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7JetSet7 Code: WRC
Status: Operational
Region: EUROPE
City: KIEV
Country: UKRAINE
Employees 47
Telephone: +380 44 492 9787
Fax: +380 44 492 9789

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WRC-2011-08 - MD-82 CHARTER

Formed in 2003 and started operations in 2007. Domestic, regional, & international, scheduled & charter, passenger & cargo, jet airplane services.

50/38 Voloska Street, Office 134
04070 Kiev, Ukraine

Ukraine was established in 1991, it covers an area of 603,700 sq km, its population is 53 million, its capital city is Kiev, and its official language is Ukrainian.

July 2008: Wind Rose Aviation (WRC) has wet leased a 737-400 from CentralWings (CWG), an MD-83 (49390, XU-U4D), wet-leased from (PMT) Air (PMT), and an MD-83 (49364, UR-WRB), ex-Alaska Airlines (ASA).

September 2008: Wind Rose Aviation (WRC) has launched new routes from Kharkov to Istanbul Ataturk airport, operating 2x-weekly using MD-83s. Kiev Borispol airport to Moscow Domededovo, 2 per week using 737-800, starting October 27.

Intends to lease MD-83 (49567, UR-WRC), ex-American Airlines (AAL), and (49789, UR-WRD), ex-British West Indies Airways (TTA), both to be stored at Tucson (TUS), Arizona, USA.

December 2008: 737-86Q (30278, OK-TVC), Travel Service (TSF) wet-leased. MD-82, ex-Khors Air (KHO) delivery.

February 2009: Wind Rose Aviation (WRC) operates charter jet airplane services within the (CIS) and to Europe and the Middle East.

Call Center:
Telephone: +38 (044) 498 77 77 +7 (495) 287-99-07/09

At Domodedovo International Airport (DME), Moscow, Russia:
Telephone: +7 (495) 287 15 01

(IATA) Code: 7W - 461. ICAO Code: WRC (Callsign - WIND ROSE).


Alliances: Aerosvit Ukrainian Airlines (UKA); Donbassaero Airlines (UDC); Georgian Airways (GEI); & Ukraine International Airlines (UKR).

Main Base: Boryspol International Airport (IEV).

June 2009: MD-82 (53066, N482JC) delivery and 2 Embraer E190s (0157, UR-WRG; 169, HZ-NQB), NAS Air (NAZ) leased, ex-(HZ-NQA).

February 2010: (S7) Airlines (SBR) and Wind Rose Aviation (WRC) have entered into a code share arrangement on flights between Russia and the Ukraine. The deal will initially cover flights between Moscow and Lviv, but may be later extended to other destinations.

August 2010: Aerosvit (UKA) has started code sharing on 2x-weekly, Wind Rose (WRC) services from Kiev Borispol to Tashkent.

(WRC) has also wet-leased 2 A320-200s from SmartLynx (LAJ) for charter services.

September 2010: Wind Rose Air (WRC) is a Ukrainian charter airline operating primarily in the (CIS), Europe, and the Middle East. Wet-lease (ACMI) services are also offered.

(IATA) Code: 7W - 461. (ICAO) Code: WRC - (Callsign - WIND ROSE).

Alliances: AeroSvit Airlines (UKA).

Main base: Kiev Borispol International airport (KBP).

December 2010: Lufthansa Systems (LHS) reached a 5-year contract with Wind Rose Aviation (WRC) to supply its Flight Management Systems (FMS) on board (WRC)'s A320 fleet. (WRC) operates a fleet of 2 Embraer E195s, 2 MD-82s, 1 An-24 and 2 A320s.

January 2011: 2 A321-231s (2462, UR-WRH, 2682, UR-LTG), Airbus (AFIS) leased, ex-(G-TTID; G-TTIE).

August 2011: Wind Rose Air (WRC) leases MD-82 (49364, UR-WRB) to Dniproavia (UDN) for a charter operation to the Ukrainian city of Dnepropetrovsk from Manchester, England.


April 2012: Wind Rose Aviation (WRC) will return its 2 E195s (0169, UR-WRF; 0157, UR-WRG) to the lessors within the next 2 months. Both airplanes are currently based at Kiev Borispol airport (KBP) and operate on behalf of its partner Aerosvit Airlines (UKA). As Dniproavia (UDN) will start taking delivery of new E190s that will operate on Aerosvit (UKA) routes, the airplanes will no longer be required.

June 2012: Aviatrans K ((IATA) Code: KI, based at Kiev Zhulyany airport (IEV)) is currently operating its 2nd A320-200 (414, UR-CKB) on behalf of Wind Rose Aviation (WEC) on charter flights from Ukraine to leisure destinations.

Embraer (EMB) has delivered the 1st 2 E190 jets to the Ukrainian Aviation Group Alliance (UAG), in a ceremony at (EMB)’s headquarters in São José dos Campos, Brazil. The airplane will be operated by Dniproavia (UDN) on behalf of AeroSvit (UKA), both of which are members of the (UAG), mainly serving the airline’s international regional network from its Kiev Boryspil airport (KBP) hub. 3 other E-Jets are scheduled for delivery by the end of the year.

(UAG) selected the E190 as part of the (UAG) alliance’s fleet replacement for older, narrow body jets, as it looks to right-size some routes and also develop its international regional network with new routes, and provide increased frequencies on others. The E190 will be configured in a dual-class layout with comfortable Elite seats.

