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Airline Data Compiled

There are over 2,000 airlines flying jet airplanes in the world. has collected comprehensive Airline Safety Data and all relevant history of the airlines and jet aviation dating back to the 1960's. This serves as an invaluable resource to jet aviation industry professionals and can also be helpful to the casual jet aviation enthusiast. We have collected amazing airline data covering airline safety history, airline track records and performance, as well as airline sales and new orders. We believe this can serve the whole spectrum from the entire jet aviation industry to casual airline travelers.

Access your Airline Data

To have full access to this airline data, visit our homepage to search for a specific jet airline or country. Follow your search results to view the airline data for the airline of your choice. Here you can also find the:

  • Airline Data
  • Airline Safety History
  • Air Cargo Operator
  • Jet Airplane Manufacturer
  • Related Controlling Body (for example, International Air Transport Authority, Federal Aviation Agency)
  • Progress into Space
  • Eco-aviation, Biofuels development, the "Green Scene"

Who Collects This Airline, Jet Aviation Data?

Peter A Ansdell is the founder and owner of Originally from the UK, Peter now is a dual national, having been a US citizen since 1971. After spending six years in aviation working for British Aerospace in design on military airplanes (TSR2, Lightning, Nimrod Maritime Comet), executive jets (HS125), and commercial airplanes (Concorde SST), Peter moved to Seattle to work for Boeing. Peter, later worked for Continental Airlines and then moved "down under" to the south Pacific to work for Air New Zealand in Auckland, NZ.

Later, Peter returned to work for Boeing Commercial Airplanes and worked for them for 24 years, with the last 12 years being in Maintenance Engineering management. He traveled extensively on behalf of Boeing, often being team leader of many maintenance engineering evaluations carried out at the airlines' home bases. These "technical audits" included United Airlines, Air France, Northwest Airlines, Iberia, Aloha Airlines, and South African Airways, amongst several others. He also has served as Director of Aviation Safety Committees, which gave him an invaluable appreciation of airline safety and accident prevention.

He continues to keep closely in touch with the jet aviation industry which has been such a big part of his life. While living in New Zealand, Peter served as the Secretary of the Royal Aeronautical Society. His other interests include trying to keep fit with playing competitive tennis, and continuing to be a keen devotee of soccer (a k a "football"), having served the sport as President of the Washington State Soccer League.