. In addition to the airplane order, (VSJ) also signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for the acquisition of Bombardier Skyjet International, Bombardier's charter program, making VistaJet (VSJ) the 2nd largest business jet company outside of North America.

February 2009: The former Swissair (SWS) Chairman and SAir Group (CEO), Phillippe Bruggisser joined VistaJet (VSJ) as the new (CEO) and board member, following a general restructuring of the company's management team. Founder, Thomas Flohr announced a rapid and aggressive growth program with the goal to develop the company to the largest executive airline outside North America.

January 2010: VistaJet (VSJ) announced the appointment of Robert Hersov as Chairman of the VistaJet Advisory Board. As the former Vice-Chairman of NetJets Europe (NEU), Hersov will drive and lead the Advisory Board, advising on strategies for developing and expanding (VSJ)’s operations in key operating territories including Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and West Africa.

May 2010: VistaJet (VSJ) expanded its global network into West Africa, driving its expansion in the region through a new partnership with West African-based businessman Kola Aluko and dedicated executive jet airplanes to service the region from a regional base in Lagos, Nigeria.

August 2010: VistaJet (VSJ) made a $277 million firm order for 6 Bombardier airplanes at the Farnborough Air Show. The order was for 4 ultra long-range Global Express XRS and 2 large cabin Challenger 605 airplanes. The order, which placed a greater emphasis on large, longer-range airplanes, was to significantly increase (VSJ)’s long-haul capability in markets such as the Middle East, West Africa and Russia/(CIS), where flights are typically >6 to 8 hours.

October 2010: Phillippe Bruggisser stepped down as (CEO) and Thomas Flohr took over day-to-day management.

November 2012: VistaJet (VSJ) placed a firm $3.1 billion order for 56 Bombardier Global business jets, including 25 Global 5000s, 25 Global 6000s and 6 Global 8000s.

The order includes options for an additional 126 Global business jets, with delivery expected to begin in 2014. (VSJ) operates an exclusive fleet of Bombardiers (BMB), and is looking to expand its business aviation offerings in emerging markets, with a focus on the Middle East, (BMB) said. “Our customers need to fly point-to-point across the globe, and in many instances at short notice,” said Thomas Flohr, Founder & Chairman of (VSJ). “Such customer success allows us to place this historic order and will enable us to base even more brand new airplanes in these dynamic growth markets. I am excited to serve these markets with an unparalleled product both locally and globally.”

April 2013: VistaJet (VSJ) is a European private business jet charter and airplane management company. (VSJ) has an executive jet fleet based across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and West Africa.

(VSJ) is headquartered in Switzerland with offices in Salzburg, London, Malta, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Lagos and Farnborough. In the United States, it operates a partnership agreement with Flexjet and Jet Solutions.

(ICAO) Code: VSJ - (Callsign - VISTA JET).

May 2013: VistaJet International (VSJ) and Jet Support Services Inc (JSSI) have agreed to a record-setting enrollment of 50 Bombardier Global 5000 and Global 6000 airplanes onto (JSSI)'s Platinum Engine and (APU) hourly cost maintenance programs. The long-term agreement is valued at >$205 million based on (JSSI) 2013 list prices. The airplanes are part of (VSJ)'s largest order in aviation history placed in November 2012.

This is the largest single enrollment for any hourly cost maintenance program that we are aware of," admits Neil Book, President & (CEO) for (JSSI).”

"Having our Engines and (APU)s on a (JSSI) Maintenance Program is critical to the (VSJ) business model," said Thomas Flohr, Chairman of (VSJ). "In addition to providing budget stability, (JSSI) adds another dimension of service to the standard maintenance program.

“We currently have 2 Bombardier Global airplanes and our Augusta Westland Helicopter enrolled with (JSSI), and are delighted to increase our business with them as our worldwide fleet continues to grow,” Flohr added. “This agreement demonstrates the continuation of (VSJ)'s "Think Global" strategy and its commitment to provide non-stop, point-to-point global coverage with guaranteed availability."

In late November 2012, luxury aviation company (VSJ) announced the largest single transaction in business aviation history: 56 firm orders for Bombardier Global Jets and options for an additional 86 Global airplanes. The transaction was valued at >$7.8 billion US, and deliveries will commence in 2014.

(JSSI)'s Platinum Engine Program for the Rolls-Royce (RRC) (BR710A2-20) engines that power the Global 5000 and Global 6000 airplanes offers an all-inclusive, hourly cost maintenance program that drives down maintenance costs, provides budget stability, and adds peace of mind. (JSSI) Platinum provides comprehensive coverage for both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, rental engines, supplemental lift, engine removal and replacement (R&R), and shipping.

Coverage for scheduled repair and replacement of Life Limited Parts, as well as routine inspections, may also be added. The (JSSI) (APU) Program for the Honeywell (SGC) (RE220) will cover scheduled and unscheduled events for (VSJ)'s (APU)s, as well as Life Limited Components. Unlike other (APU) programs, there is no buy-in requirement and just one easy annual payment.

June 2013: Bombardier (BMB) racked up $1.8 billion worth of orders for its large and mid-size business jets on the 1st 2 days of the Paris Air Show, receiving strong demand for its Challenger 350 and Global 8000 jets.

Switzerland-based, private jet operator VistaJet (VSJ) placed an order for 20 Challenger 350 jets, a $518 million order based on current list prices. The order includes options for 20 additional Challenger 350s, which would increase the value to $1 billion.

