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Read what others have said about our service. To let us know what you think, email us by clicking here.

"This website is a very useful tool, for a number of reasons. With a few keystrokes, anyone can look up airline history, including route structure, fleet size, number of employees, location and purchases/options for new aircraft - both for Boeing as well as for Airbus products, etc. It is also a nice touch to have a variety of operator telephone numbers, websites, e-mails to choose from in a pinch. I would like to hope that this website cab be kept up-to-date, and alive for many years to come."
- - US Manufacturer Technical Designer, Customer Support.


"Information about our customers is how we remain competitive. I use this information every time there are questions about what an airline is doing or what airplanes compose their fleet or when they change owners, etc. Probably every couple of weeks I find the information I need there."
- - US Manufacturer ETOPS Statistics Focal.

"I find the 7jetset7 is a very valuable resource, especially when our senior management requests we participate in an executive review with an airline customer. This website provides a very valuable set of historical data points that make the preparation for the executive reviews much easier to prepare for."
- - US Manufacturer Regional Director, Business Operations.

4. "I use your website when preparing to visit a new customer, by checking existing customer data for changes. Before going to another Field Base to do back-fill operations, I always research the background about that customer. This website is the first place I go for quick history and details. The data which is listed concisely on this 7jetset7 is not easily available anywhere else on the www web."
- - Field Service Representative.

"I am a user of this very useful site which provides so much data and direct access to ongoing activities of each airline. It shows who are the concerned management personnel to contact. It is one of the sites which always seems, somehow, to be kept fairly up-to-date and is therefore immensely useful. Knowledge about the airline is a key element in being able to understand the customer, being able to satisfy them better, and meet their needs - - it is a key element in enabling us to make more sales."
- - Marketing Manager, Airline Economics.


"I have frequent correspondence with the airlines concerning their fleet maintenance and retrofit issues. To prepare, I always begin by doing a search on this website that enables me to become familiar with an airline's operation, fleet history, and management structure. The data on this website that I find crucial for performing my job consists of:

  • operator status concerning export compliance
  • list of management/technical personnel
  • airplane effectivity cross-reference check for an operator's active and inactive airplanes
  • background on an operator's maintenance/retrofit provider (if other than the parent company)
  • existence of an operator's working agreement with another airline

This website is my first choice - and the only one known to my colleagues and me, for quick and current airline information. If there is an equal and as easily accessible one-stop source for this data, please let us know. If not, please keep it available for us!"
- - US Manufacturer Maintenance Services Technical Support.

"I review this website before visiting customers and find it very helpful. It is a good source for finding what airplane models an operator has in their fleet, including competitor's products. I would like to see the database expanded and promoted."
- - Maintenance Support Operations.


"As an airline, maintenance engineering evaluation, team leader, we use the data from this website numerous times during the year for visits to the airlines. The teams are comprised of six to eight members each time and I do three to four of them each year."
- - Technical Consultant and Auditor.


"One of the tasks assigned to my group is to provide executive briefings to Customer Support executives prior to their visits to customer airlines or hosting similar meetings here. We have found that the website reports to be a valuable tool in gathering recent data points to include in these briefing packages."
-- Senior Manager, Customer Support Business Operations.

"I absolutely use this website all the time. Please keep it online as long as possible. Thanks."
- - Airline Support Engineer.

"My organization is engaged in marketing and sales of a variety of customized airline services to aircraft operators and Maintenence Repair & Overhaul (MRO) bases around the world. We have found this website to be an indispensible tool for our business. We use it as a starting point to identify the fleet characteristics of a target customer. We review the airline management data in the site to determine who at the airline we should be in contact with to market our products and services. More than once, this review has turned up someone at the airline whom we know personally and who can provide us with further airline contact information. This better prepares us for tailoring our airline presentation to fit the unique operation of each airline."
- - Senior Engineer, Maintenance Support Operations.

12. "I visit this website to get background on the airlines, and that helps us to do our job better. One of the most important things I use is the airline fleet listing. But I also get a lot of other titbits that help. I like this website."
- - Weights Engineer, Sales Support.

  To let us know what you think, email us by clicking here