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7JetSet7 Code: WAU
Status: Currently Not Operational
Region: EUROPE
City: KIEV
Country: UKRAINE
Employees 27
Telephone: +380 442064888
Fax: +380 445773781

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WAU-2013-03 - UPDATE-A
WAU-2013-03 - UPDATE-B
WAU-2013-03 - UPDATE-C
WAU-2013-03 - UPDATE-D
WAU-2013-03 - UPDATE-E
WAU-2013-03 - UPDATE-F
WAU-ROUTE MAP - 2013-02
WAU-ROUTE MAP - 2013-03

Formed and started operations in 2008. Domestic, regional & international, scheduled & charter, passenger & cargo jet airplane services.

3A Maksyma Grishka Street
Kiev 02140, Ukraine

August 2010: Wizz Air Ukraine (WAU) launched a twice weekly A320-200 service from Lviv to Venice Treviso on May 14 but will give up its Kiev Borispol - Oslo Torp route on September 12 instead.

September 2010: Wizz Air Ukraine (WAU) is to serve Kiev - Stockholm Skavsta twice-weekly, and open an Allgau - Memmingen link from Lviv - its third route from the city after Dortmund and Venice - from 18 December.

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WAU-A320 - WITH SHARKLETS - 2013-03
WAU-A320-232 - WITH SHARKLETS - 2013-10

April 2015:

4 A320-232 (V2527-A5) (3531, /08 UR-WUA; 3741, /08 UR-WUB, 2008-12; 5539, UR-WRC, 2013-06), (GEF) LST (WZZ) 2008-12 FOR WIZZ AIR UKRAINE (WAU) OPS. 1ST DELIVERY WITH SHARKLETS (2013-03). 180Y.


Click below for photos:
WAU-1-AKOS BUS - 2013-03


October 2013: "30-Second Interview" by's Amy Hanna.
Being the new kid on the block is always tough, but when this is coupled with a more restrictive operating environment than you are used to (dealing with bilaterals, rather than the freedoms you are used to in the (EU)), then it is even harder. Add in poor economic conditions and you have a clear impression of what Akos Bus, Director General for Wizz Air Ukraine (WAU) has to deal with on a daily basis since the (ULCC) set-up camp in Kiev in 2008. But the market conditions are beginning to improve, and the Ukrainian authorities seem to have realised that this upstart is not going to go away and it may as well work with it (so finds out whatís next on the agenda for Akos Bus). Wizz Air Ukraine (WAU) currently has four airplanes (including the additional unit introduced for the Donetsk base opening in October). There were plans to expand the fleet to eight in the next couple of years. Is this still the aim?
Akos Bus: When we started life here in Ukraine in 2008, we definitely planned to have a more aggressive growth path, but the timing of our start-up was at one of the worst times ever because it was just before the local currency (hryvnia) collapsed, and when the recession started all through Europe. So we didnít grow at the level we expected. Since 2012, we decided to grow because we saw some positive signs both on the regulatory side and in terms of market demand. So thatís why we are adding one airplane to our Kiev base [up to three] in 2013, as well as adding a fourth airplanet, based in Donetsk as of October 1st. And regarding future growth, we are trying to get back to our original plan, so we are presently focusing on analysing the situation to see how we can add further airplanes.
aa: Where will the focus of this growth be?
AB: The focus is on Kiev. Everyone knows it is congested and there are two airports in the city, but itís the strongest market in Ukraine. But our growth is also defined by regulatory matters, as Ukraine is not really a liberalized market, so each and every route needs a so-called Ďdesignationí based on the bilateral agreements between the two countries. Of course, itís more difficult to get route designations out of Kiev, so this is why we opened up our Donetsk base, as we could achieve some good designation from there.
aa: And speaking of liberalization, how are bilateral talks progressing on gaining access to Russia from Ukraine?
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