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7JetSet7 Code: YTO
Status: Operational
Region: CHINA
Country: CHINA
Employees 147

Formed and started operations in 2015. Domestic, & regional, cargo jet airplane services.

Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China.

China (People's Republic of China) was established in 1949, it covers an area of 9,560,980 sq km, its population is 1,265 million, its capital city is Beijing, and its official language is Chinese.

June 2015: (YTO) Express has received an operating license from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) to launch its own cargo subsidiary, (YTO) Cargo Airlines.

September 2015: China's (YTO) Express Airlines Company, Ltd ((IATA) Code: YG) (YTO), a new all-freighter carrier set up in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province by the Shanghai (YTO) Express Investment (Group) company, Ltd. ((YTO) Express Group), has officially commenced air cargo operations, with a white Boeing 737-300F freighter taking off from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport (HGH) at 11:30 pm on September 26.

(IATA) Code: (HYT).

The start-up carrier held a grand inaugural ceremony in Hangzhou city, with attendance by Mr Gao Hongfeng, President of the China Express Association, Mr Wang Wenhai, Chairman of Zhejiang Provincial Postal Administration, and Mr Zhu Zhoulong, Deputy Administrator of the (CAAC) East China Regional Administration.

The 737-300F returned to Hangzhou airport at 4:30 am, September 27, after completing the round-trip inaugural Hangzhou to Chengdu flight.

The launch of (YTO) marks the 1st express delivery carrier based in East China and helps write a new chapter in the development history of Zhejiang's civil aviation industry. Meanwhile, (YTO) follows in the footsteps of China Postal Airlines (CPZ) and Shenzhen-based, SF Airlines (SFX), to operate its own airline, which will make domestic express industry battle competition from the ground into the air.

The start-up carrier welcomed its 1st 737-300F (B-2505) at Hangzhou airport with Chinese characters "Taobao website" painted on the airplane fuselage. The 2nd and 3rd 737-300Fs joined the fleet of (YTO) Airlines in early July, which are expected to be put into operation in November and December.

In May 2015, Chinese e-commerce giant, the Alibaba Group announced a strategic investment in (YTO) Express.

(YTO) Airlines has signed a purchase agreement with the Boeing Company for 15 Boeing 737-800BCFs (Boeing Converted Freighter) on China President, Xi Jinping's visit to the USA. Following the signing of this (LCA), (YTO) Airlines becomes the launch customer for the 737-800BCF.

(YTO) applied for an operating certificate in 2013 and in mid-2014 its wish was granted when the (CAAC) approved the application. (YTO) is licensed to provide domestic as well as international air cargo services, using Boeing 737-300F airplanes. In March 2015, (YTO) Airlines launched inaugural charter service on the Shanghai to Seoul to Qingdao to Shanghai route.

Hangzhou (YTO) Express Airlines was set up with a total registered capital of 400 million yuan, in which the (YTO) Express Group invested 360 million yuan for a 90% stake, with 2 individuals holding a 5% stake of 20 million yuan each.

China's largest private delivery services firm, (SF) Express (SFX) launched express services in 2010 in Shenzhen and now operates a mixed fleet of 22 737Fs and 757Fs, while China Postal Airlines (CPZ) currently operates a fleet of 22 freighters including 14 737-300Fs, and 8 737-400s.

June 2016: 2 737-3YOF (24902, B-2897; 24916, B-8998), ex-(N106KH & NN108KH) deliveries.

October 2016: (YTO) Cargo Airlines plans to expand its fleet to 50 airplanes by 2020 as China’s domestic express delivery market continues to experience rapid growth. (YTO) currently operates 5 freighters and has 13 Boeing 737-800Fs on order.

In 2017, (YTO) Cargo Airlines plans to build a “global aviation intelligence city” [airport] in Jiaxing, which lies in the NE part of Zhejiang province. (YTO) will use Beijing, Chengdu and Guangzhou as operating bases to cover 90% of China’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), according to (YTO) Cargo Airlines parent, (YTO) Express Chairman Yu Weijiao.

The new Jiaxing Airport received construction approval in March and is expected to operate Airbus A320, Boeing 757 and 767 family airplanes to carry 500,000 passengers and 2,000 tonnes of cargo annually.

Chinese cargo carrier (SF) Airlines (SFX) has also received approval from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) to build an airport serving Yanji Jilin and Ezhou, which is situated in the Hubei province.

Industry analysts point out that China’s air freight market has huge growth potential as the industry currently accounts for only a 15% share of the domestic express delivery market.

November 2016: Guangzhou-based startup Longhao Airlines (LHO) expects to receive an air operator’s certificate (AOC) soon from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) and plans to make a rapid expansion after it is launched.

Longhao Airlines (LHO) was set up in August 2015. Guangdong Longhao Aviation Group wholly owns the new entity, which has a registered capital of CNY400 million/$61 million.

The cargo carrier has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Guangdong Airport Group to establish its main cargo operating base at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport. According to Chairman, Yao Weihui, the company has introduced 3 Boeing 737-300F freighters and is scheduled to take delivery of +3 more in 2017. (LHO) plans to expand its fleet to 50 aircraft by 2025. “Initially we will act as a startup cargo carrier and (SF) Express (SFX) will be our major customer because our cargo capacities are mainly for meeting their cargo demands,” Yao said. He noted Longhao Airlines (LHO) would expand its business scale to passenger transport at the proper time in the future.

Industry analysts point out China’s air freight market has huge growth potential, as the industry currently accounts for only a 15% share of the domestic express delivery market, which has been experiencing robust growth in recent years because of fast-growing e-commerce in China. As 1 of the biggest Chinese express delivery companies, (SF) Express has also launched its own cargo carrier, (SF) Airlines (SFX), which operates a cargo fleet of 36 Boeing freighters and includes 767s, 757s and 737s.

Separately, (YTO) Express subsidiary, (YTO) cargo airline also plans to expand its fleet to 50 airplanes by 2020. (YTO) currently operates 5 freighters and has 15 Boeing 737-800Fs on order.

August 2018: 757-28S (32343, B-2830), converted to freighter and ferried Xiamen to Shenzhen.


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YTO-737-300F - 2015-09.jpg

November 2018:

7 737-36QF (CFM56-3C1) (28657, B-2505, WITH "TAOBAO WEBSITE" PAINTED ON FUSELAGE, 2015-09, 28662, B-2608), EX-(N657AG & N662AG). FREIGHTER.

10 +5 ORDERS 737-800BCF (BOEING CONVERTED FREIGHTER), FREIGHTER (CFM56-7B) (24902, B-2897; 24916, B-8998), ex-(N106KH & NN108KH) 2016-06. FREIGHTER,

2 757-28S (32343, B-2830), 2018-08. FREIGHTER.


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YTO-1-Yu Weijiao - 2015-09.jpg


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