In November, VistaJet placed the largest order in Bombardier (BMB)'s history, a $7.8 billion order for up to 142 Global business jets.


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September 2017:

1 MD-83 (JT8D-219) (1583-49629, /89 OE-LRW), BANK OF AMERICA LSG 2010-06. 161Y.

2 ACJ319-100, EXEC. 19C.

1 BOMBARDIER CHALLENGER 604 (CL-600-2B16) (CF34-3B) (5644, /06 OE-INY), EXEC. 10C.

15 BOMBARDIER CHALLENGER 605 (CL-600-2B16) (CF34-3B) (5704, /06 M-FBVZ; 5749, /08 OE-INU), EXEC. 10C.

6 BOMBARDIER CHALLENGER 850 (CL-600-2B19) (CF34-3B1) (8076,/07 OE-ILY; 8101, /11 OE-ILA), EXEC. 15C.

1 BOMBARDIER GLOBAL 5000 (BD-700-1A11) (BR710A2-20), EXEC.

25 ORDERS (2014-02) BOMBARDIER GLOBAL 5000 (BD-700-1A11) (BR710A2-20), EXEC:


25 ORDERS (2014-02) BOMBARDIER GLOBAL 6000 (BR710A2-20), EXEC:



6 BOMBARDIER LEARJET 60 (XR) (PW305A) (60-401, /11 OE-GVF; 60-409, /11 OE-GVQ), 6C.


1 HAWKER 900XP (TFE731-5BR) (HA-099, /09 M-LION), LION INVEST LSD 2009-05. EXEC.


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Thomas Flohr is the Founder and Chairman of VistaJet Holding SA. Driven by his passion for, and desire to create and provide an unrivalled private jet aviation experience, he established VistaJet in 2004.

Thomas began his career with Comdisco Group upon graduating with a Diploma in Business and Political Science from Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich. Within a few years, he had steered the company into becoming a leading provider in the Information Technology (IT) financing sector. He later acquired Comdisco Switzerland and Germany (now Comprendium), which he sold shortly after guiding the company to profitability.

A successful entrepreneur, Thomas spent a considerable amount of time travelling on chartered private jets. He found the upscale lifestyle that private jet clientele were accustomed to in their daily lives was not being translated into the private jet experience. Tearing up all the old conventions, Thomas envisioned VistaJet (VSJ) as a luxury provider in private aviation, and set about creating a lifestyle, not just a product.

Today, with its revolutionary business model and commitment to excellence, (VSJ) is the world’s leading luxury private aviation company, providing clients simple, transparent flight solutions with the highest level of service available in the sky.

Thomas remains the sole shareholder of (VSJ), which is experiencing rapid growth and performance in key markets. The company has now entered the second phase of its strategic expansion across (BRINC) countries and other fast-growth developing markets. The strategic objective to double the size of business by 2015 is building on (VSJ)’s established position as the leading player in its marketplace.

Thomas is a citizen of Switzerland and has one daughter.


Ian Moore joined (VSJ) over two years ago as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). He brings more than a decade of private aviation experience with a vast array of business models and concepts.

Ian began his journey in private aviation with NetJets Europe, the European arm of Berkshire Hathaway’s NetJets Inc. During his six years there, he generated a profound understanding and experience of the American-style fractional ownership concept, and was integral in the company’s growth in a virgin market. He was a major part of the sales team that took the customer base from 81 to 1,500 and airplanes from nine to approximately 130 on his departure.

Ian’s extensive knowledge gained there was instrumental during his India and South East Asia adventure, spending two years with the business jet subsidiary of (TATA). Ian developed his expertise and deep understanding of the global charter market, brand development in emerging markets and overseeing a complete start up venture in one of the most challenging national markets during his time in India.

Now with (VSJ), Ian is responsible for the company’s global market expansion, sales operations across product lines and direct touch points including customer service and cabin experience. His expertise in Program concepts, block hours and global On-Demand markets together with his understanding of developing and entering new markets has facilitated vast growth here. Under his direct stewardship, revenues have increased by +25% per annum, passenger numbers increased by +20% per annum and profits in grew in excess of >50%, whilst entering new markets in West Africa the Middle East and Asia.

Ian holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Melbourne.


Bruno Hoefliger joined (VSJ) in 2009. As (CFO), Bruno is responsible for the entire Group reporting for (VSJ), for all financial aspects of the business including airplane financing, operational financing, accounting practices, budgeting, financial planning, monitoring of financial performance and interface with the investors, banks and various stakeholders on the company’s figures and performance.

As a certified business economist, Bruno has extensive leadership experience in both management and as a member of boards. He brings over >20 years of financial management experience and expertise in financing and controlling for some of the world’s largest international companies.

Prior to joining (VSJ), Bruno held various positions as Financial Director at Bookham Switzerland Ltd, and Damovo (a spinoff of the telecoms giant Ericsson). He gained experience and expertise in expanding financial and controlling management and reporting, directing the merger of two companies and leading local and worldwide management teams.

Bruno graduated with a Business Economist (finance and controlling) degree from the University of Lucerne.


Nina is responsible for every aspect of the company’s branding. She makes sure that the whole (VSJ) flight experience, from service to design, is a reflection and extension of our client’s lifestyles.


Pedro’s experience developing complex software and technology solutions has always delivered exceptional results across the financial sector, working for Nomura and Sophis.

His experience will help (VSJ) stay ahead of the game when it comes to Information Technology (IT).

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