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7JetSet7 Code: WLL
Status: Operational
Country: USA
Employees 37
Web: flywaa.com
Email: sales@flywaa.com
Telephone: +1 (305) 722-6100
Fax: +1 (305) 572-6102

Formed and started operations in 2009. Domestic, regional & international, charter, passenger & cargo jet airplane services.

5600 NW 38th Street, Suite 450
Miami, Florida 33166, USA

October 2012: (ICAO) Code: WAL.

The USA Department of Transportation (DOT) issued a $300,000 fine to Xtra Airways (CIN) for violating passenger protection regulations. According to the (DOT), the Boise, Idaho-based (CIN) was 1 of several carriers operating flights for Myrtle Beach, Direct Air (MBD) & Tours. (MBD) ceased operating in March, and failed to pay (CIN) for operating flights that departed “on or after March 3.”

The (DOT)’s Aviation enforcement Office said Xtra Airways (CIN) violated regulations that require carriers to be paid prior to operating a public charter flight and prohibiting the cancellation of such flights <10 days prior to their scheduled departure times.

Passengers were unable to receive the service they paid Direct Air (MBD) for when (CIN) refused to honor the scheduled flights for Direct Air (MBD). “Airline passengers should not have to worry about last-minute charter flight cancellations or being stranded in the middle of their trips,” said USA Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. “Our rules were put into place to protect passengers’ rights, and we will continue to take enforcement action against airlines and charter operators when they violate those rules.”

The (DOT) issued a similar fine in July to World Atlantic Airlines (WLL) for payment disputes with Direct Air (MBD).

December 2012: The USA Department of Transportation issued a $50,000 penalty to Vision Airlines (VIS) as the result of the sudden shutdown of public charter operator Direct Air (MBD) in March.

Direct Air (MBD)’s shutdown forced several of the carriers it had charter agreements with to cancel the remaining flights they were scheduled to fly. Vision Airlines (VIS) violated the department’s regulations prohibiting the cancellation of public charter flights less than 10 days before their scheduled departure.

(VIS) is the 3rd carrier to receive a fine related to the shutdown of DirectAir (MBD). Xtra Airways (CIN) and World Atlantic Airline (WLL) received similar fines early this year, and the department recently introduced new rules regulating public charter flights in November.


May 2017:

1 MD-83 (JT8D-217) (49345, N804WA "ZAHIRA"), RE-REGISTERED 2012-07, EX-(N563AA), EX-(AAL).

1 MD-83 (JT8D-217) (1425-49507, /87 N803WA "AMOS"), EX-(N705MT), (JETR) LSD 2011-12, 155Y.

2 MD-83 (JT8D-219) (53044, N808WA; 1731-53052, /90 N802WA "THE PRIDE OF MIAMI TECH"), EX-(N751LF), WORLD ATLANTIC LSG LSD 2009-10. 170Y.



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