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July 2015: “Twin Flight Attendants (CA) Fool Passengers, and Even Their Own Boyfriends” by News.com.au July 15, 2015.

July 21, 2015

Being a passenger on board with these two sisters can be a confusing experience (see attached “JMA -Twin Cabin Attendants – 2015-07.jpg”). The stunning, twin flight attendants (CA) both live and work together, and even their boyfriends struggle to tell them apart.

Laura and Anna Perry, 20, from Birmingham in the UK, rarely leave each other’s side and try to work as many shifts as possible in each other’s company. While working, the twin sisters wear matching Thomas Cook (GUE)/(JMA) uniforms, which no doubt confuses passengers on board (and when they’re at home they still like to dress the same, confusing their boyfriends, Lewis, 22, and Mike, 26).

“We have always done everything together, and we’re used to confusing people,” Anna said. “Our boyfriends took a while to get used to telling us apart, and they still confuse us sometimes. And holiday makers really struggle to know which of us they’ve spoken to.”

After being born just a minute apart, the girls have barely spent a moment away from each other. As children, their mother dressed them the same and they shared the same group of friends at the same schools. After leaving school at 16, they went on to study travel and tourism together at college, and then promptly got matching jobs on the front desk of a hotel.

But their dream was always to work as flight attendants (CA) together, and their wish was finally granted when a hotel customer turned out to be a recruiter.

Anna, the eldest, explained: “I was on reception, and I was helping a customer who had to wait for his room for a few minutes.” “Then I went on my break and Laura took over. But the customer came back, not realizing that we’d switched and started asking lots of questions.
“Laura didn’t have a clue what he was talking about and kept having to explain that she definitely hadn’t spoken to him, but she’d be able to sort the issue out anyway.”

“We didn’t realize at first but he worked for Thomas Cook (GUE)/(JMA) and he was so impressed with our service, and that there were two of us, that he invited us to apply for the cabin crew (CA) scheme.”

Since joining (GUE)/(JMA) last year, the pair have tried to work as many shifts together as possible and when it came to organizing the roster for the summer, they pledged to work every flight together.

And it’s not just at work that their lives are in synch (the pair live together at home with their parents and barely do anything apart}. Their morning routine means they do their hair and make-up side by side and arrive to their base at Birmingham Airport together.

Laura’s boyfriend, Lewis, who also works at the airport, said: “At first, it was really hard to tell them apart, and they always played little tricks on me, which were a bit mean.” “One time, when we’d only just started dating, I called round to take Laura out for dinner and Anna answered the door (I genuinely thought it was Laura. I just could not tell them apart). Once you get to know them it does get a bit easier (I still struggle sometimes though.”

“We went to a water park in Florida and I saw one of them swimming underwater (I thought it was Laura, but they were wearing the same bikinis. I went to grab her underwater but I realised it was Anna just in time. It’s just like ‘Oops, wrong twin, sorry.’ “Laura does sometimes get a bit annoyed with me, but I think they find it hilarious really (I’m always getting in trouble). I’m like ‘come on guys, give me a break, you’re identical. They’re so close, they’re inseparable (and they often wear the same clothing which makes it even harder). Even now, sometimes from behind I genuinely can’t tell which ones which.”