Background Glossary/Definitions

ACCDT: Accident

A K A: Also Known As

APL: Airplane

(*AVD): Aviation Daily reference

(*AVW): Aviation Week reference

(*ATW): Air Transport World reference

CAT 1: Category One

CO: Company.

CSTMR: Customer

CTR: Center

D B A: Doing Business As

DLVRY: Delivery

DOT: Department of Transport

EMP or EMPL: Employees (total number of): sometimes followed by (INCL 46 FC; 78 CA; & 37 MT) which means (Including 46 Flight Crew - Pilots; 78 Cabin Attendents; and 37 Maintenance Technicians - Engineers).

EQ’PD: Equipped

ETOPS: Extended Twin Engine OPerationS.

Financial Performance: Usually quoted in net profit: +$XXXM = Millions: or net loss: - $XXXM (-$YYYM), where the value in parentheses (-$YYYM) is the previous year's results. This is often expanded to show: /99 FY = +$XXXM ( +38%) (+$YYYM): 44B RPM (+5.4%); +9.0% ASM; 68.1% LF (-2.4); 24M PAX (+3%); 304M FTM (+5%) which indicates that in 1999 Fiscal Year the performance results were a profit of +$XXXM, which was +38% higher than the previous year's +$YYYM: and the airline had 44 billion Revenue Passenger Miles (Traffic) +5.4% higher than last year, +9% higher Available Seat Miles (Capacity), with a passenger Load Factor of 68.1%, which was 2.4 less than last year's, although 24 Million Passengers were carried (+3% higher than last years), and 204 Million Freight Ton Kilometers of cargo traffic were +5% higher than last year's. Sometimes you may see the metric equivalent usage RPK - Revenue Passenger Kilometer (Traffic) or similar ASK - Available Seat Kilometer (Capacity) and FTK - Freight Tonne Kilometer) (Cargo Traffic).

FLT - Flight

(*FLT) - Flight International reference

FY: Fiscal Year

GOVT - Government

GRP: Group

HRS: Hours

INCDT: Incident

INFO: Information

INTNL: International

IT: Information Technology

K: 1,000

LBS: Pounds (Weight)

(*JPA): JP Airline Fleets reference

LSD: Leased (from)

LSF: Leased From

LST: Leased to

MAINT: Maintenance

MECH: Mechanical

MIN or MINS: Minute(s)

MKT: Market

MTH: Month

NM - Nautical Miles

OPS: Operations

OVHL: Overhaul

PAX: Passenger

RF: Returned From

RTND: Returned to

SCHED: Scheduled

SECS: Seconds

SQ FT (SQ M): Square Foot or Square Meter.

SVC: Service

TECH: Technical

YR: Year

W/O or WO : Written Off

1Q: First Quarter

#: Indicator of foreign currency, e.g., -# 1.32B KRONOR/-$129M (+#13M KRONOR). In this example, the equivalent $ exchange value is shown.