“The E190 perfectly fits AeroSvit (UKA)’s strategy of growing with the right capacity to access new markets and help it build a stronger and more competitive network,” said Paulo Cesar Silva Embraer (EMB) President, Commercial Aviation. “Kiev is geographically well-positioned and the E190 will provide them access to a wide range of cities and introduce high quality service to their customers.”

Currently, up to 20 ERJ-145s jets are in Dniproavia (UDN)’s fleet in Ukraine. The Kiev-based charter carrier and wet-lease (ACMI)-provider, Windrose Aviation (WRC), also has 1 E195, which is wet-leased to (UAG) member carriers. Following delivery to (UAG) of all 5 new E190s, the Ukraine will be home to >25 Embraer airplanes.

Gregory Gurtovoy AeroSvit (UKA) Chairman highlighted the mission of the new E190: “The airplane will be operated by Dniproavia (UDN), on behalf of AeroSvit (UKA), and will serve to enhance our overall product offering and improve our operational efficiency. This is very important, in light of the soon-expected "Open Skies" agreement between the European Union (EU) and Ukraine. The E190s will also fly to destinations in the (CIS) and the Middle East, providing excellent passenger comfort, transit baggage capacity and range that will enable us to compete with both legacy and low-cost carriers (LCC)s. With our good experience in the E195 commercial use for (UAG), I’m confident that the brand-new E190s will deliver even more exceptional performance.”

Since the E-Jets entered revenue service, in 2004, Embraer (EMB) has delivered nearly 850 of them to >60 airlines from 42 countries around the world. The versatile 70 to 120-seat, 4-airplane family is flying with (LCC)s, on regional services and with mainline carriers. The E-Jets order book registered 1,063 firm orders as of March 31, 2012.

October 2012: MD-82 (49364, UR-WRB), wet-leased to Air Batumi (BTM).

August 2014: A321-211 (0781, UW-WHO), ex-(G-OOPH), Wind Rose (WRC) wet-leased, A330-223 (296, UR-WRQ), returned from lease to (TAP) Portugal.


Click below for photos:
WRC-E190 - MD-82-JUL09

July 2018:


0 737-86N (CFM56-7B26) (285-28595, OK-TVD), (TSF) WET-LEASED 2008-11. RETURNED 2009-01 TO (IDC). 186Y.

0 737-86Q (CFM56-7B26) (963-30278, /01 OK-TVC), (TSF) WET-LEASED 2008-12. RETURNED. 186Y.

1 MD-82 (JT8D-217C) (1183-49278, /85 UR-WRE), (KHO) LEASED 2008-09. 165Y.


1 MD-82 (JT8D-217C) (1276-49364, /86 UR-WRB), EX-(ASA) 2008-05. WET-LEASED TO ZAGROS AIRLINES (IZG). RETURNED. WET-LEASED TO DNIPROAVIA (UDN) 2011-08. WET-LEASED TO (BTM) 2012-10. 165Y.

0 MD-82 (JT8D-217C) (1938-53066, N482JC) 2009-06. RETURNED.

0 MD-82 (JT8D-217C) (1956-53119, /92 UR-CDM), EX-(AMX). RETURNED. 165Y.

0 MD-83 (JT8D-219) (1269-49390, /86 XU-U4D), (PMT) AIR (PMT) WET-LEASED 2008-07. RETURNED. 165Y.

1 MD-83 (JT8D-219) (1367-49567, /87 UR-WRC), EX-(AAL) 2008-09, STORED AT TUCSON (TUS). LEASED. 165Y.

1 MD-83 (JT8D-219) (1642-49789, /89 UR-WRD - - SEE PHOTO - - "WRC-MD-83-2008-09"), EX-(TTA) 2008-09, STORED AT TUCSON (TUS). 165Y.

2 A320-200, SMARTLYNX (LAJ) WET-LEASED 2010-08.

1 A320-211 (CFM56-5A1) (0662, /97 UR-DAK), DONBASSAERO LEASED 2012-12. 12C, 138Y.

1 A320-212 (CFM56-5A3) (0235, /91 UR-DAE), DONBASSAERO LEASED 2012-11. 12C, 138Y.

1 A320-212 (CFM56-5A3) (0579, /96 UR-DAH), DONBASSAERO LEASED 2013-01. 12C, 150Y.

1 A320-212 (CFM56-5A3) (0645, /96 UR-WRM), EX-(N181LF), DONBASSAERO LEASED 2013-01. 12C, 150Y.

1 A320-232 (V2527-A5) (0760, /97 UR-DAJ), DONBASSAERO LEASED 2012-12. 12C, 138Y.

2 A320-233 (V2527E-A5) (0733, /97 UR-DAC; 0747, /97 UR-DAD), DONBASSAERO LEASED 2013-01. 12C, 138Y.

2 A321-211 (0684, UR-WRP, 2013-06; 0781, UR-WHO, 2014-08), (WRC) WET-LEASED.

2 A321-231 (V2533-A5) (2462, /05 UR-WRH; 2682, /06 UR-WRI), AIRBUS (AFIS) LEASED 2011-01. 210Y.

1 A321-231 (V2533-A5) (1869, /02 UR-WRJ), EX-UR-DAF) 2013-01. 210Y.

1 A321-211 (CFM56-5B3) (0781, /98 UR-WRO), EX-(G-OOPH) 2013-04. 218Y.

1 A330-223 (296, UR-WRQ), RETURNED FROM (TAP) LEASE 2014-08.

2 E195 (0157, /08 UR-WRG; 0169, /08 UR-WRF), (NAZ) LEASED 2009-06. 118Y.

1 AN-24RV (AI-24VT) (37308709, /73 UR-WRA), 48Y.



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