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7JetSet7 Code: VXG
Status: Currently Not Operational
Region: AFRICA
Country: GABON
Employees 45
Web: flyavirex.com
Email: avirex@internetgabon.com
Telephone: +241 73 98 18
Fax: +241 73 66 56

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VXG-2010-01 GABON

Formed in 1994. Domestic, regional, & international, schedule & charter, passenger & cargo, jet airplane services.

BP 9900
Libreville, Gabon

The Gabonese Republic was established in 1960, it covers an area of 267,667 sq km, its population is 1.5 million, its capital is Libreville, and its official language is French.

October 2006: Acquires its first DC-9-30 (TR-LHG) - see photo.

April 2008: Avirex (VXG) operates a domestic schedule linking the major towns in Gabon with extensions to neighboring countries in West Africa.

Employees = 45.

(IATA) Code: G2. (ICAO) Code: VXG (Callsign - AVIREX-GABON).

Parent organization/shareholders: Philippe Salles (98%).

(Telephone: +241 73 99 20).

Main Base: Libreville Airport (LBV).

Domestic scheduled destinations: Libreville; & Port Gentil.

International, scheduled destinations: Douala; Lome; & Malabo.

July 2008: The eighth edition of the European Commission (EC)'s blacklist of banned airlines does not include Iran's Mahan Airlines (MHN), thanks to "significant efforts and progress accomplished by this carrier, which were verified during an on-site inspection," but continues to include Indonesian airlines, including Garuda Indonesia (GIA). "The Commission (EC) decided that the Indonesian authorities have still not developed and implemented an efficient oversight program on any of the carriers under their regulatory control," it said. Ukraine Cargo Airways remains banned as well, and Yemenia Airways (YEM) was told it "should complete its corrective actions plan" by the Air Safety Committee's next meeting. All airlines from Equatorial Guinea, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Swaziland, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo are banned, while Gabon Airlines and Afrijet (FRJ) from Gabon are allowed to maintain operations at their current level.

July 2009: Iran's Mahan Air (MHN) was added to the (EU)'s list of banned airlines, while Garuda Indonesia (GIA), Airfast Indonesia (PTF), Mandala Airlines (MND) and Premiair were removed from the "blacklist." The latest update did not include Yemenia Yemen Airways (YEM), despite recent controversy following the June 29 A310-300 crash that killed 152 passengers and crew. All airlines from Zambia and Kazakhstan were added to the list with the exception of Air Astana (AKZ), which will be allowed limited access to (EU) nations.

TAAG Angola Airlines (ANG), already on the list of more than >200 carriers, will be allowed to operate "into Portugal only with certain airplanes and under very strict conditions," the European Commission (EC) said, adding that the limited access was granted to acknowledge "progress made by the civil aviation authority of Angola [and TAAG (ANG)] to resolve progressively any safety deficiencies." All other Angolan airlines remain banned. All Indonesian carriers remain banned apart from the aforementioned four. Complete bans are in place on airlines from Benin, Democratic Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Kyrgyzstan, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Swaziland.

European Commission VP Transport, Antonio Tajani has called for a global blacklist, a suggestion that has been rejected by (ICAO) for now. "We will not accept that airlines fly at different standards when they operate inside and outside Europe," he said, renewing his call. "It is high time that the international community rethinks its safety policy; those airlines which are unsafe should not be allowed to fly anywhere."


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April 2014:

1 DC-9-30 (JT8D) (TR-LHG).

1 F28-4000 FELLOWSHIP (SPEY 555-15P) (11126, /77 TR-LGP), JET AVIATION LSD 2003-11. 75Y.

1 ATR42-320 (PW121) (041, /87 TR-LGA), ATR LSD 2002-04. 46Y.

1 HAWKER HS 125-3B) (VIPER 522) (25130, /67 TR-LFB), BERETFORD LSD 10/98. 9Y.

1 CESSNA F406 CARAVAN II (PT6A-112) (0007, /86 TR-LFQ), RELWOOD LSD /99. 12Y.

1 CESSNA 404 TITAN II (GTSIO-520-M) (0844, /81 TR-LFG), 10Y.

1 CESSNA 402B II (TSIO-520-E) (1078, /76 TR-LEB), BERETFORD LSD, 7Y.

1 CESSNA 207 SKYWAGON (IO-520-F) (00310, /75 TR-LVR), 5Y.



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